Catobophobia – The Constant Fear Of Losing Muscle Mass

| by Truth Seeker |


Catobophobia is a condition that affects many muscle building fans. It represents a highly obsessive state in which the fear of losing muscle mass starts to dictate the entire existence of the suffering individual.


– constantly thinking about food
– insomnia when it’s impossible to prepare a pre-bed protein shake
– high intake of bodybuilding supplements
– enormous financial sacrifices due to the constant pursuit of muscular growth
– anger against others who prevent you from protecting your muscle mass
– severe depression when there is no protein in a 2 miles radius.

The typical catobophobic is an outsider who has a hard time understanding neurotypical people and fitting into social groups. For example, doing simple things like going to the movies may be problematic because a long film could easily send the body into a catabolic state without the proper food supply. Unless the catabophobic has prepared a meal high in protein, a meltdown of the highest magnitude could take place.


Catobophobia is a perfectly treatable disease. People usually start to get better once they realize that all their efforts do not produce the results promised by the supplement companies because the natural potential of the human body is lower.

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