Barbell Rows That Save Your Lower Back

| by Truth Seeker |

The barbell row is an effective back exercise as old as the world. It can build a very strong back musculature but unfortunately, many people experience lower back pain from it.

Many people find out that the first element that gives up during barbell rows are the spinal erectors. This limits the stimulation that your lats and upper back muscles receive and puts your lower back into a risky situation.


Some people are just not built for regular barbell rows, and all they get from doing the exercise is back pain and frustration. Here’s a variation of the exercise that spares the lower back. It’s demonstrated by the weightlifter/powerlifter Derrick Kim.


The bench supports your chest and the stress on your lower back is minimal if any.

However, some people may experience a shortage of breath since this exercise compresses your chest and lung area. Clear any possible physical issues before attempting this exercise.


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  1. Mark Thompson

    I just do em inverted, just a pair of rings needed

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