7 Reasons Why Online Dating Is a Waste Of Time For Men Unless You Are a Movie Star Or On Steroids post infested with harsh reality

| by Truth Seeker |

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I am a late smartphone bloomer. Bought my first one in September 2016 after an army of deep scratches captured the entire screen of my old Nokia and started digging towards its brain. I had no option but let my electronic foreign minister retire with respect.

A week after the purchase, a small box arrived. The delivery guy gave it to me thinking: “One could only wonder what this psycho has ordered…’’, but my desire to own didn’t allow me to care about a stranger’s sentiments. All I wanted was to feel the stock with my hands and inhale the intoxicating smell of fresh plastic.

”I am on my way to becoming normal,” I thought, tore the package like a hungry piranha and launched the device. ”Woooooooow! The screen is splendid,” I said with excitement and started thinking: ”What now? Games? Uh… no. I have a PC for that. Selfies? Why? Who cares how I look? The readers of the site already know that I am an ectomorphic gringo. Apps? Yeah, I need to find some cool programs.”

A few weeks later, I learned about Tinder – supposedly the best dating app in the universe. I liked the idea – only pictures and a few words to describe yourself. Boom! It was on my phone within seconds.

It took me a while, but eventually, I decoded the mechanism of dating apps – unless you have the body of a deity or the face of a movie star coupled with decent height, you are bound to experience the murderous slap of rejection across your face. Don’t believe me? Here are the facts.

1.Online dating is a bottom line activity

Apps take modern dating down to its fundamental pillars:

1. looks [height, weight, face, age, muscle,…etc.]
2.profession [money]
3.social status [do I want to be seen with this guy…?]

Out of those three, appearance holds the utmost importance because the selection process is 100% visual. She can’t feel your charisma or sense your humor through the screen. If your pictures don’t radiate superhuman magnetic power, the results will not be marvelous. Only fake natties with highly aesthetic physiques and men with slicing jawlines and Paul Newman eyes can provide this experience. You need to be considerably above average to make her stop swiping left.

If you are a bald hobgoblin with crooked teeth and a hostage to rapidly multiplying fat cells, you can forget about matching with prime women. You have a good heart? Tell someone who cares. Maybe the pigeons you are feeding during the lonely walks in the park.

Sorry, bro, but the world has never been more focused on looks as proven by the boom of Instagram. What is Instagram anyway? An ape approved version of Facebook – it’s the same thing except there’s no text – only images and videos because eye candies are the quickest way to zombie mode. Ultimately, Tinder and Instagram are based on the same visual engine – if you do well on Instagram, you will conquer Tinder too.

2. Two BIG Lies

”Men are visual pigs, women are magnanimous angels,” the fairy tales said.

Dream on, romantic soldiers. Women are just as visual if not more visual than men. The only difference is that they don’t express their heat in vulgar terms, but the animal desire is within them nevertheless. 90% of the women I met on Tinder bluntly asked me how tall I am. One even shot me with the following inquiry:

‘’Are you short? Because I become very mean around short people!”
‘’I am 6’’’/183cm,’’ I answered.
‘’You probably added 1 inch/2.5cm,” she replied.

Then, I asked her: “How fat are you? Because I become very mean around whales.”

She got furious and removed me from her matches a second later. The funny part is that she wasn’t even fat… if her photos were real.

In reality, women judge you just as harshly as you judge them. The reason why you often see ugly men with better looking women are social status and physical assets. Some females are willing to overlook appearance in exchange for goods and a position in this society. This is especially true for shrewd ladies with more stable hormones and kids to raise. But this rule doesn’t apply to dating apps, for the fact that they are not exactly factories for long term relationships.

Nonetheless, the belief that women have the strength to overcome their desire for prime males by buying material toys is false. If this was true, there wouldn’t be so many stories about women cheating on their rich and powerful husbands with poor but tall, muscular and good-looking milkmen, postmen and gardeners.

The other big lie is that you have to develop an arsenal of pick-up lines to open the safe. Clever texts help, but they can’t make you taller, prettier, leaner, and bigger. Your pictures do most of the talking on Tinder. The words produced by the timid keystrokes of your thumbs are almost irrelevant. A guy with strong photos doesn’t need texting shenanigans. As long as he doesn’t say something totally retarded like: ‘’I will dick-inject you so hard that even your mother in Alaska will scream.’’, he will be fine.

As painful as it may sound to some, the more attractive you are, the more mistakes you are allowed to make. Different faces and bodies give different meanings to the same words. If a universally approved playboy/Casanova says: “You are beautiful.” to a random girl on the street, he is a gentleman. When a short fat boy does the same, he is a psycho, and you should probably call the police.

The explanation is simple: appearance acts as a filter giving various nuances to your actions.

3. They Are Looking For Signs

Your brain identifies a promising house for sale and tells you to get closer. Once you are in front, you realize that the nice sight was an optical illusion. Thick spider webs and dust are covering the entire edifice while the garden looks like the beard of a Neanderthal. You step forward just to be sure that what your are experiencing is reality. In a millisecond, you are hit by a vitriolic smell with the properties of a bio weapon powerful enough to melt your brain and extract it drop by drop through your ears. Suddenly, you hear a weird sound and turn to the opposite side instinctively. Your eyes barely catch the reflection of an enormous genetically modified rat in one of the broken windows. The masochist demon within pulls you even closer until you see a pile of ancient plastic bottles decaying under the orders of the Sun. Would you care to enter and continue with your investigation? I doubt it. Most would run.

It works the same way with people. The signs never lie. Your external image is a direct result of what happens inside of you. This is why humans become prettier when they are happy and turn into repulsive flesh when death starts knocking on the door.

4. Female Hegemony Online

One of my two semi-friends is a woman. I’ve worked with her for 6 years, and we often discuss social problems and injustices. I told her about my observations on Tinder, but she was reluctant to classify my words as truth. This changed in the most ironic way possible.

Just recently, she got out of a long-term relationship and decided to download Tinder. ”I am about to install Tinder. I am scared,” she said to me one night. Ten minutes later, she wrote me – ”Someone superliked me.”

To those who don’t know, a superlike is a special message notifying the other person that you have liked him/her. Otherwise, people can’t see who has liked them. ”Another superlike,” she wrote me within the same hour. ”Have you ever been superliked,” she asked although she knew the answer subconsciously. I replied: ”No. Women don’t superlike [me]”.

In less than 10 days, my semi-friend, acquired a new boyfriend who in her opinion has the perfect body. And since you’re wondering, I will tell you – she is not very pretty.

What does this mean, kid?

It means that women are pulling the strings in the online world. Men of all strata are kneeling and begging for attention. Even the inboxes of somewhat unattractive females are flooded with propositions from thirsty boys. This gives women the power of choice. They get to pick males at the top of the modern food chain, and if you are not one….well…forget about it and install StarCraft.

5. Temptation

What would people do if they could get away with it? Anything. The right opportunity could turn even the most righteous man into a thief.

Imagine that you are married. You realize that your wife is not optimal, but that’s fine because you aren’t perfect either. Suddenly, hot women start spamming you with superlatives and coded propositions for flesh based unions. Why? What for? You don’t know but it matters not because the virus known as temptation is already operational within your cells. ”Should I go for it,” you ask yourself and overclock your brain to find justification.php.

Whenever there’s a highly seductive option, people of all moral codes flip and follow the temptation. Tinder provides this opportunity to many women.

6. Rate Me

The primary reason for women to install Tinder is neither sex nor a relationship quest. Women do it to boost their levels of self-worth. A vast majority of the girls on Tinder have boyfriends and use the app to receive superlatives and feed their egos. They call it “playing games”; I call it cheating through texts.

A girl on Tinder confirmed this fact to me. ”Tinder is a great way for a woman to lift her self-esteem,” she said. ”Not that I need it,” she added. [Then why are you there? {confused face}]

The most effective confidence boost comes from good-looking guys. Nobody wants to receive compliments and likes from scrubs. Consequently, women chat primarily with the most aesthetically pleasing specimens. Of course, sometimes even the lower league players receive some attention, but it’s rare, and usually part of a prank.

7. Modern Media = Natty Killer

Movies, commercials, magazines, street posters, reality shows and social media create the reality of the modern humanoid. The media have convinced everyone that the [steroid] look of fitness models is a direct result of training and all lifters could look like Panda or Zyzz after a summer in the gym.

If you can’t satisfy the newly accepted mainstream idea of a hot body, you are ridiculed and rejected like every member of the do-you-even-lift club.

Women are part of the brainwashed group too. They still think that a few curls and a set of push-ups in the morning will turn anyone into a muscle beast. They simply want to touch sexy muscle and care not about the real sacrifice behind the modern aesthetic fibers, for the fact that strong logic is often absent from the female cranium.

******* Bonus *******

8. Online dating is just a start

A wise man once told me that looks cannot keep a relationship. This is probably true, but online dating is just a beginning – the time when physical compatibility matters the most. You need fuel to keep a car going, but you also need a spark to start it. Shredded arms and a chiseled jawline provide the initial launch.

9. Cheap words

The communication on Tinder and the like is extremely superficial and very few people get emotionally invested. Don’t be surprised if you engage in a decent conversation with someone only to wake up and see that she has unmatched you. It happened to me more than a few times. The explanation? Those women were never into me and were simply trying to extract compliments from my thumbs. And by the way, when a woman says that she is not answering because she is busy, she is telling the truth – she’s indeed busy writing to other men.

Words on Tinder and similar applications are very cheap and don’t even compare to an old school love letter – the kind that the boys of my generation used to write. I’ve written only one 16 years ago, and yet it holds more value than all Tinder conversations I’ve had.

P.S. If you like the post above, you will probably enjoy my book A Hater’s Synthesis.

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  1. Jai

    Your writing style is second to none generously laced with humor and incisiveness…. Keep it up buddy…

    One small correction… In the article ” whether buff dudes are Natty ” u compared them with Arnold.. Based on stats..
    Brother, visually they are nowhere near Arnold… I wud advise u to look deeper before comparing 🙂 though I’m Ur big fan, I found it hard to digest this comparison.. It’s simply not true…

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the comment. I will take your advice into consideration.

      1. Jai

        I shall give you a great addendum my friend…If you wish to prove that anyone is a fake natty then you can stick to the following points
        1) synthetic look
        2) your guide for naturals
        3) MOST IMPORTANTLY A Carbon isotope test done before a photo shoot which NO FAKE NATTY will EVER DO… This is a point all those dunces who defend fake natties will not disagree with….. yes , there will still be dolts who dont see this, but u will gain a much wider level of acceptance

    2. Fed

      Was genuinely a fun article to read. Women are very sneaky in that if the guy is appealing to them, the men are forgiven for their shortcomings. A 10/10 man complimenting boosts her ego, possibly a date even if she’s attached. 5/10, she takes the compliment, runs off. 1/10, you are now a fugative on the run. Women want muscle, not too much, natty or not they don’t care.

  2. Bane

    Great text as usual ! I realized that a lot of women are hypocrites , they are far worse than men in may areas ! Women be like “I want ambitious and self achieved men who earns a lot” but at the same time THEY WANT EQUALITY ! They are always talking shit how men are disgusting cause they are only interested in looks, and i know for a fact just like you said , they chasing good looking men far more ! They also highly overestimate themselves , not to even mention a ton of makeup they use all the time !

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Online everything is based on appearance. The only thing that matters is how you look. The average man has no chance there whereas the average woman is an online queen messaged to death from all kinds of males. Naturally, she only wants the prince. Therefore, there’s some form of sexual inequality in that realm.

  3. Harr ramone

    So, I got to know my wife through a dating app 3 years ago! I wrote 2 girls, had 2 dates .. 3 years later, here we are;) sometimes it works too! just do not expect too much .. that helped me!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Congratulations. But you are wrong. You didn’t meet her. She met you.

      1. Matt

        Indeed. Humans were meant to meet each other in a social environment that is in the relm of reality.

    2. Rick Gonzalez

      Totally agree…..waste of time ….

  4. Vanheim

    This is true of course. Now and then I end up giving online dating another try out of desperation and boredom but it never works. I have given up meeting anyone now because like you said, if you can’t meet someone online what are you going to do? Cold approach women IRL? Yea, right. Women hate men today and are itching to label men abusers or stalkers or creeps/harassers. More and more men are ending up alone. Maybe it’s a natural consequence of overpopulation? Who knows? All I know is that it’s real. Look up Steve Hoca videos on Youtube for more truth about his phenomenon.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Women don’t hate men. They just think they deserve a prince. Of course, they’ve also been brainwashed by the smartphone, social media, movies…etc.

      1. Rick Gonzalez

        Truth…..I choose to accept reality & human nature….not wasting my time competing or trying to impress… for a woman

        1. Arctic Warrior

          They HATE men they deem beneath them, which is ultimately ALL men.

  5. Jerod

    The average man will end up alone today unless they settle for a very low status woman. Average guys rarely get average girls today. A lot of average men are going MGOTW because they can’t make themselves settle for a fat, uneducated slob.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      It depends on the country. I guess in some countries this may be true. But online, the average man does not talk to the average woman. Online every woman is a princess that needs a prince.

  6. Brett

    Bra don’t take tinder seriously. Girls on there are full of shit. I’ve only been on two tinder dates and I consider myself above average looking. Both of those girls looked way worse in person than in their profile pics. Where with me its the opposite (most guys actually).

    Never wait past your third message to ask a girl out. If she’s is even slightly interested she will agree to meet with you. Never read a girls bio, unless you have matched with her.

    Once you on a date, make it simple, coffee or smoothie (cheap too and no issue about who’s paying). If she offers to pay don’t make a big thing about it (never stop a women from doing something nice for you, its a good sign if she wants to buy you things, and it will only lower your value in her eyes if you stop her). Make it somewhere close to your place or hers. Build rapore (ask her questions to build an emotional connection), Sexually escalate (touch her) and go for the kiss at least.

    Expect her to look worse in person. Put her at ease with herself by being relaxed and comfortable with yourself. Let her do most of the talking by asking her questions (do not try brag about yourself, don’t even tell her what you do for a living unless she asks). Make sure when you see her that you hug her (do not shake her hand) or simply do nothing. Try sit next to her and not opposite from her (made that mistake once and had sore ribs for a week) so that when you making out you not leaning over a table.

    You can learn the basics of push and pull if you want something to make the conversations more fun over text or in person (or to recognise when its being done to you). However real game is internal. Its simply your belief in your own ability to accomplish a certain goal. The pick-up artist community is nothing but a insecure group of individuals who hide behind lines and scripts. Most of them cannot even hold a basic conversation with a girl. Stay away from them and you will do just fine.

    You can do your own research about what works on tinder. Some stuff can improve you profile. However truthseeker is correct, your looks and body speak volumes.

    The best advice I can offer is that accept that tinder is just side game, you main game should always be real conversations and hookups at bars or any other social setting. Women have the upper hand on tinder. Accept that. Unless of course you look like a supermodel. Don’t stress over the perfect line, you know she swiped on you because she liked something about you, so no need to try impress her (never ever try and impress her) just be relaxed about it and ask her to meet you for coffee.

    Don’t ever put women on a pedastil. Your goals come first. You come first. You can make this clear to her by the way you lead her, and make decisions in general. All she can offer you is sex. She must prove to you that she is a worthy companion worth more than just intercourse. Not the other way round. If you value yourself this should be obvious.

    Your actions that will show her that you aren’t like all the other guys:
    – you won’t text her excessively. If she doesn’t reply back, her loss, you move on.
    – you don’t compliment her (you sexually tease her instead)
    – you don’t turn into a little bitch and complain, apologize excessively, get jealous, fail to lead, agree with everything she says.

    Ultimately work on your career, your body, your confidence. All else is secondary. When you go out with your boys, don’t chase tail. Don’t let your jaw hit the floor when a pretty girl walks in. Always hold your composure, never let anything shake you (be vulnerable at times but never weak). Focus on holding conversations with women, if you new to this, and speaking to as many as possible (if you get nervous around attractive women). Once you see how simple it is, and how basic its meant and was always meant to be, you won’t need to spend 6 hours a day on YouTube looking for the “secrets” to attract every girl (another lie) or buy some expensive e-book just telling you whats been regurgitated a hundred times before.

    The fitness community and the pick-up artist dating community are the same. They are there to empty your wallet and make you more pathetic with women even after spending all your cash to so called learn the secrets.

    Hope this helps. In conclusion, always be real to yourself, you can pretend to be someone else, but sooner or later, the real you will come out. If people are running away from you after just three weeks of knowing you (after the facade falls away), then its your inner game that needs work.

    All the best.

    1. joe santus

      Y’knowwww…I’m the old guy on this comment thread at age 62, but here’s the thing — everything BRETT says, heed his advice. I know from a lifetime of experience and observation (often learning the hard way, by errors) that he is correct.

      I’m an open-married, meaning in a marriage in which my wife (we’re 38 years married) and I have each other’s full consent to have other short and long-term lovers. Before going open-married over a decade ago, she and I were “swingers” for several years, having sex with other couples. My wife and I have a great sex life together (nope, open-married doesn’t mean a couple dislike each other), and, for the past fifteen years, I’ve also had at least one extra-marital lover at any period (sometimes two). I’m only average-looking, 5’8″, white, retired but formerly-self-employed builder/roofer blue-collar earning status, so far from a movie star. But, I’m a lifelong PED-free bodybuilder (I have a lean washboard with well-defined abs even at age 62), I stay suntanned, and, most of all, I have a I-do-what-the-hell-I want, though-trying-to-avoid-intentionally-hurting-anyone attitude and won’t change anything important about myself for anybody, including women; I consider myself confident not arrogant.

      I know from personal experience in the extra-marital/non-sexual-exclusivity lifestyle that “online dating = men put a profile up, but women do the shopping unless a guy has movie-star/celebrity looks/status”. If a guy has only average looks, then he’s not disqualified but his personality becomes more important to women for them to be attracted, and personality doesn’t communicate well online, so, in-person venues work better for most guys than online does.

      My approach to the online shitcircus, and what I advise guys (if a guy is even going to use online at all) is as follows:
      1) Get in the best shape you can be in — women like to tell themselves that a guy’s looks don’t matter, cuz admitting otherwise means having to admit they are as “shallow” as they charge guys being, but, what a guy looks like damned well does matter to them. I’ve had women later confess that pics of me with my abs caught their eye, and that they then stayed around after they discovered they also liked my personality/attitude.

      2) Create a profile consisting of CURRENT face pics, shirtless pics, and pics of you engaged in some activity — for the shirtless and activity pics use pics someone else took of you, not staged or posed pics. Five or six pics maximum.
      Write a decent autobio/self-description…if your looks catch her eyes, then the next thing women do is actually read a guy’s profile. If all you write is “Hi, how are you. I hope you give me a chance!” then, as a guy with average looks, you’re not going to get a chance.

      3) Post that profile, then sit back with a “positive attitude but zero expectations”. Never be desperate for women nor sex. (If you’re desperate for either/both, then at least act as if you don’t give a damn –women claim they want sensitive men who show their feelings, but what they mean is they want men who’s feelings amount to, “I’m glad if you’re in my life, sure, but I don’t need you nor any woman, so I can take you or leave you.”…and, work on your psyche until you are at the place you honestly don’t need any woman so badly they can can control your life; cuz, desperation = your cock being on women’s leashes. ) Let women shop; if a woman sees something she’s interested in, she’ll contact you.

      Otherwise…BRETT has said anything I could offer.

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the advice. But I no longer use that app or any other app for that matter. I consider online dating a waste of time and social programming that I don’t want to participate in. Apparently, I don’t have the required appearance to make this thing work anyway.

    3. Chorchie

      I don’t know you, but I can say for sure you know your shit.

    4. Jai

      thanks brett for the long post and it made a lot of sense to me.. I am in india and here while the girls might not be as demanding as they are in the west, most of it still holds true… i am a singer by profession and your line ” work on your career finances” etc was so true.. the moment i sing a song that becomes famous, the opposite sex just comes forth… its like picking up low hanging ripe fruits from a tree…..

      I think we guys need to stop fawning over girls and let our status, our looks ( making the best of what we have), our talents and careers do the talking….become famous / stand out and what u seek will naturally come to you

    5. Donne the Conquerer

      ^^ Brett you said it perfectly, this advice is absolutely mandatory for today’s world of online social networking. While I always felt the PUA community is mostly a bunch of bullocks, years ago I so much as confirmed the same from one credible source via David DeAngelo and his sexual communication series. Much of what I read was already something I did instinctively, but he did a rather fine job of explaining it well.

      One last important motif in this discussion, that needs repeating, is the importance of body language – aka biological signaling. Namely, if you are confident, secure and strong it shows through your body language, not your words, and that very important to women.

      By example, if you meet a woman for coffee let’s say, sit comfortable, don’t fidget or cross you arms, have an “open” posture that doesn’t look threatened or is hiding something. If any unnecessary motion is exhibited, or you tap your fingers or feet anxiously, you send off a negative vibe that women pick up instantly. Like Michael Douglas said in the movie Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, “Women are like horses. Once you spook them you can never earn their trust.” (Or something to that effect.)

      Another biggie is if in doubt, the default answer to all questions should be “no”. It shows assertiveness and character, and prevents you from putting yourself in a position where you are validating yourself to her.

      Lastly, have fun with the conversation by pretending (since this is a game we’re talking about) everything she asks you or does is nothing more than a test – one where she may not be looking for an answer, but a response…just something to see how you respond and react. Follow this model and you’ll do well in the long run.

    6. Matt

      Yea, I met my wife during the time after 3years immersed in a social environments such as College, Work full time, going to Bars 4 times a week and going to a Church that had house meetings once a week. Before all that I was on a huge learning curve of self confidence and realizing talking to women was not a difficult as a made it out to be. Believe me it took some time and pushing myself out of my comfort zone consistently. After getting married, well that is a different story as you have to bring it up to a different level of emotional intelligence and Relational navigation.

      1. Peter

        David DeAngelo has a pretty ugly wife and he’s rich.

        There is nothing about that guy’s “success with women” that can’t be explained by him becoming wealthy from selling e-books. lol

        This goes for nearly any of the gurus.

        1. Donne the Conquerer

          You may be right. His series “Interviews with Dating Gurus” was gold though. And quite science based. It was interviews with sex therapists, psychologists, and various other walks of life folks that was both interesting, educational and fun to listen to (admittedly I did download the series for free so it never cost me anything). But I digress.

          While there is some truth to what have been discussed by the naysayers on this article, let’s stop with the nonsense that one will never know what sex with a beautiful female specimen will look like unless they’re an alpha-male stallion with perfect features and/or serious coin. This is pure certified organic horseshit. I’ve done well with the opposite sex and wouldn’t rate myself as a master cocksman (I’m married now to a wonderful & beautiful younger woman who is an MD of all things), so from personal experience I know it’s not true.

          And you want to know something else?

          I’ve known many a guy who were much less to look at (they weren’t hideous, however), and had zero money to their name, and yet bedded countless gorgeous women. Looking back some were even outright douche bags. How might I ask did they do it? They didn’t use Tinder, to my knowledge, and clearly it wasn’t social status, looks, a hot bod, etc that got them all the tail that they wanted, but considering the number, what explanation do you offer for their success?

          And I’m not trying to be contradictory with you here, I’m only expressing what I have seen and know to have happened. Once you are around such guys, you clearly realize from their success that much of what is considered gospel by the doubting crowd in this comments section is nothing more than erroneous sour grapes.

          1. Fatman

            The original post, and many of the comments that followed, is nothing but a regurgitation of bullshit peddled by people who I suspect belong to the pathetic “incel”, a.k.a. RedPill online community. It’s puzzling to me why anyone would want to associate themselves with a population of self-confessed losers. But there is room for everyone in cyberspace, so live and let live, I guess.

  7. Me

    Another great read. Any thoughts on writing a book focused on life philosophy? It could be similar to articles you have been posting recently. It would be nice to see your thoughts on various topics as people like you are very hard to come by.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Currently, I have A Hater’s Synthesis, but I may write something else in the future – like an updated version.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Lenovo something. I no longer use a smartphone, though.

      1. Me

        What phone would you advise for someone who doesnt want a smartphone? I want to buy, but in the process of looking for one.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          If you don’t want to buy, just don’t.

          I use my old dumb Nokia phone.

          I would use a smartphone again only if I need it for work.

  8. T-Moron

    Isn’t it “off topic” for NattyorNot?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      It is to a certain extent. It’s an old post that I found in my post vault.

  9. Chorchie

    3 key factors to get pussy:

    1. Take fucking care of yourself. It’s not neccesary to be good looking (but it helps), but even if you are just average and you take care of yourself (going to the gym, low body fat, good clothing style, good haircut and grooming…) you will look good to the eyes of the majority of women.

    2. Talk to women. Most women (even if they like you) won’t talk to you, so don’t be a pussy and if you find a women you like go to talk to her, don’t wait for her, she won’t initiate a conversation 99% of times. Most men are afraid of feel insecure talking to women. Those men are the ones who watch me while I talk to women at night, wishing they would have the balls to do that. I get rejected a fair ammount, but I get too a fair ammount of women who are ready to get fucked that night.

    3. Don’t be a weirdo. Getting pussy is not hard, you just need 2 main things: look good and talk to women. So when you talk to them stop thinking in PUA mode believing you need to win them over or to make weird routines to appear cool or alpha.

    This is my experience at bars and clubs. I’m tall, above average looking and take good care of myself, most women think I’m hot, they usually tell me in a friendly way. In any given night I know there are some women who go out to just have a good time with their friends (those will reject me), while others go out expecting maybe in top of that to get fucked by a goodlooking and cool guy (those will let me take the lead to my bedroom or theirs). The latter are the girls you need to find and talk to. And while you talk to women stop fucking around trying to make them laugh or trying to appear alpha all the night, you need to discover if they are the ones who want action that night. How? Start by some chit chat and try to make a physical move (try to kiss her or grab her hands), making sure she knows your intentions. If she is not ready that night she will make you know, so at that point stop, don’t get rapey or pushy, just say goodbye and return to your friends or to whatever you were doing before. If she’s ready she will stay there, not backing off, then accordingly you can keep escalating until you fuck her (if she wants that).

    Btw, this advice WON’T work if you are not decent looking, a midget or not in shape. If you don’t look good while doing this stuff almost all girls will reject you and you will look like the ugly weirdo of the bar. I’ve talked to dozens of women at night, never had a problem, or got into an ugly situation. This is the MOST genuine advice I would give any man who tells me how I do it. I’m sure most men with a fair ammount of sexual experience will agree with me.

    1. twp

      1. Be good looking.
      2. Don’t be autistic.

      1. Peter South

        Why would anyone need this advice? lol

        So yeah, to get muscles, just have really great genetics and make sure you get to the gym 3x a week.

        Don’t like trip over the barbell and land on your face, generally try to stay upright and make sure your pants don’t fall down. lol

      2. Peter

        “Most men are afraid of feel insecure talking to women. Those men are the ones who watch me while I talk to women at night, wishing they would have the balls to do that. I get rejected a fair ammount, but I get too a fair ammount of women who are ready to get fucked that night.”

        Most men get rejected something approaching 100% unless it’s with someone they don’t even want to fuck.

        Would you keep approaching with these results? Think about it.

        It’s like men who lift weights for 5 years and gain basically nothing. They still get sore, tired, injured but nobody knows they lift. lol

        1. Donne the Conquerer

          Oh the futility of it all. Basic math confounds all of this negative thinking and self-hatred. There are over 7 billion people on earth now…if just .001% are available, attractive, young fertile females living in your general vicinity then that’s over 7 million beautiful women that are ready & ripe for the taking. That’s what’s known in basketball terms as scoring in an empty gym.

          How bad could one’s looks and success be if he takes care of himself and puts his best foot forward in the mating game? I find it almost unfathomable that there are that many frustrated men out there who are single and not getting any; am I to believe that several hundred roid monkeys and rich glamour boys with cash have utterly cornered the vaginal market, resigning 99.99% of the remaining single women solely to a lifelong relationship with their vibrator and pet cat?

          Maybe it is true that 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish, but that still should leave plenty of female flesh out there as scrap for plenty of men. Don’t know why there is such a defeatist attitude out there concerning this, it’s hard to internalize and quantify.

          And seriously Peter, who trains seriously for 5 years and has nothing to show for it? WTF?! In 5 years I went from a chub master to a chiseled Adonis with – dare I say – a great body that received many compliments. Anyone can built at least a decent physique with enough dedication and effort, and I did everything wrong (training wise anyway) in my first 5 years.

          I’m running out of things to say here, but if there are still folks who are that pessimistic about building their bodies and being with good looking women, they I guess they’re right.

          But it’s self inflicted.

        2. Chorchie

          Work on your looks. Don’t limit yourself to your body. Take care of your looks, you will gains TONS of points. Unless you start ugly you will land in above average range, and there most women will find you hot/attractive. Your body, your grooming, your clothing style, when you start taking caring of yourself you will start to get comments, then your confidence will skyrocket. That pessimistic attitude is fucking killing your chances. When you start fucking more and more women you will start to believe that you are entitled to their pussies, sounds douchey but it’s how it is.

  10. Vuyani

    I have just got my heart broken a couplw of hours back despite following so suave secrets to attracting women I read ton of their stuff for years did everything by the book and guess what the last 6 women I met lied to me,dumped me which tore me apart. as much as people hate this guy the Truth Seeker, everything he post is on point, money matters,looks matters, social status matters it sad to admit this but if you did everything by the book and still fail then you bound to ask if the world is safe place to live in. I am writing this as my heart is bleeding I am in bed thinking about life in general I am 26 and I am yet to have a relationship last for a solid week that’s right all my relationships never passed the 7th day its a circle of year after year when I would spend month before I heal and get into a trap of a relationship that’s not going to break the 7th day… I have tried almost every methods of
    dating and here I am nothing seem to work…my real motivation to lifting weights was women and the results haha don’t ask

    1. Dave

      You said you’re above average looking so that explains any success you’ve had with women. Your advice means nothing to average and below men. It’s like a steroid user trying to give training advice to natty’s.

      1. Chorchie

        Work on your looks. Average guys don’t take care of their physique, don’t take care of their clothing style or grooming, don’t have the balls to talk to women (just staring at them with their drinks by their side). Most average guys who change that will be above average. You don’t need to have a juicer physique, a model’s face or tons of money in the bank account to get pussy. Most average guys don’t give a fuck about improving themselves, they just whine how bad luck they have with women.

    2. Peter

      No, math confounds your theory.

      First of all, most females in the US are fat. Supply and demand. That means that there is massive competition for the few young, attractive ones.

      A female 7/10 can easily find a male 8-9/10 to slum it with her. This means she’s been screwing male 8s for many years….a male 6 or 7 has very little chance until she decides to “settle” (big mistake). Men always have to “screw down”, which isn’t that bad if you are in the 8-10/10 range.

      Second, the average female considers the average male to be unattractive.

      Most men have already thought about working out or trying to look better. Any substantial muscle gain will take years and probably not be too impressive. Read the site or try to troll some other people. lol

      Another percentage of these women are black and very few men of any race find black women attractive (citing dating site surveys and FBI crime stats on rape. White men don’t even rape black women, lol).

      The black men are going after the white women and so is everyone else. So if you are a white man…tough luck.

      Also if you are asian, it’s an even worse dynamic than for white men because many white men who don’t make the white female cut can get an asian girl, effectively cutting you out of your own gene pool.

      1. Brett

        Hey Peter I just want you to to know that I completely respect you opinion.

        However I would just like to leave you with this:
        – you will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take
        – If you think she’s out of your league, she is.
        – Having a scarcity mindset will make you act desperate around women, even if you don’t realise it. Desperation = 0/10 attraction.

        You make valid points. I don’t live in the US so I can’t talk about the factors and demographics of your country. However I will say this.

        I am a white male turning 23. I live in a country (South Africa) where white people make up only 8% of the population. Believe me the white girls here know it. The game here is tight. My friends and I always look out for foreigners because we know how easy they are compared to local girls.

        Its not uncommon for there to be more guys to girls ratio in some of the local bars where my friends and I go. However I have still gotten some action and a few numbers even while competing for one of the only few hot white girls in the bar at times. Why? Because I just kept trying and approaching.

        Persistence and perseverance. If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to get it. No matter the odds.

        I am trying to illustrate that even against all odds you can still succeed. The right mindset is key however.

        1. Donne the Conquerer

          Brett: Don’t respect his opinion. In fact, fuck his opinion.

          Your experience alone in SA has proven and exposed that much of the BS on this site, spewed by the naysayers, is pure sour grapes. You know what separates them from you? You tried because you believe in yourself, and you had success. It’s that simple.

          And I get so pissed off whenever someone brings the race card into the game, as if being white now is some sort of inherent disadvantage. I think Chris Rock said it best: “If you (white) guys are losing, who the fuck is wininng?!?!”

          Yes, there are people that have the deck stacked against them, whether it’s because they are dwarfs, born deformed, etc., but clear that’s not you or most men, so why even bring it up and talk about it. And yes there are people born in areas of the globe, where it’s harder to succeed in life due to geography and demographics, but even some of them break out and make it.

          As an example (one of many), I personally know a man from Guyana whose not very tall or good looking, in his forties, who is married to a young, blond Romanian goddess who is 6′ tall and gorgeous. He came to the US with nothing and barely spoke English, now he has a family in an upscale neighborhood, and owns a marvelous 4,000 sq foot home, along with a successful mini-mart business with numerous stores. Guess he’s just lucky, eh?

          So keep at it and keep striving, success doesn’t happen by accident, no matter where your starting point is, and always surround yourself with as many successful people as possible. That’s the best and only advice I can give you, and it’s the only advice that matters.

      2. Donne the Conquerer

        Wow Peter, thanks for taking the conversation of a “troll” like me so personally. What next, do we drop our drawers and compare wankers?

        And despite your deep forensic examination and analysis of the mating game, I noticed you still evaded my simple question: How did I pull it off and hit the jackpot? How did so many guys I know – most of whom were white, not so great looking and had hardly any serious money to their name – able to pull to pull it off? Were they all the statistical 85 year old smoker and still alive anomaly?

        The funny thing is one of them was actually an ASIAN guy I went to college with, who literally had a harem of beautiful young women of every race and background. I guess he didn’t get your memo about Asian men and women, so how did he manage it? (Hint: He wasn’t particularly tall, rich or jacked.)

        Let me guess: We are not talking about me or them, we are talking about most men. Yeah ok.

        If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the comments section of this website it’s that there seems to be an endless group of (I’m betting) young people that constantly sell their potential short, whether it’s building muscle, meeting women, starting their own business, etc., and that try to claim that the bar has already been set so low by mother nature and social dynamics that there is hardly a point in trying. That’s truly sad.

        Yet here I set at the opposite end of the bar in great shape, very financially successful, and married to the perfect (for me anyway) woman. Funny how that works.

        Attitude is everything my friend. That’s not a cliché or bumper sticker, that’s an inarguable fact. Even the guy you mention that busts his ass in the gym and doesn’t make much of an impact physique wise would still be ahead of the game, because at the very least he won’t be fat and will be in shape, which most people aren’t in the states, and that alone gives him an edge. Coupled with the a clean cut image and the right attitude and he will go far if he wants it bad enough.

        I’m close with several women at work in fact who are young and attractive, and they all flirt with me and constantly invite me to lunch. All in their 20’s, fit and beautiful. And they all know I’m a married guy because I constantly talk about my kids and family life with them. It’s no different than when I was single. If you make a woman feel good around you and are fun to be with it’s on, that’s what she responds to, simple as that, and no need to over analyze and under achieve.

        Message being that I came from nothing, was even fat as a young man, and needed to work on my presentation growing up into adulthood. I did, and succeeded on all venues. And if I can do it, so can just about everyone.

      3. Donne the Conquerer

        Many false assumptions and chicken-vs-egg arguments:

        Average dudes are unattractive to average females. Duh. And who would be attracted to anyone out of shape with no aspirations, personally and professionally? I though we were talking about men who have their act together.

        Most (young) 18-25 year old fertile women are not fat. In fact, by comparison with males in a similar age group, they are usually in much better shape here in the US. I think your figures are skewed based on older single and married women. At every gym I’ve been to, including the present one, fit females greatly out number fit guys.

        A 7/10 female can find a 8/10, 9/10, 10/10, etc man to bang her if she walks up him and just says “Screw me”. Maybe even a 5/10 or 6/10 woman can do that too. That’s how men are biologically wired, to spread their proverbial seed. What’s your point?

        I’ve know plenty of men nowhere close to 8/10 facial (appearance wise, anyway) that scored damn near or at the 10/10 female mark, with no need to ever scale down. But alas we’ve worn that conversation thin it seems.

        As for Asian women, you have a partial point. Many white guys simply are tried of the “feminist” baggage that comes with white women, and go for Asian girls, who generally are much more family oriented, old fashioned and submissive. Some are just attracted to that particular race, simple as that. And Asian girls view a white man as social stature catch; they see them as ideal for mates because they consider them at the top of the social food chain of success. I can attest to this through several friend married to Asian women, and it’s no surprise.

        Where did you get this silly notion that just because most races chase white women (whites are still roughly 70% of the US population, so that factors in) that you are in some sort of disadvantage as a white guy? What race are most white women married to? Who are most quite women dating (unless they’re named Kardashian, lol)?

        And you neglect one very important fact, that’s a major game changer, for all men: Men age like wine, women age like milk.

        As a man your desirability goes way past the age of 20, in fact in only goes higher the longer you take care of yourself. The cougar club is largely irrelevant in scale by comparison. And everyday a new crop of girls hits 18, 21, 25…your supply only goes up. What’s not to relish about that?

    3. Tiger

      I understand what you are saying,
      That’s the problem, some guys think being what they are not truly are, make women to like them is end of the story like Disney BS, it’s just the beginning.

      People might be able to fake their pictures, their status to getyinto a relationship, but I won’t last long

  11. André

    I really love you work, you’re a wise man.

    1. Herbinias

      You’re a fool. I am in very good shape compared to the average guy. A decent body doesn’t matter. The only things that matter are looks (90% facial), money, and/or status. If you aren’t in the top 15-20% of at least one of those factors you are out. This is the truth, anything else is silly games.

    2. Peter South

      Every average guy has tried dressing nice, working out and talking to girls. We’re on a bodybuilding site. Ridiculous. lol

  12. Esteban

    Hey truth seeker!! Since i know the truth about life i cant sleep, i have insomnio. Any advice for better sleep?
    P.D. sory for my bad english, its not my native language, like you. How can i improve my english?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Distract yourself. Stop reading online. Do something physical – like extra working out, manual labor, ride a bicycle, run – just fatigue your system.

  13. twp

    Truth Seeker going redpill 😀
    I am from Eastern Europe and 2 years ago tinder wasn’t so popular here and I used to have decent number of matches and dates. For example I needed 10 days of swiping and there were no more girls(around 2000 girls using tinder in million city). And I had like 150-200 matches which is very good for a man.
    Now tinder is super popular, a lot of guys are paying for it. Every day I swipe a lot of girls and wtf i am getting barely 5 matches a week(so my match percentage is down from 10% to very very low) and only 1 or 2 of them are responding and honestly they aren’t even that good looking, usually on the fatty side.

  14. swabbie

    As someone who used a LOT of dating sites (Facebook and other social network are also similar crap) in the past, to cut it short
    Waste of time – unless you are very good looking and/or rich fuck or you have very good pickup story
    Only woman that I picked up on internet were already a friends of mine friends, that was some kind guarantee I guess

  15. Gareth Lee

    I think this is a bit of the mark but i am from the UK, most women have on there profile not message them if ou have a picture where your body is on the, as you know steroids are legal in the UK and they have an association that men what use them are posers or love them self too much

    i think some men haven’t figuired women out or dont have the confidence too try, i am 29 below average looking, very rough , broken nose , some pretty severe cystic acne cars and i mean severe , but i have no problem with women and i think its to do with how i behave , dont chase them dont put them pedestals , i treat them in a way they have probably never experienced before and it takes them a while to get there heads round it.

    they are so used to being fawned over that when they meet someone who gives them a take it or leave it attitude you will see the cogs turning round in there head if you look at there eyes.

    im quite aggresive with other males and will get into disputes and physical altercations often , especially when i was younger this almost certainly has helped to attract women .

    I am quite quick mentally , even though my spelling may not show it and being the centre of attention in a group has helped many times , other males naturally seem to fall in line around me , now friends tell me they felt very uneasy around me for a long time, i was a professional kick boxer for a time and i think that worried other males, even though i was perfect polite and softly spoken

    my experience with women has always been casual sex and they have always wanted it again even calling me animalistic ive had a few long term relationships, but as soon as something better comes a long or they mention kids i’m off to something normally prettier

    i’m 29 now and in the last 3 years made a lot of money live a lifestyle 98% of people in the uk could only dream of, i could easily attract a highvalue women for a relationship, ive slept with a lot, but i would be stuck as a bill payer paying for horses, holidays and shopping why do that

    start not caring , and women will want to know more about you, chase them and fill them full of compliments they will soon get sick and move on to the next mug

    1. OSB

      Sure…sure..keep taking those pills

  16. Inder

    Just like most muscle men are fake so are the most beautiful women, they both have defective souls.
    These women have shallow souls which spur them to make themselves pretty, so she resorts to boob jobs, nose jobs, bum implants, hair extensions etc…the list is endless.
    Plastic surgery woman is the norm these days, the number of fake boobs I have groped is a testament to that!
    This is a common occurrence in the west due to consumerism. For example, I don’t know why young woman all dye their hair & let nasty chemicals seep into their scalp? If you’re not going grey why bleach it yellow…or should I say blond? The answer is because without that facade they have no confidence…they are not REAL.

  17. Inder

    One more thing my natty comrades! When you see a fake natty surrounded by beautiful ladies, despair not…like I used to…in another age.
    For their best assets are made from plastic & are nothing more than mere dolls, Barbie dolls.
    If you want one, be sure to pay a high price financially, emotionally & energetically as most of them are energy vampires.
    Let the fake natty have them, to hell with them, it’s better to be alone & do your own thing, the wenches!

  18. Matt

    Wow, this post just ended up in how to get laid and manipulating women to get to that point. Sex is great, but having the companionship I get from my Wife beats all the days being the lone ranger trying to get some.

  19. Rick

    If someone wanted a body of a UFC light weight or welterweight what routine/program could they do? Focus on compound movements a couple of days and do some cardio? Eat good for abs and have less calories? Push pull? Full body? How many days a week? Thanks!

    1. Brett

      It depends Rick. Do you just want to look like that? Or do you want to have the strength to German suplex a resisiting 80kg male?

      Assuming you want both, I would train like this:

      Front squats (5×5)
      Skipping (15 min)
      Power clean (3×3)
      Optional: Romanian Deadlift (3×10)

      Pull-ups (5x max)
      Dumbbell row (3×8)
      Push-ups (3x failure)
      Skipping (15 min)

      Skipping (20 min)
      Hanging leg raises (5×12)

      Trap-bar deadlift (5×8)
      Skipping (15 min)
      Hang clean (3×5)
      Optional: Bulgarian split squats (3×8)

      Parallel dips (5x max)
      Overhead press (3×8)
      Neutral-grip Pull-up (3x max)
      Skipping (15 min)

      Skipping (20 min)
      Hanging leg raises (5×12)

      Sun: (Rest)

      You aren’t aren’t training like a bodybuilder because you just want to be strong in certain movements but you could care less about your forearm flexors.

      You want to do some cardio everyday in order to get fit like these guys and increase your metabolic rate to burn more calories. They are extremely fit.

      The power and hang clean are to build and incorporate some explosive strength. While the front squat and trap deadlift will give you strong legs for lifting another man up and slamming him to the mat and build explosive strength.

      Putting both the power clean and the hang clean after 15 minutes of skipping will work your cardio and emulate lifting another fighter when you already tired.

      1. Peter South

        Go to an MMA gym and train MMA.

        Most fighters don’t lift much because time and recovery for that sort of thing is limited.

        GSP admits he only lifts to make himself more marketable and that he does the show muscles.

  20. Tipster

    Here are some tips, to help anyone reading this.

    If you’re not hot, don’t use tinder, use another app. I have very unattractive friends (short and fat) who were able to find dates with decently attractive girls (outside of their league) using “Coffee meets bagel” and e-harmony. With that said, don’t expect to date anyone hotter than you are, try to match your own looks level in female form and you’ll do fine. Most of the girls that date “up” in looks will end up getting used and dumped on Tinder, will eventually move to other apps and try dating guys closer to their own looks eventually. You don’t see a lot of hot guys married to average or ugly women. But most women do end up married or in long term relationships with someone around their own looks level. People settle, just not on tinder, so if you’re not hot use the other dating apps and places.

    If you are hot enough and want to win on tinder do this (and I mean super win):

    Don’t put too may photos (one or two), girls get too many matches so they are looking for ways to eliminate potentials. Use an awesome photo, and not just of how you look, have it be at an awesome place (on a boat,on top of a mountain, etc etc), don’t use a close up selfie on your couch unless you’re extremely good looking. Leave mystery in your photo. Unless your body is top 5%, don’t be shirtless. instead MAX out style and face, use style choices to hide your flaws (the way girls do).

    When you match with a girl, respond right away (hot girls will get 100s of matches) and push for a meetup or date as soon as possible after a few lines are exchanged. If you’re short, exaggerate your height by 2 inches and wear lifted shoes (if you choose the right style, they will NOT be able to tell and you’ll get what you want, just make sure the fitness and style are on point.).

    I got a lot of dates off of tinder and I met my wife on tinder, so I know what I’m talking about.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      All apps are the same. I don’t recommend them to men.

      1. Solomon Rothman

        Hey, you’ll get a kick out this, read this answer on Quora – https://www.quora.com/Do-women-still-like-muscles-in-2018-I-dress-well-and-look-huge-in-clothes-yet-I-get-no-attention-from-them, then expand the comments on the top answer. You’ll see “Jason Momoa” being referred to as having a “little amount” of muscle (not making this up). You can also see a couple pics of me from another answer, I don’t use steroids and I’m lucky to have high enough testosterone to build the body I wanted, but I still understand how messed up the “system” is. I laughed hard when I heard woman refer to Jason Momoa (who is basically Arnold sized) being referred to as having a little bit of muscle and being the “right” size. That body is impossible for most guys even if they use steroids.

  21. Donne the Conquerer

    I simply have to share the success story of a personal friend, as it relates to the present conversation:

    This Greek man I know, who immigrated from Crete over 30 years ago, was born into a poor family, and never had much (either him or his family) in the way of monetary success back home. As a young man, he immigrated to the US, where he still pursed the passion and love he had growing up as a boy back home: fishing.

    Transplanted in the northeastern seaboard of the United States, he still fished recreationally every chance he got from the shore, where he made many new friends, primarily other novice as well as seasoned fishermen. Through them he got to know the best anglers in the area, and then he joined fishing clubs, he tagged along on fishing trips, until he got his very own boat. He kept learning the basics and specifics, of fishing and boating, from veteran anglers from all walks of life, until he was good enough to get his own captain’s license, enabling him to charter. From there, he even got a commercial license to harvest and sell fish, all caught via rod & reel.

    He caught many fish, and bigger fish, and even started winning tournaments. Word got out. Business became better and better, and then became great. He upgraded his boat to a 32′, then to 34′ to go over 100 miles offshore, and fish in even the worst conditions. He made money and reinvested in his enterprise, updating gear and electronics, upgrading outboards and fishing equipment, make chartering and commercial fishing not only his passion but his one and only full-time job.

    His clientele rose so high that he is booked solid every season, almost every single day from May through November, year in and year out, for various fishing excursions from folks from across the country – and from across the globe. People actually fly in, sometimes stay at his home, and fish with him for weeks on end. Many post these trips on social media, further promoting him and his business.

    This man does trade shows year round, is sponsored by various tackle manufacturers, and is even paid to advertise their products as decals on his vessel. Many fish with him to test and refine new rods, reels, and terminal tackle for specific fisheries.

    He is now one of the best fisherman along the entire east coast, and is known by everyone in the inner circle of sport fishing on a first name basis.

    He no longer chases fish or fishermen. They come to him for advice and business.

    Let’s see how many of you can draw a strong parallel between this man’s story and the present subject.

  22. Wittgenstein

    OMG, truthseeker is now a guru dealing his views to resentfull younglings… we all going to do it bruh

  23. Zy Supra

    Dating, friendships, love, sex

    It’s all pleasure driven and materialistic at the core. It is naive to attach sentimental value to anything. Life is just a big race and the largest beauty contest ever. Simply what is beautiful, what is powerful continues the bloodline, and what isn’t does not. That’s all there is to it.

    We, young men of 2018 have been born in an age where how we were brought up is vastly different to reality and that is why it is so difficult for many of us, myself included at times.

    Men without extreme beauty, money, or status should just give up on finding love and happiness. There is no point in pursuing that which will never be fulfilled. In many ways I am a prisoner to myself, I was raised valuing life, love, and companionship. I’ve been working diligently to rewire that so that I can fully accept total isolation in my psyche and remain at peace.

    As I do this I understand many aspects of life on a much deeper level. I have no regrets and no hopes, I just move forward and observe. But deep within me I am starting to become power hungry and emotionless. I asked for the truth and I got it, but I never would have thought this would be the outcome.

    Continue writing TruthMan. I’ve been reading you for years now, you were the beginning of the end for my old self, and the beginning of the beginning of who I am now.

    1. Tiger

      It’s so true.

      I became very jaded, resentfull and ignorant over past years specially toward woman,
      I get shocked when a lady receptionis talks to me nicely (well, I guess that’s her job)

  24. Gerry

    Agree with most of this

    Regarding life in general we live in a day and age where height is utterly critical for males, if you are short to very short you are going to have to work 5 times harder to achieve probably half the results and you are going to be in for a long haul life with A LOT of bumps

    For females overall looks is what gets you places but from what I’ve found most men are more willing to lower their standards if the occasion calls for it.

    As the writer states above I can’t recall how many times I’ve seen this ridiculous double standard in women with regards to height/weight. It’s fine to have a ‘preference’ for tall stature yet males who have a preference for normal weight girls are deemed ‘shallow’ erm excuse me your a fat cunt out of choice! If all it took was a diet for short guys to grow taller I’m damn certain they’d manage!

  25. Sd

    If you want women, you have to improve your social circle and cultivate hobbies/interests that you enjoy.

    Derek Jeter, the NY Yankees shortstop (,or whatever position) was an infamous womanizer. He banged lots of dime pieces. Yes, hos looks, money. And status played a big part, but do you think Jeter went into baseball to “bang lots of chicks?” He would never have become a pro with such a superficial motivation.

    No. He enjoyed it and the women came as a consequence.

    Of course, lifting never hurt anyone either. I have never heard any girl day they prefer their boyfriend with a dad bod….

  26. Peter

    This article so litterally reeks of frustration it could have been written by an incel (the emphasis on aesthetics, jaw lines, social status and how women are just greedy snakes gave you up). Tinder works great if you play it by the book: post your face, tell something creative -if you are creative, that is- in your bio, don’t be an asshole and, most of all, don’t expect one hundred of matches a day, you couldn’t handle it anyway. Sure the app promises instant sex (spoiler: nobody truly believes that) and what you get is… slow paced, classical romance. I can’t see what’s wrong with that. If the first thing you do when you meet the girl is to underline how superficial and corrupted by capitalism she is, no wonder it doesn’t work.

    Ps: I’m an introvert bald guy with nothing special, met three beautiful and smart young women IRL, and am currently having a great time with the third one. I actively used the app two weeks. Yup. Sometime you just have to cut on the sanctimonious, condescending bullshit.

    1. TheHardgainer

      Well maybe you can have 5 matches a week an average looking woman could have probably 30 to 50 matches. Don’t you think that it’s stupid let the women have so much choice power? Those bitches deserve the worst, they don’t deserve a nice, gentle, intelligent man. I think that this apps, are just social experiment, they have created legions of idiots

  27. T

    For most men. Don’t waste your money on frustration and headaches. Most women that are descent looking: have become extreme narcissistic.

  28. Telling The Truth

    Just too many low life loser disgusting women everywhere nowadays with tattoos all over their bodies which makes them real total freaks to begin with.

  29. Mimi

    Woman here. Gonna give my two cents – no, it won’t work for everyone. Women are very influenced by looks. This is true. Saying they just care about money or social status is not accurate. So when it comes to online sites, your picture is very important. Posting a bad pic or only a far-away pic will not get you noticed. Women are also sensitive to chubbiness in men – they don’t like it. So a face-pic that shows a chubby face (even a little bit), will get you overlooked. So post a very good closeup pic, and don’t be chubby. And very good doesn’t mean looking squarely into the camera – go for a 3/4 profile. And here’s something counter-intuitive: Do not smile. Lastly, post a good full-body pic, but not shirtless, unless it’s a beach or pool pic. (Note: Being fit is good. Big muscles are not necessary.)

    Do write something interesting. Not about what you want (women don’t give a shit about what you want), but about who you are and what you think about – what makes you tick.

    Don’t think it’s cute to say something that makes you sound dick-ish – it isn’t cute and women don’t like it. I’m talking about references to being ‘sarcastic’, ‘blunt’, ‘too-honest’, ‘a bit of a devil’, etc. Anything like that will just be seen as being a dick and women will avoid. Women like interesting men – they do not like jerks.

    On the contrary, if you write things that make you seem decent, caring, high-integrity, loyal, thoughtful, etc, it is a plus. But again – this is online: The most important thing is a good close-up face pic (or head/torso pic where face is clearly visible). Most of the profiles of guys that I see, it is clear that they do not understand this – their pics are low effort or unappealing.

    When you message women, don’t say ‘hi beautiful’, or ‘hi gorgeous’. Many/most women hate those kinds of approaches, because it emphasizes her value, but not his value. What is there in it for her, if he thinks she’s gorgeous? Who cares? Write something funny, witty, engaging, thoughtful, ask a question – anything other than a throwaway compliment. Even ‘hi’ with nothing else is better. And don’t write anything lengthy, it’s a waste of your time and won’t make a difference (unless you want to for some reason). Just make whatever remark reflects your current mood – say something random, that’s fine. Be spontaneous.

    Ask her out right away. Don’t text to get to know someone. And if you go out, it doesn’t have to be a production. Or costly at all. Just a way to chat face to face without a big investment of time, money or energy.

    If you are looking for a relationship, don’t push for physical/sexual contact right away – it can put a woman off. Women like their space, and don’t like to feel pushed in on. If you are just looking to get casual sex, that’s a different story, go to clubs and bars and look for women who want to get laid. But if you are looking for a relationship, less is better, slower is better.

    And yes – what guys on this site have said is true: For many guys, real-life is a better way to meet women. And you don’t need to push for dates or be super aggressive. Just make it a habit to chat up women and be friendly wherever and whenever you can. See where it leads, or just have a nice encounter. Be natural and go with the flow. That’s a bigger topic and I mainly wanted to comment on the online thing, but yes – real life should not be overlooked (meetup, facebook events, etc are your friend).

    Good luck guys – it’s tough for everyone. You may think it’s easy for females, but it’s not. Maybe to get casual sex its easy (for some), but for many women, that’s not satisfying and not what they want. And finding a relationship with a good man who is a good fit for them and treats them with respect and caring is a very hard thing to find. So here’s to good luck for all of us.

  30. Tiger

    There is no balance,

    Women only want a man way more attractive than they are.
    That’s why they complain about man being unfaithful.

    So average man only can date very unattractive women or hippo.
    He is doing it to get away from loneliness and solitude in his life.
    That relationship won’t last long.

  31. Tiger

    Everything you said is so true unfortunately.

    It scares me where the society is going.
    How much power these narcissistic women are getting through social media, power of manipulation they have is mind boggling.

    Average woman can litteraly sleep with different man every night,.
    Those who do online are the worse,
    majority are not even single, they just looking for attention and ego boost.

    If you are an average guy who get 1 like or 2 a month, how can you possibly have a chance with an average woman who gets 100 messages a week?
    It does not matter what women say they want, if you are way more attractive than she is, she forgets about her checklist.

    No matter what main stream tells us about women, they are more superficial than men, just look at how women do shopping they mostly care about how pretty an item is , they get away from being called names with the power of manipulation they have. They are much better at hiding things and lying, acting innocent comparing to men.
    After all,
    They are superficial and narcissistic because they can afford to be.

    Why do you think women like social events, because they like attention they get

    Even if you date one which is extremely rare, that relationship won’t last long.

  32. seriously1

    I think most men have crazy ideas about the kind of women they can attract. I am an attractive and very educated 54 year woman who looks much younger. Men who are not educated at all, often have kids but have never been married, and are well into their 60s get offended by my lack of interest. I think you should have a reasonable idea of your attractiveness (taken as a package) and try to find someone who matches you. A 5 guy isn’t going to get a younger woman 10 unless there is something off about her. And vice-versa. Bitterness comes from unreasonable expectations.

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