Learn How To Squat: The Perfect Squat Stance

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In the section below, I will present you some of the common mistakes linked to the squat stance.

1.Too Narrow

Franco Columbo via: http://www.nyx.net/

Franco Columbo squatting with a too narrow stance
via: http://www.nyx.net/

The most common problem originating from an excessively narrow stance is a failure to squat deep. When your squat stance is too narrow, reaching depth is harder because the mid-section clashes against the legs. A wider stance, on the other hand, makes space for the ”gut”. Therefore, this problem could be eliminated by pushing your knees out to open some space for the mid-section.

Yet a narrow stance does necessarily equal bad form. Many Olympic squatters use it all the time. If you have a sufficient leg, ankle and hip flexibility, you can squat with a narrow stance with proper form and without problems. For obvious reasons, you will also have to be fairly lean. Big bellies do not love narrow stances.

2. Too Wide

Matt Kroc Squatting image credit: www.mattkroc.com

Matt Kroc Squatting
image credit: www.mattkroc.com

The polar opposite of the narrow stance is the ultra-wide version. The problem with that stance is that it places too much stress on your inner thighs. This may cause injuries in the groin area.

The extra wide stance can also produce knee pain since keeping your knees in line with your toes becomes significantly harder – especially if you have weak adductors.

The Perfect Squat Stance

Legendary Olympic Weightlifter Anatoly Pisarenko via:crossfitgloverpark.com

Legendary Olympic Weightlifter Anatoly Pisarenko
via: crossfitgloverpark.com

The perfect squat stance is somewhere in the middle. In 90% of the cases, it’s about shoulder width or slightly wider. Obviously, if you are a taller guy with wide shoulders and hips, you will have a wider stance than someone who is shorter and narrower.

When you are first starting out, perform sets with different widths. Choose the one that feels the most comfortable.

Keep in mind that your squat stance will change over the years. Nothing stays the same. There are many people who start with a wider squat stance only to find out after a few years that they prefer a narrower stance. That’s not an actual problem but rather a part of the learning curve.

Finding the perfect squat stance for you is a relatively simple process but don’t neglect it since it’s the base for correct squatting and has a direct impact on how the rest of the movement unfolds.

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  1. cliff graves

    In a narrow stance granted the problems you mention will occur. The knees travel forwards during the descent in this particular plane. To solve all the problems you rightfully advise on if an exerciser were to turn the feet externally almost into a “duck foot stance” voila all problems of gut getting in the way etc. go away. It is a brutally, robust method to engage more of the quadriceps as opposed to hip musculature and puzzled why there is not more about this available on the internet

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