5 Powerlifters and Bodybuilders Who Were Legit Criminals [NattyOrNot – educational series]

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Yesterday, I found an old document in my Dropbox profile containing a table with topics that I had prepared for NattyOrNot.com in 2019.

One of them was 5 Powerlifters and Bodybuilders Who Were Legit Criminals.

Today, 5 years later, I present you this exact post.

Let’s go, fellas.

Jim Williams – The Perma-bulking “Crime Boss” Who Made The Bench Press His Bitch

In the photo above, you see Jim Williams – a legendary powerlifter who had no idea what a diet was and enjoyed a life of perma-bulking, benching, and breaking the law.

He set multiple records in the lift. Witnesses said that even the biggest barbells behaved like little bitches in his massive hands.

Williams was a good friend with John Kuc – the silent powerlifter who had an insane strength-to-weight ratio and also went on a massive bulk to set a few records.

Here are some of Jim Williams’ powerlifting accomplishments.

  • In 1969, Williams benched 600lbs and became the second man in the universe to move that much weight above his chest.
  • On November 6, 1971, William benched 660lbs and set another record.
  •  Williams has also benched 700lbs in training in front of witnesses.

And now Jim Williams’ Criminal Highlights

  • In 1961, Jim Williams received a 10-year prison sentence for assault and robbery. He started lifting while serving.
  • In 1981, Jim Williams was sentenced to 5 years for social security fraud. During the trial, the prosecution added cocaine trafficking and involvement in organized prostitution. His sentence was increased to 11 years.

Bertil Fox – The Introvert Bodybuilder Convicted For Killing His Girlfriend

Bertil Fox is a popular bodybuilder from the Golden Era, but his imprisonment hurt his fame immensely. Arnold himself saw him as his successor.

Bertil Fox had a complete physique with full muscle bellies. He had no weaknesses. Even his calves were on point. Many black bodybuilders have high calves and struggle with that region (e.g., Johnie Jackson). Fox wasn’t one of them.

Unfortunately, Fox didn’t fit in the plans of the bodybuilding elite and was given super low placings. He was beaten by many weaker bodybuilders despite visibly outmuscling them in every possible way.

Fox was known for having less-than-ideal lifting form – lots of bouncing and throwing of the weights.

Someone like Mike Israetel from Renaissance Periodization would probably cry and scream while watching his videos.

But drugs + genetics + hard training + natural joint resilience overcome bad form.

Sadly, Fox was convicted of killing his young girlfriend and her mother. He was initially sentenced to die by hanging, but his sentence was changed to life imprisonment.

On 4 August 2022, Mr Fox was granted a presidential pardon by the governor-general of St.Kitts and Nevis, after serving 25 years of his life sentence.

Bertil Fox is now a free person residing in the United Kingdom.

Craig Michael Titus – From Big Biceps to a Big Kill

Craig Titus is a former professional bodybuilder. He had a lot of potential and his body was responding well to training and drug protocols.  During his peak, he was placing consistently in the top 10 of major shows.

Titus’ bodybuilding journey began in 1988 when he won the middleweight division and the overall at the NPC Houston Bodybuilding Championships.

He won his IFBB Pro Card in 1996 at the NPC USA Championships.

Destiny went bad for Titus in 2005 when he murdered his assistant Melissa James with the help of his girlfriend Kelly Ryan. The couple put the body in a car and set it on fire in the middle of the desert during the night. The fire caught everyone’s attention. They tried running but were caught a few days later.

Titus is serving a 21-55-year sentence.

Kali Muscle – Armed Robberies, Top Ramen and Tuna

The Glory Days of Kali Muscle

When NattyOrNot.com was born, Kali Muscle was living his glory days. He was out of prison, free, big, and richer than ever. He claimed to have built his muscle mass while being locked up thanks to some mythical prison workouts.

Later, he suffered a heart attack and had to downsize down to what he would weigh naturally (or close to it).

But before becoming a popular bodybuilder, Kali Muscle was a gangster.

Kali Muscle (real name Chuck Kirkendall) served time in prison for the following criminal offenses:

  • Several armed robberies
  • Possession and distribution of illegal drugs

Gordon Kimbrough – From Muscle Construction To Real-Life Knife Penetration Testing

Gordon Kimbrough (a.k.a. the Chemical Machine) is a former bodybuilder who used to carry 240lbs of body mass on his 5’10” frame.

During the 90s, after returning from an amateur show, Kimbrough stabbed and then strangled his fiancee Kristy Ramsey who was also in the muscle construction industry.

Ramsey’s decision to end their relationship and cancel the wedding catalyzed the murder.

Gordon was sentenced to 27 years in prison.

Many people speculated that “roid rage” was behind the murder, and this was the original line of defense. It makes sense. The guy takes a drug which then alters his behavior. Thus, the crime could be seen as a smaller evil as he is under the influence of a chemical altering his judgment.

But there is another point of view that most discussions on the topic seem to ignore – the crime happened after a bodybuilding show.

What does that tell you?

Gordon had been on a diet for weeks to get shredded. This is what bodybuilders do. And when you are on an insane diet, you become extremely irritable. Even slight things become annoyances. Many bodybuilders, even mellow ones, transform into raging bulls during the final days of preparation.

Another factor is water dehydration – a pre-show protocol done to acquire a “dry”, cut look.

Water deprivation increases irritation even more. And when you add the bad news that the guy received, you get a recipe for anger from another universe. Of course, this isn’t an excuse to kill somebody, but an explanation/clarification.

When anger takes over, one is functionally controlled by a demon.

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  1. Andrei

    Great article. I would also add Dennis Tinerino who in la late 70s was a pimp

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I didn’t know that. Otherwise, I would have included him. But you did so yourself no. ;-

  2. Victorio

    Shame, we spend our youth following these criminals , trying the supplements they endorse, nonsense routines and what not , instead of or at the expense of our careers or higher education.

  3. SamS

    This is a great continuum to the previous article’s protagonist Ronnie “lightweight buddy” Coleman. Didn’t he used to be a copper back in the day? It would’ve been funny as hell to see him chase these big boys down when he still was able to walk without crutches. What the hell is wrong with Kali’s abs? It’s like something is trying to get out of there.

    1. TC

      The Titus one is bizarre, i remember when it happened and still don’t understand how they decided that whatever problems they had were serious enough that killing that girl would fix them, and why they thought it was a good idea, or how it could have even happened accidentally. So far as I know he had no convictions for violent crime. Maybe they were all out of their minds on drugs.

      1. Truth Seeker Post author

        Yes, some sources explain the crime with drug (not steroids) overuse. The other kills seem to be more the result of insane anger than anything. Anger could be a killer, but sometimes it’s also a savior.

  4. Craig Stephenson

    Jim William’s eventual BP record that he set in the early 70s was 675 pounds, which was recognised for years by the Guinness book of records. Even the great Kazmaier could only get 661 pounds much later in the ’80s. Williams also went down for counterfeiting in the 70s as well. He died some years ago, apparently spending those last years in a wheel chair, hanging around the courthouse a lot, but with a rep as being a real swell guy to know.

  5. Pizda

    Greg Doucette is missing from the list!

    The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced that Halifax resident Greg Austin Doucette, 38, was sentenced in Halifax Provincial Court on three charges of possessing, smuggling, importing, trafficking and distributing anabolic steroids under the Customs Act and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). Doucette was sentenced to a Conditional Sentence Order of 20 months, one-year probation on each charge, and a fine of $50,000 ($12,500 for each CDSA charge and $25,000 for the Customs Act charge). In addition, Doucette must forfeit all materials and cash seized by the CBSA.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I didn’t know that. Thank for adding it.

      1. Craig Stephenson

        Someone else who is very obvious that I had completely forgotten about till now is Ryan Kenelly; he went to federal prison for 30 months for steroid importation; plus had a small fortune in cash & gold krugerands seized. The great dufus had imported juice from India through the mail. All his big benches were of course done with triple ply BP shirts.

  6. TC

    Also Greg Valentino – the synthol guy whose arms exploded . Went to prison for drug distribution (I think)

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