Is Doug Miller A Natural Bodybuilder Or A Steroid User?

Doug Miller is an IFPA natural bodybuilder who, of course, claims that steroids are something unexplored by him. He has a really good looking physique, favorable genetics for the sport and crazy dedication. However, is Doug Miller truly a natural bodybuilder or was his body developed with the usage of performance-enhancing drugs (PED) ?

How big is Doug Miller? Pretty damn big. According to his personal site Doug Miller has the followings stats:

Height: 5’9″ – 175 cm;
Weight: 186 – 192 lbs  – 85 kg – 87 kg;
BF: Contest mode (usually 5%);

This is about 29 lbs – 14 kg more than the estimation for a 5’9″ – 175 cm natural bodybuilder in our guide for natties.

Unfortunately, similar mass seems to be unachievable for natural bodybuilders since Doug Miller is a little bigger than former Mr.Olympias such as Frank Zane, who in his prime had the followings stats:


Frank Zane – one of the best

Height: 5’9″ – 175 cm;
Weight: 185 – 85 kg;
BF: Contest mode (usually 5%);

Conclusion: Doug Miller is as tall and a few lbs bigger than former Mr.Olympia Frank Zane who trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger and competed against many legendary bodybuilders such as Arnold himself, Bertil Fox, Mike Mentzer and many more to count.

All of those guys used anabolic steroids.

For the millionth time we are going to ask: how are modern natural bodybuilders able to reach Frank Zane’s physique naturally? If you have the answer please contact us as: We would be happy to read your explanation.

Doug Miller looks Composed in Photoshop

A simple glance at Doug Miller’s shredded hamstrings reveals that he is no joking around when it comes to conditioning.

image source:;

Doug Miller’s insanely shredded hamstrings image source:;

Let’s face it: natural bodybuilders just don’t look full when they are in contest condition. They lack ‘muscle pop’ and appear borderline anorexic to the general population.

Guys like Doug Miller don’t seem to have similar problems and are able to prepare a physique that’s full, dry and 3D, regardless of the fact that they are 5% BF and water depleted the day of the competition.

Once again, please tell us what is the secret because so far there are millions of people who buy whey protein and creatine, and yet look nothing like those natural guys.

What about the advancement of nutrition and training science? Can’t this be the reason why Doug Miller is so big? ‘U just jelly bra’

No. The reason for the advancement in size is not due to modern supplementation. The evidence hides in the fact that there are about 1 billion people who take creatine, whey protein and workout on daily basis and yet they remain the same day after day, month after month, year after year.

Those people keep on taking every new ‘revolutionary’ drug the so-called pros come up with and nothing happens. Those poor people who keep the industry alive never come even close to the physical development of guys such as Doug Miller, Lazar Angelov, Simeon Panda or any other model part of the so-called aesthetic generation.

At the same time there is no real change in the training methods since Arnold’s day. The exercises are the same, the rep ranges are the same and there are no magical routines that will suddenly add 50 lbs of quality muscle mass to your frame while keeping you shredded.

You can squat, deadlift and bench all you want, you will still be far away from the size and the conditioning of the modern natural bodybuilders we are supposed to worship.

In this day and age everything is based on money worship. People are willing to do everything for money and being honest is a long forgotten virtue that only ‘losers’ respect. The ruler of this world is Saturn (Satan) and this entity wants to keep us in the cube (THE MATRIX) for as long as possible. One of the ways to accomplish that is to keep the fake reality continuing to move further…and further.

Bottom line: There is no way to naturally build the physique of Doug Miller. Of course, if you are a genetic freak with super large frame, you may be able to get somewhat close but you will have really hard time matching his overall Photshop look no matter what.

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