Why do people usually train chest on Monday?

| by Truth Seeker |

If you train in a popular commercial gym, you are probably familiar with the fact that Monday is a national chest day when every bench press station is taken. All kinds of people ranging from skinny teenagers to 250lbs chemists are bowing to the God of Pecs on that day. What is the reason for this chest madness? Why are people so obsessed with developing their chesticles?

Simple. The mainstream media has convinced the crowd that the chest, arms and abs are the three fundamental muscle groups that will make you stand out. The brainwashing started a long time ago during Arnold’s era. We all know that Arnold had the best chest at the time.

What can I do to avoid waiting for equipment on Monday?

One of the best ways to avoid traffic is to go to work an hour early. Alternatively, you could also train late at night.

Another option would be to simply train a different body part that day. A good choice would be legs or back. The leg machines and the squat rack are free most of the time anyway.

As a last resort, if you still insist on doing chest on Monday, you can change your exercises and use dumbbells instead of barbells.

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