5 Brutal Blackpills About The Rise of Sam Sulek (fragile souls can’t handle this)

| by Truth Seeker |

<<<<This may hurt.>>>>

5 Brutal Truths about the Rise of the New Muscle Constructor Sam Sulek

1. Looks Decide Everything  

The million-dollar question that many fitness professors have been asking themselves is:

“Why is Sam Sulek so popular? What’s so special about him? I curl and inject too.”

I will tell you the truth for free since very few people seem to get it.

It’s blatantly simple if you have the necessary wisdom.

Some will say that it’s because he is ” incredibly humble”, but that would be an incorrect hypothesis because there are many humble muscle constructors who are never watched.

Some will say that it’s because he works hard, but is he truly working harder than an average gym rat?

Some will say that it’s because he gives amazing advice, but is this truly the case? IMO Alpha Destiny gives better advice.


The real reason is his appearance.


Yes, that’s right.

By appearance, I don’t mean solely his muscles or his facial bones, although that’s included.

The total package consists of:

  • Face
  • Muscles
  • Bone structure
  • Voice pitch
  • Aura
  • Body language
  • Video presence

Think of each of the above as a digit part of a winning lottery ticket.

If you have all of the correct numbers, the gate to fame is opened.

If you are missing even one, your chances of success significantly diminish.

“But I disagree. He is just a nice humble guy,” says the dreamer.

Please, allow me to simultaneously answer and destroy this thesis with a simple question:

Do you think Sam Sulek would be as popular if he looked like Jason Blaha?


(Everything is the same. Training, talking, “advice”, clothes…but he looks like Blaha.)

We both know that the answer is No (with a resonance).

Do you think Sam Sulek would be popular if he was 100% the same but natural and small?


We both know that the answer is No (with an even bigger resonance). The kids are watching him BECAUSE he is big not because he is a “humble” hard worker.

If he was natural, he would be just another kid getting pinned under a 225-pound bench press instead of repping 405 on an incline.

This is a hard truth to internalize, but life gets ever so slightly calmer once your system accepts it.

“But I disagree. He gives solid advice,” says the dreamer.

There is nothing special about Sam Sulek’s training protocols. He is just another guy lifting iron objects and putting them down. He does a few stupid partials at the end of his lifts. If that’s special, I am a locomotive with libido problems.

2. The Modern World Is Nothing But a Masturbation Farm

You probably remember the cliche speech of Tyler Durden (“We are the middle children of history. We don’t have a great battle to fight…etc.)

Yes. I am also tired of hearing it, and I don’t even like the movie that much.

But the principle applies here too.

The heroes of the young generations are people who pump muscle on steroids and flex in front of the mirror.

Do it if you want. It’s your life. But I am analyzing this phenomenon from a philosophical perspective.

For better or worse, the gym is a form of masturbation or a simulation if you’re more delicate.

Allow me to explain. ( •̀_•́ )

During masturbation, you’re triggering the cycle of ejaculation but without a partner. Thus, the act is essentially a fruitless simulation. It has its value, but it can never reach its ultimate purpose, namely impregnation.

The gym is similar. You get stronger and bigger for the sake of getting stronger and bigger, but that strength and size don’t serve a bigger purpose other than looks.

Hate it or love it, but pumping muscle in the gym isn’t enough to be a hero, at least not in my book. And that applies not only to Sulek but to much larger names such as Arnold.

I’m 34% sorry, but I am not going to glorify needle samurai no matter how hard they inject or train.

And by the way, Arnold, I want my freedoms.

3. No Steroids, No Bodybuilding

-=============%%%|         |  |______|_|___________|
                 | | | | | | ||| | | | |___________|
                 `------------=--------|           |
Eat Clen
Tren Hard
Test Your Limit
Anavar Give

As I already said, there is no Sam Sulek the bodybuilder without steroids. The same applies to virtually every popular bodybuilder. No injection, no fame.

Looking at the before pictures of Sulek,  they are pretty good for a natty. Nonetheless, steroids seem to be a powerful drug.

Sure he trains hard, but without the persistent glute injections, all that muscle will exist only in Call of Duty.

He is bigger than Mike Mentzer, the Heavy Duty injector, while only being 21. Sulek doesn’t have the muscle maturity of Mentzer, but that will come later.

4. Life Has a Sick Sense of Humor 

Everybody in the fitness industry is kinda sucking up to Sam Sulek to get some of that “je ne sais pas quoi” magic that he has.

Secretly, they are all jealous. You can feel it through the screen. You can see it in their eyes. You can hear how their voice pitch changes when they start talking about him.

And I don’t exactly blame them. It’s understandable.

Imagine uploading “scientific” muscle-building videos for years and out of nowhere comes some kid who gains more followers in a day than you do in five years by filming his generic workouts in Planet Fitness.

Well, life isn’t fair, is it?

Some get to work in dusty factories with suicide nets for 36 hours while others are making bank and fame for injecting and pumping their biceps in a first-world country in the comfort of an air-conditioned gym.

5. Humans are never satisfied. 

As I said, Sulek had a nice physique as a swimmer and natty lifter.

But no.

That wasn’t enough. He wanted more. Just like all of us.

We are never satisfied, are we?

You get 5, you want 10. You get 10, you want 20.

It never ends.

6. People aren’t original.

( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )( •̀_•́ )

Most humanoids are copycats who’ve never had a single original thought in their brains. Meatheads aren’t an exception, it seems.

The proof? Well, they all wanna be Sulek now and wear weird XXL third-hand T-shirts from donation stores that fit like dresses.

P.S. NattyOrNot.com is back. The original. Not the fakes. Not the copycats. The real deal.

Spanish channels can rip off my content and put gender-fluid AI voice all over it, but I can create it.

This is the difference between the original and the copycats.

They have to rely on a source.

I rely on no one.

Soon, this site will reach 1 million words.

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  1. David

    I agree with most of this post but Sam Sulek is not facially attractive. Ive asked at least ten women what they think of him and the first thing they say is the obvious ‘hes a roided up freak’ or ‘ewww hes gross’ i then ask them ‘do you not think he looks ok looks wise’ the best he got was ‘erm hes ok’. Hes a nice guy and i like him and wish him the best but thats not going to stop the inevitable end hes going to have which is either serious injuries or premature death.

    1. Ryu

      Sammy doesn’t have to be attractive to women.

      The primary audience of male BBers is OTHER MEN, and more specifically, weak small teenagers. He isn’t so good looking he is threatening, so he looks like an average guy. If he were Bob Paris or Barry DeMay, other men would be threatened.

      Bodybuilding is homo-erotic. We look at other semi-naked men and admire their muscles. It is a principle in marketing, to have the main character look like the audience. White men go for other white men, blacks for blacks, women for women.

      Sammy is an average gymbro who had the courage to roid up. Many natties would like to try roids, but are scared for their health. (Me too).

      To be really blackpilled and realistic, it will bring alot of pleasure to watch Sam lose his hair, get gyno, get fat, and die. Then the cycle will be complete – rise …. then fall.


    2. TruthLover

      ThruthSeeker can you write about Andrew Tate next? He claims to be natural and rich but no proof of that. A deep dissection of him and his brother would be useful.

      1. Ryu

        You already know the truth.

        Worldly success = hard work + luck + cheating

        Tate is not the first MGTOW or PUA. Victor Pride wasn’t either. Knowledge is learned, then forgotten, to be relearned by the next gen. Tate will be old, passe, and forgotten if he has not been already.

        Tate sells the dream “be alpha like me.” His money comes from the masses of losers who live vicariously thru him, just like Sam Sulek. The System needs entertainers like him to get the slaves to “work hard” and keep building pyramids.

        For every 1 Sam Sulek and Andrew Tate, there are 10 million slaves.

        1. TruthLover

          @Ryu It makes total sense. He talks about escaping the matix when in reality, he’s working with the matrix to sell losers access to his member’s area.

    3. David Martinez

      Este mismo contenido es el que montas en tu canal de Youtube? La verdad sobre el fitness

      1. Truth Seeker Post author

        La verdad sobre el fitness = they steal my content.

        I am NOT them.

        NattyOrNot.com was FIRST.

        End of Discussion

        1. Daniel

          I came here from YT channel “La Verdad Sobre el Fitness”. I was suspicious ’cause some forms of the speech in that videos aren’t compatible with the latin american culture. That gives me a key about a possible steal of contents from other place in the web.

          I decided to search the original source of that content, and i feel happy to have found it. The truth ALWAYS comes to light.

          1. Truth Seeker Post author

            Thank you!

  2. lmfao

    Eww.. I am cringing reading this blackpilled loser’s scientism, this style is shared with other mentally ill writers and web warriors.

  3. Aoi

    Hey TruthSeeker! Happy anniversary!
    Could you explain what exactly means “Muscle maturity” ?

    1. Ryu

      It depends who you ask.

      In truth, “muscle maturity” means big muscles that are hard, dry, vascular and grainy. You get this look by using tren, anadrol, and diuretics.

      The myth is that you get old man muscle or muscle maturity by lifting heavy for many years. But I see very few natty lifters or powerlifters with MM. Think of Branch Warren, Ronnie or Rich Gaspari. “If you aren’t pissing blood, you aren’t using enough.” Roid your brains out, tren hard, starve and dehydrate yourself, and you too will have “muscle maturity”.

      1. Aoi

        Thank you for the input! Do you know any natty lifter who has muscle maturity?
        The world is filled with fake natties everywhere.

        1. Ryu

          I don’t wish to lie to you.

          TRUE Natties look like swimmers or tennis players with abs. Even a good natty will be about 165 lbs with abs. Look at Lui Marco – he’s a real natty. Nick from Nick’s Strenght and Power is natty and he is short and was 153 lbs with abs.

          The big struggle for natties is gaining muscle. There are no natty “mass monsters” or with muscle maturity. You only look good natural with a pump, or to the public who like abs.

          A natural can have about 2-3 good bodyparts. There is not enough “meat” to spread over your entire body.

          The biggest, magical secret in bodybuilding is steroids. Go on 500 mg per week of testosterone cypionate. Will take a few weeks to kick in. THEN, you will know how people look so awesome. The pros just use the most and the longest, that is all.

          The primary good of being natural, is that you look young and good while everyone else gets fatter and older. Health.


          1. Aoi

            Thank you for the honest truth! God bless the natty souls!

  4. V

    don’t let the stupid internet-lexicon fool you these aren’t blackpills (implying these could be opinions), these are hard facts. we’ve seen so many “suleks” over the years (i’m an OG reader of the blog) its kinda tiring. Anyway keep em coming truthseeker

    1. Jose

      At least if these are “blackpills” they take into account other things that make a man charismatic besides just height and face (things many self-proclaimed blackpillers are way too obsessed with).

      You could be 6,1 ft or above but if your physique (face, bone structure, etc) is average at best and your body language and voice suck you can still be deemed as bland. There’s a reason why there are many successful men out there who are nothing special physically but who make up for it with their body language, voice and aura (which I interpret as personality).

  5. Sam

    Just some time ago this Sulek dude popped onto my YouTube stream (unfortunately). Then he was everywhere. Apparently Joe Rogan already talking about the dude? I still haven’t watched anything about him but It’s just funny how quickly these guys appear, like mushrooms after rain. Some of them propably even eat magic mushrooms or something to get those natty muscles 😀 As always, thanks for the article TS!

  6. James

    Youtube control the algorithm and decide who will get watched. Most of the stuff people complain about seeing on YouTube was picked and pushed by them. Cleanly the people who run the site have a fetish in male enhanced bodies, mukbangs, clothing hauls and make up tutorials. They also suppress content they don’t like. Sam Sulek is unattractive and looks diseased. His videos are more of a freak show than a freak of nature bodybuilder show. He oozes puss and water from his skin. His face is sliced up from smiling as his paper thin skin cracks when he smiles. If you notice, he uses make up to hide this and speaks in short sentences with minimum face movement to prevent this. If you compare his videos its obvious he has added a lot of fake hair/weave material to his own hair. This is to reduce his facial area with the curls and make the damage less obvious. He oozes breast fluid through his clothing and you can see this when he is undressed and posing. Men are not envious of Sam and womrn are not throwing knickers at him like Tom Jones. YouTube have promoted him and he is a freak show along the lines of Thanos.

  7. Jc Ramon

    Bro, please don’t hate “la verdad sobre el fitness”, Maybe he stole your content but aetlest made a work acordint to your reading style and vibe. And he is the reason why i know your work, probably as me there’s out There non-english speaker learning by your content and maybe finding the original autor as me

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