Fake Natural Bodybuilder Exposes the Industry Part 2

| by Truth Seeker |

Six months ago I posted an interview with a fake natural bodybuilder undercover. His nickname is Mr. Trenbolone. Today, I present you another quick chat with him.

Note: The material below contains explicit content.

Q: How are you Mr. Trenbolone? Still big and shredded?

A: Yes. I had a minor setback, but it is all fine now. The sun is shining, the drugs are working, and the bitches are bending. (laughs)

Q: Has anything interesting happened in the fitness industry lately?

A: Not really. It is the same old story (laughs and touches his lower biceps).

Q: People still buying those powders?

A: Yeah. I worked in a supplement store for a few months. The idiots that go there can fill volumes. I remember one guy that came with a dog. Of course, it was a pit bull. You see, muscle men love muscle dogs, and pit bulls are supposed to be the ultimate fighters. They will fight until their intestines come out. If you ask me, they are a stupid dog symbol of abuse, but that’s just me. I think all dogs are stupid by the way. I mean, they may seem smart and sniff stuff, but in the grand scheme of things, dogs were bred to be human slaves, which makes them stupid by default.

So, this guy came with his pit bull and bought testosterone boosters (three kinds), mega men vitamins, Yohimbe, creatine, post workout stuff, protein powder, glutamine and a few protein bars. I think he spent over 500 dollars on supplements. Anyway, three months later he came back looking like total garbage. I asked him what happened, and he said: “Do you have a supplement that counters the effects of pizza….” {hahaha}. Even the dog looked at him like he was the biggest moron.

Q: How is your health lately? Any side effects?

A: My blood work seems fine, but I think my face is starting to age too fast. I think it’s from the androgenic drugs. Steroids make your body look younger, but your face turns into an old vehicle. I got over hair loss a long time ago, but I was ugly by Hollywood standards so it wasn’t that hard.

Q: Do you think you would still want to bodybuild if you were handsome by Hollywood standards?

A: Shit. I don’t know man. Maybe if I was like that guy who left that bitch from Friends. What his name?

Q: Brad Pitt?

A: Yeah. Maybe if I looked like him, I wouldn’t have taken all those steroids to build large muscles and compensate. But I don’t know. In my case, big muscles are more of a shield. It’s not only about the girls.

Q: Do you want to be an actor?

A: Hell no. That’s the worst. It’s so fucking fake, man. I had a friend who worked in a movie editing company. They record the parts and sent them to a poor country where morons edit the scenes for a few pennies. Outsourcing they call it.

Anyway, this friend once showed me how a movie is actually made. They have all that makeup, special effects and green screen backgrounds that kill the magic. It’s all an illusion. You should see how stupid those actors look without the effects. Once you know how fake movies are, you just can’t watch them. I haven’t watched a nice movie since I was 26 or something. I mean at the time I was stupid so I guess I have never watched a good movie. All garbage. Movies are for losers with big egos. I may be insecure, but I would never sell my soul to participate in this Hollywood masturbation.

Q: Who is your favorite bodybuilder?

A: I am not 10 anymore. I don’t have favorite bodybuilders. They all suck now. I lost respect for the sport a long time ago. There’s something very superficial about bodybuilding. You can only understand it once you have matured. Little teens think muscles always equal happiness. I love muscles, but your vision changes with time.

Q: Do you think there is a big awakening happening? People seem to be catching up to the drug secrets.

A: I guess there is something like that. The Internet makes sharing information easier and provides some anonymity. People can definitely allow themselves to talk more. Nevertheless, I don’t think people will be cured. They would never allow that.

Q: Who?

A: The industry. I am also a victim of the industry. I’ve been taking steroids for a long time. I probably won’t stop until I die. I have accepted my burden in a way. But you know what? Nobody is perfect. Everybody has a dirty little secret hidden from the world.

Q: Do you think muscle legends are taking themselves too seriously?

A: Of course. When you go to fitness expos…. you see those muscle idiots with the tattoos. It’s so funny. They think they’ve hacked life just because they have 22-inch arms full of Synthol or PMMA.

Q: Aren’t you still a part of it?

A: Yeah. Like I said, I will be on forever. What separates me from the group, however, is that I’ve evolved.

Q: How is your wife?

A: We are separated. She was cheating on me with some firefighter. The funny thing is that he is also on steroids. Lots of police officers and firefighters use drugs, but they bust people for it. Go figure. Double standards and hypocrisy at its best…

Q: You seem like a different person. Are you still doing G4P and other shady stuff?

A: Hell no. I stopped. I found that great thing called minimalism. You remove what’s useless and stay with what gives you most of the benefits in the first place. You see this jacket? It’s over 10 years old, and it looks new. Why would I buy another one? I used to try and fix everything with money and muscle, but at one point, I got severely depressed and started throwing stuff I don’t need. I reduced my drug intake in half. I rely mainly on test now. I no longer use tren or other horse drugs. Much fewer sides this way. Sure, I lost some muscle glamor, but I feel much better. I also dropped the T3, clen and fat burners. I can keep my body fat levels low just by dieting hard. I save a lot of money, and I no longer dance in front of strangers.

Q: Do you have many friends?

A: Not really. I know a lot of people, though. The type you can chat with and exchange funny images with, but real friends? No. It’s because of my character. I can have fake friends and go to the bar, but I no longer feel like I want to. I am in a moment of my life that I call pointlessness. Everything looks so fake and senseless. Still, I do believe I am happier this way.

Q: Do you feel lonely?

A: Yes, but I am no longer a teenager. It’s not like I need the stupid conversations anymore. I am tired of it all. I try to keep myself occupied, but everything feels so stupid now. (laughs) It’s like the moron has finally outsmarted the master.

Q: It seems that you have become wiser?

A: Absolutely. I still do some of the crazy stuff, though. Sometimes I would get drunk and hit on women in bars. I like French girls. I don’t know why. They just get me. I feel like they understand why I do what I do. Maybe they can find my soft side.

Q: Let’s get back to training for a little bit. What do you think is the best routine?

A: Are you serious? Man. Best routines this and that… If I knew that you were going to ask me the stupid questions, I would’ve never come here. See, routines are overrated. Just do solid exercises that you like and take it from there. Doesn’t matter what the big guys in the gym say. They often don’t know anything about training. Look at CT Fletcher. Such a phony. Biceps curls for hours…and the idiots believe the nonsense. Just do the basics, add weight, try different rep ranges and don’t get fat. That’s all I know. That’s my philosophy. If you want to do steroids, inform yourself. Don’t be like me. I started using before I got my driver’s license. Never use too many compounds.

Q: What does it take to be on the cover of a fitness magazine?

A: You have to be ripped. They don’t want some fatso on the cover. Lard does not sell well. They want a ripped mofo. It also helps if you know the right people and sleep with them. Otherwise, it’s a pretty straightforward process. But honestly, they don’t pay that much for a cover. Given the sacrifice, you are underpaid.

Q: What is your position on the political game right now? People are predicting the end of the world.

A:  That’s their job I guess. As an ordinary person, what can you do about it? The only thing you can do is refuse to kill innocent people, but the soldiers are brainwashed. The American Sniper movie propaganda proves it. The guy is considered a hero for killing a massive amount of people, but you have to be incredibly stupid to believe it. It’s all about oil. They want to keep the petrodollar going to avoid hyperinflation and devaluation of the currency, and that’s why the countries that refuse to follow the plan are attacked. Soldiers willing to serve their masters kill many innocent people. Like I said, all movies are bullshit nowadays. Back to the question…I don’t know whether the end is close or not. I don’t consider myself a prophet. I am better at answering biceps questions. Maybe one day I will give a better answer to this question.

Q: Do you think the bodybuilding crowd is too self-absorbed?

A: Sure. Just a few months ago, I was extremely self-absorbed too. Me, me, me and nothing but me.

Q: So, how big is your biceps then?

A: Solid 19-inch biceps. Shredded. The two heads are clearly visible. It is all diet or should I say starvation. Look, man, I have to go to the library. I have to buy a present for one of my girlfriends. See you next time.


Bye and thank you for the interview.

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    yo we need a part 3. few years later. lol.

    1. Piscontino

      Hell yeah!
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  2. James

    It sounded so real it got me fooled describes the industry perfectly

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