Is Greg Plitt On Anabolic Steroids?

Just like Simeon Panda, Greg Plitt is one of the most popular fitness models in the world. Gregg Plitt is considered the epitome of aesthetics in the weightlifting world. People admire his dedication and physique. But with fame and popularity come the uncomfortable questions. Of course, the main one is: “Is Greg Plitt on steroids?”. Many of the fans of Greg Plitt want to know whether his physique can be achieved without the use of anabolic steroids and other muscle enhancing drugs. While this is a fair question fitness models and IFBB professionals refuse to answer it clearly and usually use cliches and inarticulate speech to avoid giving a proper response. (note:why bodybuilders deny steroid usage is explained in detail in THIS article).

Thankfully, it’s not very hard to find out where a person is a true natural bodybuilder or a fake one. All you need is a little knowledge and logic to connect all the pieces together. This first step consists in finding the so-called body stats of the bodybuilder or fitness model in question. In our case that would be Greg Plitt. According to his personal website Greg Plit has the following physical data:

Image via:

Image via:


6’1″ (185cm)


195 lbs (88.5kg)

The body fat levels of Greg Plitt displayed in most of his photos are between 5% and 7%. Most professional fitness models prefer to keep their body fat in that range so that they are always ready for movies, photos shoots and other business related events. You don’t want to lose a role because you are out of shape. Unlike bodybuilders fitness models are supposed to be always lean, loaded and ready to goal, unless they are preparing for a contest with a specific date.

Now that we have acquired the body stats of Greg Plitt all that’s left to be done is compare him to a former IFBB professional from the so-called Golden Era Of Bodybuilding. The reason to do this is that the bodybuilders who competed in the 70s were more open about their steroid usage because anabolics were legal in the U.S. for a long time. On top of that, since the very beginning of the sport it was impossible to become an IFBB professional without using anabolic steroids and growth hormone.

The bodybuilder to which we will compare Greg Plitt will be the legendary French muscle man – Serge Nubret who displayed a well developed physique even in his 60s and 70s. He also used anabolic steroids during his career as an IFBB professional bodybuilder.

The stats of Serge Nubret during his prime were:

Image via:

Image via:

Off-season weight:

212 lbs (96.6kg)

Competition weight:

200lbs (91kg)


6′ (182cm)


So, one of the best bodybuilders on the planet during the Golden Era Of Bodybuilding was only about 5 pounds heavier than the supposedly natural bodybuilder Greg Plitt. Additionally, Greg Plitt is an inch taller than Serge Nubret, which in this case is not in his favor. In brief, both men share extremely similar bodybuilding data at about the same levels of bodyfat. Makes you wonder…why a supposedly natural bodybuilder like Greg Plitt has the same body stats as a former IFBB pro bodybuilder and known anabolic steroid user?

While Greg Plitt is obviously lacking muscle thickness compared to serious users of anabolic steroids, this does not mean that he is 100% clean. Truth be told, many experience gym rats know very well that there are people with mediocre genetics who use anabolic substances and look even smaller than fitness models like Greg Plitt.

Many famous nutritional companies want you to believe that the sudden increase of the standards for fitness models and natural bodybuilders have increased thanks to some magical improvement of nutritional and training “science”, but it’s a complete lie based on fake research sponsored and altered by the very same companies, which place the faces of fitness models using anabolic steroids on the labels of the products so politely pushed right in your face.

It’s very unlikely for fitness models of Greg Plit’s caliber to get to that level without a little help and questionable morals. You have to understand that the competition in this material world is unearthly and people are doing whatever they can to protect their bread and keep on putting money on the table. It’s a cruel world ruled be satanic principles. The fitness world does not make an exception – if you are not willing to do the job someone else will be used instead of you, and it could be your family that has to skip dinner. This is why fitness athletes are usually willing to do everything they can to “better” themselves and sometimes that includes the use of anabolic substances and growth hormone. You cannot play by the rules when your competition isn’t. To stay on top you have to be willing to break the rules, lie and be a hypocrite telling blatant lies to your fans and often to your family with a smile on the face.

Do you really think that in a world that corrupt and dark, where second place is the first loser, fitness models would limit their ways of improving and gaining muscle to chicken breast and broccoli?

{you decide}

Note: What many IFBB pro bodybuilders, fake natural bodybuilders and fitness models are not telling you is that the good physiques they show have higher price. Steroid addiction, depression, money losses, health issues are not just myths.

Disclaimer: does NOT support the usage of illegal substances. The content above is solely for informational purposes and is NOT written by a medical professional. The website is not responsible for any kind damages that may be caused by the uploaded articles – the very same way a knife seller is not responsible for the actions of his clients. Be wise – love yourself and your body.


  1. Jj is sweetness

    How is Greg being an inch taller a detriment to his “natty” case? Taller people, as a generalization, will hold more weight in their skeleton which means they need less muscle mass to exisit at higher weights (when compared to shorter aka Serge)?

  2. David

    Only about 5 pounds heavier ???Are you fucking kiding me .5 pounds is a lott thats 8 kg .You cant compare him with a guy thats almost 10 kilos heavier thats just ridiculos.Hes 185 and 88 kg and in that shape you can have 8 percent bf (dont belive then look on the web) which he has (in videos he looks like 6 bf or less coz hes oiled up so that way videos are better and he can motivate more people).Ps sorry for grammar.

      1. David

        I was saying that for the off season not competition weight.So that would then be 8kg difference which is a lot.And for that fuck up that I made.Look ,you americans are probably the only one using this fucked up measurment system so my bad for mixing up numbers .And I almost forgot to your mom and Tex suck my dick you disrespectful bitches your moms sure would be proud of how they raised you.

  3. GG

    Greg looks natural in almost all his pictures. I would that he was either a lifetime natural or natural for at least most of his career.

  4. Rich

    Chicken breast, broccoli, and you forgot working out for 20+ years straight including Ranger school… I wouldn’t even argue that Plitt was always 100% natural because I didn’t know the guy, but you give zero evidence and dismantle your own retarded argument by saying being an inch taller would not be “in his favor.” Lol, fuckin jackass.

  5. Sergio Barlani

    you idiot, according to ffmi, greg plitt stats could be all natural, achievable with hard work you lazy ass stupid cunt, stop with your jealousy and work your ass instead of writing all these bullshit.

  6. delectric

    Greg looks like he could be natural in the photo on this sight but other photos of him show he was definitely on juice.

    1. Jt

      People are down right ignorant… Sign up for his site its 10$, the best fucking ten dollars you’ll ever spend. Watch of a few vlogs about nutrition, mindset and then watch a few workouts. He has hundreds of hours of videos working out, going to failure on every fucking set….

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