Is John Cena Natural Or On Steroids? Are wrestlers strangers to the needle?

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WWE Pro Wrestler Superstar John Cena is one of the wrestlers with impressive physiques that would make even bodybuilders turn their heads on the street.

John Cena has an extremely thick musculature, insane strength and very low body fat levels for a wrestler. This leads us to a logical question – can a natural man achieve a similar development?

Can you become as big as John Cena without taking anabolic steroids?

How big is John Cena?

According to various online sources, John Cena has the following stats:

Height: 6’1″/185cm
Weight: 240-251lbs /109 kg-114kg


The body fat of John Cena is not officially listed, but it’s safe to say that in many of his photos, he does not appear to be more than 8-10% BF since his lower abs are visible and ripped.

In’s guide for natural bodybuilders, the maximum bodyweight of a natural bodybuilder who is 6’1″ tall is 190lbs.

This is a number reserved for genetically gifted individuals before a contest (5-8% BF). Well, John Cena is 40-50lbs above that number.

image via:;

image via:;

How big is John Cena in comparison to former bodybuilding champions?

At 6’1″ @ 240 – 250lbs, John Cena carries more lean body mass than many former bodybuilding champions. One example would be Serge Nubret who at his best was 6′ @ 200-217 lbs.

Even though Serge Nubret was leaner and more conditioned than John Cena, the latter still has more lean body mass than the former. This leads us to another logical question:

How is it possible for a natural lifter to get bigger than one of the most talented bodybuilders?

John Cena is even bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger who competed at 6’2″, 235 – 240 lbs and has admitted to using steroids.


Once again, how is it possible for a natural to achieve the size of Arnold who is considered the most gifted bodybuilder to this day and used anabolic steroids himself?

Don’t forget that John Cena also has a bodybuilding background.

image via:;

image via

Back in the day, John Cena used to compete in bodybuilding shows. There are photos revealing that he was a big bodybuilder and definitely had that Photoshop look which is almost impossible to achieve when you are a true protein powder only bodybuilder.

As you can see in the image above, John Cena had a pretty decent bodybuilding physique even by today’s size standards.

How is it possible to be that big and still 100% natural?

Another day, another “mystery”.

Why would wrestlers be natural?

Many assume that bodybuilders have a copyright on steroids. This is not true at all. All professional athletes use drugs. Wrestlers do not make an exception.

If the goal of both, bodybuilding and wrestling, is to create an illusion in order to entertain people and make a profit, why would wrestlers hold back instead of going all out? It makes no sense. More muscle mass, more entertainment, more cash.

One of the main characters in the documentary on anabolic steroids ”Bigger, Stronger, Faster” is the wrestler Mike Bell a.k.a. Mad Dog. Mike Bell was honest about his use of anabolic steroids.

If you want to get a better inside, we highly recommend that you watch the movie. It really shows how important steroids are to the world of bodybuilding, powerlifting, and sports in general.

But John Cena works so hard? Maybe he just outworked everybody?

There is no doubt that all successful athletes work really hard to achieve success. We don’t question John Cena’s work ethic. However, regardless of how much time you spend working out, you can’t go beyond the natural limits.

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  1. Jesse

    This article doesn’t cover the fact John cenas arms are 18, chest probably a 50, at 8% body fat. Arnold’s stats were 22 arms and 57 chest in contest at 4-5 % body fat. Body builders train hypertrophy. If cena were to cut down to 4-5 % body fat, his weight would be likely 215 ish. Either way John cena based on his stats and size it’s not enough to conclude in definately he is on roids as its very possible to get to where he is without taking roids. My lifts are not far from him and my weight is heavier just not defined. I say he’s natural

    1. John Wayne

      People in Arnold’s day competed at a higher body fat percent than today. He was never on stage at 4-5%. Just look at his glutes and legs. That being said, the comparisons to bodybuilders were a tad bogus. John Cena is clearly smaller than virtually everyone he was compared to. His weight is exaggerated, and he’s carrying a lot more fat than the bodybuilders. I realize that their proportions also create the illusion of size, but he’s still looks obviously smaller. That being said, he still appears to slip outside of what is achievable naturally. I’d be much more surprised if he were a natural than I’d be if I found out he was a juicer.

  2. Brad

    Arm to shoulder ratio. That says it all. No matter how big you get you will always have that awkward small shoulder… Like cena. The rest of his body doesn’t fit his shoulders it’s 100% proof If you use steroids

  3. Sean

    Awkward small shoulders? Like Rich piana?….

  4. NuttyGuy

    John cena has no bodybuilding background. He was a wreatler & is wrestler & will be. Its completely wrong that he is bigger than arnold. I mean what a joke. He is not natural but have not took steroids as professional bodybuilders tooks.

    1. You're an idiot

      You fucking moron. There are literally photos in the article from John Cena’s bodybuilding days. Read the damn story before you comment, jackass.

  5. Pro Wrestling

    He may be natty. I doubt it. Considering the PG era of WWE, I’d say he is. But, I know at one time he used major gear. He had to. Injuries and other stuff, lead me to believe however, he is or has definitely taken HGH or something similar. It’s a famous anabolic for pro wrestlers. I know. I’ve spent time in the indies and other shitty Feds. Where there’s no testing, drugs are abound and they are openly used among wrestlers. Painkillers, Benzos, Steroids and Growth Hormones are the drugs of pro wrestling. I prefer test and deca. I do like GH. Very good shit. I am using the GH for the first time. My knees have damage to ligaments and my doctors say three weeks, I say, two and I’m back to work.

  6. mike

    Saying that a bodybuilder of six foot one inches tall can only be ripped at 190 pds is foolish. Steve Reeves was a lean 215 pds in the forties and fifties. The sad thing about weight training today is the younger generation just wants to talk about steroids all the time.

    Steve Reeves did inclines with 120 pd dumbbells and squatted 400 for reps. I was able to build myself up to 230 pds with a flat stomach. Not a ripped stomach where the abs are visible. In years past I seated front pressed 225 pds for eight with a bar without drugs. But whiners in the gym always muttered steroids under their breath over the years.

    That being said Cena does not look natural. Those of us that have been around the game for 30 plus years
    notice the difference of an assisted body compared to a natural one. But it is how he makes his living and there is another guy waiting in the wings to take his job if he cannot perform.

    Jack Lallane said it best regarding sports. this is paraphrased
    sports are about winning and as long as winning is important people will take steroids.

    The kids that are taking them today just to look buff are complete idiots and I watch them in the gym and they do not train hard at all. It is sad weight training is a life affirming activity. But you add those drugs and you are just a hormone addict.

  7. Undertker

    John cena is natural. All of you how think that John Cena isn’t Natural are foals.

    1. Smokachu

      I disagree with your notion that Cena does not look natural. I think you’re comparing Cena’s look now, well out of competition and not really caring what his body fat % is, to a bodybuilder’s physique. What makes him look “not natural” for a bodybuilder is the fact that he’s not lifting as a bodybuilder anymore. He’s not doing the intense workouts to get himself in competition shape, or even lifting for appearance beyond maintaining his build, his workout routine is designed to maintain his physique, and keep himself in shape for the ring. That means a lot more cardio then a bodybuilder would do, which means less time on the weights, so he has to work his routine around that. If he decided to go into competition again, in 6 months he could easily get himself in “competition shape” and his body would look “normal”

      1. Cohen

        Cena was disqualified from a bodybuildig comp because of a thought of roids but that was before the drug testing so whenever someone looked like they’ve been taking them they were out also he’s been working out since 12 so I agree with you he’s natural

    2. Nickkk395

      No. Hes not. He takes a bunch of hgh

  8. Finfrosk

    Jeeeez, how naive, gullible and downright stupid are the commenters here? People don’t get that type of physique without steroids. Just, no doubt. His arms are thick as tree trunks. Plus, those pics from his bodybuilding career; he is so obviously not natty. Just look up some natural bb’s, nowhere near. Sorry guys, Cena is not natural. Which would be totally cool if he just didn’t pretend to be natural.

    1. ggrieser

      Unbelievably gullible people.

    1. Matt

      Lol. John huh? Cena maybe??. I know that would be his exact response!

  9. lifterx

    Yeah, he is natural. 250lbs of pure muscle just eating his vitamins and veggies. Right… Get real people.

  10. lifterx

    Yeah, he is natural. 250lbs of pure muscle just eating his vitamins and veggies. Right… Get real people.

  11. Jefferson

    Growth hormones look at the bones on his face

  12. Z

    I mean, I’m one of those “genetically gifted” guys. Whether you want to believe me or not, I was able to lift railroad ties when I was about 7 or 8, my brother and I caught a car that was rolling down hill with our bare hands. Whenever I do workout for a couple months, I quickly gain a lot of muscle; according to football coaches, I’m very fast for someone my size (6’1, 250lbs); needless to say, really, they were sad to see me have to leave the team.
    Been REPEATEDLY accused of steroid usage over the years, although I could never even contemplate using the stuff due to family health history – especially in terms of heart health. Just in-born strength; blessed with it. I mean, most guys around me brag about their 1 rep max being about 220-250 lbs, which I was able to laugh off the first time I did it.
    AND my test levels have been about a 4 on a 1-10 scale; I’ve begun intermittent fasting (look it up; its known to boost test levels through some survival mechanism or something) and I’m getting even stronger and gaining more muscular endurance.
    All that said, I’m willing to give Cena the benefit of the doubt until concrete evidence ever comes out.
    As I said in the beginning, you can choose to believe me or not, but this has been my life. In fact, most of my life growing up, I thought I was of average strength at best; but as I’m getting out into the world more, I’m discovering I’m actually much stronger than the average person. Not that I’m letting that go to my head, mind you; I pride myself on being humble. I tend to think it helps keep ya honest.
    But all this has been my experience in life, thus far.
    Besides, its just an opinion, if you don’t like it. If Cena is on ‘roids, who cares? Can’t catch secondhand ‘roids, so whats he hurting other than himself?
    I mean, trying to tear down another person by trying to expose them is kinda petty.
    Granted you could argue he’d be setting an unattainable example, but regardless, some people are built big, some aren’t. Its just genetics; the hand you’re dealt.
    I say you should just follow proper workout procedures – appropriate workouts, diet, and supplementation – and be happy with what you’ve got.

  13. Cody

    What most of the commenters on here are missing is that the body DOES have natural limits. You can’t just get as big as you feel like. You cannot get as big and lean as Cena without assistance.

  14. greg

    John cena’s wrestling height is 6″2- actual real life height is 5″10

  15. ggrieser

    It’s sad this is even being discussed. When will people learn? He’s 100% guaranteed to be juicing, like so many others. Few ever admit it, because it’s considered wrong or cheating. So they’re obligated to lie about their over blown workout routines and “superior genetics”. It’s all lies at Cena’s level. Wake up. Kids need to realize this. I guarantee millions of people have worked out as often, as hard(er), as smart and with the same genetic potential and they’ve never seen anything comparable. Yes, you’re likely putting in the same effort, thought, diet and dedication, and you’ll never see the same unnatural growth your heroes display without gear. And they wouldn’t either. They’re not evil, but theyre not being honest. The Rock? Give me a break… Cool guy, obvious user. All pro bodybuilders, repeat ALL, take steroids. You can stop wondering.

  16. Fred

    Creatine, And arnivore, that’s how he got so big …

  17. carl e.

    Final word. Cena is on massive doses of steroids. As someone who has been on steroids and worked out in gyms for over 40 years I’ve seen it all. If you even suspect someone is on the juice – they are. This BS about working harder than everyone else is pure crap. It doesn’t make you bigger; you’re probably going to actually get smaller albeit with better definition.
    I’ve been around juicers all my life and can tell from a glance when anyone is cycling.
    Sure, there are guys that are 6’1 and 250 lbs. but not at 4-5 % body fat with definition and vascularity of a marathon runner.
    Take the juice away from Cena and he’s just your average Joe at a body weight of 185 lbs. with 14% body fat.

    There is no debate or controversy here – the guy is a juice head.




  19. mr woods

    stan stray kids

  20. Edward Olive

    They have all taken steroids or they would never have got famous as pro wrestlers or bodybuilders. Nobody wants to pay to see normal natural people. It’s all fake

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