9 Things That Connor Murphy’s Video Experiments Reveal About the Female Mind Is Connor Murphy natural or on steroids? Review included

| by Truth Seeker |

Connor Murphy, a fitness model and an online muscle ”personality”, has been producing video clips showcasing the impulsive behavior of women in the presence of a male physique completely equipped to answer the aesthetic requirements of the capricious Instagram age.

The reactions, submerged in involuntary and yet clearly expressed ”I just can’t help it.” type of honesty provide an opportunity to extract truths that usually hide behind walls of lies, delusions and coping mechanisms when their owner is in a sober state.

The irresistible appeal of the shredded and muscular body binds to the primal parts of the female desire, drags women into a stupor, forces them to gather around the prey, and filters out all but the yearning to touch the flesh in front emitting magic that catalyzes procreation.

On the surface, the viewer identifies a funny prank video, but a careful examination of the emotions playing upon the women’s faces exhibiting significant sexually induced decomposure shatters some of the beliefs engraved on our minds.

On that occasion, I present you 10 characteristics of the female mind revealed by Connor Murphy’s video experiments.

1. Appearance is the strongest magnet

I have a couple of rhetorical questions.

Does Connor Murphy say mesmerizing pick-up lines in his videos?

Does he showcase an incredible sense of humor?

Is he a world-renowned celebrity?

Does he showcase amazing skills?

Can the girls see his bank account?

If the answer to all questions is no, which it is, what is the producing cause behind the raging rapture and glitter in the girls’ eyes? What attracts them to him so incredibly much? What’s the force behind the spirit making them slide their sensitive fingers along a stranger’s refined nipples on camera?

One word – looks.

As a male, your physical appearance and status hold the utmost importance when it comes to attracting female attention in this universe. ”Pick-up” coaches and experts claiming to know the magic words to the heart of every woman will not tell you this, but it is the ultimate truth. There are no words in any language that can make you taller, prettier, richer and compensate for your overall grotesque outward aspects. Regardless of what you say to a woman, she will make her decision based on your visual traits and social status.

When you look like Connor Murphy, you don’t have to say much. But even if you were to declare something as ridiculous as ”What’s your favorite Starcraft race?”, it will work. Bizarre questions and statements produced by a man with an appearance socially accepted as magnetic are labeled as ”cute” whereas the very same words represent sexual harassment and signs of unworthy existence when they originate from a human incarnating unappealing physical features.

Does this mean that Connor Murphy will have a successful relationship with any of his fangirls? Who knows? What it means with certainty, however, is that he has a large pool to choose from whereas the “mortals” are more limited in their selection. In one video, he experiences more female attention than an average male receives during his entire existence.

2. It’s all about the upper body

Men are attracted to ”toned” and slim legs. Women are attracted to big and lean upper bodies. This is a fact regardless of what the self-righteous squat bros teach. A man with developed chest and arms generates more female attention than a man with tree trunk legs hitting each other. Women don’t like that. They just think that you are a fatso swine hiding a Pokemon in the rear pocket.

I am sorry, but that’s a fact proven by Connor’s videos. Do you think that he would have the same success if he was to flex his quads and calves in front of his crowd? I doubt it. Girls are driven into a hysteria by detailed abs, bulging shoulders, armored chests and wide backs. Legs are also appreciated but only in private settings.

3. Leanness > Strength

What would happen if a fat powerlifter with a big total approved by Mark Rippetoe performs the same soft striptease experiments? The girls will look away in disgust and laugh. Some feminists will probably run and call the police too.

There is a reason why every man lifting for the girls wants to have low body fat. Females prefer lean warriors over lard bombs. A woman will never say – ”The juicy belly of this fat man turns me on. I want him to hug me so that I can connect to the gracious lard residing under his skin.”

A long time ago, I showed a breakdancing video to a girl. She knew nothing about breakdancing and didn’t even like breakbeats. Yet she noticed that the dancer was lean and mentioned it.

Is this the result of social conditioning? Partially, yes. The media, and in particular the models on Instagram, deeply influence the elements that we define as aesthetic. But if you think about it, the appreciation of leanness comes from the inside. There is a reason why the ancient Greek statues showcase ripped deities. Fat has never been visually appealing to the general public – neither now, nor in the past. As a consequence, losing fat to gain extra muscular detail will have a higher impact on your goal to impress women with your physique than improving your bench press, deadlift and squat.

When it comes to flirting, your numbers in the gym have zero intrinsic value. Not one girl is likely to ask Connor Murphy how much he bench presses. Women just don’t care whether your bench press a plate or four plates.

4. A physique works best when it comes with a ”slicing” jaw and an above average face

Having a body that possesses in a supreme degree the art of generating extreme exaltation among young women is a great asset, but to reach the higher realms of appreciation and ability to trigger hormone-based delirium, you need above average facial aesthetics.

Do you think that the results would be the same if Connor Murphy had a grotesque troll face according to the social standards? Of course, not. In his case, the body starts the conversation, but the face closes the deal.

One of the important facial properties is a ”slicing” jaw – a combination of an emphatic jawbone [mandible] and low body fat. Consciously or unconsciously, women appreciate this feature.

Guess, what? Connor Murphy has it.

5. Height is crucial

I spent a large part of my life working in an office overfilled with women constantly infesting the air with estrogen and female logic. The ratio in the room was 2 men to 6 women, and on many occasions, I was alone with the ”beasts”.

The estrogen based conversations that took place behind those walls killed many of my brain cells but as a compensation allowed me to examine the female thought process in detail. My co-workers were often discussing their preferences for men in front of me as if I wasn’t even there – ”The accent of Russian men really turns me on.”, ”Did you see his suit? I want to squeeze.”, ”That body… that look… those eyes….”

And while all of my colleagues had different inclinations, there was one requirement enjoying a unanimous vote – height. None of them wanted short males and weren’t ashamed to admit that they always inspect the height of their potential victims.

Guess, what? Connor Murphy is 6’2”/188cm. His shenanigans wouldn’t be as impressive if he was a short man.

6. The world has never been more visual

Visual aesthetics have always been an integral part of the human life, but today, due to the reprogramming that came with social media, there is a large imbalance in the way people communicate. Most of the communication happens through texts and pictures. As a result, the ability to feel and sense has atrophied. The phones have become not only an extension of our brains but also an extension of our hearts.

The human tendency to focus on the visual has always been there, but prior to the digital life, it didn’t have a chance to take over completely. There is a reason why Instagram is killing Facebook right now – it’s more visual.

The image overload made us even more focused on the envelope. Before, it was easier to hide a visual imperfection. Today, it is close to impossible because you are labeled as ”weird” if you don’t have social media accounts with many photos and plenty of likes and comments underneath.

7. Girls are a huge motivation to lift

If people didn’t want to know how girls react to a specific look, nobody would watch the videos of Connor Murphy. But since attracting women is one of the primary reasons why men lift weights, the clips rack millions of views.

There isn’t a single person in the universe whose initial motivation to lift was to improve his deadlift or lift Atlas stones. It has always been about building muscle that earns respect from males and admiration from females. Eventually, some may branch out and focus on strength training, but it will never be the main reason why people get into training. Besides, the motivation to get stronger originates from the ego too. Powerlifters want to achieve a similar effect – not with a lean physique but with plates on the barbell.

8. Women are just as superficial as men when the right stimulus presents itself

We’ve all heard the story about the boy that only wants sex and the girl that seeks ”a true connection”. We’ve all heard that men are pigs whereas women are angels who want real partners.

Well, the scenario quickly changes when the right stimulus presents itself.

The reactions to the body of Connor Murphy reveal that women carry the ”superficial” gene too. When they see the abs, the arms, the shoulders and the face, they quickly forget about trivialities such as ”personality”, ”sense of humor”, ”confidence”…etc.

9. All people want the same things

Every man is nothing but a variation of the same melody. We like to think that we are unique and special, but the fundamentals are identical. Nobody will be me; nobody will be you. And yet deep down inside we all crave the same things and fight common fears.

This is why the vast majority of girls have an identical response to Connor Murphy’s body. They are all driven into a delirium by the same imagery even though each of them thinks she is super special and different.

Can you have the body of Connor Murphy without taking anabolic steroids and other forms of performance-enhancing drugs?

First, let’s look at the information provided by Connor Murphy in his ”natural body transformation video” uploaded on YouTube in January 2016.

1. He started lifting weights as a kid/teen and hit a plateau at 17 years of age. His weight was 185lbs/84kg at the time.

2. For three years (between 17 and 20), his body did not improve.

Quote: ”For 3 years I did not improve. I became content with the body I had.”

3. One day, he realized that he ”could become something so much more”, and his ”mindset changed”.

This comment reveals what he means by “changed mindset”. [click to zoom]

4. In a year (between 20 and 21), he gained 20lbs/9kg of mostly pure lean body mass.

At 21 years of age, he had the following stats:

Height: 6’2”/188cm

Weight: 205lbs/93kg

Body fat: 8-10% BF – I can’t know his exact body fat, but detailed lower abs appear at 9% BF or below for the vast majority of the male population.

Connor Murphy competed in a show that normally isn’t drug tested

In 2016, Connor Murphy competed in the show Dallas Europa Games Men’s Physique organized by NPC (National Physique Committee) – the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the United States. He placed 3rd in the Men’s Physique division Class E.



To learn whether the show is drug tested, I contacted the promoter, Betty Pariso. Her response was that if a show is not listed as a drug tested event, it isn’t. I didn’t find information suggesting that the 2016/2017 NPC Dallas Europe games are a drug tested event.

[click to zoom]

This leads to a logical question.

Why would a natural physique model compete in a show that isn’t drug tested? Wouldn’t that put him at a disadvantage?

There are two possible answers.

1. Because his extraordinary genetics and work ethic allow him to beat steroids users.

The people who use the genetic card as an argument in favor of their idol cannot prove the quality of his genetics and are simply guessing. You can speculate that he is tall, but height does not equal mass by default. Actually, many tall people have a really hard time filling out.

Bone thickness and frame width matter more than height in this muscle game. However, Connor Murphy does not showcase an extraterrestrial frame and bone thickness. His frame is pretty decent, but not extraordinary.

Moreover, there is another genetic growth factor that matters a lot – body chemistry. No one can know for sure what’s the amount of natural testosterone in his body. Therefore, when his fans claim that he has extraordinary genetics, they are simply guessing.

As far as training is concerned, we all know that there is an endless number of naturals who train hard and never get close to a physique like Connor’s. Consequently, explaining his mass with ”hard” training is also an assumption.

2. Because he isn’t natural either.

Since the show wasn’t classified as a drug tested event, enhanced competitors can use it as an opportunity to shine.

Connor Overcame Very Hard Competition and Placed Third

Connor Murphy placed third at that show – right above Justice Fernandez – a man who has openly expressed his desire to be an IFBB pro. And as we all know, the number of natural pros is zero. There are also photos of Fernandez in circulation showcasing 3D shoulders and puffy nipples. Connor Murphy beat him after a year of #dedication. How is that even possible, dear jury?

A man is known by the company he keeps.


But his calves are too small?

His calves are small because he has short muscle bellies, long tendons and lengthy lower legs. Thus, he cannot get them bigger. Also, the calf muscle has a low concentration of androgen receptors unlike the traps and the shoulders. As a result, not even roids can fix ”poverty” calves.

There are IFBB pros who take large doses of steroids, HGH, and IFG-1 and yet share a similar destiny. High calves have about zero potential for growth.

At 20 years of age, Connor Murphy is a steroid cycle away from matching the Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI) of professional retro bodybuilders

At 9% body fat and 205lbs, the FFMI of Connor Murphy is 24.6. At that weight, he carries 187 pounds of lean body mass.

[click to zoom]

In comparison:

Frank Zane (5’9” @185lbs@5%) had an FFMI of 26.1 at his peak.

Serge Nubret (6’@200lbs@5%) had an FFMI of 25.9 at his peak.

Arnold (6’2”@235lbs@5%) had an FFMI of 29 at his peak but won Mr. Olympia 1980 with an FFMI of 26 weighing 210lbs at 6’2”. This was also the year when he was in his leanest condition.

Note: A true 5% body fat is extremely rare even for steroid users. Most of them step on stage dehydrated at 6-8% body fat. Nevertheless, I use 5% body fat because for some reason it is considered the standard and the lowest a man can go without dying and/or completely wreaking his body.

If Connor Murphy was to use even mild doses of steroids and gain approximately 20lbs/9kg of muscle mass, which is a moderate gain, his FFMI at 225lbs/102kg @ 9% BF would be 26.4. The number would go even higher if he loses body fat.

Therefore, even if we assume that he is 100% natural today, he is just a few cycles away from having an FFMI equal or above the one of legendary men on steroids who founded bodybuilding.

It’s also worth mentioning that the professional athletes of the past were incredibly dedicated. The claims that they were not as reckless as the kids today is extremely doubtful. More than likely, they pushed the envelope too because the generations of yesterday were actually more ”YOLO” (you only live once) than the Snapchat kids of today who live for that profile picture. And yet Connor Murphy is so close to matching the best old-timers.

I am almost sorry to inform the optimists out there that the difference between a gym rat and a professional bodybuilder are not a few cycles. The bodybuilders that competed in the Olympia even back in the 70s were men with a long history of drug intake. Nobody becomes a pro by doing testosterone only cycles for a year.

This leads to another logical question – how is it possible for Connor Murphy to be so close and yet so young?

But people say that a FFMI of 25 is 100% possible naturally!

Yes, people used to say this in the 90s until Dr. Harry Pope, MD at Harvard, came to the conclusion that the average FFMI for steroid users was about 23.3 in 2011. Naturals’ FFMI was around 22.7. Therefore, Connor’s FFMI of 24.6 does not equal a natty status by default.

Other YouTubers Needed Years To Acquire The Same Physique

The HodgeTwins, popular fitness YouTubers, share stats similar to Connor Murphy’s. They are also 6’2”/188cm tall and weigh about 205lbs-215lbs/93-97kg at 9-10% body fat. Guess, what? Their transformation did not happen in a year. They needed more time and yet many still believe that the twins have unbelievable genetics.

Furthermore, the incredible upper body size of the HodgeTwins and their pictures showcasing gynecomastia make their natural status extremely questionable. Yet Connor Murphy got to their level in 12 months after acquiring the proper ”mindset”.

But he doesn’t look that big in videos with normal lighting?

Nobody does. Even Phil Heath doesn’t appeal ultra-impressive in a regular video. Obscure lighting increases the muscle detail whereas intense lighting decreases it. This is why so many of Connor Murphy’s video thumbnails are darker.

One could also speculate that due to the effect of light, he recorded the video in which he discusses his ”natty or not” status in ”normal” conditions. Do you really expect him to tell you how natty he is why enhancing his physique even further with the help of positioning and lighting? It doesn’t make sense.

Consider the Competition

The online fitness world has been infested with men on steroids since the very beginning. This over-saturation could create significant delusions. The spectators, often unaware teenagers and young adults, get used to a specific look, which often isn’t natural. Therefore, if you want to catch their attention and stand out, which is what is required to become popular and ”appreciated”, you have to be competitive and play the game. How can you beat your rivals if you are not willing to do what they do? How can you be a high-level pro without doing what the pros do?

Fullness and greatness at a low body fat percentage

The extra fat carried by naturals allows them to lie about their real muscular size. Calculating how much you will weigh in a lean condition when you are 30%, 20% or even 15% body fat is a waste of time. All I can tell you is that the number will always be significantly lower than you think. I don’t care how accurate your formula is. This is always the truth. The numbers are never what you want them to be when you are natural. You will learn your real weight at a single digit body fat only when you get there. Unless you lower your expectations right now, the slap of reality will play upon your cheek.

Why am I telling you all of this?

When you are done, if you are crazy enough to do it, you will look like a skinny boy – nothing more, nothing less. Yes, your good body parts will stand out when people look at you from the right angle, but you won’t feel big. That’s a fact of life that every 100% natural man that doesn’t have a robust frame (8+ inches wrists) and pterodactyl shoulders will confirm.

This is not the case for Connor Murphy. He looks pretty damn big and full at a really low body fat. Moreover, the pictures from his youth reveal ”ectomorphic tendencies” and as we all know ectomorphs have a difficulty standing out, for their frames are relatively narrow, and their bone structure is not on the robust end of the spectrum.

How is this possible naturally? I think you already know.

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  1. Robert

    Loving all these new articles coming in! Keep up the good work 😉

  2. Nico B

    A very well written article

  3. Glove

    I think you make this kind of poster boys bigger as they are. Everything true what you write in general about outer appearance. Taller better than beeing small, good looking better than being ugly. Lean better than fat. Wider chests better than clumsy legs. No doubt. I think this Mr. Murphy is like the Coca Cola man. Yes he´s nice. Like in the TV spot women will express (not say) that they want to spend a night with him. Same with Instragram or Facebook. Nice photos. But not real life. And their is a difference. A big difference.
    I watched the Youtube video. Till 17 there is absolutely nothing special with his body. He has a “normal” body for a beginner. Not better not worse. Nothing remarkable. Than there is a gap of 2 or 3 years. Funny. From a kid to a young man with developed muscles. No doubt that he isn´t clean. His upper body has neither strong nor weak points. Not bad for a bodybuilder. Only in my hometown I see this kind of body developement at a nice summerday at dozens.
    Maybe he has a big fanbase in the internet. Congrats. Maybe he has a lot of women. Congrats. But optically in real life he´s is nothing out of the box. Nice body. Nothing more.

  4. twp

    Fully agree on social status and attractiveness(height, face, lean and muscular). I came to the realization that it doesn’t matter what you say, it matters who you are. Which is sad realization, because when I look at my friends usually the lesser attractive ones suck with women and its like not going to change, unless they increase they social status which will compensate for their lack of looks.

    What is your view on all of this “puck up” stuff? It will be interesting if you write article about it.

    About “Fullness and greatness at a low body fat percentage” – it’s impressive how much low bw you can go when you reach 10%. If all natural lifters shred to 10% bf probably 90% of them won’t pass 21 FFMI no matter what they do. What do you think ?

    1. buffguy

      pick up lines = huge scam meant for insecure (usually young) men . Pick up lines rarely work, and almost all the “natural videos” you see are usually set up either before with the person shown or by hired actors.

      If you see a lot of pick up videos, you will notice that sometimes the women look directly into the camera, yet they dont grow suspicious at all. Plus a guy filming with his phone/hidden camera can ALWAYS be seen, no matter how expert he is.

      A few years back, a very famous pick up artist was pushed by his viewers to do an actual pick up – while i do not remember who he was or how he met them, i think they had a meeting or something, and he failed horribly, eventually revealing that he was a huge fraud.

      Dont fall into what you see on the internet. Especially with “pick up artists”. They will infest your mind and make you feel like you are worthless and only by buying their books will you become an “expert”.

  5. Fatman

    “If the answer to all questions is no, which it is, what is the producing cause behind the raging rapture and glitter in the girls’ eyes?”

    Um, it’s a commercial video with scripted action and dialogue, not an “experiment”. Designed to promote the very idea that “the irresistible appeal of the shredded and muscular body binds to the primal parts of the female desire”, etc., etc.

    For a guy who prides himself on seeing through modern muscle-fakery, it seems odd to me that you would fall for such transparent marketing. Or maybe I’m completely off the mark and your whole post is ironic.

    1. Riki Pianola

      Its true that the video is scripted, but I think the author wants to highlight the fact that your physical appearance and social status always play a major role when attracting girls rather than your game, which I think is partially true.

      1. Truth Seeker Post author

        There is a difference between scripted and edited. Yes, game means nothing. It’s protein powder. You can take as much as you want. No magic is happening.

  6. Dan

    He is 100% on steroids.
    And it’s obvious the Hodgetwins are roided up too.
    Not even debatable.

  7. Klitschko

    Truth seeker can you do an article on Eric Bugenhagen natty or not in future?

    1. Bwoj

      Would LOVE to see his perspective on Eric. He was a division 1 college wrestler and very clearly has elite genetics.

  8. jumpropeninja

    It will be good to hear what you think about theredpill’s teachings? actually, this kind of articles illustrates your thoughts. you overlap on many aspects. However, one prominent difference between you and theredpill is: They value so called “game” a lot but you don’t.
    I think, game works like a catalyst or a multiplier of your value. If your value is negative, trying to employ game end up multiplying your negative value and you and up a weirdo, pervert etc.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I am not that familiar with the so-called Red Pill. But I would agree with your statement – it acts as a multiplier. However, there are other factors involved too – even if a girl likes you, she may reject due to specific circumstances that are not in your control.

      However, if you are doing the so-called cold approach, you must look at least semi-decent. Otherwise, the women will simply reject you right away regardless of what you say. They may even play with you a little before they reject you for their own amusement (some women are brutal). Like I said in the article – the world has never been more visual due to social media, dating apps and the smartphone.

      Also, I have very little trust in pick up coaches who supposedly know the magic words to getting women. Most of them are very good looking men for whom everything works and/or simply frauds with staged videos.

      Nevertheless, you don’t have to look like Brad Pitt to get women. That would be the other end of the spectrum – average dudes brainwashing themselves that they need to be extraterrestrial to receive female attention from women they like.

  9. Matt

    So if you can naturally develop a body like Connor, according to him you become a demigod created to attract hordes of attractive women due to his looks. If he took steroids it would upgrade him to god status attracting even more women that are in the reaches of the stars. Sadly, this is what alot of lonely weight lifters believe and can be their motivation to slave away in the gym and the kitchen. I say this, because this is what I believed at one time attempting to get to the demigod status. Did I get bigger, yes. Did I get stronger, yes. Did I get fatter, yes. Did I attract hordes of women, No. It was not because I was not 5% bodyfat, but because it was all in my head.

    1. Donne the Conquerer

      ^ This.

      I also went through the same progression – with the abs, however – and the effect was not what TruthSeeker suggests (does it help, sure, but everything helps and not the extent to which some may think). You know what the net result was from my transformation to a “demigod”?

      I got approached and hit on by gay guys.

      That was pretty much it.

      1. Fatman

        “It was not because I was not 5% bodyfat, but because it was all in my head.”

        “I got approached and hit on by gay guys.”

        Absolutely true. Kudos.

      2. Truth Seeker Post author

        I never said that abs alone will give you the effects described above – it’s about the total package.

      3. Beta man

        I know your post is old,but it’s true..admiration from gay guys,and a few thots

    2. Glove

      I remember the wonderful comic style advertisement from Charles Atlas. “Hey Skinny yer ribs are showing” Joe, a “bag of bones” get hit by a bully, decides to buy the Charles Atlas book and after a short while he gaines such amount of muscles that not only his beautiful girlfriend but 3 other beautiful girls at the beach say “What a man!”
      Charles Atlas comments: “What´s my job? Manufacture weaklings into MEN” Can you imagine a better advertisement for any muscle related product than this? Because it´s so good everybody who wants to make money with muscles will use exactly this pattern. Not for the hardcore-enhanced-scene. But for exactly the target group Atlas had in mind as well as Mr. Murphy. Young male adults under 20. I think I was about 13 when I saw a similar advertisement on the back of a magazine. With Arnold. For a while I was on cloud number 7 because I thought it could work. As written by Matt I got bigger, I got stronger but hordes of women: NO. It´s an illusion to think that women will kiss your feet when you turn up with a good body. These is an illusion created by Charles Atlas, Mr. Murphy and many many others. Hello in the dreamworld of lonely lifters. Realisticly a nice/strong body is one piece in a puzzle of the picture which is called: what a man!
      Visible abs or 18 inch arms are not the ticket to the paradise on earth.
      I even go a step further: Supposed it would work in the real world like in Murphys video/Atlas comic. Are you really sure that you want to have girls on long term whose most important goal is to go out/have sex with poster boys like Murphy???
      Which you can impress by turning up without a shirt so that they giggle and give you their number after 30 seconds?

  10. Andre

    Sad but true, people sucked yesterday and still sucks now

  11. Glove

    Regarding this matter I found an article on a website named artofmanliness.com titled “There´s more in life than Six pack abs”
    Not bad.

  12. zekethefreak

    Just wanted to point out that at least one human being in the universe did not have building a jacked physique as his initial motivation for getting into the gym. I started working out so I could get stronger, run faster and especially jump higher so I could be a better athlete on the basketball court. Great article as usual. P.S this dude doesn’t look all that impressive to me…

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Yes, but why did you want those things…

      Thank you for the support, zekethefreak.

  13. Jeff Popoff

    Women have told me they dig the “Brad Pitt” body (mostly off his picture in the Fight Club poster).

    If you look objectively that pic, he’s mostly lean, maybe 6% bf at 162 lbs.

    His muscular development is actually not that great — a hint of shoulders, a hint of definition of pecs, arms are meh.

    So my point is, this is GOOD news…you don’t have to be jacked or 3D…just lean enough to show a tiny bit of muscle definition.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Brad Pitt can have whatever body he wants with his face. Also, everybody knows that women don’t like bodybuilders.

  14. Inder

    Regarding this Conner’s ‘slicing’ jaw. I think that if he has such a feeble soul, that he is willing to pin himself, in order to acquire a physique that will give him the confidence he so desperately needs to function in the world. I would not consider him above getting a jaw implant either.

  15. HiImCoachNattyJoe

    You made some awesome points and linked some great info to back it up. Loved it.
    Awesome article brother, keep them rolling!!!!!

  16. I want the truth, and only the truth.

    I think Connor Murphy has pretty good genetics considering how fast he transformed. But I do think he did use steroids to do so.

  17. swabbie

    Good physique is not that judgemental – if you are going to a date or clubbing, you will not go half naked so nobody will care if you have abs or not
    Whenever you have a decent set of clothes, neat hair, teeth, face and hands and you are not midget or a fat pig, woman won’t give a shit if you have bulging muscles or not, except if you are on some beach or a pool
    And bro – you forgot most important thing for vast majority of the chicks out there – the size of your wallet
    If woman is telling you that she is not interested in money, she is lying like a dog
    Oh, and one more last thing – good physique is not always guarantee of good sex, for both man and woman

  18. Ivo123123

    I think Connor Murphy is closer to 6’3” . He said in few videos that he was measured 6’3”. In his last videos he looks flat and smaller. He was bigger half year ago. Looks like he’s off juice.

  19. A Grown Woman

    I am a woman I am laughing at this because obviously you have NO experience with women. Notice I say WOMEN not GIRLS.
    GIRLS care about this nonsense, women just want you to have your shit together, no act like a child and be in shape enough so we are sexually attracted to you.
    I am a bodybuilder/competitor and I would NEVER date or even look twice at a guy like this, the self obsession alone is a turn off. Add the selfies and the social media, this kid is a WOMAN’S worst nightmare.
    Again, maybe GIRLS will find this hot or something but a GROWN WOMAN just sees a narcissistic, self obsessed, manchild who would bring absolutely NOTHING of any value to the table
    Seems like you are ok with attracting the bottom of the barrel of the opposite sex.
    I encourage you all to spend some time with REAL WOMEN.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      You are wrong.

    2. Raven

      LMAO, you are absolutely right. I was reading the first half of this post and hoping for “If you didn’t realise this is sarcasm, you are a huge idiot” line somewhere to explain all the ridiculous stereotyping of women by the author

    3. Ivo123123

      You sound like a men. Like Alex for Alpha Destiny.

    4. Slav

      Ha, Ha, Ha, somebody finally said it. Yes you are absolutely correct that in all that media/video/photos the participants and the audience are young kids….
      Yes – very easy to manipulate and very easy to be persuaded to go for pure fun of the situation and not much more at the end….

  20. Barbarian in real life

    hey, man, come on you don’t need to bring starcraft in this discussion, its a perfectly good game and it develops your brain, something most bodybuilders should use more often.

  21. kekmeister

    Highly doubt that Murphy weighs 205 lbs at 6’2 – even his height seems inflated to me.
    My estimate is that he weighs 180-185 lbs at 6’0.

  22. Sawaad

    Lmao I remember being 222 pounds and saying I’ll be ripped with a six pack when I reach 180 pounds. I am now 160 pounds and still have a layer of fat covering my abs hahaha. So true.

    BTW I started lifting at 7 years old, so I guess I’m the exception to “all men start lifting to impress women”

  23. Simon

    I’ve noticed a lot of steroid users have heads which are far too small for their bodies. It’s like they can’t make their necks grow. Connor has a tiny head compared to his body. Perhaps he doesn’t train his neck…or…

  24. René

    Thank you for your article! All this dudes on roids who pretend o be natural, make me feel like a looser, because i cannot achive such a body like Connor’s, for exemple, in 2-3 years, but thank.s to you, i know why and i don’t blame myself anymore.

  25. LaseR

    Truth Seeker, are you aware of the terrible bias in these “experiments”? The article should be titled “9 Things That Connor Murphy’s Video Experiments Reveal About the Mind of females living in his country, his city, approached by him, and included in the clips during video editing”

    Do you think he would post any reactions different than those extremely enthusiastic? What was the ratio of all women approached to those shown in the video? One? Two? Or maybe ten? How can anyone tell?

    And it’s all assuming he actually did genuine approaches and not scripted them. After all we are talking about Connor’s honesty, the very same you spent second half of the article putting into question.

    The truth is if these video reveal anything about anybody’s mind it’s only Connor’s.

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