A.W.A.L.T. – The Truth or a Red Pill PSYOP Invention?

| by Truth Seeker |


A.W.A.L.T. stands for “All Women Are Like That” and implies that the vast majority of women display extremely similar behavioral traits to the point where one can conclude that they all have a common, predictable character powered by ruthless hypergamy.

The notion is widely spread in the Red Pill community and other circles of the manosphere (e.g., MGTOW…etc.)

A couple of readers have asked for my opinion on the topic over the years. Today, I present it.

My experience with women confirms the A.W.A.L.T. principle.

The women that I’ve communicated with have undoubtedly showcased a multitude of traits ultimately painting a character constructed of the same notions and conduct.

I have observed the following:

Cold Approach

During my cold approach days, women were reacting similarly, if not identically, to my openers.

For example, if I approach 10 women with the same opener, 8-10 out of them would respond the same way.

At first, I thought that this was to be expected. If you ask the same question, you would get the same answer, wouldn’t you?

But at one point, I realized that there is more to the story. They were not only responding similarly but also showcasing the same ideology and interpretations throughout the entire conversation.

Eventually, I began to feel as if I was talking to the same person over and over again. 

In a way, I was.

Text isn’t any different. 

I approached a lot of women on social media too. It’s practically the same except in digital form.

One time, I opened three women (100% non-related to one another) with:

“When did we land on the moon for the first time?”

All three of them said: “Wut?”

I am not kidding. They all said “Wut?” instead of “What?” You can’t fake that.

Similar Mind Concepts

The women that I’ve talked to have a very similar outlook on life. Most of them have embraced the idea of the “Secret” a.k.a. you build your own reality by being positive.

They seem to easily fall for New Age propaganda because it’s comfortable and fits the social media world.

“How tall are you?”

I don’t remember how many times I’ve been asked about my height back in my online dating days.

Most women seem obsessed with a man’s height.

This alludes to the fact that all women see their man the same way – tall, masculine, rich, dominant, emotionally firm…etc.

They look for ways to label you as “creepy”.

Women love to paint men as “creepy”. It’s one of their favorite words.

Their “creep” detectors are so sensitive that even a martyr could be seen as a “creep”.

One time I sent a woman a picture of a small kitten that I used to feed. She said: “Cute. Is it yours”?

The cat wasn’t mine, but I was feeding it when I’d see it outside from time to time. Eventually, it disappeared, and I assumed that it has died. So, I responded: “No. Used to be my friend but died.”

She said: “So you’re sending me pictures of a dead cat? That’s so creepy.” Then, she blocked me.

Why are they doing it?

It’s simple. Women are the choosers. As such, they look for flaws in you. When they don’t feel you 100%, they paint you as a creep to disqualify you and move on to the next guy.

As you can guess, the woman was giving me a hard time for the kitten not because it’s creepy, but because I wasn’t checking her boxes. If I was a 26-year-old Brad Pitt, she’d have never responded like that.

Her reply would’ve been something along the lines of: “I’m so sad. You have such a good heart…etc.”

Got More?

On a couple of occasions, I’ve communicated with married and engaged women. They’d allegedly found the guy of their dreams but for some mysterious reason were talking to me.

Why? Because they’re always looking for bigger and better options, and I happened to be part of the guys that they were scanning.

They react to the same stimuli.

To know the truth about someone, watch what they react to and how.

There are many books on “game” which allegedly help you pick up women trough psychology.

Those tips & tricks may sound cool and sometimes even have some usefulness, but we all know consciously or not that the true driving factors of female attention are looks and money.

A lot of women say that they don’t like a man for his looks and money, but that’s clearly not true.

The most obvious example would be dating apps. Average guys barely get any matches online. And when we match with someone, it’s usually a girl that’s less attractive than us.

Conversely, hot guys get tons of attention.

If you take the photos of an ugly man and write the secret of life in his description, he will get fewer matches than a hot guy who’d put: “tuna, bicepzzzzz and bitchezzzz” in his bio.

Why Are All Women Like That?

There are two groups of reasons – biological and societal.

The biological are pretty clear. At the end of the day, a woman is a woman. It’s normal for them to share inherent similarities since they have the same biology.

The societal reasons, however, are the controllable variable producing most of the grief.

Women have been brainwashed by the same books, TV shows, articles, social media…etc. For example, the women who are now 30-45 have a worldview heavily shaped by TV series such as the Sex and the City which – a TV show in which the female characters are complaining about men 24/7.

The Mythical Unicorn

The organism has a defense reflex to the realization that all women are like that. We want to hold on to the idea that somewhere in the vast world there’s a sweet girl that is different and special.

I was the exact same way, although I didn’t know it at the time.

But guess who helped me get out of that state?

Nothing “red-pills” you like women themselves. Men can give you advice, but nothing beats wisdom derived from personal experience. It’s the most expensive lesson, but also the most effective.

I’ve been on dates with the stereotypical “sweet, shy girl” that’s supposed to be different.

And yes, to some extent those women were different, but when it came down to the actions that matter they quickly shape-shifted into your typical, flaky woman that needs “space” to “find herself”.

Does this mean that there aren’t women that don’t quite match the A.W.A.L.T. stereotype?

Of course, there are exceptions, but they are too few to matter.

Imagine this.

A pharma company comes up with a drug that alleviates the symptoms of a disease only in 5% of the patients. The rest 95% get either no results or no results + side effects.

Would it be wise for the company to label this drug as a success because 5% got relief? Not really.

Ditto for A.W.A.L.T.  Maybe 5% of the women out there are not like that, but those women are too few to matter.

When you account for the percentage of them that are either married or simply don’t like you, you will realize that you’re left with a less than 5% chance of finding a unicorn.

Besides, a woman that isn’t A.W.A.L.T. today could easily become A.W.A.L.T. tomorrow under the influence of her “friends” and social media.

A.M.A.L.T. – All Men Are Like That

As men, we are also victims to the same phenomenon, and therefore, one can say that the reverse principle, namely “A.M.A.L.T. – All Men Are Like That” applies too.

We have our male biology passing through the filter of the modern world which has conditioned us to follow a specific code of conduct to be considered normal and accepted

Unfortunately, the vast majority of men have been victimized.

Why do you think that all the male movements (MGTOW, Red Pill, PurplePill…etc.) exist?

Because “all men are like that” and all men have similar problems in today’s world.



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  1. Oldboy

    If your american women are so twisted, why don’t you look elsewhere? There are many countryes in this World.

    1. Roboto

      AFAIK Truthseeker is not american

      Anyway, AWALT everywhere. I’m from a southamerican shithole and i agree 100% with everything written in this blog.

      1. rocco

        when it comes to women ITTALY is the worst place believe me guys , i am italian myself iìve been lot of countries ( USA, Brasil, Colombia, Australi, others european countries such GB, Germany , Spain..) and i tell You this , in no other countries you find such agressive, unpolite women as italian ones !!! Brasil would be my first choice when it comes to women..

    2. anon

      If you move to a country with a completely different culture from yours and probably even a different language, no decent girl is going to be interested in you. She’ll want somebody from her own culture. You’ll just get AWALT women from a different country.

  2. Rafe

    This article seems like a product of Post Nut Clarity.

  3. David

    Nothing new about that. This is the typical portrait of mankind in a state of sin. Full of covetousness, lust, selfishness, malice, deceit, love of money etc. Only by accepting Jesus Christ as personal Savior can change this mentality. Cause the problem is deep in the heart. You can tell a person he/she is not acting right, but if his/her heart is burning with desire he/she’ll not be able to help it. If you love chocolate and I tell you it’s wrong, you can’t just stop lusting after chocolate just because you know it’s not good. Because your heart will continue lusting after it, and we can’t change our own desires. Only Jesus can. That’s the reason Jesus Christ had to come into this world. In order to die for our sins, and so He gives us the gift of Salvation entirely free. So my advice is stop lusting after women in sin, who has really nothing to offer you and will charge you a great price for so little. And start to look at Jesus. So you can be enabled to live a righteous life.

    1. Lee

      Nobody cares about your silly religious beliefs.

      1. M

        Why do you need to reply like that? Walk by if you are not into religion and keep your fancy adjectives to yourself, alright?

        1. Lee

          Why does he need to spread his unsolicited religious beliefs on everyone else?

        2. dickycone

          I care a bit, for what it’s worth. I’ve got a good Catholic wife, it’s been better than it was with the godless women I was with before. YMMV, of course.

      2. Name

        You care enough to be butthurt about it lol

  4. Tomaoon

    Well we are all similar so we act and behave similar. Amazing…

  5. Baron2Duke

    Christi(ns)anity is the culprit for the rise of gynocentrism. Cultures before it were everything but that.

    1. Shane Mercer

      Cultures before Christianity subscribed to a Darwinian value system for masculinity in general i.e. maximal libido , maximal muscle mass , maximal physical strength. Do you like that ? Do you have 100% commitment to social Darwinism ?

    2. René

      How so? I’m an atheist, but I think that Christianity was kept women in line. Shaming them, tell them that they will burn in hell forever for cheating their husbands, for sluting around etc. was an effective tactic to nor let hypergamy to ruin Western Civilization.

    3. Not Natty

      Funny because there seems to be a surplus of synagogue-goers among the original feminist movement. Like wildly disproportionate representation…

  6. David

    In essence, Christianity is the truth about God and what God’s done in order to save us from our sins.

    Therefore, it’s of no use to say things like: “I don’t care”; “It’s just your opinion”; “It’s YOUR religion”; “That’s none of my business” etc.

    For whether we like it or not, we’re all involved in it. For we’re all sinners by nature.

    But Salvation is freely offered us by God through His Son Jesus Christ. You don’t need to sacrifice yourself in order to be saved. You don’t need to do good deeds, donate your money, be a good person (by human standards of course) in order to be saved.

    You just need to believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Who came down to earth in order to die for our sins. He took upon Himself our sins and thus made us free from the condemnation that was upon us all.

    People think Christianity has nothing to do with them and some even mock Christianity. And I understand that for a season you can reject Jesus Christ and still have a good time in this world.

    But my friend, we’re all gonna die one day. And then you’ll realize that having believed in Jesus Christ in this life would’ve made all the difference for you at that moment.

    You’ll realize that, contrary to what you thought, Christianity has everything to do with you and your life. You’ll realize that you were not being clever by having denied Jesus Christ in this world. That saying Christianity was not true haven’t changed the truth about Christianity.

    So realize you don’t have the power to decide what’s true and what’s not. God is real, Jesus Christ is real, sin is real, the condemnation is real, Salvation is real.

    What’s gonna change if I say they’re not real? Will they cease to exist just because I’m saying so? Am I really so smart to the extent of being able to determine, to give a final word on whether these things exist or not?

    If you really wanna be “smart”, think about these things. Investigate. Face the facts. Examine your own heart. Don’t be a fool just assuming these things don’t exist period. For there’ll be a day when you’ll realize that instead of being so smart, so clever for rejection Christianity, in reality you just have been fooling yourself the whole time.

  7. Brett


    Thats a grave lie.

    1 Peter 3
    1 Timothy 2: 9 – 15
    1 Corinthians 11: 3 – 16

    All say the exact opposite of your claim. Christianity is masculine.

    The pagans were the ones with female warriors and female gods.

    Modern churches are deceived and are as much christians as an atheist can claim to be a christian.

    1. Joe

      Dude. There’s a time and a place. This ain’t it. You’re just turning people off.

  8. Brett

    The Bible (new testament):

    – Commands women to be silent in the churches and they have no authority over a man. They have no authority to teach in the churches.
    – Commands wives to be of a quiet spirit and be submissive to their husbands.
    – Commands wives to give their husbands sex when the husband is asking for it. Husbands must do the same but there is nothing feminine about that, if a mans wife desires to have sex with him then that means he is masculine. Him denying her that could be seen as feminine.
    – Says that Christ is the head of man and man is the head of woman.
    – Says that woman was created from man and for man. Man was not created for woman.
    – Says that man is the image and glory of God.

    Feminism has deceived many. But if you are baking a cake and you have a recipe, but you follow your own idea of how to bake a cake, and if the cake comes out horrible – do you blame the recipe?

    That would be a very feminine and cowardly thing to do.

    1. Shane Mercer

      The Bible is a sort of a very different domain , if you’re using it to create a value judgment system for making a qualitative assessment of masculinity , man to man . Here’s what Jesus says

      “ The King James Version of Matthew’s gospel (chapter 18) :
      At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?
      And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. “

      Here’s the deal . Now what do you do ? Ask all men to be prepubescent ? That’s weird as heck right ?
      Or subscribe to the 21st century Darwinian system of masculinity, i.e. maximal libido , maximal muscle mass , maximal physical strength ?

  9. brankezz

    Hey, could you please link that study which showed how women preferred attractive criminals over other guys, purely based on facial beauty? I believe you mentioned something like that a while ago.

  10. brankezz

    Also, there is a recurring assertion throughout your opus, that dating competition has gotten more fierce. This has been a bit confusing for me since sex ratio in most western countries is roughly even. Which means there isn’t any significant contraction of the male pool that would lead to competition. The US demographic pyramid estimates does show that in age groups 15-35, men outweigh women. But only by measely 0.1-0.2%. Surely, that cannot imply significant shortage of women, right?
    So, it seems to me that we are not speaking about demographically induced competition but rather about illusory, Internet-driven competition: majority of women (80, 90%, who knows…) trying to get the top 5% of amazing bros, leaving most men (average or less) fighting for tiny leftovers of female population. Am I right?

  11. Edward

    Thanks to feminism it won’t get any better! In fact it will get worse, much worse!

  12. Swamit

    Hi Truth Seeker,
    Curious – Why haven’t you covered vaccines yet? This is your own platform so you won’t get censored for simply speaking the truth.

  13. Lemmings

    Man it’s time to move on from the dating posts, you’ve already said everything that needs to be said, and there’s more to life. Your articles on training, philosophy, and society (not including women) are much more interesting.

  14. Steve

    To the OP, I found this website in lock-down and have commented on a few of the articles accusing certain bodybuilders of being on drugs, but now I’m having more of a read, a lot of this is extremely negative, dark and highly insecure.
    Women are not that complicated, for the most part, they are attracted to traits that lead to success; ie. Confidence, Likability, Charisma, Looks, Status, intelligence, athleticism, masculinity, independence, positive outlook, etc.., and it is how these traits are conveyed that leads to success with the opposite sex, and yes, owning a Lamborghini or being Brad Pitt does indicate at least a couple of the aforementioned traits.
    However, on the flip-side, traits like insecurity, insincerity, jealousness, desperation, negativity, etc.., really do not help.
    I’ve seen relatively unattractive males do very well with women but staring at oiled up men in trunks and accusing them of being on drugs because they have more muscle than you is not attractive to the opposite sex. Accusing women of being the problem is not a good look. Women smell insecurity and desperation like dogsh1t, there is just no value in it.
    One final point about women being “choosers”; this is a losing mindset and as long as you have that mindset, they always will be. Stop giving your power away! With me, I was the chooser and they felt lucky when someone as charismatic as me chose them.

    1. Nam

      Highly deluded high-estrogen posting. Extreme denial of reality. Are you a fat ugly woman or tranny from reddit? You sound like one.

  15. Jimmy

    I have three important women in my life, my Mother age 72, my girlfriend, age 50 my daughter age 18. I have told them all the following. All of you women are the same, no matter your age!
    OT-Love your work. If your work convinces one kid not to buy a bunch of worthless supplements to get HUGE than you have done your job. I have nothing against the gear, I do have something against so called “fitness gurus” who are clearly on gear and lie their asses off about it to sell bullshit to young guys.

  16. woman

    as a woman would say: “whatever…”

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