Kipping Pull-ups Vs. Standard Pull-ups

| by Truth Seeker |

Kipping pull-ups are now a popular exercise due to CrossFit’s sread over the mainstream fitness community. Everybody’s posting pictures and videos on Facebook presenting this new exercise, which is supposed to be a full body pull-up.

The negative sides of kipping pull-ups

Hello, injuries!

The biggest problem with kipping pull-ups is that they place too much stress on your shoulders, mainly the rotator cuff, as well as the tendons of the latissimus dorsi.

According to gymnastic professionals like Coach Sommer, the stress at the bottom is over two times bodyweight. If you are an untrained individual, this can be a serious issue, and you may have to see the doctor pretty soon.

This is not a surprise since the CrossFit culture has been notorious for its injury production.  There are quite a few videos on the Internet that reveal the horrendous form that people use on their kipping pull-ups. Sometimes it looks like they are having sexual intercourse while hanging from the pull-up bar. Go figure.

Kipping pull-ups have no bodybuilding value

One of the best ways NOT to develop your lats is to do kipping pull-ups. The contraction of the lat muscle during the kipping pull-up is diminished to almost zero.

How are you going to stimulate your muscles to grow if you are constantly bouncing at the bottom?

Conclusion: You have no business doing kipping pull-ups if your goal is to have a stronger and a wider back. Leave the kipping pull-ups to the uneducated people who think they are saving the world by posting their latest workout on Facebook.

If you want an explosive upper body exercise, just do explosive pull-ups and/or muscle-ups.

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