Can Natural Bodybuilders Have An Ultra Thin Skin?

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One of the telltale signs of drug abuse among bodybuilders and fitness models would be the ultra-thin skin. To understand what I mean by that pinch the skin at the back of your hand. It will be very thin even if you are obese.

Many steroids users have skin that thin all over their bodies. This is why they look so vascular and resemble an anatomical chart. The drugs in combination will low body fat levels produce this look.

Frank McGrath showing his paper thin skin; image source:;

Frank McGrath showing his paper thin skin. image source:

Ironically, this condition is also known as “cock-skin” since the skin of the penis is as thin as possible. For rather obvious reasons the body will never store any body fat there.

When you see somebody carrying a decent amount of muscle mass coupled with “cock-skin” all over his body, you can be sure that his or hers appearance is linked to muscle elixirs.

A look of this magnitude cannot become a reality naturally, at least not when you are holding an appreciable amount of muscle mass on your bones. This is a state that the body cannot reach without extra support.

Of course, drug abusing bodybuilders will speculate and say that it’s all about dropping your body fat through proper eating and training, but this is not entirely correct.

Yes, it’s true that your skin will become extremely thin and transparent if you drop to a single digit body fat, but when naturals do that, it becomes apparent how little mass they actually hold. The end result is not nearly as impressive. Put in a similar state, naturals look fragile rather than “hard”.

In addition, there are also drugs that have a direct effect on how your skin looks.

Today, fitness models thrive on the shredded cock-skin look. It’s their trademark. You can’t enter the world of fitness modeling without this condition because it has become a standard.

Moreover, steroid users have a certain glow to their skin which I often use to determine whether a person is natty or not. It is hard to describe it with words, but it becomes very obvious when you see it in person. Simply put, it looks like a technological polish. That’s why I call it the Photoshop look.

But they told me that all I need to acquire such leanness is a caloric deficit? They lied?

Of course, they lied. We live in a politically correct world, my friend. What did you expect them to say? “We inject?” Come on.

And by the way, they lied about the natural potential too.

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    Pro bodybuiders, and most amateurs use clenbuterol, a bovine drug prohibited for human beings AND animals by the government. Nothing works as well but it is dangerous. Man, I bet your girl likes you just the way you are now, enjoy that. You are more ripped than 99% of us anyway.

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