Training Full Body – Is It Really That Great?

| by Truth Seeker |

One of the biggest differences between the old-school method and the modern approach is that today bodybuilders use splits whereas, in the past, training full body was the norm. Since yesterday always feels more mysterious than today, people attribute peculiar properties to the old-school method. Question is, are the benefits that great or is our nostalgia forming a union with our hunger for adventure only to throw us in another labyrinth? In other words, is training your whole body each time you hit the gym that great?

Full Body Training Drains a Lot Of Energy

The routine of Steve Reeves takes over 3 hours to complete and will leave you massively drained. You will need another hour of nothing just to recuperate. Therefore, you will have to dedicate 4 hours to this experience.

Depending on your lifestyle, this could be a large investment. Most people can not afford it because they have to go to work and basically be slaves for those who can live that way.

Too Many Distractions, Hard To Focus

When you doing so many things at once, you lose strength and energy. It’s like trying to have three girlfriends – this can work only for a little while before all your money disappears or you get caught.

When you are doing 15 exercises per workout, tracking progress becomes a nightmare because there are so many variables that affect the final result.

Conclusion: Full body workouts are great and can be very effective but only if they consist of well-chosen exercises and follow an intelligent programming. Otherwise, they will result in fatigue and lack of focus.

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  1. Aaron

    What a load of bollocks.
    Here is a full body that will kick the living shit out of any bro split and take less time than the superset, 20 movements for biceps freaks use:
    Workout A:
    Bench press
    Barbell row

    Workout B:
    Pull up

    I’d say 5X5, 4X6, 4X8, 3X10 are all fine for this or use ranges if you must. Simple, hits everything and takes no time at all if you hit it with intensity.

    Leave the bro splits to the steroid heads if you’re natty lads eh.

    1. Nick

      Only thing that’s missing IMHO is a dedicated bicep and tricep exercise.

  2. Slash

    Title is misleading. Of course 3 hour/600 set workouts are draining and not going to be effective for a natty.

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