The T-Handle – Swings Without Kettlebells

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The kettlebell swing is the foundation of all kettlebell training. Ironically, it is also the most useful movement out of the kettlebell arsenal. The swing develops snapping power a.k.a. explosiveness in the hips and is a great tool for conditioning of the posterior chain.

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What happens if you don’t have a kettlebell? 

You can perform kettlebell swings with many items such as dumbbells, barbell plates, backpacks, bottles of water..etc. However, the most comfortable tool for swings would be the so-called T-Handle.

The T-Handle is made out of metal water pipes and allows the lifter to load it with regular dumbbell and barbell plates. The device has handles thanks to which you can do swings comfortably. The T-Handle swing can be made hard and heavy beyond belief.

Important notice: If you are planning on building a T-Handle, make sure that the construction is really tight and strong. You don’t want plates falling on your toes or furniture.

{for detailed information on how to build your T-Handle go here & here}


What muscles does the T-Handle swing work?

It works your forearms, hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors and upper back.

Can I use the T-Handle for other kettlebell exercises such as military presses?

No. The T-Handle is not a replacement for a kettlebell. You are not supposed to mimic every kettlebell exercise with the T-Handle. Use it only for swings to avoid injuries.

Should I go really heavy on this exercise?

No. Don’t go below 15-20 reps per set. Anything lower than that is way too heavy and due to the ballistic nature of the movement you are risking lower back injuries. Besides, the exercise is power and endurance oriented. It is not the best tool for developing absolute strength.

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  1. Anthony

    How does the t-handle do with 25 lb weight plates, too wide?

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