Another Reason Not To Buy Whey Protein

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Another Reason Not To Buy Whey Protein

Have you ever wondered why every retired bodybuilder launches a new supplement line which is supposed to be so much better than the rest? Simple. The supplement industry comes with nice profit margins. Below, l will outline the process of turning protein powder into a money printer.

Step 1: Buy Cheap Protein In Bulk

It may come as surprise to some of you, but whey protein does not cost as much as you think. In fact, the standard “blank” whey protein costs pennies per pound. Whey is a byproduct of dairy production and was served as forage to animals before the supplement game got so big.

Today, the packaging and the labeling of the product cost more than the actual protein. It’s not uncommon for different companies to buy their raw material from the same producer.

Step 2: Give it a cool name, a logo and pack it

The name, the logo and the packaging are terribly important for the success of a protein product. After the companies buy the naked whey from the cheese factory, they load it with all kinds of sweeteners and let the PR team go crazy.

Step 3: Find a man on steroids willing to lie for you

Another crucial factor for the success of a protein line is its advertisement. It’s been proven that the best way to advertise protein powder is to find a big dude willing tell fairy tales for you.

Ironically, the promoters of protein powder don’t even use the stuff. They didn’t need it to become pros. Why would they need it now?


The base ingredients of all protein products are virtually the same. The differences between the brands are expressed in the labeling, the packaging, and the advertisement. There are no “revolutionary” protein powders that you must take in order to reach your natural potential.

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