Is The Furious Pete a Natural Bodybuilder?

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Peter Czerwinski a.k.a .The Furious Pete is an Internet celebrity who has a YouTube channel dedicated to fitness and muscle building. He presents a really solid physique, and many of his followers see him as a true inspiration. However, is he a natural bodybuilder?

1.The Furious Pete is a pretty big dude

At 6’2″ – 1.88 cm @ 230 lbs – 105 kg, the Furious Pete is a big guy that will be respected in most gyms around the world.  In comparison, Arnold Schwarzenegger was 6’2″ – 235 lbs in most of the contests he entered. Arnold has also admitted to steroid use.

How is a natural bodybuilder as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger? What’s his secret? Creatine? Protein?

2.The Furious Pete does not follow a strict diet

In order to attract more visitors and hits, the Furious Pete has presented atrocious dietary habits on many occasions. In his online videos, he consumes super high-calorie meals which is the last thing you want to do if your goal is to maintain low body fat levels.

As a true natural bodybuilder, your diet is extremely important. You can allow yourself to cheat on some occasions, but taking part in insane food competitions is trouble. To understand the damage that dirty bulking can cause read this post.

The Furious Pete does not have problems with dirty bulking. He is lean and thick while eating all kinds of food.

How is a natural getting away with so much cheating?

3.The Furious Pete has competition

The YouTube fitness sector is very saturated. Since most of the guys are not natural, it’s pretty hard to remain competitive. People don’t want to see small natural guys on YouTube. They want to see the big guys. They want to be lied to because reality and the truth seem scary.

YouTube is an untested bodybuilding show. If you are a natural guy, you just can’t win. In other words, when you are small, it’s hard to be an Internet fitness sensation unless you attract people’s interest another way.

4.The Furious Pete had an insane transformation

The Furious Pete went from 120lbs to 230lbs of pure muscle. Similar transformations do not happen just like that. Getting to that level of development naturally is questionable. Not to mention the fact that doctors sometimes prescribe steroids to anorexia patients in order to increase their appetite.

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