Big Ramy – Good Training Or a Steroid Freak?

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Mamdouh Elssbiay better known as Big Ramy is the current bodybuilding sensation. He weighs well over 300lbs-136 kg, which makes him one of the biggest IFBB pros out there. Last year, he finished 8th at the Mr. Olympia even though he looked much better than Jay Cutler who took 6th place. The placing of Jay Cutler was given for political reasons.

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How did Big Ramy achieve such a freak factor physique in three years?

We are not going to talk about Ramy’s natty status because it’s obvious even to the population with a single digit IQ that Big Ramy is a walking chemical container.

However, what’s “surprising” about Big Ramy is the way he trains. In most of his videos, on YouTube, Big Ramy is training very calmly under the supervision of former IFBB pro Dennis James. Ramy relies on machines for 90% of his exercises. This alone makes us think that the freaky size of Big Ramy is due mainly to steroid and Synthol abuse.

Most people in the gym rarely grow from machine based routines. Furthermore, when your exercise program consists of so many movements, you can’t track what’s really going on, and programming becomes really hard. If you are not improving on your exercises, you can’t grow. And if you are doing too many exercises, you don’t have a focus.

An additional factor that is also very important for natural bodybuilders is work and recovery capacity. When you are natural, you don’t recover as fast as a roid bro.

Conclusion: Big Ramy is not big thanks to secret routines. His freaky size is a reality thanks to his genetics and effective drug and Synthol protocols.

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  1. Jay

    Im sure this was written a couple of years ago but I just came across it. The statements said are ridiculous. I don’t know if this is a load of disinformation or if it’s written in ignorance but either way it’s pure blather. People don’t grow from machine based routines? Wrong. Plenty of people male and female alike can grow from machines, it’s a matter of load on the muscle that promotes growth, this is a fact easily looked up so I won’t waste time referencing common knowledge. Saying you can’t track what’s going on if a routine has too many movements? Machines isolate muscles more than free weights and make it easier to do just that, figure out and/or ‘track’ which muscle group is being trained specifically, allowing you to ‘program’ your routine to the muscles you want to enhance. Again, very simple common knowledge. Im not saying machines are better or make you grow faster than free weights but they do give results. And then saying you can’t focus if your routine consists of too many exercises. What? Why? Do you have any experience in weight training? Have you worked out before? Seriously? Training one muscle group with many exercises is exactly that, focus, as in focusing on a muscle group to train the target area. This is a very common method used in every gym the world over for muscle growth, in my humble experience (as a personal trainer if 12 years with a degree in exercise science and kinesiology from SDSU). The only correct information here is the comment about steroids allowing for quicker recovery time.

  2. Joel Hamilton

    He is a steroid freak. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger set it himself in the documentary Pumping Iron he never would have gotten that big without steroids. To compete in a Weider program which is mr. Olympia and the Miss Universe you only have to be steroid free for one year. I’m sorry to say this but Ramsey is built unlocking but steroids and maybe he’s been clean one or two years but guess what to get that size he needed steroids to do it even Arnold Schwarzenegger, even Sylvester Stallone even said he would never have gotten to his size without steroids. So please do not let these people fool you yeah they cheated they got that big through steroids and then just to compete in the bodybuilding competitions you have to be one year steroid free so as soon as you become steroid free after one year guess what they know what’s going to happen they’re going to get all these endorsements on they’re going to get all these deals all that good stuff. So please all of you young people looking to get into bodybuilding you can’t get that physique without being on steroids that is just a fact.

  3. Jimmy

    Sometimes you’re a moron. First, how do you know that his routine is Youtube is the real, year long routine, second machines with a lot of load may create the tension for muscle growth, of course for natty guys machines are not very effective, for the chemical guys who are much more stronger it can actually work. How do you know he is a synthol user? his muscle are pretty in shape, synthol always look weird, you’re making up stuff, he truly look like a guy with real dense muscle. I believe his muscle development is because of 2 genetics factors, bone structure and a highly efective response to the abuse of steroids, HGH and insulin, because not everybody respond the same to steroid abuse. How do you know he can track his training, this dude dedicate his entire life to this, he doesn’t go out of oxygen gym and have people to track his training, in addition there are rumors that his sponsor have access to very high quality chemicals.

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