Is Doug Miller a Natural Bodybuilder Or a Steroid User?

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Doug Miller is an IFPA natural bodybuilder who, of course, claims that steroids are a territory unexplored by him. He has an aesthetic physique, favorable genetics for the sport and crazy dedication. However, is Doug Miller truly a natural bodybuilder? Can you build a similar body without performance-enhancing drugs (PED)? Let’s see.

How big is Doug Miller? 

Pretty damn big. According to his personal site, Doug Miller has the followings stats:

Height: 5’9″-175cm
Weight: 186-192lbs  – 85kg-87kg in contest mode

This is about 29lbs-13kg more than the estimation for a 5’9″-175cm tall natural bodybuilder in’s guide for naturals.

Unfortunately, a muscle mass of this magnitude seems unachievable by natural bodybuilders. After all, on paper, Doug Miller is ever so slightly bigger than former Mr. Olympias like Frank Zane who in his prime had the followings stats:


Frank Zane – one of the best

Height: 5’9″-175cm
Weight: 185-85kg (in contest condition)

Conclusion: Doug Miller shares the stats of former Mr. Olympia Frank Zane who trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger and competed against many legendary bodybuilders.

How are modern ”natural” bodybuilders reaching the stats of former Mr. Olympias? After all, we all know that there hasn’t been a natural winner of the show. Even the first Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott, took anabolic drugs.

Doug Miller looks Composed in Photoshop

A glance at Doug Miller’s shredded hamstrings reveals that he isn’t joking around when it comes to conditioning. I am almost sorry to inform you, but most naturals will disappear from this planet if they were to get as shredded.

image source:;

Doug Miller’s insanely shredded hamstrings image source:;

Natural bodybuilders simply don’t look full when they are in contest condition. Shredded natties lack muscle pop and appear borderline anorexic to the general population.

Guys like Doug Miller don’t seem to have similar problems. They remain full, dry and 3D even in ultra-shredded mode.

What about the advancement of nutrition and training science? Can’t this be the power behind Doug Miller’s size?

No. Modern supplementation is not behind the modern mass. A vast majority of the natural population takes creatine, glutamine, and whey. How many naturals are big? Exactly. The world is full of small dudes who spend a lot of money on supplements. What does this tell you? Supplements are inefficient. Why? Because they are nothing more than food in powder form. Therefore, they are as effective as food at best.

At the same time, there is nothing new about training either. The exercises are the same. The programs are fairly similar. There’s nothing new under the sun. The process of getting stronger has not changed and never will. Besides, training is incapable of producing steroids-like results anyway.

Bottom line: Naturally building a body similar to Doug Miller’s seems impossible for men born on planet Earth. Of course, if you are a genetic freak with a super large frame, you may get close in terms of size, but you will have a really hard time matching his overall Photoshop look.

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