Is AJ Ellison Natural or On Steroids?

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AJ Ellison is a professional fitness model carrying an exceptional physique. He is aesthetic, big and hot by the standards of many. Those characteristics make AJ Ellison a poster boy for health & fitness. However, is it possible to acquire a similar body naturally? Is AJ Ellison natural or on anabolic steroids?

How Big Is AJ Ellison?

AJ Ellison is 5’11″/180cm tall and weighs 198lbs/90 kg. There isn’t precise information regarding his body fat levels, but it’s safe to say that they are pretty low since he is a professional model.

Similar stats are far above the numbers in’s guide for natural bodybuilders. AJ Ellison is 21lbs over the norm even for super gifted natural bodybuilders.

How Big Is AJ Ellison in comparison to professional bodybuilders from the past?

The French bodybuilder Serge Nubret was about 200lbs at 6′ and competed against some of the greatest bodybuilders ever.

Conclusion. AJ Ellison is very close to the stats of legendary bodybuilders from the past.

Does AJ Ellison have the good old Photoshop look?

In the video above, you can see that AJ Ellison appears larger than life – shredded, with huge traps, chest and 3D delts. He is also quite full while being in contest condition – a look that naturals just don’t have.

Conclusion. Naturally achieving the stats of former champions from the Golden Era seems like an impossible task. Why? Because those men had great genetics and took drugs too. I am sorry, but Nubret wasn’t natural and neither were his rivals. Therefore, why would the people who are as big as him even just on paper be natural? What has changed since then? Nothing, really. Neither supplements nor training methods can produce similar results.

At the end, however, the decision is yours, dear reader.

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    Um. I’m highly unsure of how applicable your method is.

    I stand at 5’8 and weigh 220lbs with 22% body fat.

    Which means if i lost all the fat in my body (lets round it at 50 lbs), I would weigh 170 which is still higher than what your guide suggests for a fitness model having 5-8% body fat.

    So i ask you what is model is this really based on.?

  2. J Will

    @ Richard Hayes- if you lost the 50lbs you mentioned above, I guarantee you that you’re not going to retain 100% of the muscle you have so you’re no longer even close to that 170lb you think you’d be at. So the logic in the article makes sense, atleast to me


      Serge Nubret was 5ft 9inches confirmed by himself. In all his contest with Kalman Szakalak a confirmed 5ft 10inches tall athlete Nubret was always shorter and he and Sergio Olivia (who also confirmed his 5ft 9inches against his 5ft 10inches bill by the IFBB) where the exact same height.

  3. B Swell

    Aj IS on Steroids. It’s why he departed from Hitch Fit. He and that Gonzalez have been pinning for years. In fact, a mix between him cheating on Ellie and her finding his stash broke their engagement. AJ posed and covered on Natural Magazine…yet he’s on more gear than Arnold was. Don’t fool yourself, this is coming from someone who knows AJ well.

  4. Mick

    Roids or not, you’re an idol of mine, AJ!

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