Saving Money: Bodybuilding Tips For Cheap Bastards

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One of the problems that people encounter upon entering the bodybuilding game are the extra expenses. In this post, I will present you different ways to save some cash while keeping the muscle pursuit strong.

1.Stop buying supplements

You don’t have to buy supplements to build muscle and reach your natural potential.  Just this step alone will save most people a lot of money. I am almost sorry to inform the addict in you, but stopping all supplements will not have a negative impact on your physique.

2.Reduce your days in the gym 

Another way to reduce the money invested in muscle construction is to reduce the number of days spent in the gym. You will have to reevaluate your whole program and remove some of the stupid stuff you’re doing. Stick to the basics and don’t do crazy routines.

You could also start training your upper body at home or at the park and go to the gym only for full-body movements like deadlifts and squats. Weighted dips and pull-ups are very underrated exercises, by the way.

3.Don’t buy magazines

Stop buying bodybuilding magazines and rely on the Internet for information instead. Most magazines are 60-70% ads anyway. You are paying to read ads. Sounds nice, right?

4.Don’t use steroids or at least reduce the dose.

One of the benefits of being a natural bodybuilder is that you don’t have to spend money on drugs. If you are a heavy steroid user, you may consider reducing the dose or quitting completely.

5.Make a market research to find cheaper foods

Bodybuilders need to eat quality food in decent quantities. This could be very expensive. One of the ways to reduce your food bill is to research the local market and find which places sell cheaper “bodybuilding foods”.

In addition, cut all the junk food to a minimum and buy foods only from the supermarket to save money.

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  1. Rob

    Organic food is expensive and no better for you:)

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