Is Tony Do a Natural Fitness Model?

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Tony Do is a young fitness model who manages the YouTube fitness channelĀ pureaesthetics93. He has transformed from an average skinny teen into a muscle machine in a very short period of time (2-3 years). Question is, did the transformation happen naturally?

1.Tony Do is not a big guy

According to information on, Tony Do is 5’7″ – 170 cm @ 157 lbs – 71 kg @ 7% body fat.

As you can see, Tony is not that heavy compared to other popular fitness models.

However, he is still slightly above the stats outlined in’s guide for natural bodybuilders.

2.Tony Do does not always have the Photoshop look

In many of his videos, Tony Do does not have the synthetic steroid look. He is lean and yet not as shredded and dry as the popular fitness models. That’s a sign of a true natural bodybuilder.

3.Tony Do is too young

At 19 years of age, Tony Do has already reached his maximum natural potential. This is very hard to do at such a young age. Most people would need more time and will achieve similar results at a more mature age such as 25-30.

4.Tony Do is a sponsored fitness model

Sponsors see a future in Tony Do for a good reason, he has it. He answers the criteria of modern fitness modeling and has shown great potential in a very competitive field where athletes are doing whatever it takes to make it in the industry.

Conclusion: The body development of Tony Do is certainly achievable naturally if you have favorable genetics. However, since he has reached his maximum muscle potential at such a young age, cannot say for certain whether he is a drug-free athlete or not.

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