The Truth About Casey Butt’s Natural Potential Formula

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The Truth About Casey Butt's Natural Potential Formula

So, Reg Park is natural and is as big as Arnold?

Casey Butt gained a lot of popularity on the Internet thanks to his formula estimating the maximum muscular potential that a natural bodybuilder can acquire. Unfortunately, the formula has one large flaw – the data is based on bodybuilders who have used anabolic steroids.

Casey Butt examined bodybuilding champions between 1947 and 2010 and based his formula on bodybuilders with a questionable natural status such as Reg Park and Steve Reeves. I am almost sorry to inform you that steroids were widely used in the late 30s when many people start experimenting with early forms of testosterone.

If a formula designed to measure the maximum muscular potential that can be achieved naturally is based on false data, it loses its accuracy regardless of the science behind it. False data in = false data out.

Having said that, Casey Butt’s idea that the natural muscular potential is dependent on joint size is actually correct. Men with large frames carry more muscle mass than individuals with thin bones. However, even the naturals who have big bones cannot surpass the limitations of natural bodybuilding and shock the world.

Nevertheless, advises people to stay natural and focus on developing skills and strength that will serve you well throughout life. By skills, I mean stuff like bodyweight planches, a two-times bodyweight squat, 20 pull-ups in a row or any other strength or endurance feat that you would like to have under your belt. When you focus on developing skills instead of constantly obsessing over your physique, training becomes much more stable and enjoyable. Give it a try.

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  1. Alex

    If you are lifetime drug-free and have approximately average bone structure girths for your height(wrist <= 0.1045 x height
    ankle <= 0.1296 x height), use this formula to set a realistic and accurate bodyweight goal for yourself (individuals with significantly smaller or larger than average bone structures for their heights are more accurately treated in the e-book

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Did you even read the post?

      1. AnonymousLifter291384

        No, he’s just some spammer who wants people to click his link and buy his e-book.

  2. realitybites

    Yeah, Casey Butt’s “Maximum Drug-free Muscular Potential” calculator is bonkers.

    I mean, he based it on champion bodybuilders (usually of well above average frame size and great muscle building genetics) and then merely scaled it down to match the smaller folk. So the figures are unrealistic for lifters with less than great genetics, which is practically everyone using the calculator. Oh, and that’s ignoring the fact that many of his drug-free champs may or may not have actually been using drugs.

    Strangely enough however, his other formula given below seems much more accurate, cutting your expected gains by about a whole half:

    Good responders to steroids can just about double their natty gains, so now you know what time it is.

    You can already imagine the droves of beginner lifters with their expectations set sky high dismissing Casey’s figures as too limiting. How many would bother going past the 2 month mark if you told them to cut even that by a half? And that’s just considering size. Good grief 🙂

  3. Joseph Perkins

    Sorry in the 30s the only people had access to test was the Nazis. In the 50s the Soviets then had it but legit roids where only on the testing phase at the end of the 50s and was not released until the early 60s.

    1. SRc

      Testosterone was being advertised for sale as early as 1944 or 45 in American newspapers, as an energy and libido booster for men.

      1. Joey

        This is true, however the testosterone dosages given at the time were too low to notice any performance enhancement and it was thought only men with low testosterone levels could benefit from them. Bodybuilders didn’t know they could enhance their physique using testosterone at the time. First case of testosterone use to enhance sport perforance comes from Soviet lifters from 1952. The first known steroid experiment in bodybuilders comes from 1954. Not a single bodybuilder from before this era has ever admitted to being on steroids.

  4. David Moriarty

    It was weaker though. I can’t cite that I’m afraid, but my brother already investigated it and found sources that evince that it was negligible in its effects.

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