Why do people usually train chest on Monday?

If you train in a popular commercial gym, you are probably familiar with the fact that Monday is a national chest day. On that day every bench press station in the gym is usually taken and you either have to train with somebody else or wait a long long time before the equipment is ready to use. Most of the time the benches are all sweaty from the 250 lbs chemists who want to build their tities so badly. Why is the reason for that chest madness?

Why are all those people so obsessed over developing them chesticles?


The number one reason why most people train chest on Monday is because this is the day after the week-end and everybody has more energy. As a result people train their favorite body part on Mondays. Due to the overall brainwashing done by fitness magazines and other muscle media, people have been convinced that having well developed pectoral muscles is a must and top priority.

On top of everything the first thing people notice about you when you take your shirt off are the chest and the abs. If you don’t have them, you might just as well not workout because nobody will notice.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that most people prefer to train their upper body and since Monday is the most crowded day, there are more people occupying bench press stations and such. After all being a Captain Upper Body seems to be norm in Hollywood and if it’s good enough for Hollywood, it must be good for everybody. Right?

Fun Fact: Arnold Schwarzenegger used to train chest on Monday as well.

What can I do to avoid waiting for equipment on Monday?

Once upon a time somebody told me that the best way to avoid traffic is to go to work an hour early and then go home one hour earlier as well. That way you avoid the so-called rush hours.

In other words you can just go to the gym earlier and sometimes even one or two hours later after most of the people have paid their tribute to the pectoral God.

Another option would be to simply train a different body part that day. A good choice would be legs or back. The leg machines and the squat rack are usually free most of the time anyway. It makes sense to get advantage.

Finally, if you still insist on doing your chest routine on Monday you can change exercises and use dumbbells instead of barbells. Chances are there will always be free dumbbells in the gym, especially the heavier ones

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