Is Hannibal For King On Steroids?

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Hannibal For King is a legendary calisthenics master who has inspired millions of people all over the world with his YouTube videos. He possesses an immense upper body and core strength that he exhibits in street parks.

But Hannibal’s strength is not the only thing that motivates his fans. His amazing physique excites people even more. Many believe that a body like Hannibal’s can be acquired through bodyweight training. However, is this really the case? Is Hannibal for King even natural? Are push-ups that powerful?


1.Hannibal For King has/had obvious gynecomastia.

In the video below, Hannibal For King has gynecomastia. Both of his nipples display that condition. To see it go to 3:27.

In case the video is deleted from YouTube or you can’t play it, here’s a snapshot.

Is Hannibal For King On Steroids?

In general, gynecomastia is a rarity among natural bodybuilders with really low body fat levels.

2.Hannibal For King has the Photoshop look.

In many photos, Hannibal For King has the synthetic Photoshop look, which is uncharacteristic of true natural bodybuilders.

3.Hannibal For King’s diet is based on junk food.

On many occasions, Hannibal For King has stated that his diet consists of junk food products. However, his physique looks unaffected. He is still shredded and displays an unrivaled definition in his clips.

Some people say that all of this is a reality thanks to Hannibal’s superior genetics, but the genetic card cannot always be the explanation. We are all people and as such we share common characteristics. Eating junk food all the time will have a negative effect on your body composition and overall well-being regardless of who you are.

4.Street workouts do not make you a natural bodybuilder.

The fact that Hannibal For King is doing mostly street workouts does not mean that he is natural. Yet wishful thinkers try to convince themselves that only the gym warriors are doping.


It is highly possible that Hannibal For King is not a lifetime natural bodybuilder.

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  1. Shavir Harrysunker

    I couldn’t disagree more with this article and the writer needs to get his facts sorted out in my opinion.

    H4K does not seem to have “gynecomastia”, not even a slight amount.

    Yes a body and level of fitness as inspiring as H4K is most definitely obtainable even if you have a sweet tooth, the guy works out strenuously at least 21 hours a week. My basis for this is I work a labour job and I’m on my feet at least 7 hours, 5 days a week.

    For the past 3 years of my life I’ve splurged on all the ice cream, chocolate and other sweets I crave for without gaining a single pound of fat thanks to the perks of my job.

    H4K isn’t necessarily a bodybuilder and never directly confirmed he is one during his many videos.
    He’s just a guy living his life.

    Whoever thinks Hannibal is on roids including the writer of this article has alot to learn.

  2. Ankit

    @Shavir Harrysunker
    “H4K does not seem to have “gynecomastia”, not even a slight amount.”
    Are you blind or just ignorant?

  3. Mitch Kornbluth

    Hannibal is a badass. But clearly has gynecomastia. He definitely used at some point in his life

  4. Terry Miller

    I heard Gynecomastia can occur in males without the use of steroids. I don’t believe Hannibal is steroid user. The author is off track with this one.

    In addition, some guys are able to burn through junk food and other bad habits, I work with a guy who drinks 4 to 5 beers a day, Monday – Sunday and is skinny.

  5. Boris

    Gynecomastia can occur due to “hormonal imbalance” too 🙂

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