The Best Exercises For Chest

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Everybody wants to have wide and full pectorals elevating the t-shirt. On that occasion, presents you some of best chest exercises under the Sun. The list is based on effectiveness and overall joint safety.

Push-Ups On Olympic Rings

The push-up is one of the oldest chest exercises. Many people think that a man can’t build a respectable chest by doing push-ups, but this is not the case. If you follow the right progressions and overload the pectoral muscles with different and harder variations, strength and size will come.

Push-ups on rings are an effective chest exercise that hits the muscle harder due to the extra balancing. In a sense, the ring push-up mimics the dumbbell bench press.


The dip is an upgraded push-up. Mike Mentzer labeled it as the king of upper body exercises. Parallel bars are all you need for that movement.

The exercise offers a great chest stretch at the bottom and will pump your pectorals. Of course, the pump is not a sign of progress, but at least, it shows that the right muscle is working.

The dip does not require a spotter and can be done with extra weight. If you want, you can even program it as your main lift.

The only downside of dips is the extra stress on the shoulders and the sternum. The best way to prevent shoulder pain during dips is to progress slowly while avoiding unnecessary depth – the general rule is to stop at parallel or slightly below.

Dumbbell Bench Press on a Low Incline

There are many bench press variations, but as far as aesthetic pectoral development is concerned, the low incline dumbbell press offers some of the better benefits. It hits the upper chest hard and allows you to find a groove that spares your shoulders

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