Reach Your Muscular Potential With Bodyweight Exercises

Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to lift weights to gain muscle. Hypertrophy can be achieved through bodyweight exercises. Resistance is resistance. The body does not know the difference between push-ups and bench presses. It only knows that both hurt in a different way. Maximum muscular potential can be reached by doing solely bodyweight exercises. Of course, we are only talking about natural bodybuilding which is limited.

There are many reasons why people dismiss bodyweight training. For the most part the idea that you need a gym in order to build muscle has been spread by the industry that wants to make money from paid memberships. There are facilities that require the individuals to sign one year contracts.

It’s business as usual.

There are plenty of misinformed gym members who move from machine to machine, day after day, year after year, with absolutely no results. They read the magazines, look at the pictures, do the routines and still fail.

The cause of their failure is that their effort is spread thin. Doing a little bit of many things results in energy expenditure with no visible results.

If a natural bodybuilder did only push-ups, pull-ups, sprints and core training, he would make more progress than a natural bodybuilder who follows a popular training split.

As a natural bodybuilder you have boundaries. Your body can only build so much muscle regardless of exercising and food. Even if you were to do all the squatting, bench pressing and deadlifting in the world, you would still look small compared to guys like Lazar Angelov, Simeon Panda, Kali Muscle, Layne Norton…etc.

Their secret is not hidden in the exercises they do.

If an individual was to build an intelligent bodyweight program, there is no doubt that he will reach his maximum muscular potential or get very close to it.

Tremendous upper body strength and mass can be developed solely through bodyweight exercises.

The only downside of performing only bodyweight exercises would be that your leg muscles and bones will not be able to express their complete strength potential.

However, you can still build strong, defined and muscular legs by doing explosive forms of training such as sprints.

Sprints are a highly underrated form of exercise, but they murder the lower body and tremendous leg development can be achieved.

The industry, however, does not want you to know that. They want you to continue paying your gym membership and buying their magic protein and creatine powders. They are smart and use guys with amazing physiques like Lazar Angelov, Simeon Panda, Layne Norton, Skip La Cour…etc to promote those questionable products.

It’s the package that sells.

On this site will be presented different bodyweight routines meant to help you reach your natural maximal muscular potential without ever going to the gym.

Example bodyweight routines:

Building Wide Lats As A Natural Bodybuilder

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  1. Emix

    You can train legs to the max potential with bodyweight exercises by wearing a weighted vest with adjustable weight increments (there are models wich carry up to 150 lb).

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