Fixing Your Posture With Bodybuilding

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Fixing Your Posture With Bodybuilding

A good posture is an essential part of an aesthetic physique. You can get away with underdeveloped body parts, but when your back looks like it belongs on a camel, the whole painting suffers.

Bodybuilding Can Help

Bodybuilding may be many things, but a Quasimodo producer ain’t one of them. A good bodybuilder aims to acquire a balanced development. As a result, the back and shoulders receive the attention they deserve. This usually results in a better posture.

What exercises do you recommend for a good posture?

The main bodybuilding exercises that directly improve your posture are the deadlift and the row. The deadlift strengthens the whole back from top to bottom and makes it thicker. At the same time, the row helps hits the upper back and rear delts with more focus. The result is a strong pulling chain.

In addition, you could add some neck exercises too. Many people skip neck training, but it can definitely help your posture.

Is it really about strength?

Exercising the right musculature can only help your posture, but very often the realĀ culprit is not the lack of strength. Most of the time, the major issues are poor habits and lack of self-confidence.

If it’s a self-confidence issue, you need to find what’s bugging you and fix it. Face your fears and never forget that every human is imperfect. Don’t sabotage yourself.

P.S. You can read more about the psychological aspect of this issue here.

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  1. Angel

    Hi! Can you give some example 2 days program that would hep for fixing the issue?
    I tried to made my push/pull ration 1/2 but this doen’t help.
    Thanks in advance!

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