Ronnie Coleman = The Only Man To Ever Turn Pro Naturally? [blue pills and dreams are free]

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The delusions in the world of bodybuilding never end. Regardless of how much information is provided, the dreamers hold on to their blue pill ideology.

But that’s ok. I will always be here to provide some sanity and balance.

Today, I will dissect a popular page from The Book of Bodybuilding Blue Pills (BBBP), or the claim that Ronnie Coleman turned pro 100% naturally by consuming only food, protein powder, and creatine.

No steroids. No GH. No body-fat cutting agents. Just pure naturality in its most pristine form known to men.

So, when did this happen? 

Coleman turned pro at 27 years of age in 1991 at the World Amateur Championships in Poland as a heavyweight (above 90kg/200lbs).

The cover below shows how he looked back then:

The stats of Ronnie Coleman in that show were:

Height: 5′ 11″ (1.80 m)
Weight: 215lbs (97kg)
Body fat: Bodybuilding lean (around 5-7%)
Lean body mass: approx. 190-200lbs

So, you are telling me that a man can have those stats naturally…if he has some “mythical genetics”?

Well, I am about to show you another bodybuilder with similar stats who also had amazing genetics for muscle construction.

Serge Nubret’s best form. Photo take by: Lucien Demeilles

In the photo above, you see Serge Nubret, of course. This is a rare photo depicting his best shape. He never competed with that look due to behind-the-scenes games.

In the photo, he has the following stats:

Height: 6′ (183cm)
Weight: 217lbs (98kg) /Normally Serge Nubret competed around 200lbs. That shape is his best and somewhat of an exception./
Body fat: Bodybuilding lean (notice the feathers on the vastus medialis a.k.a. teardrop)
Lean body mass: approx. 190-200lbs

So, you are telling me that Ronnie Coleman had the stats of prime Serge Nubret without touching anything? How is that even physically possible?

First, Serge Nubret himself wasn’t natural and neither were his rivals (Arnold, Franco, Sergio Oliva…etc.) He never presented himself as natural. There is also speculation that he was part of the “French Connection” and supplied the scene with pristine Primobolan.

You can read more about the drugs used by the Golden Era bodybuilders here.

I am sorry that I am not sorry.

I refuse to believe that anyone can have the lean body mass of prime Serge Nubret naturally.

Not only that, but Ronnie Coleman is 1 inch shorter and therefore has an even denser weight-to-height ratio while being bodybuilding lean.

But let’s go further and get “modern”.

In the next photo, you see Chris Bumstead – the current sensation of classic physique.

Bumstead’s stats are:

Height – 6’1″ (185cm)
Comp. Weight: – 215 – 225lbs (93.0 – 102.1kg)
Body fat: He appears slightly drier and leaner than Coleman in 1991

Ultimately, the stats of Bumstead are very similar to those of Ronnie Coleman in 1991. It’s also worth mentioning that Bumstead is 2 inches taller than Ronnie Coleman.

The weight-to-height ratio of Bumstead is 102.1kg/185cm  = 1:1.81
The weight-to-height ratio of Coleman (1991) is 97kg/180cm = 1:1.85

So, Bumstead is slightly denser but not by a lot. The difference is negligible.

It matters because Bumstead is also a bodybuilder with very good genetics, or he wouldn’t be the champion year after year.

And he doesn’t claim to be natural. Yet we are supposed to believe that Ronnie Coleman was while having extremely similar stats?

It’s Time To Use Those Brains, Fellas

Another logical question that a sane brain would ask is this:

If R. Coleman looked like that naturally, why didn’t he mutate into a full-blown alien upon learning the “secrets” of the trade?

I know that he is considered the ultimate bodybuilder – better than everybody else. I am not disputing that.

However, if he was indeed 100% natty in that picture, one would expect him to dwarf 100% of his competition upon introducing the “secret weapon” to his regime.

And while he was indeed the freakiest in many regards, many other bodybuilders matched him size-wise and some were even bigger (e.g., Ruhl.)

The difference between Ronnie Coleman and those breathing down his neck was noticeable, but certainly not to the point where he would be considered of another planet in comparison to his rivals.

In the next photo, you see Ronnie next to Levrone.

Is this a big difference?

Ronnie Coleman has a slightly large outer sweep of his quads and a better bicep peak. And that’s about it.

If his physique in 1991 was 100% natural, the difference here should’ve been as big as a skyscraper.

As far as Levrone is concerned, it’s universally known that he was an amazing drug responder. Probably the best of them all. He would start like an average human a few months before a competition and transform into the freak above.

The Reality

These days natural means one of the following:

  • Only testosterone
  • Only steroids (no GH, no slin)
  • I’ve used drugs in the past but stopped during my two-week vacation last month. So, I am natural.
  • I’ve used less than the other guys, therefore, I am natural.

FAQs From The Blue Pill Kings

But Ronnie Coleman doesn’t display obvious signs of drug use (no gyno, no balding, no acne…etc.) He was natural. 

Neither did Arnold and many of his friends. The presence of external signs such as gynecomastia, premature aging, and sudden acne breakout after puberty could indicate drug use.

Their absence, however, doesn’t necessarily indicate complete naturalism. This applies with greater strength to balding, acne, and premature aging as those can be induced by other factors.

As far as gynecomastia is concerned, adults rarely develop it unless steroids are involved. I am not saying it’s impossible, but if I see a 30 y.o. man who is somewhat muscled and has gynecomastia, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to conclude that he is pinning.

But Ronnie Coleman has the most amazing genetics on the planet. He was natural then injected and dominated. 

He does have amazing genetics, but he is also a human. There are genetic limitations even for the biggest genetic freaks on the planet. Approved

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  1. Iron Berserk

    This message is approved by “Yeaahhhhh Buddddyyyy! Light Weight!”. – 2024

    1. SamS

      Those are exactly the words I hear in my head in a funny voice every time I see Ronnie 😀

  2. Fanofthesite

    Who in the holy hell is dumb enough to think Ronnie was ever natural? Is this just a troll post?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      He said it himself.

      1. Ahmed Salem

        I am also seeing a lot of bodybuilders downplay the steroids they are using ronnie said that his steroid cycle was basic test 200mg and dbol that’s it. Joe Lindner the bodybuilder who passed away claimed that he was only trt.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          “I used less than the other guys.” is the new natty form.

        2. Natalia amaxonka

          He’s on dat der celltech

    2. TruthLover

      Some people claim that he only started juicing after having won Mr Olympia for the third time. He won the first three purely thanks to his genetics LMAO

  3. Nathaniel Nattergee

    Wild yam root contains diosgenin. It’s a plant steroid that scientists can manipulate to produce steroids, such as progesterone, estrogen, cortisone, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).
    Yams are natural.
    Ronnie Colemans steroid dealer was a naturalist.
    He only used eco friendly biodegradable materials to convert his yams into steroids.
    He then packaged them in recyclable containers and delivered them to Ronnie Coleman on a bicycle thus leaving no carbon footprint.
    Ronnie Coleman used special eco friendly wooden needles. They hurt a bit more than the glass ones, but were reusable and if they broke he would grind up the wood and add it to the fertilizer.
    He would then trade the fertilizer for the steroids. The dealer would drop off Ronnies steroids and then fill his bike basket with fertilizer. That was how Ronnie always paid for his steroids.
    If that was not enough natural for you, sometimes he would invite Nature Boy Rick Flair over for beers.
    This set the perfect natty ambiance.
    So natty he may as well changed his name to Natty Natman.

    1. Fanofthesite

      You sir are a goddamned hero.

  4. Martin

    You have to consider that Ronnie competed at his biggest at 297 lbs. This means that he gained an additional 80 or so pounds of lean mass. If he was 100% natural, it would be quite believable that he gained that much with steroids + HGH + insulin. Steroids, like training, follow the law of diminishing returns.
    The problem with your comparisons is that none of those people actually reached or could reach anywhere near Ronnie’s peak size. I highly doubt Nubret was capable of gaining an additional 90 pounds of muscle.

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