Pro Bodybuilders Don’t Even Train Without Steroids IFBB bodybuilders see no point in working out while off the sauce.

Professional bodybuilders see no point in working out without taking steroids. To them training as a natural is a complete waste of time. Often IFBB pros completely stop training when their drug intake is interrupted for whatever reason.


They may be highly delusional but most know deep down inside that all their gains are achieved thanks to steroids. A professional bodybuilder may be spending a lot of time discussing different training regimens with his natural fans, but in the end of the day muscle behemoths are well aware of the fact that without muscle elixirs real growth is an illusion.

When a bodybuilder stops taking steroids, his world changes. All of a sudden muscle mass is being lost on a daily base. The balloon is slowly deflating.

That’s usually a good enough reason for a bodybuilder to feel depressed and hate life. It should not be a surprise that someone used to being a huge muscle monster finds it hard to train naturally in order to maybe gain 1-3 pounds in 10-12 months. It’s devastating to the emotional system of a muscle lover. It feels like being rich one day and broke the next.

When you’re used to gaining slabs of muscle fast, training as a natural seems like incomprehensible labor. The muscle that a natural gains in a lifetime can be acquired in less than a year on steroids.

Now you know why professional bodybuilders have really hard time re-joining the natural crew.

The Classic Bodybuilding Comeback

Over the past years it has become popular for bodybuilders to “come back”. Usually, it goes like this: an out of shape bodybuilder starts a well documented transformation phase and the before and after pictures are from two different worlds.

What’s really going is steroid cycling. The bodybuilder in question is just upping the dose each week in order to achieve the planned body recomposition. Of course, the ignorant teenagers would be admiring:

“Sick genetics Kevin. You’re the uncrowned Mr. Olympia!”.

Professional Bodybuilders Are Laughing At Naturals

They may not be telling this to your face but pro bodybuilders are laughing at natural bodybuilders all the way to the bank. They consider natties delusional, naive and stupid.

Whenever a professional bodybuilder sees a natural reading the boring muscle magazines and doing biceps curls like his life depends on it, a feeling of laughter arises from the inside. The experience is like learning that somebody you know has done something moronic like writing his debit card code on the card itself. People love when other people do stupid stuff because it makes them feel smarter.

Bodybuilders have no respect for their fans because if they did, they would cut all the lies. You cannot lie all day to somebody you respect and bodybuilders do it all the time. They use the naive fans as marketing target. After all, who do you think is buying all that protein powder that’s produced?

Pro bodybuilders purposely avoid the really important topics and yet are lucky to discuss pointless material such as protein powder dissolution in water.

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Somewhere Along The Line The Soul Dies

Today people only care about acquiring. We would never ever do something that does not give us something back. As they say: “If it doesn’t make me money, I have no time for it.”.

Unfortunately, there is a problem. If the whole point of life was to collect as many things as you can, why is everything material staying here after we die?

If it’s staying here, it must be because we don’t need it “there”.

It’s true that natural bodybuilding will stop making you big quite fast. This does not mean, however, that quitting or steroids are the answer. Sometimes we have to forget about material possessions and be happy that we are just able to do things and feel.

There is a time and place when doing what you love is all you need and your only reward is the joy of living – not the burden of constantly calculating what you will get in return.

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