Is Jeff Cavaliere a.k.a. Athlean-X Natural or on Steroids? Can you build a body like that naturally?

| by Truth Seeker |

Many of you have been asking for this review. I also wanted to make it months ago but didn’t have Jeff’s body stats. I looked for them everywhere but couldn’t find anything. That’s why I asked for more information on Facebook, hoping that people following this man more closely can give me something to work with. I was lucky. One person sent me to a video of the guy entitled:

Triceps Workout – 200 Reps (CAVALIERE VS. CT FLETCHER!) 

As you can expect, the video is basically a brainless pump arm workout performed by Jeff Cavaliere and CT Fletcher.

What else can you expect from Mr. Fletcher a.k.a. Mr. Two Words vocabulary?

Word 1 – motherfucker; Word 2 – motherfuckers;

At about 3:10-3:15, Cavaliere says that he is about 165lbs /75kg. According to my source, on Facebook, he is about 5’7” / 170 cm tall.

Thus, his body stats look like this:

Weight: 165lbs/75kg
Height: 5’7”/170cm
Body fat: deep into the single digits

If we go to the guide for naturals, which has been spot on many times before, you will see that 5’7” /170cm lifters cannot be heavier than 149lbs/68kg in contest condition (5-8% body fat).

As I have said many times already, the guide is for genetic wonders. Few people can reach those stats naturally. In fact, most of us can’t. This is why I revised the guide while I was writing Potential: How Big You Can Get Naturally.

Jeff Cavaliere is exceeding the limits by a large margin (15lbs/7kg). However, I doubt he is in contest condition. If he prepares for a bodybuilding show, he would get closer to the numbers presented in the guide. How much weight does he have to lose? Very little since he is pretty lean already.

Many victims of muscle disinformation have been convinced that people below 200 lbs/91kg are natural. That’s simply not true. I encourage anybody under 5’11” to get to 165lbs while keeping his body fat in the single digits (5 to 8%).

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. I kindly advise the 220lbs/100kg fatsos supposedly breaking the natural records to keep their opinion to themselves. Bros, you are simply fatter than you think. It’s that simple.

Having said that, nobody can state with certainty whether Jeff is on drugs. It’s really hard to tell with the smaller guys. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he is what I call a shadow pinner.

Nevertheless, I just know that most people will not have similar upper body development naturally unless they have exceptional genes for building muscle.

Your potential is largely dependent on your frame, insertions and body chemistry. I don’t care what kind of cable flies you are doing for your middle chest – it’s not going to happen if the gene base isn’t there.

Probability of being natty?  2.8 out of 5

Why? Because…

  1. High-quality mass at a really low body fat percentage.
  2. Perpetual low body fat levels and vascularity. In most videos, he has paper thin skin resembling silk – something very difficult to replicate naturally unless you are genetically predisposed to extreme leanness.
  3. A high amount of muscular mass despite having an average to small frame.

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  1. Pat O'Daly

    It’s very unlikely that Jeff Cavaliere is on steroids. He is a physical therapist and strength coach and has a solid understanding of how the body works in relation to weight training, muscle gain and weight loss. If he wasn’t so heavily qualified in the fitness industry and so knowledgeable, then maybe it would be more likely for him to be on the juice as he has a remarkable physique for his age. I have been a fully qualified, working personal trainer for the last 8 years and my stats are very similar to Jeffs’ in terms of I am the same height, same weight but around 8% body fat which i maintain all year round,. And i can assure you i have never once thought about getting on steroids. With correct knowledge and implementation in the gym, it is not hard to achieve great results. Jeff is almost certainly natural

    1. maniek

      The dude that wrote the article above is a moron, fuck him

    2. DaveH

      O’Daly, you have no idea what you are talking about. Neither does anybody commenting after you. A lot of naive suckers here.

      1. Jim Dandy

        DaveH nailed it. O´daly thinks just bc a guy knows a lot about lifting, physicl therapy etc, he dosen´t use roids, missing the whole point of the article which points to his body only for the decision that he is quite likely on the juice. Further, the fact he knows so much about fitness, pro sports, etc means he knows more about using testosterone as well, he is very much inside that circle, thus more likely to use!

        1. Veniz

          That’s totally your opinion buddy but you’ve got to understand one thing and that is, Jeff is over 40. After 30, your testosterone levels start depleting and your body is only able to produce 30-40% of testosterone than it used to and it depletes further more as you keep on ageing to a point where your body isn’t able to produce it naturally.
          Now if you look at Jeff, he stays below 10% body fat, shredded all round year. Which is next to. Impossible, naturally. Also, the amount of muscle mass he contains and walks around with in proportion to that bf%, is impressive but again, not attainable naturally. It’s simple science. I’m not a hater or jealous cuz he has a 100x better physique than I have or stuff like that. I’ve been a follower of his channel for more than 6 years now and I love a lot of his content and information but the guy is on gear and if you’d back it up with a counter statement saying he’s a physical therapist and blah blah blah, he knows about the ill effects of using HRT/TRT/Dynabol/Anabolic Enhancers etc. You’re goddamn right and hence, with that knowledge he’s able to maintain his cycles with a proper knowledge. Also, his form in a lot of power lifting videos is extremely poor and harmful not just for him but also his viewers. For evidence, you could go through his video where he uses real weights to prove haters wrong. In that video, you could see him deadlifting his ORM. Just look at his form and I doubt you’d ever call this guy a genius.

    3. george

      3 sets of 405 for 8 at 165 lbs. 90 lb incline dumbell presses at the same weight. there is certainly a possibility he is on steroids.

  2. Anthony

    I also find it VERY HIGHLY 99.58% to believe this ( mind you, I just finished watching your 2 part video on how to determine if someone is juicing or not 45 min. ago).

    But as the dude who 1st posted, I mean I’m 5’9 and I’m at 161 lb. And have never even thought about juicing, I’m even scared of most supplements out there and didn’t subscribe to your channel precisely because u mentioned creatine was “awesome”.. It may be, to me is a little scary since I’ve always tried to be a Baseball player so that kind of through me off a bit. But nah, I don’t agree with it. I’m not 40 or w.e age he may be, but I don’t think that with his expertise and knowledge he’s on anything, specially since in the last video I watched he mentioned he just got back from the baseball owners meeting in Tennessee which tells me he’s still employed by MLB. So nah. Working with MLB I’m pretty sure u can’t be juicing in 2016 lol.

    Good stuff and point on the 2 videos I mentioned though.

    1. Darter

      So just because he is “knowledgeable” he doesn’t take steroids?
      Doesn’t juicing actually require a lot of knowledge?

      Yes, he is knowledgable, yes, his advice is legit, but yes his stats are questionable.

      1. Danny

        Look dude you clearly have no damn clue. I however have done research and the suppluments speak very highly so maybe you ought to do the same before you judge.

        1. Darter

          ‘The suppluments speak highly’? What does that mean?

    2. naïvetébusted

      I’ve talked to several ex MLB players under Versed…the truth comes out. Trust me…steroids are hella widespread in MLB even now in 2018.

      I’m not saying THIS guy is on…I just want to help you become a little more educated.
      Google Test Suspension. Testing for steroids is truly an IQ test. There’s no excuse for failing it.

  3. B.H.

    In the video posted above, with Jeff standing right next to CT, it can be seen that they are nearly the exact same height (both are wearing what appear to be running shoes). CT Fletcher has been listed at 5’11” from multiple sources, however this may be an overstatement which is not uncommon in bodybuilding, or may have been his height as a power lifter but not now at his age. People typically lose about 1/2″ per decade after the age of 40. At age 56 he could very well be 1-2″ shorter than he was at his prime. At the link posted below, a member over at bodybuildingcom forum had a picture taken with CT, that member says he himself is 5’11” . . . in the picture, if CT was standing up straighter, it doesn’t seem out of the question that he is is 1-2″ shorter than his stated 5’11” . . . which would fit perfectly with his age. This in turn puts Jeff at ~5’9″ not the 5’7″ listed. @ 165 lb with what generally appears to be ~8% bodyfat . . . Jeff has an FFMI of about 24, which while still very good, is not unbelievable at all. This same height/weight ratio seems to line up with the chart posted on this website for attainable.

    Picture of CT vs 5’11” /showthread.php?t=152188243

    1. Bob

      People do not lose height that is simply not true. As you age your posture deteriorates and your spine collapses. You do not lose height… With proper care this does not happen. Do not fall into the fallacy of the average.

      1. DaveH

        Bob…huh?? You have no idea what you are talking about.

        1. chris

          dude why dont you shut your spermburping mouth and let others have an opinion…idiot.

          1. kay

            Actually you do lose height as you age. The ligament in between your back bones becomes loser or deteriorate as you get older making you shorter. This is why when astronauts go to space, there isnt gravity to push down on these ligaments making you taller.

  4. EJ

    a lot of your posts are missing parts of the text you write. the margin is maybe too narrow and eliminating words which a lot of times make the post difficult to read

  5. TheRicker

    This is exactly how you game the Internet to get your stuff to show up in search results in order to drive traffic to your site. Game another person’s name. Jeff obviously isn’t a fraud his videos are very in depth he has training facilities you can go to where you can meet other people and participate in workouts and programs for the betterment of your health. If you choose to partake in what he actually sells, the products he sells and the programs he sells are actually very good for the individual. Look at his vids. If you don’t choose to purchase what he sells there is a ton of content online for free. Definitely do not agree with your blog. Don’t even want to click your other links.

  6. 6'4"

    He says how important it is to be in shape year round for years or even decades. And indeed for the last few years, judging from his more or less frequent vids, he has had pretty low bodyfat year round. But for how many of us such low bf level is healthy indefinitely? And I’m not talking about few years, but for the rest of your life.
    Not that the answer is that important for me personally, since I’m more into heavy weights than mirrors – especially since no exercise will give me a better looking face 🙂

    1. Skommelling champion

      He’s not in contest condition. People often under estimate body fat levels, I’ve been measured at 8% but I think I’m in the 10-12% range possibly even a little more, I really don’t think he’s in an unhealthy maintenance range, looks like 7-10% most of the time really

  7. Tim K

    Article doesn’t make sense….

    As if a natural person cant be 5’7 170lbs… Look at all the athletes lol
    I for one in high school at 8%bf weighed 185lbs and stand 5’9 After packing on muscle I’m 215lbs.

    You cant go off of a general rule especially when there are so many factors to take into consideration.
    You have to consider bone density and weight organ weight etc… Its too many things that contribute, ethnicity and all.
    Every human is highly unique and nothing follows the so called rule or BMI.

    Dont ever buy into BS articles like this.. Everyone is unique in their own right.
    If you want to make gainz, focus on making gainz, you get discouraged when you start comparing yourself to someone else. Be the best YOU that YOU can be.

    1. Truth Speaker

      Shut the fuck up you ignorant trash.

      Everyone’s organs weigh almost the same.

      Inb4 my Kidneys weigh x3 as your Kidneys.

    2. Phil

      99,999 out of 100,000 people do NOT care about your body competition ego feeding frenzy. Jeff looks absolutely fantastic and does NOT need to lose any bodyfat!

    3. JF

      It is true about people being unique but you also have to understand that testosterone levels in each individual will determine results. As you age , test levels reduces greatly especially after the age of 40. I can tell you 1st hand that being almost 47 years old, my natural ability to cut up has greatly diminished and I’ve started using a bunch of test Booster along with healthy clean diet as my body does not respond as what it did 3-4 years ago. Jeff’s testosterone levels are much higher than average so it would explain why he is so lean at his age. Test levels us everything when it comes down to muscle gains and strength and leaness.

      1. Jim

        What are jeffs testosterone levels. You know what they are ? Are we talking 550 like mine or 1550 free like coco the gorilla

        1. Cool Breeze

          You’re an idiot. There is no space after a comma and I’d like to know how you know what Jeff’s testosterone levels are. For someone who is 46, you’re a rather non-intellectual boy. Haha.

    4. Jim

      Sure bud nobody never uses steroids. The bodybuilders baseball players never ever juice. They also dont lift weights and eat spam. When is the easter bunny coming.

      1. Babafaggucchi

        Niceeee bruhhhhh lol


    The answer to wether he is natty or not is VERY SIMPLE guys!

    Now, let me breack down the analogy in the simplest way possible.

    1/ is it possible to be 165lbs , 5’7” and single digit body fat naturally? Yes
    2/ is it possible to be 165lbs, 5’7” and single digit body fat on the juice ? Fuck Yeah

    now what you need to understand is that CAVALIERE has been working out for a LONNGGG time which means that hes been bulking and cutting for years and years. As you all know, the longer you do something as a human being, you kinda get sick of it at a certain point in your life!

    CAVALIERE has built a business around his knowledge and physique, which means he has to look lean and muscular all year round.

    Now, the right question to ask is:
    ==can he maintain his physique for all this years ( meaning: nutrition, workouts, sleep and supplementation) and run his business at the same time and not forgetting his social and family life?
    The answer is: YES, but its damn HARD.

    ==Can he be using a little something?
    The answer is also YES, this is in case he didnt have much time to do all the things needed due to family problems or work problems or anything of the sort ( you never know what life throws at you certain times)


    Theres no way anybody can know wether hes using or not !
    the point is that it is possible BOTH WAYS.

    1. Darter

      According to J. Cavaliere, bulking and cutting is a myth.

      The blogger already said he might be natural or an accasional user.

    2. Darter

      What athletes are you referring to?
      Since you used the term “high school” I will asumme you are US American and refer to sports like “American football”.

      American footballers take steroids even at college level.

  9. whocares

    TRT and low doses of oxandrolone, that’s my guess

  10. Todor Arnaudov

    He doesn’t look *that* lean as in the contests, if you mean the freaks at the bodybuilding contests with naked muscles. He might be not so deep in the single-digit %.

    I think that it’s also possible that the data about his height and weight might be slightly wrong.

    1. An inch is too crude+- 2.54 cm (or at least a half)
    2. He might be lighter than the stated pounds (or he should have very thick and hard muscles in order to pack that weight in that body and mass).
    3. Weight can be also +- 1-2 kg, depending in the morning or during the day etc. and whether the one who tells the weight wants to sound as being *heavier* or *ligther*.

    Some comparisons:

    Koray: 171 cm (5.7+1/3), 78 kg, powerbuilder. Participant in two episodes of the “Strenght wars” series.

    To me he appears shorter than Jeff, maybe shorter neck?, limbs, smaller chest or an optical illusion – I don’t know.

    He looks more muscular than Jeff, he is lean. In this video he’s presented as weighting 78 kg, while in an earlier one – 75.

    Lyu Xiaojun: 172 cm, 77 kg. Lean and muscular, very thick, deep back (should be much deeper than Jeff’s) and bigger lats. World record holder in weight-lifting.

    See also weight-lifters in general. There are 165 cm winners in 69 kg (this year European championship, 68 kg), there was also a 175 cm Olympic champion in the same category – Galabin Boevski, he looks too thin. The bronze medalist, Georgi Markov, was 169 cm.

  11. Dia

    So you accuse the dude of juicing and discredited his program without trying it?

    I actually OWN his Xero program. The bodyweight only program. And being a recently separated US Marine who had a combat specialty and in pretty solid shape already, not only did I find the super challenging, but after one cycle, I DID get some pretty great results. 1 inch added on each bicep, 1.5 inches on my chest, 2 inches off stomach and waist, 1.5 inches off thighs. I’m definitely a lot stronger than I was when I started and a lot more defined. Bodyfat percentage is down 5% also. And I didn’t even follow his meal plan. I’m going to do another cycle here soon and follow the meal plan…which is super easy. He just gives you references for meals. No strict rules.

    Try the program before you condemn it. There’s a lot of guys in the actual paid portion of the website who have cycled through a program 2-3 times and they DO indeed, look like Jeff. I’m on my way.

    1. George

      Spot on!

      the only people that think Jeff is juicing are the ones who cry because they don’t look like him and to scared to put the effort he does in the gym.

  12. Harold

    Article doesn’t make sense!!!
    Kulbila Samson, a bodybuilder from Ghana,He is forced to train at two homemade gyms,no supplements!!.

  13. Truth Speaker

    You really gave him a 3/5 of being natural? Are you serious?
    Who cares if he’s a physical therapist, knowing every bone, muscle, and human physiological aspect in the body doesn’t change the fact you need steroids to maintain such full muscles while remaining so damn lean.

    I don’t understand why people are so dumb sometimes (not talking about Author, but Jeff’s fans)… There’s no science on earth that replicates steroid physiques because steroids were, is, and always will be the answer.

    No matter how smart you are… You cannot somehow disprove 2+2=4.

    1. Danny

      Not exactly! True you whinny baby.

    2. George

      Your a damn idiot you obviously are just jealous that he is better than you.

      1. DaveH

        *He’s* the idiot? Take a look in the mirror, pal.

  14. Christine K

    Jeff is an ectomorph and to have 5% of body fat it’s absolutly possible. My husband is an ectomorph and he has the same body fat. Everybody can be on steroids but Jeff Cavaliere has an important goal: to stay clean and natural. I clearly doubt that he takes something like steroids and I don’t know why the question is asked. Jeff is an incredible trainer and example, you want the same body? Work hard like him and don’t waste your time trying to find something bad about him

    1. Truth Speaker

      ur not even a guy who trains gtfo

    2. Darter

      If you never ever tried bodybuilding half-seriously dont spew unqualified bs please.

      Jeffs stats are definitely questionable even though he is not a heavy abuser for sure.

  15. jarred

    Who is this writer. I looked for an author but couldn’t find one. Pretty bad of your too scared to show yourself after publishing an article about someone else. But after reading this i can see why you would choose to hide. My email is listed if you are man enough to reply back……I won’t wait up for you.

  16. rottenapple

    Do you realise that Cavaliere is 41 years old?
    As natural you can hardly look that ripped in that age without PED
    He is probably on TRT

  17. Rob

    “Jeff’s legs aren’t marketable”
    First off I’ve seen Jeff do paused squats with 315lbs, and 500lb deadlifts, so he had plenty of strength in his legs. He mentions his knee issues at the start of this video:

    1. Darter

      Marketable as in ‘wow look at these legs, brah’.
      No doubt his legs are strong

      1. Bill

        Hahaha yes and now the weights are prove fakes, search for the scandal

  18. chris

    use a plant based protein it costs a tiny bit more money. Think about it.

  19. Labyrinth13hrs

    So, basically your argument is: “I think the human body is capable of _____ (no scientific resources provided), therefore he is on drugs.”

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I can’t test people online you know 🙂

  20. rottenapple

    Oh, and Cavaliere videos are boring as shit – I was barely push myself to watch more than 2-3 of his YT clips
    Plus he advocate and sells various supplements and similar bs

      1. Chax

        Yeah he’s probably not on steroids…. a 6 ft guy can reach 90kg naturally with years of hard work. I really don’t see why people care though. Steroids used responsibly aren’t gonna hurt you, the only thing that even makes sense to me in the argument against them is banning in sports (unfair advantage obviously).

  21. alfie

    your natural guide is worthless 5’8 176 pounds no steroids havnt even trained over 3 years 8 pourcent fat bmi tested 176 I would be 5 pourcent natural aint got the best genes and I will easy gain another 5 pounds of muscle in no time before you lot need to eat right and train harder or better watches jeffs videos he know his stuff the guy who writes this know nothing

    1. 60%ofthetimehe'snattyeverytime

      You can do all that but nobody taught you about apostrophes or full stops? Or run on sentences?

    2. Darter

      Is your math as good as your grammar?

  22. dario

    in this video he demonstrates hes 4.9%. So if hes 170 cm and 75 kg, hes out by 6 kg according to the bb guide for naturals. I dont think his bf is really so low but his natural state is anyway questionable.

    1. Darter

      The pinching method is not an accurate way of measuring body fat.
      He is definitely not at 4.9%, 4.9% is Ronnie Coleman competition level. He is probably around 8-9%

      I agree that his stats are still questionable

  23. Derek

    You’re honestly dumb if you think he’s on steroids. The dudes been lifting for years what do you expect him to look like some
    scrawny 140lb bitch lmao

  24. McNinja

    Does anyone seriously think Jeff is below 9% bodyfat? I never knew people could so grossly under-estimate body fat percentages. Jeff is 165lbs, ~9% bf, 5’7″ or 5’8″, and can deadlift 495 for reps. He’s put in decades of work and assuming he’s on steroids because your inconsistent ass can’t hit the gym more than twice a month is fucking dumb.

    1. Darter

      If you really think you need decades of work to peak on muscle mass you are truly ignorant.

  25. Finfrosk

    Oh COME ON. Jess has none of the signs of juicing. What he does have is a really good youtube-channel with good, smart info.
    Haha, jeez, according to this page everyone with just a tiny bit of muscle HAS to use steroids. And using peoples weight and height to say if they are natty or not is super dumb anyway. Way too many factors play in. Plus, lots of guys lies about their weight, saying they weigh more than they do.

      1. Danny

        In your dreams. Smart ass, that is assuming that you have a brain in the first place.

      2. valion

        you would like to but he wouldn’t like that idea but you would…yes you would. you know it.

    1. Darter

      What other method than height weight and body fat comparison do you suggest?
      Can we stalk the guy at night and do blood testing?

      The method is decent and he even noted the margin of error

      1. Finfrosk

        A lot of people use steroids, but we still can’t assume everyone does.
        Like I said: finding accurate stats on poeple you don’t measure yourself, is difficult. And like I also said: peoples bodies are different.
        It’s super obvious that stat-comparisons are poor evidence, because a lot of the guys here that are compared and supposed to be uqually big, clearly isn’t even close to be equal. Just on paper. Hence, somewhere there is something wrong. Most likely, the stats aren’t true.
        But you know, whatever.

  26. DaveH

    These comments are so freakin’ ridiculous. One of his pitches is he lists some Mets players he worked with. Don’t you people know that many of the guys he listed were in fact busted for PEDs and/or have been linked to Canadian sports doctor/doping fraud Anthony Galea?

  27. Vance

    I was a physical therapist in the US Army for many years and an exercise physiology guy prior to that. I have worked out in countless gyms around the world. I’ve had the opportunity to observe thousands of natty male and female physiques. I can count on one hand the truly natty muscular marvels in all that. They are out there and Jeff Cavalier strikes me as one. If there were no such thing as steroids people like Jeff C would be winning bodybuilding contests. Yep the average competitive shredded weight would be a “massive” 160-170#. Sorry, some people are just genetically able to maintain a very lean physique while maintaining an abnormal amount of muscle. But they are extremely rare.

    1. DaveH

      He’s not natural. Please. I wouldn’t give a shit except for the fact that he’s conning money out of people based on a lie. That’s why I have a problem with him and guys like him. If he wasn’t trying to sell something, then I wouldn’t give a damn.

      1. Seriously?

        DaveH , ‘Truth seeker’ you people seriously can’t prove he is talking steroids. You’re just jealous that he has much better physique than you. No one can stay that lean after talking steroids. They will get bigger and develop a bloated waist.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          “No one can stay that lean after taking steroids.” Ok. Professor.

  28. Enhanced 5'5 130 lbs 20% bf

    I’m sorry but this is just retarded.
    People that couldn’t possibly had access to steroids have had more muscle than Jeff, and you’re saying that’s the limit.
    Unless these people had access to some secret way to get bigger…forget it I’m not into conspiracies man it’s just too dumb.
    The human body can do more than 68 kg for 1m70, sorry if you’re bad, it sucks for you.

  29. valion

    lots of flame on the behalf of our man, Jeff. way to go guys. jeff seems to be a straight shooter. not like this,(sic) spermburping jackass, who wrote this article.

    1. Lemonaire

      Why wouldn’t you have access to steroids?
      If your knowledge doesn’t even go that far you should not share your unqualified opinions.

  30. Andrew

    I don’t think he’s on steroids. He has a diet and fitness discipline and understanding that most folks who train hard don’t have….he also is amazing at being able to target every inch of his body in such a perfect formulaic way. It’s possible he is on steroids but I think it’s quite unlikely. I would guess not.

  31. Hratvar

    The man is almost 42 years old and yet he effortlessly keeps his bodyfat below 9%-10% the entire year, has pretty thick grainy biceps and impressive abs and in general, looks better that many guys in their 20s I KNOW are on steroids.

    Natural he is not.

  32. Mr.AZ

    Always amazed at the stupidity of the general public. 26 years as a natural and an enhanced BB and Jeff is not even close to natural haha. But it makes people feel better to think they can look like that someday without drugs. Keep dreaming guys

  33. Bjhuman

    He doesn’t maintain his body fat effortlessly. He works hard all the year for that. Sticks to his diet and workout routine. It’s very hard and frustrating but apparently it’s not frustrating for him despite being hard.

  34. justin

    To be frank I have no doubt he overstates his weight like many do. Either way if you notice hes always shredded and stays same size. Also when no pump he looks natty. everything about him & his perfect diet hes easily natty. My bro looked the exact same at 5’8″ not one pin.

    1. justin

      Everything about his lifting & diet*
      Looks normal in clothes* not everyone can get this but its certainly not easy, nor impossible.

    2. Cjay

      Was your brother 44 years old as well?

  35. justin

    wake up call to uninformed. Jeff inflates his stats! end of argument. in videos hes claimed 5.10-175lbs, 5.9, and 165 lbs. all at different times. same as anybody else he lies for marketability. i doubt he weighs more than 150 if he is 5’7″. lighting, a Pump and angles all make you look easily ten pounds heavier. look it up. yes he is ripped 8% and is strict as hell. its not easy as he clearly states. Lastly at 42 your T doesn’t just evaporate. you’ll barely have a decrease in muscle til 50s. so stop making excuses for not training like him. lift and eat healthy you’ll still look good.

  36. Loren

    Ha ,anyone who says jeff is on steroids most definitely doesn’t follow him and sees the amount of work he puts in.keep it up my man

  37. fag

    Autistic nigger retard thread detected. Op is a fucking autist lmao

    Anyone who is bigger than me is on steoids im retraarded durp derp

  38. Andy

    I am sure he is not juice may be on and off . At the age of 41 its not possible to have that conditioning. People those who are supporting jeff are those people who want to listen what they want. They thing that they can achieve this kind of phesique naturally and thats y they are supporting him. But sooner or later they will end with not even close to results like jeff and then they will say “ oh its genetics, every body is different”. No matter what they will make some or the other excuse to make jeff right. Try to understand youtube is a business. No one does is for free for someone. So he has to look good in order to attract viewers and get clients. He will always say he is natty. We always dream a body which is not achievable naturally and that is o ky the reason we get demotivated and stop doing workout. We have to accept our natural potential and limits and work according to that. Naturally i doubt . No one can make a phesiqyue like jeff unless and untill he or she is genetic freak and jeff is not genetic freak as he said in his previous videos. So apply some logic brothers

  39. Harry

    I have tried steroids and I can you tell you that Jeff is 100% on steroids or hgh. When anything is too good to be true then usually that’s the case. It is physically impossible to be cut up like he is,

    The only people who are close to having the best bodies naturally are those Africans who live in tribes.

    You will never look like Jeff if you train and eat naturally. Mark my words.

    Every Hollywood star is on them….every athlete has tried them or is on juice….
    The only way to prove this is to get Jeff to give a urine or blood sample twice or 3 times for 1 year….and the lab has to be chosen by us….and I guarantee my life he is on steroids.

    However saying all that. He is the best ever trainer…and gives the best advice….

  40. Shutthefuckup

    That’s dumb.
    Just because he looks better than you did, doesn’t mean he’s juicing.
    He’s not super big, but very defined, and staying fit is HIS JOB. And he knows what he’s doing.

  41. Nikos

    Dude you said under 5 11 that i cant be 74 kg to 5-8% body fat. Go now check my instagram page. Now. i have been training since i was 5 years old. Some people can do it but genetics play an important role. I get constantly checked for these stuff and i am very against it as i am a proffesional pole vault athlete and i do very little weight lifting.

    I know you spend most of the time writing the damn articles but if you were out with me training you might had a different opinion.

    Instagram is: nikandros2016

  42. Nikos

    I ll pay 10,000 euros dollarss whatever you guys want to come and test me if there is anything illegal steroids whatever on me. I ll pay 10,000. Get in on contract legally or whaever. I am 5-8% body fat all year around and i do pole vault at a proffesional level.

    Instagram is: nikandros2016.

    I just hate these kind people that are reading articles here there everywhere dont get the job done and because they cant do it themselves they think that not anyone can do it.

    You start eating healthy, train every day and i guarantee you. Push yourself to them limit and i guarantee you you will get a very low body fat all year around. Myself I have always been lean but i do understand genetics play a very important role as well but you do these three things, eat clean, train consistency and get rest and if you dont get yourself 10% body fat all year around at least then i will admit that i am mistaken. Leave the godamn keyboard and go train. Stop building controversy.

    1. Darter

      1. the author said
      Weight: 165lbs/75kg
      Height: 5’7”/170cm

      163/lbs 74kg

      Your stats are perfectly normal.
      But who knows, once you reach olympic level you might wanna reconsider trenning.

      2.You think Jeff trained since he was 5? You think it is necessary to train that long in order to reach your most extreme numbers in terms of muscle-to-fat ratio?

      3. Get off your high horse and stop soliciting for followers champ.

  43. Dont worry about it

    The ones crying are the ones who think he’s not on anything.
    Relax, he’s still superbly qualified and knowledgeable.
    But hes never said hes not on the sauce, and his body says he is.
    Doesnt diminish him in the least that he likes the good stuff so chill. It’s fine, we big bad bullies arent hurting your hero, he can handle himself. He’s still the man. A little gear doesnt make you a bad person, little snowflakes, altho admitting you’re on it unlike Mike O’Hearn makes you an even better man.

  44. Shutthefuckup

    He’s natural. He’s not that big, he’s big and thoroughly trained, but he’s not steroid-big. If you can’t see that, you’re a moron.
    Also, training is his JOB you stupid dumbasses. He’s clean.

  45. Lemonaire

    The author already cracked numbers more precise than “he is not that big” and “you can see it”.

    Back to your cupboard.

  46. Shutthefuckup

    Look at Buff Dudes, or Jeff Nippard, they all got that steroid thickness.
    Jeff obviously hasn’t. His job is training, he’s extremely knowledgeable, and he’s very lean.
    No reason what so ever to suspect steroid use.
    But people can believe what they want, I’m sure he’s clean.

  47. Lemonaire

    The author also said if he is an abuser he is not a heavy one. There are different levels of steroid use.

    It is not necessary to measure things like ‘thickness’ when you have numbers.
    75 kgr, 1.73cm, bf deep into single digits.
    It’s not rocket science. It is a borderline case.

    Being ‘knowledgeable’ and ‘fitness being his job’ are not arguments pro or against steroid use. I would argue that because it is his job and he relies financially on YouTube, in order for his internet drones to not accuse him of being ‘kinda small in area X’ or ‘you could be more cut’ he is pressed to be in his best visual form when making a video. That involves things like Pphotoshopping thumbnails or pumping up before the shoot? Are steroids that unlikely?
    I would also never accuse ifbb bodybuilders of not being ‘knowledgeable’ because they take steroids. Is Dwayne Johnson not knowledgeable? Jeff smacks steroids on one hand but plays best buddy with Dwayne on the other.
    For me things don’t add up. I can’t prove it because it is a borderline case but he is definitely not someone ‘obviously clean’

  48. Shutthefuckup

    What, is Jeff 75 kg @ 173cm? If so, that further reinforces what I’m saying. 75 kg is not a lot for a guy that has been training his whole life.
    I’m not saying him using steroids is that unlikely, but he looks perfectly natural, so why would you suspect it?
    Being ‘knowledgeable’ and ‘fitness being his job’ are NOT good arguments for that he’s clean? I’d say those are the best who arguments out there. He’s an expert on training, which means it’s a lot more likely he able to look like he does, while being clean.
    When it comes to ifbb bodybuilders, a lot of them are definitely not very bright. I mean, look at how a lot of them train, just cheating and doing all sorts of horribly unsafe exercises. But it doesn’t matter that much for them, because the steroids they use bridges the gap created by their awful form. A person not working out, but taking steroids, will gain more than a clean person training perfectly. So yeah.
    Why is it so important to “prove” that he uses steroids anyway?

    1. Lemonaire

      So you don’t even know the authors opinion is heavily based on his stats which are 173cm, 75kg?
      Did you even read the article?
      And you say that reinforces your point because it’s easy as that right?

      You think it is necessary to train all your life to peak in muscle to fat ratio?
      Did you see Jeff in his 20s?

      What are you saying foo? Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Dwayne Johnson, Ronny Coleman are not knowledgeable? They are not experts in training? Doing unsafe exercises? Awful form?

  49. Hating low iq fuckers

    I hate all of you low IQ fucks.

  50. chax

    Such bullshit lol you can get to 13, 14 stone naturally at his height and be shredded.

  51. asdf

    He is 5’10”, not 5’7”. He said in a video he was 175lb. That isn’t out of the realm of possibility without steroids. Doesn’t prove he isn’t on them, but it doesn’t prove he is.

  52. Ty

    How can I trust this article if it is based one one video and an unknown ‘FB source’ who underestimates his height? He is 5’8″ – 5’10”, not 5’7″. You didn’t even break down his physique and background.This article is bullocks.

  53. Erik

    It is always so funny reading these discussions. I haven’t investigated Jeff that much but he seems very knowledgeable in both building muscle and getting/keeping himself lean.

    If I would listen to all you guys I would end up thinking no one is natty in my crappy budget gym here in Sweden…

    1. Lemonaire

      If by ‘no one’ you mean no IG fuckboi and no YouTube 18 year old personal trainer you are getting closer to enlightenment

  54. Steven E C

    Any guy that knows that Keto is garbage, just has to be natural there no two ways about it. His not buying into any fad and sticks to his own formula. I have had a lot of great progress listening to Jeff’s advice. I’ve been training for 4 years and I am 5,8 ft at a169lbs with a body fat percentage of 15 % and my age is 36 benching 220 lbs one rep max. Thanks Jeff 🙂

  55. Martin Gamer

    Jeff Is 5’10-5’11 and weighs 165 at the time of the aforementioned video in 2015. As of November 2018 he weighs 173, same height. Slow, believable muscle gain that you could expect from someone with the knowledge he has to squeeze every last drop of gains from his body. His FFMI is around 23. If you think that’s “extremely unlikely” for a natural then you’re an asshat.

    1. Chinchilla

      Yeah exactly, but saying whether someone has taken steroids, some people take them to get to their genetic limit faster or to shred fat without muscle loss. Not everyone uses them to turn into the hulk. There’s no way anyone could really tell for sure other than if their shoulders and traps are bigger than the rest of their body, but that only happens with long term use. He probably hasn’t in my opinion and I don’t think he’s even at his genetic limit.

  56. Jeff

    I never thought he was natural, i have been around this game far too long. I follow him because he knows his shit and has good advice. He’s about as natural as Jeff Nippard claims to be. Nobody has ever druge tested him and he has never posted his labs showing his test levels and even if he did he can come off the gear. I think he’s on a low trt dose and just has his diet dialed in. Steroids are no replacement for hard fucking work.

  57. Bran

    anyone who thinks he is natural, do all his traiing and let’s see if you look like him because you will not.

    And none of this crap, he has been training for X amount of years, because gains plateau after a few years and testosterone drops especially for a guy in his mid 40s. If he is natural he should be losing gains.

    Seen it all oh so many times

    1. Spencer Murphy

      No he shouldn’t be losing gain, if he is doing all of the right thing like eating enough protein, and hitting the gym, or even just getting enough sleep, and he is obviously doing all those things because it shows.

      1. Bran

        So his testosterone doesn’t drop like everybody else on the planet? You can’t out diet or lift your hormones ffs

        He gets test from a bottle and now fake weight gate

        Mad bro

  58. Martin Gamer

    5’10, 173 lbs with 5-8% body fat is not freakish, let alone impossible. If you want to go on the study which claimed that a FFMI of 25 was the upper limit for natties, which after further review is now considered to be too stingy of an estimate, J Cavaliere, at FFMI=23.6, is well within what’s considered to be naturally attainable. Additionally, Jeff prioritizes leanness. You could reach his body fat levels if you stopped pounding cheeseburger pizza every weekend.

    1. trenzilla

      Good comment, people just don’t know or don’t have the will power to eat properly. Any excuse for looking like shit.

  59. Steve

    I believe Jeff is natural.
    The guy lives physical fitness and strength training.
    Either way he is a damn good coach.
    Probably the best !

  60. Neckman

    Jeff is a fake Natty and his training is garbage

  61. Spencer Murphy

    This guy in the above article knows literally nothing about weightlifting jeff cavaliere is all natural, you think just because someone is 5 feet 7 inches they have to weigh 149 pounds their is just no other answer, I’m about to go to my senior year in high school, and i’ve seen plenty of muscular guys in the weight room some of them might even be 5 feet 7 inches, and I can guarantee that they at least weigh more than 170 lbs, and other guys who are 5 feet 7 inches are fat, and they weigh about 225 lbs, and they spend a lot of time in the weight room, what your saying is just like saying professional body builders do steroids, you probally think Arnold schwarzanaagar does steroids, your just mad because your, weak, and their not.

    PS: Muscle tissue is more dense than fat tissue making muscle weigh more than fat, making him weigh more than what you say.

    1. Bran

      Of course Arnold did steroids the human body cannot keep pumping out testosterone unless you have many more sets os testicles, any pro bodybuilder is on insane amounts of multiple drugs, plus Arnold has admitted it, it’s clear you have never taken a roid ever and also clear that you have zero idea how the human body works so why open your pie hole?
      Do everything Jeff tells you, doesn’t matter, you are not going to look like him

    2. Sam

      Hahaha, you are clearly still a child who absolutely does not know what he is talking about. 😂

      1. Sam

        The above in response to Spencer Murphy’s silly comment.

  62. Sam

    Now that it has come out that Jeff Cavalier uses fake weights, it does not seem strange to me that Jeff is also a fake natty.

  63. FakeLeanX

    Personally, I do not think he is natural. Because he lied about his weights man… FFS! Anything is possible now.

  64. E

    Jeff absolutely takes something to stay as lean as he is, but I gotta say that I would too if I was sponsored like him. That’s part of the job IMO.

  65. Charles

    Seeing his videos, he appears to be as built as he can without “looking” like he’s on the juice – he’s not even close to physique levels. Assuming a substantial number of years as a personal training and NOT getting bigger than he is, I think it’s fair to say he’s natural. If there is any juicing there, the only benefits he might be reaping is keeping fat levels low. Jeff doesn’t have the shoulders, traps, or chest of a even a minor juicer. He’s more athletically lean. I suspect this is the top of the line of what several years of working out and eating right can get you. It’s his job, every day, day in and out. His is not a “perfect” build, but he looks like he maximized his genetic potential. The fact that we are “debating” this with Jeff goes to show that he really isn’t an obvious juicer, if at all. If anything, he should be applauded for “holding” back, because with roids he’d probably be killing it in the physique competitions.

  66. broski

    So many dumbasses claiming they’re 8% body fat here. The scales you use with metal handles do not nearly give an accurate measurement of body fat %. You guys should look that up. Also the difference 7 kg of lean mass makes is huge! Just going from 68 to 75 is more than 10% uplift in body mass, and LEAN body mass. Not to mention Jeff is old for this sport. It’s absurd someone can maintain such low levels of body fat year round, even if they’re eating perfectly, and training perfectly, while being injury free, especially at his age.

    You guys should ask yourselves. Does he gain something financial from being ripped and big? Yes. Is he ripped and big? Yes. Are his stats suspect? Yes. At this point, you don’t need a definitive answer of yes or no anymore. Do your own research after hearing things from him. Guy is a physical therapist and knows human anatomy and suggests good exercises, that’s it. Don’t buy into his supplements etc at their own face value. Do your own research.

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