How Lifting Weights Helped Me Build Confidence I deadlift 275lbs and will break you in half.

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I was waiting in line to buy a bus ticket. After 15 minutes, it was finally my turn but out of nowhere a short fat man in his 40s wearing a funny cap designed to hide his lack of hair decided to step in front me. My mind immediately started searching for the right solution to this obvious injustice:

“Why can’t he wait a few more minutes? I was here first. It’s basic logic. Should I confront him? Hmm….He is bigger than me, but most of his grandeur comes from lard…”

Then I said: “I was here first. It’s my turn. Please, step back.”

Where I live ornaments like “sir” just sound ironic and cause more harm than good.

“But, you weren’t waiting at the right place,” replied the man.

This was indeed true. I was off by half a step. This remark actually synthesized even more rage inside of me. Then, I remembered – my deadlift was already up to 275lbs for a solid set of 5. This low life loser had nothing on me.

I almost screamed: “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

My voice was very loud and a little scary/psycho sounding maybe because the whole time I was thinking:

“I deadlift 275lbs for 5 reps and will break you in half, you fat motherfucker!”

At the time, I was a beginner still processing the idea that barbell and real life weights are different. An object weighing 275lbs is heavy as hell, but a 275lbs barbell is more user-friendly. You have a nice gripping surface, and the whole thing is made to be lifted. It’s way easier.

Anyway, that aggression was enough to scare him off. He stepped back, and I finally bought my ticket. The woman was extra polite too. She probably didn’t want to be asked what she wants by a crazy person either. While I was giving her the money, the man who was still close to me whispered an insult while looking at his shoes. I think he called me a junky and a yokel. I gave him the “I hope you think I am a gangster.” look and left.

This is just another proof that what we call confidence starts in the head. A 275lbs deadlift is neither heavy nor relevant in a street fight. Yet it boosted my confidence and suppressed my fear.

But what happens when you realize that a 275lbs deadlift does not make you invincible? Do you go for a 500lbs deadlift?

Whatever works, I guess.

P.S. The post on natural potential has been updated.

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  1. Lan

    It also helps build confidence against women. You say to yourself, I could have got to a ex. 135lbs bench from a simple barbell, then I deserve her too.

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