Alpha Destiny – Is He Natural or On Steroids?

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Powered by hope with an unfathomable and yet intense source, natural knights from all walks of life have been pursuing the quest for growth with a peculiar intensity that starts strong, then gradually diminishes, and right when the warrior is about to relinquish the operation, a new source of faith appears, dives into the abyss and prevents the crash of the falling dream.

Almost every time, the vitality of the rescue impulse is found in a new training method and a mysterious nutritional protocol which together form a union capable of catalyzing the metamorphosis that the heart of the natty has been bleeding for.

As a result, the assassins of atrophy who have seemingly discovered the mystery behind natural growth are always producing tremors within the deepest layers of the natty’s soul. One of those warriors is Alpha Destiny – a strong lifter, a YouTube personality, and before all – a muscular individual claiming to have discovered the road to a high-level muscle synthesis that according to many inhabits only the world of the needle samurai.

Can you really break the lean mass calculator as a natural by starting a passionate affair with a heavy barbell?

Is this reality or just another stratum of the same fantasy?

Is Alpha Destiny natural or not? Let’s begin the analysis.

What are the stats of Alpha Destiny?

As of March 2017, the body stats of Alpha Destiny are:

Height: 5’5”/165cm

Bodyweight: 176lbs/80kg

Body fat: unknown, but visible lower abs and serratus anterior indicate body fat levels no higher than 12-13%

What does the Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI) calculator say?

The Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI) belongs to the class of bodyweight indexes and accounts for the amount of lean body mass that an individual carries in relation to his weight and height. The formula was originally created in 1995 after a sample of 157 male athletes (83 users of anabolic-androgenic steroids and 74 nonusers) underwent an analysis. The conclusion was that men whose FFMI is equal or over 25 are most likely taking anabolic steroids. As a consequence, the FFMI has served as a natty or not detector for a long time.

The FFMI of Alpha Destiny is hovering around 25 which technically makes him a non-natural.

However, the FFMI system receives a significant criticism, and many try to render it inaccurate and useless. In a video uploaded on YouTube, Alpha Destiny criticizes the FFMI approach himself. His major point is that the formula does not account for bone thickness. Thus, a short man who has extremely big bones could break the FFMI formula without knowing the difference between bananas and anabolic steroids.

To illustrate his point, Alpha Destiny gives as an example a man who is 5’5”/165cm tall and has a 10-inch (25.4cm) wrist. According to Alpha Destiny, a man with similar physical properties ”disarms” the FFMI completely.

In theory, somewhere in this universe, there may be men carrying skeletons of that magnitude. Yet a bone structure that thick would definitely be an anomaly rather than the norm.

Let’s see how common it is to have a 10-inch (25.4cm) wrist.

In the graph below, you see the results of a research published in a technical report entitled: 1995 Matched Anthropometric Database of U.S. Marine Corps Personnel: Summary Statistics

The conclusion is that out of 4447 males who took part in the study, 99% have a wrist circumference smaller than 7.67 inches (19.4818cm).

Note: A percentile means ”percentages below”. Thus, the people who fall in the 99 percentile form the top 1%.

In other words, it’s pretty safe to say that everything above an 8-inch (20.32cm) wrist is exceptionally rare.

The claim of Alpha Destiny that the FFMI is invalid by default because it doesn’t account for infrequent scenarios is subject to criticism itself because most statistical studies target the majority rather than the minority.

If a medicament causes side effects only in 1% of the patients, it would still be considered valuable because it helps the rest 99%, wouldn’t it?


Note: Even the wrists of a ”genetic freak” like the arm wrestler Denis Cyplenkov are not 10 inches. According to, they are 9.4 inches (23.8cm).

Conclusion: To find a man who is 5’5”/165.1cm tall and has a 10-inch wrist, one would have to search for a really long time. Maybe forever.

Is Alpha Destiny part of that 1%?

No. The wrist size of Alpha Destiny is between 6.5-7.5 inches (16.5cm – 19cm). I say between because his wrists and ankles have mysteriously grown. According to old videos his wrist size was 6.5, but as of today, it has evolved to 7.5 inches as he says so in a comment.

We have to ask ourselves – can joints really get bigger without their owner getting fat as hell in the process? The answer, for the most part, is no. Technically, the tendons and other connective tissues can thicken and increase in size somewhat, but it takes many years of direct abuse.

A research from 2015 concluded that performance climbers with at least 15 years of experience have finger joints and tendons 62-76% thicker than those of non-climbers. Nonetheless, this is a result of active contact with a very rough surface area. I personally wouldn’t count on getting my wrists an inch bigger with exercise any time soon.

But even if the wrist size of Alpha Destiny has truly increased thanks to special joint thickening techniques, it’s still not 10 inches. Thus, Alpha Destiny is not part of the rare breed he is talking about.

He doesn’t have the skeleton required to break the FFMI calculator. Only his hypothetical hero does, but that hero is a rarity.

Why would Alpha Destiny claim that his joints have increased in size when we all know that only muscles grow?

There are a few possible explanations:

  1. He measured them wrong the first or the second time.
  2. He has upgraded his wrist and ankle circumferences artificially so that the calculators measuring the natural potential output believable data corresponding to his current size.

But people say that an FFMI over 25 is 100% possible naturally!

Yes, people used to say that in the 90s until Dr. Harry Pope, MD at Harvard, came to the conclusion that the average FFMI for steroid users was actually about 23.3. Therefore, Alpha Destiny’s FFMI of 25 or so does not equal a natty status by default.


Let’s assume that Alpha Destiny is 100% natural despite the significant amount of muscle mass that he is carrying. What would hypothetically happen if this man decides to do a few mild steroid cycles and gain 20-25lbs (9-11kg) of muscle mass?

If Alpha Destiny was to do that, his stats would upgrade to:

Bodyweight: 176lbs (current weight) + 20lbs (gain from a few mild steroid cycles) = 196lbs/89kg

Bodyfat: 12% (I will keep it unchanged although his body fat percentage should technically drop if his gains are lean. )

In that situation, the FFMI of Alpha Destiny would rise to about 28.

In comparison:

Serge Nubret had an FFMI of 25.9 at 6’@200@5% body fat.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had an FFMI of 28.9 at 6’2@235lbs@5% body fat.

Franco Columbo had an FFMI of 29.4 at 5’5”@185lbs@5% body fat.

In conclusion, Alpha Destiny is a few cycles away from acquiring an FFMI that would classify him as an elite bodybuilder during the 70s when steroids were legal and therefore widely available and used.

In case you don’t know, a cycle or two don’t make a professional bodybuilder – neither today nor in the 70s. It takes more time in the drug zone to acquire that much mass.

The Diet of Alpha Destiny Would Make Almost Anyone Fat

In one of his videos, Alpha Destiny described his diet as follows – 4,000 calories with an emphasis on carbohydrates.

The maintenance calories for a man who is 5’5”@175lbs are around 2100-2800 depending on his activity levels. Therefore, the remaining 1200-1900 calories are an excess. I can tell you with certainty that a man consuming 1200 calories over his daily needs will gain a significant amount of fat if he preserves his dietary habits for a long time.

Honestly, most people don’t need calculators to comprehend that 4k calories will turn almost anyone into a lard collector. And while Alpha Destiny is not shredded, he is definitely not fat.

This leaves us with a few possibilities:

  1. Alpha Destiny gets away with an extreme amount of calories because he is carrying an unnatural amount of lean body mass speeding his metabolism.
  2. The calories he consumes do not amount to 4000 calories, and he is just providing a boosted number.
  3. He burns a lot of energy. (Unlikely, since he isn’t an endurance athlete. Weightlifting does not burn that many calories unless you are a professional spending an entire day in the gym. For example, a heavy deadlift may leave you drained for days, but the act itself does not burn a lot of calories.)

Alpha Destiny Defends His Natural Status with ”Right-brain” Arguments

In a video entitled ”Is Alpha Destiny natural?”, Mr. Destiny explains his ability to gain muscle mass with classic arguments such as – full body training, proper nutrition, special lifting tactics…etc. And while we all know that dedicated training and healthy nutritional plans are beneficial, the lifting houses are infested with naturals who don’t manifest an exceptional muscular development despite following the teachings of the muscle scholars. A man capable of coherent thought would demand a more thoughtful explanation. Yet the video does not contain one.

At the beginning of the clip, Mr. Destiny declares: ”Do I look like a goddamn, juice-head?” in an obvious attempt to use the common perception of a juice-head as a way to defend his natural status.

I have a question. How does a ”juice-head” look like?

Since the online realm has been infested with an endless amount of fake naturals, many have formed an incomplete and unrealistic idea of the natural body. Muscle constructors often wrongfully assume that every big man who isn’t super lean, dry, ”veiny” and muscular is carrying a natural physique.

I am almost sorry to inform you that a man has to pass through various stages to acquire the look of a modern pro or even a YouTube muscle celebrity. It’s not like you inject and wake up with an otherworldly body the next day. It’s a gradual process that begins with low doses just like training starts with light weights. Moreover, you don’t have to be ”shredded” to be a juice-head. A body fat on the higher side does not make a man natural. There are many grotesquely fat powerlifters who take more steroids than an amateur bodybuilder. But since people refuse to activate their left-brains even for a second, statements such as: ”Do I look like a goddamn, juice-head?” continue to serve as a successful defense argument. In reality, however, a similar claim has zero value since the mainstream perception of ”natural” and ”unnatural” is altered significantly.

Look at Jason Blaha – another popular YouTube muscle man. He has admitted to drug use, and yet he wouldn’t have a hard time convincing the unaware beginners that he is 100% natural and owes his physique to some sort of wicked programming. Why? Because he is far from lean and doesn’t have the required muscle insertions and frame to satisfy the modern ”steroid look”.

In conclusion – looks can be deceiving, but the amount of muscle mass that one carries never lies.

People Are Constantly Making Alpha Destiny Fatter Than He Is

Many unaware souls are of the belief that unless you are 5% body fat with rivers of striations covering your entire body, you are fat. When the online professors fail to locate those properties on Alpha Destiny, they conclude that he is on the fat side. He isn’t. In all of his videos, he maintains ab visibility. He isn’t above 12-13%. And while this level of conditioning is far from contest leanness, it doesn’t represent fatness. Yet some people treat him like he is an obese whale that will have to lose 60lbs/27kg to get shredded. Sorry, but no.

Alpha Destiny Believes That the Natural Limit Is Almost Endless/Unreachable

Many people laugh at the idea of a natural limit and treat it as a topic that only losers bring up. Yet the natural limit is very real. You have to understand that the body has natural ”brakes” that prevent protein synthesis (growth) beyond a certain point. The body is built to survive – not to satisfy your desire to acquire an aesthetic physique.

He Is Big Because He Is Short

I have never heard an argument as dumb as this one, but since it seems to be the dominant opinion in regards to Mr. Destiny, I have to address it.

Where is the logic behind this statement? Being short does not make you a hypertrophy machine. A 5’5” man does not possess better muscle building faculties than a man who is 6’2” tall. The only difference between the two is that the short man will have to gain less weight to fill out his frame. However, this doesn’t mean that the short man can build more mass than the tall man, nor does it mean that short men have a better natural potential.

If the statement is modified to ”he looks big because he is short”, it would make a little more sense. However, the reality is that even a man who is 5’9”-6′ tall would look like he lifts if he was to borrow the lean body mass of Alpha Destiny.

Bottom line: Being short does not make you better at building muscle. It makes you more efficient. Nevertheless, the world is full of short ”hardgainers” who would be lucky to break 140lbs/63kg at 5’5”/165cm in a lean condition.

According to Alpha Destiny the physique of Zyzz is 100% attainable naturally

Alpha Destiny has written an article entitled How To Look Like Zyzz Without Drugs where he outlines what it takes to build a physique like Zyzz’s naturally.

As you may already know, Zyzz wasn’t a fake natty. He was a straight up steroid user and even posted his cycles online. He didn’t lie about his natural status.

Is his body attainable naturally? Absolutely no.

”But he was not that big,” screams the dreamer.

205lbs/93kg at 6’1.5”/187cm shredded to the bone is not big? On what planet are you living, my friend.

The reality is that Zyzz was HUGE. The only reason why anyone would say otherwise is emotional conditioning. You think he is ”small” because your brain has been bathing in images of over-roided bodybuilders on YouTube.

Back in the day, I spent a month analyzing only IFBB pros in order to prepare a post. After that period, physique competitors started to appear small to me even though in real life they would dwarf me beyond belief and will look absolutely huge in any gym they go to. Yet they looked ”small” because my mind had been overloaded with images of IFBB pros who are even bigger. Guys who say that Zyzz was small are often victims of the same conditioning.

Alpha Destiny Says That Zyzz Was Weak

The fact that there are naturals who can replicate Zyzz’s numbers does not mean that his physique can be achieved naturally too. Let’s not forget that Zyzz neither trained for strength nor followed a proper regime outside of the gym. Besides, who has the better chest? The guy benching two plates or the guy benching three plates? After a certain threshold, it’s all about genetics and drug use.

One of the biggest chests that I have seen was owned by a man who was not natural and routinely benching a little over a plate. The most I saw him lift was 240lbs/110kg for a double.

Another thing that people have to consider are leverages. Unlike Alpha Destiny, Zyzz is tall. There is a big difference between a 6’1” tall man benching and a 5’5” man benching. Once I saw a 125kg/275lbs fat powerlifter miss a 308lbs/140kg bench press. Why? Because 308lbs/140kg are not exactly light for a man who is 6’5”/195.5cm tall and has very long arms.

Alpha Destiny also claims that the legs of Zyzz were small, but that ain’t true either. His legs were lean and mean. Most natties would kill for quads like that.

A note on muscle quality

You can ”out-lift” Zyzz. You can ”out-diet” Zyzz. You can follow the routines of Alpha Destiny or Beta Destiny for that matter, but you will never have the muscle quality of Zyzz for two reasons – he was on drugs and had very good muscle insertions.

Why is this important?

It’s important because it shows the mindset of Alpha Destiny. He gives false hope to people. He says that the sky is the limit for naturals armed with the right program. Not true at all.

There Isn’t a Program That Can Help You Break Out of the Natty Prison

What is muscle growth? In a nutshell, muscle growth is the synthesis of extra protein. Whenever your body synthesizes more muscle protein, you get bigger. Therefore, if you want to grow, you have to make your body produce muscle protein. How do you do that? You lift.

However, just like your body has a limit on how tall it can grow, it also has a limit on how much protein synthesis it can sustain. Eventually, the fun has to end because the hormones in the system don’t allow further growth.

No amount of training can stimulate protein synthesis beyond the limit allowed by your current hormonal profile. Period. This is why women are smaller than men. This is why steroids work. They alter the normal processes in the cell and allow further protein synthesis. You can think of steroids as a bribe given to the cell to catalyze extra synthesis of protein.

Training cannot do that. Once you have maxed out, growth will not happen even if you continue to train very hard. Yes, when you lift, you will tear the muscle, but it will recover without getting bigger. Therefore, there isn’t a training program that can give you a body like Zyzz’s naturally.

I am bloated. Therefore, I am natural.

Many of Mr. Destiny’s fans try to protect the natural crown of their leader by claiming that he is not only fat but also ”bloated”, and consequently a large part of his lean body mass is water.

Mr. Destiny explains his watery condition with a Mediterranean diet calling for large quantities of pasta and bread which promote water gain due to a rich content of carbohydrates.

Do you know what else promotes weight gain? The so-called ”wet” steroid compounds. Steroids such as testosterone, Deca Durabolin and Dianabol aromatize in the body and convert to estrogen which in return causes a buildup of water between the muscle cells. The extra water boosts the muscles’ repair faculties and promotes strength gains at the expenses of muscle definition. In short, you don’t have to be lean and dry to be a roid user.

Since Alpha Destiny puts a lot of emphasis on strength and the so-called Big Popa/bear look, it would be logical for him to rely on wet compounds instead of dry compounds such as Winstrol.

”Dry” steroids are dangerous when your primary goal is strength development since they dry the fluid in your joints. This is why so many people report joint pain when taking Winstrol, Trenbolone…etc.

This partially explains why Mr. Destiny could be on roids without looking like Zyzz or Jeff Seid for example. Yet the kids are too delusional to realize this possibility. They think that all roid users look exactly the same – shredded and vascular. Taking steroids is a complicated science. Much more complicated than training.

“Alpha Destiny is not that big. He is a sculptor who builds the proper muscles to create the illusion of extreme muscular development,” says the dreamer.

How about no? He has big traps, legs, arms, forearms, chest, lats… etc. His whole body is developed. He has zero weak body parts. There are no illusions other than those in your head.

In conclusion

Factors suggesting that AlphaDestiny is natural.

1. He doesn’t have the Zyzz look. (This isn’t concrete evidence as already explained.)

2. He tells you that he is natural. (IFBB pros do the same.)

3. He has a special training program. (Training programs do not have the capacity to break the natty limits, for they are incapable of stimulating an unnatural synthesis of muscle protein. You can’t break the natty limits with cheated T-bar rows. Sorry.)

4. The FFMI calculator is flawed. (It has flaws, but the argument provided by AlphaDestiny is invalid. More often than not, the FFMI calculator is efficient.)

Factors suggesting that AlphaDestiny is not natural.

1. He is simply too big – 176lbs/80kg @ 5’5”/165cm and fairly lean.

2. Premature aging of the face and accelerated hair loss. (Debatable and far from a solid argument but worth mentioning)

3. Ideas based on broscience.

4. An incentive to promote broscience.

In short, there is a very high chance that he isn’t 100% lifetime natural.

One thing is certain, though. Most people don’t have the capacity to build that mass 100% naturally.

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  1. Filip Galetic

    Damn, love it, as usual. “Broscience” hahah, best name ever.

  2. BaldingManlet

    U know what else screams roiding overcompensating faggot about him? His fucking hairline. Dude is straight up balding.

  3. Álvaro

    glad you are back man. I have some thoughts for you.
    I have come to noticed a trend in most natural guys I know, that the bloated muscles effect is very real in naturals, I did not believe it at first but the sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is very real, the body adapts growing for more volume much more than for strength. Another factor you have never mentioned is the arms or torso dominance, that affects directly to the muscles you can end up growing. Me as a case in point am torso dominant, and doing dips and pull ups don’t grow my arms, only direct arm training.
    An the other thing I have realized during your absence is that you don’t really need to be very strong to develop your natural potential, that is far fetched and far from the reality. Think about it in terms of evolution, when did human men grow in the past? when they started to lift very heavy things? or when they started to lift moderate to light things for long periods of time, such as hunts, construction, etc.
    The only thing I have learnt at my 26 age and more than 10 in this game is that the key to looking good as a natural is to focus all your energy and test budget in developing big arms, shoulders and pecs, leaving all the rest as it is, Rusty moore is pretty right on that, although nlt as much in the ways to achieve it.
    cheers man

    1. Brett

      If you put all your focus on arms, shoulders and pecs im sorry but your physique will eventually look very incomplete, borderline stupid. It will look like a soft wind can blow you over because of your skinny legs (unless you have natural calves). Your back will look fragile too, maybe your traps will get abit of development from shoulder training, but your lower back will be a weak point, which is not a good weak point to have considering most people spend their day at work slunched over in a chair behind a computer. As for having weak lats, in this case it would be fine because you would already look unbalanced as it is with no leg development, having wide lats would just make this worse.
      Basically I disagree with your statement that naturals should only train pecs, delts and arms to look big. To reach your full genetic potential as a natural, one needs to train each muscle group to its max genetic potential. Looking big has nothing to do with not training some muscle groups and training others, its all down to genetics (such as having natural calves), testosterone levels, then training and diet last. Just bring your weak points up until your physique looks as balanced as possible.

      1. Álvaro

        you are obviously stupid or delusional, keep it up bro xD

        1. Misfitness

          You’re calling him stupid and delusional? You just advocated training delts, arms,chest and NOTHING else. Do you not realize how utterly stupid and imbalanced you would look from that, not to mention how stupid it is to do that just from a physiological stand point? You’d have a myriad of problems having those muscles developed without the other muscles supporting it. Your posture would be insanely terrible from over developed pecs which would lead to shoulder problems, tight pecs, joint problems, and injuries. You’d have a pencil neck. You’d have barely any mass on your torso. You wouldn’t be able to do any kind of heavy pulls from the floor or physical labor jobs without hurting yourself. You would look utterly terrible.
          I’m almost convinced you’re a troll because what you just suggested to do is one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard, it’s literally laughable.
          And you not only say this, but you say you don’t need to be very strong to get to your NATURAL POTENTIAL? Lmao. OK, go curl 40 pounds, Bench 155, and shoulder press 60 pound dumbells for 10 years and see if you’re at your natural potential yet. LOL

        2. Misfitness

          You’re calling him stupid and delusional? You just advocated training delts, arms,chest and NOTHING else. Do you not realize how utterly stupid and imbalanced you would look from that, not to mention how stupid it is to do that just from a physiological stand point? You’d have a myriad of problems having those muscles developed without the other muscles supporting it. Your posture would be insanely terrible from over developed pecs which would lead to shoulder problems, tight pecs, joint problems, and injuries. You’d have a pencil neck. You’d have barely any mass on your torso. You wouldn’t be able to do any kind of heavy pulls from the floor or physical labor jobs without hurting yourself. You would look utterly terrible.
          I’m almost convinced you’re a troll because what you just suggested to do is one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard, it’s literally laughable.
          And you not only say this, but you say you don’t need to be very strong to get to your NATURAL POTENTIAL? Lmao. OK, go curl 40 pounds, Bench 155, and shoulder press 60 pound dumbells for 10 years and see if you’re at your natural potential yet. LOL

        3. Jonathan F.V.

          Uh, no. Just no. You need to develop your body as a whole using mostly big compounds and adding in some side exercises to help hit stuff that needs more attention than the big lifts can give it. And you need to develop your strength to a reasonable degree. No need to focus on 1RMs, but definitely should focus on improving things like your maxes on a range of 5 to 20 reps. Even if you lift a moderate amount of weight, you need it to be intense enough to trigger protein synthesis, and an increase of performance over time should do that, which means… An increase in general strength.

    2. Vali

      Dude! I was thinking the same thing about what made humans develop muscle. Warriors grew muscles when training for battle. During this stage, they did not max-out on movements, grinding out stuff. Sure they hit/countered as hard as they could, but on a moderate setting. I have also noticed myself, when i was a teen and used to help out with manual labor (carrying stuff for example). I did not lift the biggest bags or boxes (even though i would occasionally challange myself for fun) because of injury risks. I just did stuff all day at a modarate pase and my arms, traps and shoulders would get bigger. Also, people who do a lot of hiking on mountain roads, would develop their legs. Again, they did not max out on each step =))).

    3. Frank

      I wouldn’t say he’s balding because he keeps his hair fairly short and he has no bald spots. I know this for a fact because I have seen him from up-close a few times since we workout at the same gym. That being said, that does not necessarly make him a natty nor does it make him a juicer.
      First time I saw him I did not know who he was and I was surprised when he told me he weighed 180 lbs on such a short frame (I weigh 153-154) and slightly taller. He’s definetly not big boned so 10 inch wrists are out of the question. Although he’s quite strong he mostly does partial range of motion lifts like rack pulls just above the knee (I have seen him stack at least 6 plates on each side) and pendlay rows with alot of momentum. He advocates reduced range of motion exercises with alot of weight and in some cases alot of cheating and he’s all about big upper traps (something that I do not advocate). Whether or not he’s juicing doesn’t really bother me. The only thing that truely bothers me is all the bullshit surrounding the fitness industry and the ”did you see me” and
      ”do I look good attitude” courtesy of the internet.

    4. Marked Wolf

      Man the hymor on this one is topnotch
      Bravo Truth seeker

  4. Charles Weidner

    I will be doing one more tested meet in January and then I am considering TRT which will disqualify me from competing natural. I am also 43 and honestly, at a point where I just may give up power-lifting all together, or go with testosterone. We will see…. I need to do more research, which is why I love your blog so much. You have been quiet lately. Um… I personally think anyone who has the audacity to call themselves Alpha-Destiny is a tool regardless of what they do. Also, for the record, I think he looks like shit. Steroids or not, I train with some of the worlds best (and a lot use, a lot don’t. Most of them are pretty honest about it.) and if this guy came into our gym with that name, he would most likely be laughed out of the place. Alpha-Destiny… I would kick my own ass if I went with that name. Sit down little fella… the grown-ups are talking.

    1. Mullinscore

      That’s just the name of his channel, in one video he said that the name is about “the goal of everyone to be an alpha” irl the guy’s name is Alexander Leonidas, and that is a pretty badass name if you ask anybody

    2. Grey Mysterio

      You train with some of the ‘worlds best’..! Yeah you do.
      Yeah all right Mr. Charles Weiner.

      What is up with everyone…
      My Doc is the best
      My routine is king !

      Just for once, I’d like to hear someone say my routine is the worst, but I do it.. but I suggest no one does it.

      1. Charles Weidner

        A new comment popped up on my email and I totally forgot about this post, lol. How long ago was this? Since I posted this original comment, I have competed twice and set new state records in Nevada in the 198 weight class.

        This Grey Mysterio is definitely a troll.

        Hey Grey… you can say whatever you want, but you can just look my records up on I had the American records in the tested division and currently hold the state records in Nevada in two weight classes. As far as training with some of the best, yeah….we do. Brandon Allen, Allen and Bonnie Aerts, Dan Martin…. all USPA hall of famers and multiple world record holders, just to name a handful. You know who else trains with us? We have a Spoto bench in our gym. Most people ask were we got it. It belongs to Eric Spoto, who incidentally trains with us.
        Stan Efferding trains occasionally. The gym is owned by some loser no name… what is that guys name….C.T Fletcher? and his group of no name losers.

        So Grey. what are your accomplishments since you want to talk shit?

  5. Konan

    I was wondering where were u man. Glad to see u back. I have 15cm wrist at 5’7 pretty small skeleton. I weight 64kg 100% natty. To be a natural is extremely hard i was thinking about only test cycle in small dozes like 600mg/week to just see the difference. Study Has shown that some who only takes test and doesnt work out Has more muscle gain then someone WHO is natty and trains. Its so unfair.

    1. Sawaad

      No offense but if you’re still upset about how unfair it is, and considering taking testosterone, then you haven’t learned much from Truth Seeker.
      It’s all lies, Deception, and a system to fuck our bodies, minds, and souls up. You Shouldnt feel disadvantaged for being natty. You are at an advantage. The only time you’re disadvantaged is if you see yourself that way. If you think those guys on T are better than you, then they are. But if you see them for what they are, self conscious faggots that stare at the mirror dreaming about bigger muscles longer for hours and hours, then you will feel much superior. There is so much more to life, so much we don’t know, so much meaning beyond aestheics, and yet most people spend their time obsessed with muscle gain. When I talk like this to people online they assume I’m such fat loser, but the truth is I’m more athletic than 99. 99% of the human population lol. Just become more athletic, you’ll feel much happier than staring at mutated kids that make a living by lying and scamming people.

    2. Jonathan F.V.

      Dude… Don’t. It’s not worth it. Focus on improving your athletic performance, and your body will show for it. Myself, I’ve gone up to 75 kg at a height of 1m67 (5’5″), naturally. At that weight, I was a big more fluffy, but still with decent abs. Work on your squat, overhead press, weighted dips, weighted pull-ups and rows a lot, and you should gain decent musculature. Don’t worry too much about your weight, but if you’re very lean and have a hard time getting stronger (not bigger, just stronger), eat more. And sprinkle in some stiff legged deadlifts and Nordic curls or GHRs for the legs, too!

  6. Alien T

    He not 5 foot 5, He measure himself with a ruler. He actually 5 foot 6 and a half, 169 cm tall. You are going to need to redo him. And dude trust me,he more like 15 percent bodyfat.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      When was this video made? I don’t think it was available when I wrote this post originally.

  7. Jeremy

    This is one of the best articles you have written.

    Good to see you back.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you, Jeremy. I am happy that you like it.

  8. Amir Alexander

    Glad to see you back mate.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you, Amir.

  9. Anirudh A Kumar

    Back with a bang bro! Do one on Jeff Nippard if you can. I have my doubts but can’t be quite sure.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Will look into it.

  10. pvr

    A ten inch wrist may be rare or impossible for people of normal height (5’5 to 6’2), but I think healthy/well built people above 6’5 may well have a wrist size of 10 inches or even more.
    For example:
    or Andre the Giant
    Have never come across any person of regular height having that measurement though. So I think wrist size also depends upon one’s height

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      It depends on your skeleton’s thickness. There are tall people with skinny wrists.

      1. pvr

        That’s true, but people that tall also tend to have bigger skeletons, otherwise they would not be able to move properly/and or suffer abnormalities

  11. Sawaad

    Welcome back Truth Seeker, I hope you’re doing better now man. Thanks for the great post as always.
    What do you think about calisthenics movement? The YouTube channel. Natty or not?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I will look into it.

  12. Louis

    I watched an Alpha Destiny video where he said that his 5’5 height was a mistake. He finally measured his height and he is somewhere around 5’7. I forgot the exact video where he says this, but it’s out there.

    Can you send me the link? I couldn’t find it. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      When was this video made? I don’t think it was available when I wrote this post originally.

  13. Riki Pianola

    Always knew he’s on gear. Regardless, any one who calls himself alpha destiny is a douchebag. Truth seeker, what do you think of Infinite Elgintensity? He’s 5.7, 198 lbs, probably <15% b.f, benches more than 3 plates, deadlifts more than 550 lbs, and displays some massive traps. He acts witty and intelligent, but at that height don't you think he's already pushing the natty limits?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      If those stats are correct, he is definitely pushing them.

      1. Misfitness

        Alpha isn’t 5’5″. He’s 5’6.5-5’7″

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          In the making of this post and for the past years he was 5’5″.

          1. Michael

            I’d rather believe that he was 5’5″ and remains the same height. How is this possible that he has grew 2 inches? Obviously fans (or fanboys) are inflating his stats.

          2. Misfitness

            He’s 5’6.5 to 5’7″ and 15-17% bodyfat. Have you ever seen him in gym videos without the ridiculous lighting? he is no way in hell 12-13%. He’s definitely natural.
            The average male has visible abs at 15% anyway. Those stats coupled with his total lifting experience and strength level, his seemingly good genetics, and the fact that the FFMI isn’t as reliable for shorter people means the chance that He’s natty is like 99.9 percent. If he was lean as you say then I’d have doubts, but there’s no way hes less than 15% bodyfat.

          3. Truth Seeker Post author

            1. You don’t have to be lean to take roids. You don’t get a full six pack at 15% body fat.

            2. You don’t live your whole live thinking you are 5’5″ and then suddenly realizing that you are 5’7″.

            3. The FFMI is not less reliable for short people. Are short people some sort of magicians when it comes to building muscle? No.

            4. Thank you for taking the time to write this comment. I wish you the best.

          4. Misfitness

            1. he doesn’t have a full lean six pack. If you look at videos and pictures where he’s not in ridiculous lighting. There’s visible abs, but not a full lean six pack, he even addressed this once that doing stomach vacuums and tons of weighted planks helps develop a flat stomach without getting lean/small. People extremely underestimate their bodyfat all the time. He’s 15% at the absolute least.

            2. People can have late growth spurts or just never measure properly. I thought i was 5’10 for years and was measured at my doctor at over 5’11’

            3. Come on now, any amount of serious research will show you that the FFMI calculator isn’t reliable. Back when it was made the methods for determining bodyfat were extremely inaccurate to what we have today. Meaning athletes who tested 10% were really 12-13. It also doesn’t take into account individual bone structure, which varies heavily from person to person and which plays a huge role. You really think a 6’0″ guy born with a bird chest, 5.5 inch wrists, narrow hips and tiny clavicles will have the same natural potential as a 6’0″ with big joints, 7 inch wrists, thick ribcage and long clavicles? because according to the FFMI they do, which is ludicrous

          5. Misfitness

            Haven’t heard from you in a while. Will you address the points I’ve raised? Your seemingly unquestioned faith in the outdated FFMI system is one of this sites shortcomings.

    2. Topshelf

      Considering that Elgintensity is over 30 years old and a full-time employed attorney, those numbers definitely seem suspicious. Any natural with those kind of lifts would have seriously considered going into pros. The fact that he has not done so leads me to think that he does, in fact, take steroids.

      1. Fatman

        “Any natural with those kind of lifts would have seriously considered going into pros.”

        Into what sort of “pros”? How are his employment status and age of any relevance? Those are good lifts for a non-fat natural guy between 190-210 lbs. with some years of training under his belt, but by no means outstanding. Elgin’s lifts are way, way more impressive than his physique.

        1. Topshelf

          “Into what sort of “pros”?”

          Professional untested and untested powerlifting. Although considering that tests are pretty much worthless and everybody is using steroids, you can just say professional powerlifting.

          “How are his employment status and age of any relevance?”

          Because being a lawyer myself I know how daunting this career is. To be even a moderately successful attorney you have to put a LOT of hours and dedication. One may ask how in hell is Elgintensity managing to do that and also to have such numbers naturally? Also at his age testosterone is starting to drop a little by little, so him lifting almost 600 lbs is kind of suspicious.

          “Those are good lifts for a non-fat natural guy between 190-210 lbs. with some years of training under his belt, but by no means outstanding. ”

          Benching 345 pound paused is not impressive? Almost 500X3 deadlift is not outstanding? Maybe for roided powerlifters these are normal numbers, but for completely natural full-time employed attorneys they are downright unimaginable unless Elgin is some king of time management wiz.

          “Elgin’s lifts are way, way more impressive than his physique.”

          True. So? Ed Coan was obese, Omar Isuf and OmegaDestiny barely look like they have touched a barbell in their pathetic lives. Yet all of them have insane lifts. Garbage physique is not a 100% indicator that someone is not on juice, however a great physique is always implies steroids.

          1. Fatman

            “Professional untested and untested powerlifting.”

            There is no such thing as “professional powerlifting”. “Professional” implies that you make at least minimum wage from an activity. Powerlifting is not a pro sport, even at elite level.

            “To be even a moderately successful attorney you have to put a LOT of hours and dedication.”

            Vague, nonsensical generalizations. Training 3 times per week for 1-1.5 hours will leave him more than enough time to pursue a career as a lawyer, even if he’s working 80 hrs. per week… which he won’t be doing if he’s any good at his job.

            “for completely natural full-time employed attorneys they are downright unimaginable unless Elgin is some king of time management wiz”

            This is downright pathetic, and I hope you don’t really believe it. Stop whining and pick up a barbell. You can hit those numbers too, after a few (or many) years of training.

            “Ed Coan was obese, Omar Isuf and OmegaDestiny barely look like they have touched a barbell”

            Ed Coan was not obese (have you ever actually seen a photo of Coan?), and Omar and Alpha have very decent physiques. Comparing Omar and Alpha’s lifts to Ed Coan’s… probably doesn’t make a lot of sense.

            You seem to be dealing with some personal issues and suffering from low self-esteem. There is no need to mock other people’s achievements on the physique front.

    3. Yen

      From a 2014 video:

      Question: “Still claiming natty bro?”
      Elgintensity: “5 out of 5 natty.”

      If you watch the video you will hear the sarcasm in his voice. He just can’t say outright that he’s not.

  14. Ch

    Ah, it’s been years, TruthSeeker…
    I’ve been missing you and your post.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Ch.

  15. Zher0

    It was about time to see you back.
    ThanX for the post, as always inspiring and helpful.

    I’m gonna buy your last book (as I did with the previous ones), after a while you can deliver it for free like you did with them. LOLL


    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the massive support, Zher0.

      I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

  16. Sulla

    Good to see you back. I would be interested to see what you have to say about the whole Rich Piana affair and what it says about the ‘fitness’ industry.

  17. Marv

    This Alpha Destiny guy was probably pinning already when he started making videos. I used to watch his videos long before his subscriber amount and popularity started to increase fast. He used to replicate things that guys like Jason Blaha was saying: “if you are not benching 2 plates, squating 3 plates or deadlifting 4 plates even after 5 years you should consider yourself a novice lifte. Although it should be attainable in 8 months of hard work”???? Or, “full body workouts is the way to go to get big and strong” Now he talks about how he has “evolved” but never explains how to get to that 3 plate squat that I want to reach without getting fat.

    I’ll admit that I wanted to believe this shit and that I was doing “something wrong” but I focused so much time and effort, only to know that I was probably doing harder work than the guys claiming this. Mark Rippetoe just used the same tactics to get attention but at least he has some solid infomation. Alpha. D. doesn’t even explain how we are supposed to progress past the “novice stage”, of which most of his audience wants good infomation. No solid programming advice, just ranting videos about things like how effective it is to lift with bad form. Is the progressive overload about just using more and more momentum or deadlifting higher and higher away from the floor? Is it the way to train after his copycat novice program with sets of 5?

    I’m sure the real story about Alpha destiny is something similar to this: Back in say, 2012, Beta Destiny was probably struggeling with getting his bench closer to 250 etc. but could not get past those 190 lbs for five. He then started taking steroids to compensate his weaknesses. He then wanted to become a “training expert” and just tried to find whatever he could spew out.

    Thank you for your articles, the next one I’m waiting for: is Alan Thrall natty? That one must be harder, yet more interesting.

    1. Misfitness

      I’ve never seen such a blatant hate comment before in my life. No solid programming advice? Dude has 45min to hour long in depth videos on a range of different topics.
      “Alpha. D. doesn’t even explain how we are supposed to progress past the “novice stage”, of which most of his audience wants good infomation.”
      you should try actually watching his videos before spewing such garbage

      1. Marv

        What I meant with “getting past that novice stage”, is about his self proclamed strength standards that he himself and so many other advocaters of 5×5, 5×3 linear progression say are so obtainable, with such simple programming. “Just do the fucking program and eat 4000 calories a day!” they say.

        He talks about west side barbell special training, but he makes it sound so easy to get to a 235 bench, a 330 squat and a 470 deadlift or numbers close to those, before doing advanced dynamic effort slingshot bench with boards and shit like that, which he does, but it is not easy at all to get to the REAL STRENGTH FOUNDATION. It is not impressive to bench 170 for five (the deadend with eternal wheel spinning for most men with simplistic programming) but 235 is, and I am sure he did not make that transformation using his own copycat program.

        1. Misfitness

          “but he makes it sound so easy to get to a 235 bench, a 330 squat and a 470 deadlift or numbers close to those, before doing advanced dynamic effort slingshot bench with boards and shit like that, which he does, but it is not easy at all to get to the REAL STRENGTH FOUNDATION.”

          It’s not easy at all to get a strength foundation? Unless you’re severely underweight, have previous injuries , or just really really horrible bottom of the barrel genetics, there is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t get to 225/315/405 in 6-18 months. For 5 reps I would give some people a year, but for 1RM no more than 8 months. It may sound harsh to hear but many people just lack the willpower, don’t take the time to learn proper form, refuse to eat more, etc.
          To put things in perspective there are high school athletes that rep out 225 on the bench with ease.

          1. Anders

            Are you alpha destiny himself or just delusional? You just commented on how only genetically weak people wouldn’t make it, that is, outliers. However, there are outliers in both directions. Only the strong guys make it in high school football, and many of them might bench 225 for reps, and besides, most of them have already hit puberty, certainly the strongest ones in high school. Their hormonal levels are adult-like and they are very strong. The weaker ones might be relatively strong, hit full puberty later, and may have more success in college football. Then, those who make it to the NFL have to take steroids.

          2. Misfitness

            I said high school athletes bench 225 with EASE. The stronger genetically gifted ones are hitting 315+.
            The average healthy male with average genetics should be able to hit 1/2/3/4 relatively smoothly. You’re really selling yourself short if you think you don’t believe you have good enough genetics to even bench 2 plates

  18. Fernando

    Could you do an article on Eric Bugenhagen ? Is he natty or not ? 😛

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      It is possible, but not in the recent future.

    2. XyZ

      Eric uses ped plus other Ds as well

  19. Michael

    Great article, glad to see you’re back. Only thing I think I should add is that AlphaDestiny claims his premature aging of his face is because he’s been using minoxidil for about a year to help his beard grow (his face actually started aging around the time he started to use it). IIRC many people who use minoxidil have said it caused their face to age quickly as well. You even said this point was debatable and he could also just be lying, but I felt the need to point that out.

    1. Riki Pianola

      Minox doesn’t age your face so dramatically that you see noticeable difference, if any. Sure, it makes your beard grow faster and thicker, and that may give your face a matured look, but if you shave, you’d still look like your former self. How do I know? Been on Minox since past six months. People still think I’m in my early 20s. Im 29 BTW

      1. Michael

        That’s actually good news for me because I’ve been considering using it haha. Anyway, yeah that could further be used as a point to him not being natural and the drugs aging his face and just using minoxidil as an excuse.

    2. Zher0

      Ben using minoxidil for 20 years (I’m on my fifties) topical solution at 5% on my head. People say I look a lot younger than I am. My face does not look any older after all that minox that it would without it. IMO

  20. Kelvin

    Glad to see you back bro. I hope you’re doing good.
    Your writing skills are improving every day.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Kelvin.

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you, Kelvin.

  21. MB

    Great article again.

    Are you planning to write an article about drug use with female athletes?
    Currently I see on social media a new generation of Dana Linn Baileys who are in their early 20’s and become big in a very short time.
    There arent much articles about female athletes.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I don’t have an article on this new phenomenon planned, but it is definitely a worthy topic. Thank you for bringing it to me.

  22. Freddy

    Been reading the new book for the past hour. Seems very interesting. Good work so far, bro.

    BTW do you think Mark Rippetoe was natural in his prime?

    1. Riki Pianola

      Rippletoad admitted steroid usage long time ago brah!

  23. DEEPAK

    WELCOME BACK. after long time

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you, DEEPAK. Feels good to be back.

  24. Gareth

    i cant get the free e book it says an internal error it allows you to input your email but then the link what is emailed is broken

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I just tried it. It works. You should receive an e-mail with a link in it. Copy the link and paste in your browser. It will take you to a page from where you can download it.

  25. Brett

    I actually remember reading this guys article on Zyzz a few years ago. What alarmed me was that according to this guy you could by lifting heavy weights and having a good diet build the body of Zyzz.
    Even further, he admitted that Zyzz was taking plenty of steroids, but nonetheless his physique was achievable. That in itself didn’t sit right with me, and as such, the fairytale didn’t last long in my own head. I wondered how can you replicate with weights and diet what only hormones can produce.

    I remember one part where he was talking about Zyzz’s traps and said that in order to develop similar trapezius one must shrug super heavy (he listed a poundage but I cant remember what it was). He was like “you must be shrugging atleast [insert heavy poundage here] in order to have Zyzz’s traps”. Lol.

    Anyways since I new better I just read the article to pass the time and Myre Zyzz’s physique. Then I scrolled down to the comment section and read the comments, and people were actually falling for this shit. I almost wrote a comment myself, but realised I didn’t care enough to help misguided newbs, and im sure I would have been ‘rocket launcher’ shot down by the retarded wannabee natural Zyzz community.

    Anybody who claims to have reached the muscular development of another person who abused anabolic steroids, and who has better genetic potential included, while claiming to be natural, is either lying about being natural, delusional as fuck, or has a split personality where they are unaware of what their other half does with the needle while they are typing on their keyboard.

  26. Suraj Tomar

    This is one long article ! I read two of your books. They were so funny. You have some amazing writing skills sir. This is the most under rated website I have seen……Just like natural bodybuilding.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Suraj.

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you, Suraj. I am happy that you like them.

  27. Viktor

    I don’t agree with a lot of points you made, he has the strenght to back up his muscle size. If you look at the strenght side, he cannot squat more then around 500lbs maybe less, deadlift 600 and his bench is what he is only good so im pretty sure he is natural all the way

  28. Seaman

    Glad to have you back man, you are alive
    In a summary, just another lying steroid junkie “Beta destiny” part was hilarous hahaha
    Write some article about fitness ladies – popular Zuzka Light is very interesting in my opinion, she doesn’t look huge but she is very dry and shredded, no way woman can look like that natural in my opinion
    Cheers – looking forward for more material

  29. Anders

    Thank you for your great work Truth Seeker. You are the ultimate red pill of strength training. Can you do a review on Alan Thrall?

  30. Jahnny the Tren brah

    Glad that the Jesus of natural bodybuilding is finally back to fulfill his destiny of exposing the fakes! Keep it on, brah

  31. huhuh

    The stats here are incorrect. he’s 5′ 6.5″ and like 15% at least. his FFMI is like 23

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      So he lived his whole life thinking he is 5′.5″ but suddenly found out that he is almost 5’7″? “Makes sense”. Also, you don’t get lower ab visibility at 15% body fat.

      Please, show me the video where he “updates” his height. Thank you for your support.

      1. Ivo123123

        There is video where he updated his physique.It’s called “188 lbsMy best physique” and he wrote in comment that he is 5´6.5 tall.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          So, he spent his whole life thinking he is 5’5″ and suddenly found out that he is almost 5’7″? YouTube…you gotta love it.

          1. Ivo123123

            He gives a good advice but he is delusional. He said that he was under 10% BF in past and even once shredded at 6% BF but if you look at his older videos he looks the same BF maybe 1-2% difference. And also he said a lot of other things like he is bigger than Zyzz, better chest than Jeff Seid, that you can build C. Ronaldo physique in 3-4 months etc. So maybe he is lying about his height.

  32. bosko buh

    You`re quite right about the reckless roid use by much more than we think. When I was talking to a friend of mine, about the use of roids he said to me : “In the kapital city (since he is living there) everybody uses it”. And I was amazed by his answer.
    I myself have been exercising a long time and always got the compliment of how huge I am, but the reality is, that I am big with higher % body fat, even though most of the guys are simply smaller because of not adding enough volume and smaller KG-s usage, and I am a poor dieter. I must say that there is a science behind the natural strength gain from universities, and it works, there are some science pillars beyond all this mumbo-jumbo you tube shit.
    But all people are not created equal, you must understand, different workout and nutritional formula for every person,Different genetics which is a key in somebody`s natural building career. As someone mentioned up, more frequent exercise, middle to heavier weights, and middle volume is best for natural development.

  33. Marco

    very happy you are back my friend.
    I missed you 🙂 !

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Marco.

  34. wickets

    Pleasant surprise to see an article from you hit my feed. No comment on his (non)use of drugs….he has built up a good following and he gets people into working out or striving for big gainzzz and so ten thumbs up to him

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thanks for the support man.

  35. NJ

    Glad that you’re back! As for Alphadestiny, I don’t blame him if he really uses something because that’s the way it is if you want to be competitive in the fitness industry. His program seems to be effective, just don’t expect to have a body like him because we are all different and he may be using something. As for me, I stopped stressing myself too much about gaining muscle because I know that I can never be like steroid users. Instead, I focus on different variations of lifts and get strong on them by means of maxing out and then doing them with back-off sets. Afterwards, I do high reps with just one set depending on the muscle that I feel like working but I still aim for getting stronger. This is just how I do on my routine and it’s all instinctive. Mr. Truth Seeker, thank you for the red pill articles. I learned a lot from you. Keep exposing them all!

  36. Rafael

    I’m glad you’re back Truth Seeker and well… I kinda of knew it all along lol though recently I was starting to consider his claims to be natural despite the more apparent evidences like loss of hair, big trapz and etc, but I didn’t know his status before and even more with these lies about himself correcting his own height because it was a mistake lol, if you can make a post analyzing Steve Shaw(Massive Iron) that would be great too though I’m 100% sure he is juicing, is a case similar to this Beta Destiny. Well, thanks a lot for this post and have a nice week.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you, Rafael. I will look into it.

  37. Gaperda

    I just finished reading the book and it is trully exceptional. Once more, thank you for your work.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I am very happy that you like it. I hope the other readers like it too. Good luck, Gaperda.

  38. Artifically Natural

    I’m not sure what it is, but there are lifters like him who look “chunky” for some reason. They are the type who, when wearing a loose hoodie/sweater jacket , just look like they are overweight.

    Compare him to pre-“naturally Enhanced” when his face wasn’t round and his waist was actually trim (it looks 3-4 inches wider than it was before). I really doubt he’s 12-13 percent bodyfat. Maybe he uses lighting to appear to be more “defined”. Or maybe his abs are just a strong point and can be seen through thicker layers of fat… I dunno…

  39. Maxim

    That book bro – the best thing that a newbie can read. Wish I had it when I first started.

    1. Zher0

      Could not agree with you more !

  40. MarcusTheBigBoy

    I can’t tell if he is natty or you guys here say, but I do know one thing – you don’t need to shrug 1000lbs to grow bigger traps.

    I never done the programs of Alpha Destiny, but my friend did. For six months he did heavy rack pulls. His traps got bigger. Then he moved to another city for his job and trained in a gym without a rack. He was limited to regular shrugs with a weight that he could actually deadlift.

    Guess, what? His traps did not get smaller. I actually think they grew a little even though he was lifting substantially less.

    Makes you think doesn’t it? Why rack pull all those plates when you get the same development from good old controlled shrugs?

    If anyone has similar experiences, please share them with me.

  41. Dan

    He’sssss back!
    Awesome post.
    I believe that 99% of all fitness youtubers are on the sauce.
    It’s easy to get.
    Can produce awesome results in small doses and is relatively safe.
    Without a great physique nobody would watch your channel and you can’t get a great physique without the sauce.

  42. Yen

    Natty or Not is back! and beta destiny is down!

    The most devastating annihilation of a muscle guru I have ever seen!!

    Welcome back!

  43. Alphaggot

    Absolutely flawless. This was comparable to iDubbz’ Content Cops. Thanks for speaking out, once again. Could do something on Logan Paul, Zac Efron or Jason Momoa, which are all quite popular right now

  44. Iron Joker

    Not sure… he is certanly not as lean or as muscular as you think (these internet stats are often false). A FFMI of 26 would looks more muscular.

  45. Vali

    THANK YOU for the article! Glad you’re back!

  46. Mohammad

    Welcome back bro with science 🙂 miss ya and loved reading you after a pause.

  47. Jesse

    Nice to see you back but it would be nice if you would respond to my email regarding advice. You say on this site to message you for questions regarding the material on this site. I’ve been supporting you since the Rookie Journal site.

  48. Glove

    Dear friends look the youtube video in a nutshell of this alpha destiny. Then you know with whom we are dealing with. This kind of guy wouldn’t be the alpha male in any gym in the world. He is a beginner and want’s to be big. Playing around with weights which are much too heavy for him. In real life people would laugh about him. But in the internet people buy his “program”??? I think I am dreaming! As he looks in the video I would never bring him in connection with PED

  49. hirase

    Don’t need to look into anything he made a video about him being 5’7 to counter the claims that he isn’t natty he uploaded that video a day later cause he realized how dumb it made him look you nailed it with y our analysis he is absolutely NOT NATURAL and he is most likely using WET COMPOUNDS like you said before and even his training style is completely cringe doing all sorts of retarded stuff like using a slingshot in combination with reversed bands.

    1. MarcusTheBigArm

      When he gets to 200lbs (he has said that this is one of his goals) he will say that he is 5’9″. Just lol…

  50. Deniz

    I have been waiting for this post for a long time and well…Its def worth to wait all the time.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Deniz.

  51. LT

    Glad you called out this fraud. One of the most annoying fake natties

  52. alphonse

    Hope your page keeps getting popular. Good to see you back, I’d buy the book but im poor, but im eager to read it

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      No need to buy it. Focus on your priorities. Thanks for the support.

  53. Fatman

    If Alpha Destiny is really 5’5″, there’s no way the quoted weight is correct. I think the Host’s conclusion is wrong because a) the bodyweight is overstated, b) the physique is overrated, and c) the BF% is understated.

    His weight, going by the posted photo, is no more than 165-170. From personal observation, adipose-addled powerlifters in the 5’5″ range weigh no more than 185-195, and look like you could fit two Alphas inside one of them. I don’t buy that this guy is in much better condition, but only 10 lbs. lighter.

    Two top visible abs and visible serratus mean jack shit. There’s no magic formula where X number of visible abs translates into Y% of BF, let alone allow you to accurately eyeball a difference between 12% and, say, 16%. People are built differently and store fat differently. It’s more likely he’s in the 15% and above range. Still somewhat lean, but an entirely different FFMI calculation.

    If we use the following (IMO more correct) measurements (170 lbs. and 15% BF, being very generous on both counts), we arrive at a FFMI of a little above 23. Still very good, and indicative of the ton of effort Alpha spent training and dieting, but not roid-worthy by any stretch of the imagination.

    Alpha’s physique weaknesses are natty physique weaknesses: traps and arms. His shoulders and legs are well-developed but lack the “cartoon look”. Now, not looking like a steroid user doesn’t mean you’re not one, but it’s not relevant to this discussion. The point is that the Alpha Destiny physique (as it is now) should be attainable by most naturals, excluding a small percentage of naturally skinny people.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      He presented those stats himself.

  54. yeap

    About the diet,is not that hard to eat that much calories and stay lean, Im 140/145 lbs ,5″7 ,6 inch wrist at arround 8 to 10 bf % (depending on the seasson)and my maintenance is 4500 calories.Im a very active,walking all day,lifting and some cardio (jump rope).its not that hard to hit that maintenance.But yeaah he looks like not natty.

  55. Michael

    Great analytics with proper arguments, proofs, links etc. I do LOVE your posts, man! Also, glad that you’re back. What about FB page tho?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Michael.

  56. Chris

    Not hating just stating Beta destiny is like 5’4 5’5 if that

  57. ROB DUBE

    He either has bad genetics and is taking gear to get a little muscle or he is natural. I cant see why he has a channel, he looks terrible compared to the competition. I use moderate Test cycles (600 mg / week) once a year to get ready for the beach. I also am on TRT from my doc @ 280mg / week and I look way better than this guy. I consider my “cycles” baby steps compared to some of this stuff you read online its nuts. I’m 6’1 and 250 lbs and look pretty damn good on just a little gear.

  58. Nona

    His biggest problem is that he calls himself Alpha Destiny, like he’s a female pop diva.

    Good luck Alpha Boobs.

  59. Bob

    Dude I think your just jealousy calling out everyone who has a better physique than you do! As for the FFMI even Greg Nuckles pointed out its flaws in an article and so have many other people who are much more qualified and knowledgeable than you. Also the participants had only been training for roughly two years. Really two years of training is the natty limit? Come on bro!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      There are other studies too. It’s not just this one. Also, I don’t need the FFMI to know. I just put it in there because it’s the industry standard as of right now.

  60. Dan

    Not suggesting that Alex is or isn’t natural, but surely someone who is always talking about fake naturals and stuff would know about the FFMI and how everyone is going to be sticking his stats in the calculator to work out If he’s Natty or not. So it begs the question, if you were using steroids why not just lie about your height/weight to make
    it work and fit in a natural FFMI range?

    (Late to this thread I know, but it was just bugging me)

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      A logical question. The human ego seems to explain it.

  61. Tulu

    When I first saw AD, I thought there might be a chance he was natty, but the more I saw of him and the more I looked into exactly what separates the natties from the enhanced lifters, the more I realized how retarded you’d have to be to think AD is natural.

    It’s a complete joke when he says things like “Do you see any signs of steroid use on me? Do I look like I’m on drugs to you?”

    Yes, motherfucker, as a matter of fact, you look EXACTLY like what I’d expect from someone on gear. His traps/shoulders/upper chest are clearly his best muscle groups. He says they’re so big because of his special training, but frankly he trains like a moron.

    A 2″ 900lb deadlift or w/e tf is not going to magically blow up your traps more than actual full ROM high-volume shrugs can.

    He’s also magically gotten taller according to himself, too. He used to claim 5’5″, but now he’s saying 5’6.5″-5’7″, and I’m 99% certain he’s changing his story to make his FFMI more believable so it isn’t quite so absurdly obvious he’s juicing.

  62. Tulu

    Also, the information AD gives in his videos is really novice-intermediate stuff, at best. I’ve never seen him say something or explain a concept beyond the scope of what you’d find on any given bodybuilding forum. The dude is surprisingly ignorant for someone with such an inhumanly advanced “natural” physique.

  63. Baki

    I remember on guy named bushbud exposed him and he went on a whole temper tantrum on his Youtube page, what natural would do that it was a sign of guilt.

  64. Daniel

    Just because he has visible abs does not mean he is at 12-13% bodyfat, body fat distribution is highly genetic and varies enormously from person to person. Even when he bulks up his abs are still somewhat visible despite noticeable fat increases in the face and glutes etc. If you redo it taking into account the bodyfat he likes to maintain at 18% he is easily natural.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      18% BF with abs? Sure, buddy.

      1. Daniel

        I don’t know why you find it so hard to believe that people have different body fat distributions and that people can have abs start to appear at higher than normal body fat levels. I know for a fact that my abs start to become very visible at higher levels. Just search online for people with visible abs and higher body fat, it’s not as rare as you seem to think.

      2. Reid

        18% might be pushing it. But it’s not unheard of. The average male has visible abs at 15%. Alex’s core is thick and strong as fuck from all his training.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          The average male has visible abs at 12% top.

          At 18% nobody has visible abs without flexing the hell out of them under the right light.

          1. Reid

            15 percent bodyfat = visible ab muscles, especially under light.
            he just recently cut too to around 12-13 and hes 160

  65. Pil

    Sorry, I look like him and I am not enhanced.

  66. Joe

    He just released a video with the results of his latest cut. His stats are now 162lbs at 5’6.5, definitely not below 10% bodyfat, putting him at an FFMI around 23. IMO you should rethink whether or not he’s natty because you got his stats wrong when you wrote this.

    1. Reid

      I agree. He’s definitely natty. Truth Seeker doesn’t know how to accurately assess someone’s bodyfat level.

  67. Roger

    Your main argument is visable 6 pack being 12% bf.

    You can thicken your abs immensively to the point where you still have them at a real high bf. Look at alan thrall in the video. According to you, he is 12 or 13% bf. When literally everything in the video from every form of measurement is 18-22% bf. And he has a visable 6 pack. Alpha does a high weighted plank which really thickens abs, does jeffersons, and does daily ab work. It’s not that hard to have thick abs to where they become visable during higher bf.

    And even if he was in 25 ffmi, did you actually read the OFFICIAL STUDY?! It literally says that they do not believe that 25 should be used for saying it’s an actual limit. Their fucking sample size was less than 100 people in local gyms with variety of gym experience and varied gear usage. How the fuck does that sample size determine natty limit? The study said themselves that they cannot truely conclude the limit for naturals. Natties take up to 10 years+ for pretty much their full potential. And they can still makes size gains after that.

    And what about elite genetics? A sample of 100 won’t have someone like that. Even 100k might not have that person. So there score would make them a fake natty to you as well even though they never use gear. Same thing to you amirite?

    Seriously, if you think a study that doesn’t even claim that 25 ffmi is the limit is your base, maybe you should consider going to college to learn how to read a study. And maybe you should take one of the bf measurements in Alan Thrall’s video because you aren’t as ripped as you think.

  68. Jasper

    Alright, so I’m halfway through your post and got to say I feel like you made some illogical inferences as if they were simply based on common sense;

    1. Why wouldn’t someone be able to get a higher FFMI than the AVERAGE FFMI of a steroid user? One of your conclusions was based on this implication as if it’s self-evident, which it isn’t (at all). If I recall correctly, research conducted on the average FFMI’s of steroid users and natty’s were only like 2 points off. A lot of steroid users just achieve highly suboptimal results due to using it as a quick fix, without any proper diet or program.
    2. You assume his maintenance is max. 2800 to conclude that his surplus would be huge. However, what is this really based on? And how unlikely would it really be that his maintenance is a lot higher? For instance, my personal maintenance is about 3200, being around 3500 in practice – given my daily activities (inc. Training). Which you didn’t take into account either. I can imagine there could easily be people with an even higher maintenance and activity level. Therefore his surplus could actually well be around the lean bulk zone of 200-300 (only 300-200 lower than it’d be for me, if I were to take his diet).
    3. I think you highly underestimate his bodyfat %. From personal experience I can tell that the argument you gave doesn’t really hold; you can have visible abs and serratus anterior and be “fat”, depending on your body composition and muscle mass. His bf% seems more likely to be within a 15-20% range to me, but it’s difficult to do any hard claims on it. My point is basically that you could be way off, and thus also making your acusation based on FFMI invalid.

    Just some of my critic thoughts on your article so far. I’d like to hear your view on this. I appreciate the work you put into these articles anyway, so keep it up! 🙂

  69. miscnlift

    Please delete this whole article…
    1. he was never ever below 15% bodyfat in that picture
    2. he’s actually taller
    3. big delts/traps can actually be achieved by smart training implemented over a very long period of time
    4. fat distribution is different from person to person
    This post just shows how weak you are and how much of a jelly person you must be who’s accomplished nothing but spending time on trying to bash someone’s hard work by illustrating ridiculous invented utter shit.

  70. Gigel

    Have you guys watched his channel lately? How dafuq is he making so much sudden progress after years of lifting. Last winter he was complaining that his arms won’t grow, now all of a sudden his armed are swole. His back is way beyond the natty limit, let’s be honest and his bench? he did not bench for 2 years and all of a sudden he’s benching 3 plates and moved up to 4. Come on, there are genetic freaks out there, but he’s not one of them.

  71. Alien T

    He lied about his stat his real height is 5,3 to 5,4 look up his real height on YouTube. He wear lift, elevated shoes.

  72. AlexBane

    Alex (Alpha Destiny), is a try hard Manlet, over compensating with his Alpha (ie egotistical fake til you make) attitude.

    Even when you get oad his initial doucheyness and hard ass act, his advice is just more detailed Blahaness.

    Lil bitch uses being Italian as JUSTIFICATION (look up the word, it’s a negative), as a cover up over his QQness.

    Fuck AlphaDestiny and his fake ass manliness. (You can see his almost crying on 75% of his vids if you know what to look for).

    TL;DR I wouldn’t be surprised he has started on the juice. He had just come to the end of the recycle of old info.

  73. James

    Is AlphaDestiny natural? I don’t know. What I do know is that you completely left out Wolf’s Law. Wolf’s law shows that under massive stress, bones do build bigger and skeletons get thicker. I have 8″+ wrists because I spent most of my 20’s lifting heavy things and doing hard labor since I was 15. If you’ve noticed him in his gym videos, he strikes me as a guy who doesn’t do much else other than lift big weights. He has the look of the gym hermit. He’s not stylish and he’s kind of a savant. This leads me to believe that he pretty much thinks of nothing else besides building muscle and getting large. There is never a woman in his videos, never any friends. He has totally devoted his existence to building massive amounts of muscle. I equate him along the line of Tom Hardy. When Hardy came out with a ton of muscle packed onto him for Bronson, everyone thought he was on steroids, when he simply works out 8 times a day. Please refer to Pavel Tsatsouline’s “The Naked Warrior” for strength and size gains throughout the day. I also believe that because Alphadestiny is a shorter man, he is able to improve his strength easier than a tall man. As for the aging, he strikes me as eastern european descent trying to be italian, eastern europeans age much, much faster. The irish do the same.

    My final analysis? Alphadestiny is a lonely guy who spends a lot of time in the gym and has achieved his mass almost by default.

    1. MB

      @james Are you saying it’s ‘Hard work and genetics’.

      1. James

        In a way, yes but it’s not something one can easily replicate. Because we have lives (at least I assume you do.) Good Looking Loser wrote about this in the “Plight of the lonesome bodybuilder”. You start out going to the gym so you can improve your chances with the ladies. But you lose sight of that goal and start bulking, trying to get as large and strong as you can. You never cut and your gym life becomes the whole reason to go to the gym. You become more and more introverted, less and less social and imagine in some pseudo fantasy that people actually care how much weight you lift in the gym.

        On top of this, AlphaDestiny is canadian. Like Iceland, it’s fucking cold most of the year. There’s no beach life, so you just go to the gym because there is literally nothing else to do. I do the exact same thing every winter. I getr ridiculously strong, gain 10-15lbs of muscle and become almost godlike then I totally let it all go to shit during the summer only to repeat the cycle again when the weather gets cold.

        I don’t believe AlphaDestiny is on any serious drugs because steroid users have skinny limbs. If you bother to do any research into Wolf’s Law, you would know that the skeleton grows larger under stress. Which is why natural lifters who have large muscles, also have large limbs. You can easily identify steroid users by their large biceps and forearms coming off of skinny wrists and small hands.

        I do believe that AlphaDestiny may be on TRT though.

  74. James

    In a way, yes but it’s not something one can easily replicate. Because we have lives (at least I assume you do.) Good Looking Loser wrote about this in the “Plight of the lonesome bodybuilder”. You start out going to the gym so you can improve your chances with the ladies. But you lose sight of that goal and start bulking, trying to get as large and strong as you can. You never cut and your gym life becomes the whole reason to go to the gym. You become more and more introverted, less and less social and imagine in some pseudo fantasy that people actually care how much weight you lift in the gym.

    On top of this, AlphaDestiny is canadian. Like Iceland, it’s fucking cold most of the year. There’s no beach life, so you just go to the gym because there is literally nothing else to do. I do the exact same thing every winter. I getr ridiculously strong, gain 10-15lbs of muscle and become almost godlike then I totally let it all go to shit during the summer only to repeat the cycle again when the weather gets cold.

    I don’t believe AlphaDestiny is on any serious drugs because steroid users have skinny limbs. If you bother to do any research into Wolf’s Law, you would know that the skeleton grows larger under stress. Which is why natural lifters who have large muscles, also have large limbs. You can easily identify steroid users by their large biceps and forearms coming off of skinny wrists and small hands.

    I do believe that AlphaDestiny may be on TRT though.

  75. Paul

    This is the worst article ever. I hate fake natties and think a lot of misinformation comes from people taking steroids in the industry, but I hate to also see that side of all of you natural people gathering here with no beliefs whatsoever. Every single one of you must have really not pushed it very far to realize what is possible to achieve naturally.
    Of course, Alpha destiny is natural, and if he is not then how disappointing would this be. physique 100% achievable naturally, hard work but possible. Delete your website. All of the people you say are not natty on this website are. If this is a marketing/seo technique to bring debate on your website then well done, if not you are a clueless person misleading people in their journey.

      1. Chimpler

        Why don’t you link us to an example of someone natural who is going to make us “realize what is possible to achieve naturally” then? Or tell us the name of someone. Show us someone as big as Leonidas who is natural.

        Leonidas calls his own program “Natural Enhanced” because he knows it looks enhanced.

        Its not “of course Alpha Destiny is natural”.
        1. He has big comical inflated limbs and body parts. The big round shoulders give it away. He looks like a guy on roids.
        2. He claims to bulk on fruit, and that makes him grow
        3. Only protein he eats is vegan fake meat, no complete protein (no growth)
        4. He tells you every 5 breaths that he is natural in every single video.
        5. He eats a tiny amount of protein, according to him.
        6. He doesnt have the personality, the PTSD of someone who has been disciplined, grinding for years

        So how is this natural guy eating a tiny amount of vegan protein and putting on more mass than guys who are on steroid programmes and eat giant amounts?

        How do all the strongest men contestants not realize that they dont need to eat much protein and just need fruit? You would think the competition and effort they put into every aspect of what they do that one of them would realize you could just eat some apples and get jacked instead of 100 eggs a day, wouldnt you?

        There is no explanation for why he has magically inflated like a guy on roids all his body parts, when other people havent, and all he is doing is a SS and high reps… maybe … he’s a guy on roids and says he isnt to sell a unique angle.

    1. Michael

      “”Every single one of you must have really not pushed it very far to realize what is possible to achieve naturally.””

      Sure thing darling. You know all of us here, you know our lives etc. eh? This commentary is too cringy to be true but I’ll give u a shot here and ask something: have YOU pushed yourself far to realize something about possibilities huh?

  76. Roy

    This article is trash. As to whether or not Alpha Destiny is natural, I don’t know nor give a fuck, all I know is that the “points” this article makes are shit.
    Zyzz IS weak. Max bench was 285. I don’t care if he had a narrow frame and long arms, 285 is a weak bench even for a natty. And he was not “huge” and I lmfao at anyone that thinks that he was huge. He wasn’t small, but 200lbs at 6’1” is not “huge” unless you’re Serge Nubret, who btw was closer to 215. Lmfao at Zyzz’ legs being “lean and mean” that is some soy boy shit. His legs were tiny bro, get over it. He was aesthetic and that was it, he wasn’t huge and he wasn’t strong. You saw a 275lb power lifter fail a 308 bench? That is some weak ass shit right there. And one of the biggest chests you’ve ever seen belonged to a juicer who barely did 240 for a double? Some more weak shit, guess you’ve never seen any actually big chests before.
    Bottom line is your logic is shit. Skepticism is great, and natty claims should always be taken with a grain of salt, but your article was embarrassing to read. You clearly have no real perspective on what should be achievable naturally or not. I’m almost inclined to agree that Alpha Destiny has probably used something at some point or another, and if he has it wouldn’t really surprise me, but I don’t agree with even a single point that was made in this article. Frankly I’ve been around PED’s and I know a juicer when I see one and he ain’t one. Maybe he’s touched a pro hormone or two or dabbled in SARMs but bottom line is that this is not a steroid user physique. If he’s using steroids his gear is bunk or his genetics are shit. Nothing about his gains is unattainable naturally, strength or size wise. Met people bigger, stronger, and leaner than him who were natural. I’m 212 at 6’1” hovering around 12-13% body fat and I’m natty, you gonna jump all over my nuts too and write an article crying about how impossible it is that I’m natty? Gimme a fuckin break.
    Not sure what’s with all the soy tards hating on this guy, I guess this website attracts the small and the weak who struggle to bench 135 for 1. Have fun being a bunch of no gains having little bitches.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      How old are you?

    2. Delusional kid

      Lol you have some issues, why are you going so hard to defend a fake liar. Get off the internet and seek medical help from a psychiatrist. Plus you said he could of used SARMS which would not be natural dumbass, do you even read what you type when your angry you worthless idiot.

  77. Dr N

    This article is written by a complete idiot.
    93kg at 6’1″ is huge? LOL. In the UFC that is called “Middleweight” (fighters cut to reach the weight limit, Anderson Silva the famous middleweight fighter who isn’t even very jacked weighed in at over 90kg for his fight against Cormier)
    No explanation for how Alex’s writs grew? Yeah how about the fact he was young and his wrists didn’t finish growing by the first time he measured them.
    4000kcal is too much? No not for a very physically active and growing boy.
    The entire article is written by someone like Jason Blaha who is jealous of Alpha Destiny and tries anything they can to attack him with extreme bias and disregard for any logic or decency.

  78. Chimpler

    “Do I look like a Goddam Juicehead?” YES – that’s the point
    His program is called “Natural enhanced” because he knows he looks like a juicehead
    He wants you to believe that he specifcally targets the muscle groups associated with juicing, to give that “juice look” – neck,traps, upperback, buttocks (according to him. Or… maybe you’re juiced

    4000 calories a day. DAY !?
    claims to eat very little protein, because the rest of the planet is wrong, you dont actually need protein. Even though everyone back to the bronze era says you do except him
    the protein he does eat is vegan fake meat (so no complete protein) and no dairy because dairy is apparently “evil” and animals “are sentient” … he has done a lot of objective research, he states

    the big thing most body builders are missing is fruit, according to him, that is his big secret. Okay.

    and he also thinks he eats 4000 calories of fruit, nuts and vegan fake meat, in only 3 hours a day, fasting 21h typically. If you can even imagine what 4000 calories of fruit and nuts looks . the 21h intermittent fasting “of course” explains why he has very low body fat.

    must be all the burpee cardio he does, that his body recovers from using vegan fake meat that he only eats in small portions.

    He is asking us to believe too many extradordinary things together, when any single one in a normal person wouldn’t fly. You look juiced-jacked but aren’t, you look big but dont eat protein, protein you do eat is vegan but that doesnt matter.

    If you saw someone like him, just the big inflated shoulders alone you’d instantly assume “roid head” without even thinking
    absolutely nothing about the guy checks out.

    The far easier explanation is that he looks like a juicehead because he IS a juicehead – and claims that he’s not (and vegan) to sell his brand. he looks like any juicehead, eating a whole load of meat, whey and milk

    the real reason we know he is natural is because he says over and over and over and over I’m natural, I’m natural, I’m natural, I’m natural, in every damn video.

    is he even in the USA? He talks like a Russian who learnt American from listening to East coast rap records. Intensely aggressive “street” talk, but any outdoors videos looks like a nice middle class Russian suburb. He has no dimension to him, no humor, he seems to float like an island devoid of anything really in the US, its like he’s really intensely focusing on trying to make what he says sound right. Like when you play a character. He turns up occasionally at national USA bodybuilding events that he could have flown in for. where he no doubt records videos with lots of US influencers and then gives the impression he’s in America

    Nothing about the guy adds up.

    and the “neck exercises” he suggests are seemingly intentionally dangerous. so credulous young people are going to break their necks . He has big meaty roid neck

    The far easier explanation is he is on juice and eats normal food and is low body fat from juice, and his “angle” is saying “I’m natural” every 5 breaths.

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