Buff Dudes – Are They Natural?

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The BuFF Dudes are a workout duo uploading fitness videos on YouTube. It’s formed by the brothers Brandon Myles White and Hudson White. They try to make entertaining clips injected with training advice. Since the Buff Dudes have big and ripped bodies, many wonder whether they are natural bodybuilders. Let’s investigate.

1.They are as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Brandon White is a fitness model with the following body stats:

Weight: 230 lbs/105 kg
Height: 6’2″/188 cm
Body fat: 5 to 8%

At his best, Arnold Schwarzenegger had the following stats:

Weight: 235 lbs/105 kg
Height: 6’2″/188 cm
Body fat: 5 to 8%

Conclusion: Brando White is almost as big (5lbs difference) as 7-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger who has admitted to steroid use, and according to the book,  Arnold: An Unauthorized Biography by Wendy Leigh started using steroids as a teenager.

How on Earth are today’s naturals getting as big as the most gifted and famous bodybuilders on the planet?

Where are those BUFF dudes coming from? The jungle?

Note: Both brothers look about the same size and height:


2.The BuFF Dudes have the Photoshop look.

A quick look at the Facebook page of the BuFF dudes reveals that they have the professional Photoshop look – dryness, vascularity, mass, fullness, low body fat – the whole power pack.

When natural bodybuilders are at a low body fat level, they are depleted and have a really hard time keeping their muscle mass. The BuFF dudes don’t have that problem and enjoy a significant physical development even at very low body fat levels.


FAQ: Will I get as big as the BuFF dudes if I eat a lot of protein?

No, you won’t get to the physical development presented by the BuFF dudes naturally. The natural potential of most people simply doesn’t allow it.

Wendy Leigh, Arnold: An Unauthorized Biography, Congdon & Weed. 1991;
http://stunningboysandmen.blogspot.com/2010/03/brandon-myles-white.html;. Retrieved 27-04-2014;

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  1. Patheticwebsite

    Get bent with your stupid website, you have zero clue and are just spewing bullshit. You are probably just upset you’ll never get big so you have to try and drag everyone else down.

      1. Rigres

        Ok lets get a few things strait here. They are not fucking 5 to 8% percent body fat
        They are at the very least 12 to 13 % body fat. As of their wight they are not 235 lbs thats just exaggerated. That’s Brandon when he is probably bulking. Plus , have you ever seen Arnold fucking Schwarzenegger. How the fuck are these guy as big as him. And really they have professional pictures that show them at their best. These guys have great fucking genetics and they have been working out for life. Does that mean the they absolutely do not fucking juce. No, we can’t know for shure, only they can , but when you wanna discuss sth like that make shure you got the facts right.

    1. mantuok

      Fact they use gears or not doesn’t make their videos unuseful , they give great advices…

    2. Alex_fit

      Yea I agree with you. Seriously, this website will think of anything to accuse anyone of taking steroids. Seriously, they even made articles that Kinobody and MarcFitt aren’t 100% natty, seriously, what kinda lowlife do you have to be to consider that.

    3. John

      F*cking AGREE!!!!!!! This mother f*ucker It’s just sad because never we will be like them! So don’t listen to him, go on and be like a ANIMAL!! If the Animals can, we can make it too, we are all Animals!

    4. Trigga

      you are fucking dumb
      they are not bigger then arnold you fucking moron
      brandon does not have 6% body fat, he would have looked much leaner
      look at the guys upper chest, traps and shoulders
      these muscles are not oversized like arnolds are
      moron fucking idiot who made this website

    5. no namer

      Thinking the same thing… haters are going to hate

    6. Allen Eltor

      If you aren’t with the hen who layed the egg, why’d you start cluckin?

      You’re a roid head or so stupid you don’t know how transparent the signs are of steroid usage.

      Normal people don’t look like that. It’s that simple whether you know it, like it or admit it.

      They’re dope heads.

    7. Max

      You can’t maintain such a low bodyfat percentage consistently like they do. If you’re natural, depending on your genetics, you can go all the way down to either 10% bodyfat or 8% bodyfat. What’s going to happen at that point is your body is going to do everything it can to prevent you from going below that bodyfat percentage by working to turn your muscle into energy rather than your fat, so you won’t lose all of that fat in your body and die. You could go below 8% or 10% boyfat naturally, but you’d loose so much muscle in the process, potentially years of progress, that it wouldn’t be practical. Steroids will trick your body into thinking that the lowest bodyfat percentage you should have is 5% or 6% rather than the usual 8% or 10%. Also, they are consistently maintaining extremely low bodyfat percentages while simultaneously gaining muscle.

  2. Anonymous

    This is complete bullshit

    1. Brad

      Thanks for exposing the lies of the body building industry. Same old tired responses “ hater!” “You’re just jealous” etc etc.

      Its highly unethical to alter your hormones with synthetic compounds which can have unintended effects, then present yourself to the public as if you are legit natty. Its a lie. Apparently love a good lie.

  3. Pissed off uk lifter

    Lol this is too funny. Its widely known that arnie is not or has never been 6foot2 in his life, hes more 5foot9 maybe 5foot10. I’m 6foot3 an stood less than 2 feet away from him at the odean in london at a film premiere and believe me i was near enough half a foot at least taller than him, i towered over him.
    Christ even his own daughter is taller than him. These buff dudes are nowhere near arnolds size. And arnies 235lb weight was his competition on stage dry weight.

    So these buff dudes are near enough half a foot taller than him, which means they will have longer limbs than him ergo naturally longer muscles than him! Ive checked these buffs dudes vids an they come nowhere near arnold at his competition peak.
    Admit though that if brandon was to get on the gear he could come close in a couple of years to arnies conditioning! To sum up this article is a pile of shit. No facts no real proof or evidence to support your claims! Heres a fun fact, taller people can weigh more and look less. I should know im 6foot3 an 220 all natural, another year an il be like brandon!

    Basically your a boring cunt cause your to lazy to try an achieve what is achievable with hard work, dont blame others for your failings.

    1. Ryan

      Haha at Arnold being 5ft 10 lay off whatever your smoking. Maybe when you saw him he was older and probably hunched over abit and probably lost a few inches in height due to posture and old age he was 6ft 1 in his prime douchebag! Arnold’s maybe 5ft 10 get to F…ck muppet lol!

  4. Pissed off uk lifter

    Arnie is not or nowhere near or never has been 6foot2. Hes more 5foot10.

    1. Allen Eltor

      So you thought the global nutrition and bodybuilding stats DOCTORS worldwide, through SEVEN Mr Olympias, ALL measured wrong.

      But ”wun day I wuzza lookin an man boy howdie he wudd’n awl that big! yEW DOaNO NuTHiN!”

      Decision making like that is how you UKrs wound up with royalty cocks in your mouths. No sense of proportion.

  5. annoynmos

    you do know they been working out since they were 14

  6. Mike

    I think both Brandon and Hudson are natural. I compared a lots of pictures/video from the buff dudes and Arnold.
    It’s usually very easy to see if a guy is natural versus a professional bodybuilder. If you take Brandon, he has worked out for years, and he has that natural look, he isn’t shredded and insanely sculpted like Jay Cutler or Arnold.

    My opinion is that most guys can achieve a look like the buff dudes with hard work and eating good.

    1. Aaron

      I agree, in his prime Arnold was huge in comparison. I’ve read through most of this site and I’m not sure its anything more than opinions and sour grapes. Lets see some pictures of the author!

  7. your mum

    1. Arnold was way larger than Brandon and Hudson isn’t even comparable
    2. They make money because they make interesting and funny videos, get over it, loser. And just btw, everything is ‘recycled’ unless you take out your stupid bosu or some crossfit shit. There are only certain ways you can squat or press. So accusing THEM of recycling is beyond pathetic.

  8. Justin

    I’ve seen inaccurate or bad info highly questionable conclusions here but this is the worst by a mile. While most YouTube athletes vary but most are questionable at least. This is a joke. Assuming correct stats directly from bros. They’re 6 2 220 230. Arnold was 6 1′ well known he admitted to it. And his biggest was 245! 235 in 75′ was weak for him. They look like athletes no bigger. Big with a pump but normal flat look cold. PhotoShop is a joke and they never go below 7%. Get it together! They the most nattys online period!

  9. Alex

    This is complete and utter bullshit. I’m embarrassed that you motherfuckers actually think people are dumb enough to believe your nonsense. Go fuck yourselves you ignorant shits.

  10. Ravi

    Getting big doesn’t mean steroids.. U fool. Stop being a hater.. If someone is motivating people to opt for fitness nd workout.. Giving the right advice. Stop criticising them. I have subscribed their channel follow their recommended exercises nd routine. I might not be arnold. Bt, i think they helped a lot. In workouts nd food as well.

  11. Gladiator

    Keep up the good work. I admire your guts.

    Maybe some day, just maybe, these people will see the truth…

    Thank you for your research and hard work.

  12. Sean

    All you fools thinking they are natty have no experience what so ever.

  13. Chester

    Keep hating pussy boy! Natty or not their content is great

  14. Marc Smith

    Natty or not (I think they anyhow), their advice is solid, and they don’t mislead anyone. In fact, I’m 100% sure that they try to stray people away from the bad advice and crap that’s out there.
    They’re seriously one of the better youtube channels out there.
    I stumbled upon this website, I think I’m going to stumble away from it now…

  15. Blahblah

    This Website needs to get shut Down. This sad c*nt is Just jealous on other people’s success and is spreading hate and useless Informationen. The saddest part about it ? He stays anonymous the whole time… Get a life *sigh*

  16. Josef

    I love how anybody who doesn’t dedicate themselves to get fit immediately try to point at others saying “they’re cheating! they’re cheating!” the fact of the matter is, they’re just sore losers. I just turned 18 and I’m about 6ft 4/5, 2 years ago, I was 6ft 2 and I weighed 80kg…People called me skinny and I was wondering how people got that big and also started accusing people of steroid use etc. But the fact of the matter is, you need to eat right, and exercise is the secondary part, I just didn’t get enough calories in. Now I’m weighing 111kg, or 245 pounds (I look muscular, but most of my muscle is on my thighs and calves, as I play rugby). But honestly if you set your mind on it, it’s possible and I don’t see why they can’t be natural, if they’re in their 20s. Please stop spreading absolute crap because you can’t get to their shape yourself. Grow up.

  17. Zyzz

    lmao you ‘mirin brah? This fucking sad cunt doesn’t know what a real natty even looks like because his bitch ass doesn’t even lift.

  18. Chase

    WTF is this bullshit? Brandon is 210 lbs most of the time. Arnold was way bigger. BUFF Dudes are natural.

  19. Rantman

    Nattyornot uses a pretty sure fire way of determining who is natural or not. Soooooo many ppl you wouldn’t think are on steroids. Even those who don’t have fitness channels or don’t make money from it. I like the buff dudes, their channel is funny and they give good solid advice. But this ‘nattyornot’ is doing the right thing by questioning the image that these so called ‘nattys’ portray which is incorrect. There needs to be more transparency in the fitness industry, just like in female fashion modelling has been forced to confront its size zero and photoshopped practices which give females the wrong body image.

    I am in my thirties now and have been training half my life, I have used steroids on a couple of occasions in the past and I looked mother fucking buff, so I know what I’m talking about I regards to PED’s (you don’t have to look like and IBBF athlete to do so). But I was always honest about it to friends and also strangers in the gym when they asked. Too many fan boys in the comments section are getting offended when their you tubers get rightly called out. I used to aspire to look like Gregg plitt, Rob Riches, Steve Cook etc. until I realised that it is actually not attainable long term without the use of PED’s. All of you who are so defensive over the buff dudes have to ask yourself is, why are you even on ‘nattyornot’ unless you too doubt the natural status of the buff dudes??

    Wake up and smell the coffee, every single sponsored or paid fitness model is using some sort of PED’s. Stop throwing insults and having hissy fits, go do some research and use logical common sense knowledge to make decisions. Comparing modern day fitness athletes to athletes in the Golden era of bodybuilding where PED’s were admittedly used, is a very sensible approach. Genetics and diets haven’t improved that much in that time, so where are all these natural comparable athletes in weight, height, body mass and muscle mass popping up from?

    Some of you probably don’t want to take steroids and believe that you can gain the look that these athletes have for the long term, and that’s why you get so irate, because nattyornot is basically destroying your goals and you see the website as some sort of trolling by a fat or none buff dude:

    “lmao you ‘mirin brah? This fucking sad cunt doesn’t know what a real natty even looks like because his bitch ass doesn’t even lift.”

    The probable truth is ‘nattyornot guy more than likely lifts, why else would he spend so much time creating a website and writing these reports. He probably also has a good knowledge or steroids and usage (more than me an you all). He obviously just disagrees also with people making money by conning mostly younger lifters into a false body image through advertising and revenue sourced from products.

    The sooner it is realised that every paid sponsored fitness model is on some sort of gear, the happier you will become in your own physique.

    One last thing I have nothing what so ever with this website just sick of seeing stupid uneducated misguided comments and felt like one big mother fucking rant. So what go fuck yourselves, over and out.

  20. Timmis

    I don’t know or care if they use something but I want to tell everyone something “shocking”. For some time in college I had an African American roommate. He was 19, definitely not into sports, went to the gym occasionally, I think he mentioned he had played football in high school, had some injury and quit. He didn’t care. Very calm and always friendly individual. But, he had huge muscles. To the point he had scars on his chest and shoulders. His head was honestly quite big. Still there is no way in the world I could ever think he had taken anything illegal in his life. It was just the way he was. So not everyone big is on something, remember that.

  21. BB-amateur

    Lots of pussies cursing this website. Idiots for God’s sake, NO ONE has any issue with ANYONE using and abusing steroids BUT problem pops in when those people purport to claim Nattiness.

    End of it bitches.

  22. ExDreamer

    It is amazing to see so many suckers defending Buff Dudes (maybe many wishing to come closer to them naturally).

    Head to head comparison with Arnold.

    Anyone has right to abuse his body with steroids but at least they have NO right to mislead a teenager with false dreams just to sell recycled plans and work routines. #IdiotsNeverDie

  23. ScoobyNatty

    They most likely used steroids although not to the same degree as Arnold. First of all, that comparison is flawed.
    Arnold was not 105kg, he was around 120kg. He only weight that little when on stage, bodybuilders cut water weight before going into stage to look more ripped. Arnold was also considerably leaner than these brothers. He had at least 15kg of lean mass over them, if not more.
    It’s the same thing with Scooby, sure he is on something, but he is not as big as Arnold or any other respectable pro bodybuilder.
    Just look at their chests and traps, there is no comparison. Arnold was on massive amounts of Testosterone and Dianabol while “Buff Dudes” and Scooby probably did a few testosterone cycles. Arnold also had crazy genetics.
    About Arnold’s height. Check out CelebrityHeight, these guys are height aficionados. Arnold was around 6’1” when young, he wasn’t short. He lost some height as he got older, we all do.

  24. Seduciary

    Do I think you can build a physique like the Buff Dudes naturally? YES. Do I believe the Buff dudes are natty – I doubt it.

  25. Gary

    I parked cars at the Melting Pot Restaurant in Hollywood 1979 & 1980. I parked Arnold’s car 3 times. He was big beyond belief. He looked amazing. I was an honest 6′ 2″ and Arnie when he got out the car had to be 5’11 maybe 6′–but 6′ would be pushing it. I worked out at Jack La Lane Health Spa in Santa Monica (do not laugh). I was a puny guy with long skinny natural arms 175Lbs 14 1/2 inch and a 33″ waist then. My friend who were equally puny thought I looked big. A long ago no one worked out so a 14″ arm “set you apart”!

  26. Chris

    Arnold’s stage weight was 235 lb. He walked around 30 lb heavier. Man.. this is so flawed lol

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