Biggest Bodybuilding Lies Exposed

| by Truth Seeker |

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1.You will get really big when you start training “right”.

Regardless of your routine and supplement stack, you’ll never get as big as the dudes you see on sites like T-Nation and on the cover of Flex Magazine without drugs. It is physically impossible.

The gurus want you to believe that there is a magical program that can finally help you build some of that 3D muscle, but there isn’t. It’s all a scam.

2.Once you start lifting heavy weights, you will grow like a weed.

Heavy weights equal mass, correct? It’s a logical conclusion since those who put the big numbers are usually huge. However, if we were to go back to reality and natural bodybuilding, you will see that there are many individuals in the gym who lift really heavy weights without being. That’s because size is largely dependent on your hormonal profile and frame. Strength and training matter too, but cannot compensate for everything.

3.Supplements are important.

Supplements are completely irrelevant in the long run. You can reach your natural potential without them.

4.There are mandatory exercises.

Your exercise selection should be based on your goals, physical state, fitness level and experience. You should never do exercises just because they are fancy or well marketed.

There are no mandatory exercises. There’s a substitute for every movement.

5.You need a lot of protein to build muscle mass.

The supplement companies want you to believe that once you stop taking extra protein you will become super skinny and lose all your gains. Of course, this is not true. Drug-free bodybuilders don’t need that much protein anyway.

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