The Myth That You Can Get What You Want Ethically

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The mainstream human realm is based on hypocritical algorithms providing answers that do not match the reality surrounding us. The official texts teach that honesty and hard work are the key to success, but that notion is no different than telling a natural bodybuilder that whey protein and 5×5 squats will make him huge.

The failure rate of the standard formula is spectacular. Most people who follow it 100% fall under the definition of losers. I am not kidding in the slightest. Those subjecting themselves to the official instructions wholeheartedly, face the longest plateaus and pay the highest fees. Life, just like women, is harsh to the nice guys.

The modern figures of worship have done some trickery to get where they are. All successful men have bent the rules. The question is not whether they have cheated but how and when.

The courtesy and the politically correct advice floating in the common stratum is nothing but sweet talk for the camera purposefully protecting the delusional atmosphere in which the average human resides.

The world needs its dedicated workers. Depriving them of motivation and hope reduces their productivity and threatens the modern economic mechanisms regulating the distribution of human energy.

For those reasons, few manuals contain the words cheating and success in the same sentence.

I am doing the right thing. Where’s my cake?

Many people express feelings of extreme surprise when their actions do not result in the manifestation of an expected or a desired outcome.

“Whyyyyy? I am doing everything I am supposed to do. Where’s the problem?”

There are only two logical explanations. You either aren’t doing the “right” thing or what you want is impossible.

How can your actions be right when they are not producing the desired outcome? In the case of failure, they cannot be “right” by default.

The catch is that there are two “right things”. The first one is the fairy tale spread by the mainstream propaganda machine supporting the current order.

For example, the motto of capitalism is that anyone can succeed as long as they are innovative, fearsome, hard-working and take the necessary risks to make an entrepreneurial venture prosperous.

Meanwhile, the promoters of socialism say that comradery and existence focused on fighting for the collective survival while ignoring the temptation of the material lust and being “rigorously productive” is what drives human progress. Yet in both cases, we have a caste of people living under the properties of an aristocracy and a population of slaves trying to make it big by following the rules. Despite their hard work, most ordinary people remain at the same level throughout their whole lives.

The second “right thing” is a tricky subject. It includes unpleasant truths and a code of conduct that doesn’t suit the mainstream narrative. To illustrate this point, I will tell you about an honest car salesman who was a failure until he started cheating.

This man was selling used cars in a relatively good condition. Most of his clients were ordinary people who couldn’t afford to purchase a new car. I didn’t know everything about the man, but I had enough intel to classify him as an honest person when it came down to his professional life. His son was a very straightforward guy too.

Despite his moral code, the car salesman had to deploy a sneaky strategy to remain competitive. The scheme used by him and his competition was as follows – he would upload a car offer that sounds a little too good to be true. He would make sure that the promotion satisfies the requirements of as many clients as possible at a very affordable price. He would do that even when he doesn’t have the car he sells in stock. When people call him, he would say: “Ah. We just sold that car, but I can offer you this and that…”

In other words, he would lie. Guess, what? His business is/was fairly successful. One day, he told me that he owes a lot of his sales to this blueprint. Without it, he was facing bankruptcy.

Is this amoral? Maybe it is. But if you think about it, he’s never actually sold a product that didn’t match its actual description. He used the fake offers as bait – not to steal from people or con them.

Tricks like that are a necessity in many fields. They represent shrewdness that the professionals involved in a circle abuse. If one is using it, the others often have no choice but to follow the lead in order to stay competitive.

But let’s take it a step further and amplify the amplitude of cheating.

What is a businessman supposed to do when there’s no business? He creates it.

In one movie, the son of a glass repairer started breaking the windows of the stores in the neighborhood to create a need for his dad’s work.

That theme is not unique to the old-school days, though.

Anti-virus companies make viruses to keep their software useful. Medical departments prevent or slow down the development of cures so that more and more patients keep paying. Companies keep selling re-branded “luxury” products containing active ingredients that cost pennies. Cars that don’t run on gasoline are put on hold to keep the money printers going and prevent extreme restructuring of the economic and societal plasticity. Bodybuilders who are obviously on steroids continue to claim that strawberries and protein chips are their secret to extreme growth.

If the world is built on similar cheating tendencies, how can you succeed in it while being 100% pure? Well, you can’t. You can’t win honestly in a dishonest world.

Most people only see the front…

The Two Types of Cheaters

There are two primary types of cheaters – naive and enlightened.

The naive cheaters lack wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the game. They think they’re smart enough to find a crack in a complicated system designed by the masters and tested by time.

Those men make many mistakes while hoping to hit the jackpot. Their extreme gullibility transforms them from cheaters into victims because they fall for the scams of better players.

A boy trying to hack the world of muscle by purchasing a secret “shortcut” routine from a guru is up for a big surprise. If the mission was that easy, everybody would be a winner.

Another example would be the humanoids buying ghostwritten books with the faces of millionaires on the cover thinking that the wisdom in those texts contains the path to ascension. Unsurprisingly, those booklets are filled with baloney – wake up early, eat breakfast, buy low, sell high…etc. Similar general advice could be helpful but isn’t going to make the difference that the heart of the natty yearns for. Moreover, the media never talk about cheating because it isn’t politically correct. They prefer to present every successful person as a pure and honest hard-working angel.

If you are going to base your strategy on similar “mall” books, you might just as well subscribe to one of those courses that tell you how to make millions online by doing nothing.

The second type of cheaters (the enlightened ones) know better. They have a deeper understanding of the game and see cheating as part of the job description rather than a quick way to make money. They understand that cutting corners gives them an edge but know that the battle is long and requires future-proofed planning.

Some of those cheaters possess enviable wisdom and decisiveness uncharacteristic of the masses. It takes a certain amount of acumen and courage to see the world for what it really is and play along.

Many of the success stories in this world belong to this group. Those men are willing to do what’s required and get rewarded for it.

Are We Honest If We Work for Dishonest People?

The masses often take great pride in their honesty and think that the world owes them everything just because they’re “virtuous” or perceive themselves as such, but this isn’t correct. Very often that honesty and goodness are the side effect of passiveness and immobilizing fear.

Lack of autonomous action is the main characteristic of the humanoids. We don’t do much other than follow the course thrown at us by the establishment – get “educated”, like things on Instagram, work, watch TV series, get married, buy things, die.

Can we call ourselves honest if we are idle and work for dishonest people?

Are we ethical and innocent if we submit ourselves to a plan designed by greedy and powerful psychopaths who happen to have authority in this world?

Can you expect to “go to heaven” by being an obedient pacifist?

It hurts to admit it, but very often we give ourselves the label “honest” while focusing on unimportant parameters without actually being worthy of this title.

The PR director of a cigarette company may believe that his money is more honest than that of a drug dealer selling mollies, but that thinking is the result of artificial societal conditioning.

Is there an escape?

In theory, yes. In practice, no. If you refuse to play by the rules, you are killed directly or indirectly through social alienation, which is as good as a death sentence.

The construct of the modern world is so focused on profit, technology and economic metrics that it’s virtually impossible to ever go back to something more natural. It can be done on an individual level, but it can’t happen globally.

Women Like Honest and Faithful Nice Guys? Yeah, right.

There’s an overwhelming number of movies and books telling the stories of women whose hearts have been broken by evil, selfish men who cheat and lie:

The female soul is crying for a real relationship and commitment while a devilish and manipulative guy is simply plotting to insert his sinful parts in her precious vagina. He doesn’t care about feelings. He is a coldblooded, nasty motherfucker; she is as pristine as a wave in the sea.

This never-ending spam with anti-testosterone love dramas stimulates a specific reaction within the male audience.

Men start to feel sorry for the suffering women and show despise towards the “disgusting pigs” who hurt them.

“If I were him, I would never do that to this mermaid. She deserves better,” say the triggered males and start imagining how perfect their lives would be once they find a female that can welcome all their love.

The very same men face extreme frustration when their plan reaches the battlefield. They always end up suffering despite doing the opposite of what the bad guy in the movies showcases. They buy her flowers, expensive gifts, holidays. They dedicate a lot of their time to her and treat her like a princess. They never forget birthdays and anniversaries. How does she pay them back? She takes their effort for granted and exploits them.

In the end, the good guys who were doing everything right according to the script end up suffering like the girls in the movies. Those would be the motherfuckers who develop attention deficit disorders from checking their phones for messages from HER every 2 minutes. Those would be the men who spend their hard-earned money on an infatuation they call love. Those would be the men willing to rearrange their entire existence in the hope that their tale will become a reality.

Despite the official claims, women reject the nice men and go for the bad boys cheaters. A woman can have a perfectly good boyfriend and yet she would still be dreaming about handsome dark lords. This is especially true about the modern girls who swim in self-righteousness and lack a direction in life other than what the mainstream culture inserts in their heads.

Many kind men burn out by over-investing themselves in their marriages and relationships to the point where they lose a lot of resources in the form of mental energy, time, money, affection juice…etc. Very often their sacrifice ends up unappreciated by their female partners who feel entitled to the world for some inexplicable reason.

Where’s the mainstream moral code in this case? It’s busy supporting hypergamy, polyamory and whatever political name you can give to the word whore. I have seen articles in which men allegedly allow their girlfriends and wives to have boyfriends in front of them. Similar behavior is simply criminal and shouldn’t be tolerated. What kind of a relationship is that? A sick one in which the man is humiliated and abused whereas the woman receives applause for amoral behavior. Both suffer.

The only way to protect yourself against this is to be the bad guy. You can’t stop the cultural dynamics. They are stronger than you. The megaphones are too loud. The virus is too deep within the society. Nothing means anything anymore.

Before it was immoral to have premarital sex. Today? An average 20-year-old girl has had more sexual intercourses and partners than her mother, grandmothers and great-grandmothers have had combined and multiplied by 10.

I bring this topic because it illustrates perfectly what happens to you when you try to be super honest and nice in a contaminated environment – you get exploited and hurt. And the worst part is that nobody cares about you.

A wise man once said – don’t cry over a woman, for she will bring another man to your funeral. If you think that a woman is losing sleep over her nasty attitude towards you in this day and age, you don’t get it.

If she actually cared, she wouldn’t have hurt you in the first place.

It’s time for the lies to end. Women’s actions speak louder than their words. Far too many females are dishonest, abusive, condescending, manipulative and before all cheaters. A nice guy is nothing more than an easy prey for the modern feminized woman educated by corny memes, brain-dead TV series and tweets. I am not sorry.

If you have to bend the rules to protect yourself, it’s your obligation to do it because your soul comes first.

If you have to go against the official advice, do it.

If your honest actions are not rewarded, and you’re actually punished for them, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to continue with the same attitude. I am not saying that you should cheat on your girlfriends on purpose but being extra sweet is not an option either.

For better or worse, the modern dating principle boils down to:

Hurt or be hurt.

(and so, does life)

Credits that Cheating Gives You

Understanding that cheating is part of the game shows maturity, growth and wisdom. You develop a broader perspective and realize that your desires cannot become a reality if you keep following the good boy path presented by the manuals. It takes a certain amount of strength and maturity to accept this mechanism and keep moving forward. Most people don’t have the courage to do it and prefer to stay in their safe haven while believing that someone will throw them a bone because they are honest and pure. But just like I told you before – how honest are you if you are a passive man working and taking orders from dishonest people? How innocent are you if you are a bolt in a weapon that kills?

Where do you draw the line?

How much cheating is too much cheating? How do you know when to stop? It all comes down to morals, virtues and personal experience. Some men are psychopaths who don’t feel any empathy and have no problem destroying others completely. Their philosophy makes extreme cruelty acceptable. They are proud of their actions because in their sick heads they are on a mission blessed by higher powers. Men like that will always find a way to rationalize their behavior in a way that renders them innocent and misunderstood.

Thankfully, most people are not that gone and have not lost their ability to respect others’ sorrow.

However, there’s also a large group of young people who fail to understand the concept of proper cheating due to the overwhelming amount of political correctness in this sterile world where offending others is always a crime. Those would be the girls and boys living in a bubble created by social media, shallow positive books and movies based on pseudo-philosophy.

Those kids think that the world will fix everything for them and remain irresponsible and apathetic. The truth is that the world will not change anything for you. It just wants to use you as a resource for the economic oven. It’s time to leave the black and white room and discover stereo mode.

At first, it will be difficult to “cheat” because it feels wrong when your brain has been conditioned to think that the world is pony rodeo, but with a little persistence, you will get over this phase.

Just remember that the best cheaters still work very hard and don’t expect to receive something for nothing. If that’s what you are up to, it will not work in the long run.

Does this mean that bodybuilders on steroids who claim natty are technically innocent?

Only to a certain extent.

It’s true that you can’t succeed as a bodybuilder unless you are on steroids because you will be many times smaller than your competition. You can’t win on the back of squats, creatine and protein when your rivals are injecting anabolic steroids designed for horses.

A conflict occurs when the steroid addicts claim that they are 100% natural. If they simply ignore the topic, I would understand them. But the fact that they count on the “natty” bit to make it big is simply a little too much.

Everyone has the right to use as many steroids as desired. It’s your body and so is the choice.

But when those liars put “natty” and “fast muscle” in the titles of their videos, they are crossing a line that demands clarification/exposure.

Unlike the car salesman, all their offers are fake.

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  1. jay

    damn, that was good
    keep up the good work

  2. C'mon mayne

    Here are a list of truths:
    Pay money for sex.
    Find male dominate job.
    If something harmful, leave it.

    There you go, universal truths that work anywhere.

  3. Rob

    I don’t know how familiar you are with the bible but it actually points to this truth that people will choose the world that hates them, over unconditional love. People think they can play the game to get ahead but don’t realise what they are up against. I also know very closely women who desire guys that have even sexually abused them and make excuses for it rather than a guy that treats them like a queen.
    My ex wife had an affair with her boss that was a complete psycho too, he is fat, short, smelt bad but she eventually couldn’t get enough of him.

    1. alphonse

      hahaha those “I was raped stories” sound kind of to the Weinstein scandal, still I cannot believe why the media does not talk about the supposedly lack of volition from women’s part, they “dated” their rapist and had consexual sex with him for years, and still they have the cinisism to cry “rape”. Deeds speak louder than words, this things will ruin the relationship between the sexes, in my local college weinstein scandal was talked for months, but no single “sociologist” mentioned the obvious, those women stay there for years because of their decitions. Women use sex to get power, and men use power to get sex. Girls like Asia Argento should be in jail, being that big of a liar should be criminally punished by the law.

  4. Hori Franck Ahipo

    Man. I love you so much. Thanks for those beautiful posts. Greets from Germany

  5. Donne the Conquerer

    I believe that it’s only fair to differentiate the word cheating from the proper term that should be used to (ethically and morally) get ahead and win – “gamesmanship”. The two are very different, and it could even be argued that gamesmanship is only the psychological and mental aspect of a successful business/sporting strategy and plan.

    To illustrate this TruthSeeker, since you seem keen on bodybuilding topics, I will use the very words uttered by Arnold as to how he won his 1980 Olympia…even though we fully know that the fix was in on this one (as with most bodybuilding shows, respectfully):

    Frank Zane, who was recovering from a very serious injury and contemplating avoiding the competition altogether, was pressured and convinced by Arnold to compete in the 1980 Mr. Olympia contest. Arnold’s motive for this was beat him professionally, and simultaneously to get back at Zane for comments he made about him earlier after winning a show, and he set him up perfectly. Not only wasn’t Zane not 100%, but in the lineup, just before Frank was to hit his pose as part of the prejudging, Arnold leaned over and whispered a joke in his ear to break his concentration. As Arnold illustrated it later in his bodybuilding encyclopedia, “He lost his concentration so much from the laughter that he was not able to even hit his pose correctly.”

    That’s gamesmanship, and if you’re going to compete in sports, business, and life in general then you need to be head strong as well, as it’s part of the course. Many people seem to forget that.

    While this is easy to describe in sports, it’s a bit iffier in the world of making and wealth creation, but you get the point with your car salesman example. As a consumer, you simply need to be aware of these things, and if you’re smart about it, you could use gamesmanship to cut a great deal of your own in the process.

  6. Jeff Popoff

    My observation is that people WANT to be gamed, at least a little. By that, I mean that we all believe (or want to believe) a little bit in secret shortcuts to success (aka ‘magic’). I notice that the best fake offers and internet marketers tap into that psychology. So in a very real sense, its a co-creation between the seller and buyer.

    As a health coach, I can tell that very few people want to hear about sacrifice and hard work. They want fast results with minimal effort. If you tell them what they want but give them what they need, that seems ‘fair’ to me.

    Pet peeve: enhanced “origin” stories. Every natty bro started off skinny and 135lbs while broke and homeless before honestly clawing their way to the top. Bitch, please.

  7. Dr. Arthur DiAntonio

    TS, Amazing clarity and the “joy” of a mesmerizing read.

  8. alphonse

    I once read an article ( I think it was in psychology today) that explained that because modern humans dont have big families, like in the days of yore, humans would become less emphatetic as time goes on. Similary, because the cultural dinamics teaches us that being the bad boy will make you a winner, people will follow the path of the bad boy as time passes. I believe that we all can agree that that will be a formula for disaster. All the good qualities of men, praised by the old civilizations like honesty, empathy, trustness, will be destroyed in a few generations. I agree with you, nowadays being a nice guy, at least with most people, means being used an disposed, nothing else, but it shows a gray picture of the future, specially for the new generations.

    1. jim

      you can safely say you can see this happening now.

      Without sound like a winy old f*** the younger generation do seem a complete new breed.

      Their heroes aren’t the hard working, honest fathers, or the local preacher but the roid injecting wannabee social media star that treats women like **** and all other people like losers.

      Basic manners are already becoming a thing of the past.

  9. Inder

    Most people are insane or at least have multiple personality disorders; I estimate at least 85% of the population & the world is just a giant lunatic asylum. All the major cities & towns in every country are just part of the deinstitutionalization program.
    The woman who pray on nice guys, or men who cheat, the liars etc… all do it cause they’re insane. They need drama in their lives otherwise it’s boring & unbearable. They are like this because they don’t want to strain themselves to improve the condition of their soul or mind, which requires intense determination & sacrifices. So would much rather emulate the lives shown in tacky soaps like Eastenders.
    However, the above writer does raise some valid points I myself cannot deny; a white knight mangina author brainwashed me as a child with his story of Rapunzel. For a long time, my perception of a woman was influenced by that story…as an adult, reality soon slapped that notion out of me.
    I also believe that the ruling class…whoever they are, make it difficult, knowingly or unknowingly, for a sane man to survive in this world.

    There is nothing to be won in this world other than trinkets.

    1. Jeff Popoff

      You are exactly right Inder.
      The good news is: once you realize everyone is insane, then life actually makes total sense lol.

    2. paul sacco

      Inder: You’re obviously a total optimist; ( laugh )

  10. Timothy McIntyre

    This is total bullshit, and you’re an idiot.
    Hard work, honesty and perseverance earned me: 1. An MBA and a great job, 2. multimillionaire, retired at age 46, 3. a great wife, 4. an awesome (enough) naturally well-muscled and lean body.
    You have to cheat to get ahead? I NEVER cheated. I always tried to do the right thing, treated people with respect, and kept working hard. The harder I worked, the “luckier” I got.
    Stick to what you know, bodybuilding, steer clear of everything else.

    1. Annihilation

      Post pics of your body, your house and your wife.
      Pics or it didn’t happen.

    2. Mike


      You sound like a blue pill white knight. Get off your high horse!

      1. Timothy McIntyre

        You’re calling me out! That’s kind of funny. It did happen, and while I did it honestly, I’ll admit there was some good luck involved. I was President of a co. and the owner decided to sell, and he was very generous, so that’s how I retired so young. I have a blog, it’s at You can see some pics of me there. I also wrote a book about retirement.

        I like most of truthseeker’s posts, he’s helped me uncover the truth about fake natties, feel better about myself and set realistic goals. But the last two posts have been too negative, I get the idea, but they are much too jaded. Yes, a lot of people cheat, and the system is rigged, but the alternative to working hard and doing your best is to just be cynical and give up, which I think is a mistake. Do the best you can, be proud of what you’ve achieved ethically and naturally. You can be proud of yourself, and the people who matter will be proud of you too.

        1. Tristan Kent

          Hey Tim, are you proud of being White? Or maybe you’re jewish. Jews tend to know the ins-and-outs of the world. All the successful White folks, Latinos, African Americans, I know really rub elbows with the jews, even wearing yarmulkes, celebrating the holocaust and receiving millions of shekels from corporations. It’s like they have ‘angel wings’ a guiding invisible hand, no cheating necessary! What’s the secret of your luck?

          I agree with your advice; your articles and positive, clean outlook are on-point. Of course… floating atop the cloud of jewish egalitarianism, but still sound advice.

          1. Timothy McIntyre

            Hi Tristan,

            Yes I am white, but not Jewish. I didn’t get your point about rubbing elbows with the Jews! Why would I do that? Because some are powerful? No, that’s not how I roll!

            I am not particularly proud of being white, but I’m not ashamed either. I realize it has probably afforded me some privileges, for sure.

            I’m glad you like my blog, I try to keep it always positive and forward looking.

            Take care buddy

    3. Jack

      how old are u?? where and when did u work (or at least what type of job)? I think this was possible more commonly in the past, and good times might come back but….. a lot of this article comes down to a shit economy, and social media imo.

    4. Boris McMasters

      Have you ever considered you could be an outlier? I know many, many decent young graduates who have been truly shat on by society.

  11. MattW

    Our host is apparently very red pilled on the woman question, I’m curious what else he’s red pilled on. I’m guessing quite a few other topics.

  12. Brett

    Decent article

    Three ways to fail at everything in life:

    – Complain about everything
    – Blame others for your problems
    – Never be grateful for anything

    Yes girls are attracted to what society has labelled “bad boys” for numerous reasons which I am not going to go into.

    So you can:
    – Complain about it.
    – Blame “stupid bitches” for not seeing what a “great guy” you are.
    – Never have gratitude for the fact that you have a loving family or a house to live in etc.

    Or you can:
    – Man up and quite being a needy bitch seeking the validation of women and everyone else.
    – Take responsibilty for everything that’s happened in your life and that will happen as a result of your choices.
    – Quit chasing short term fixes like watching porn, playing video games, validating your life through social media, and looking forward to retarded TV series.
    – Identify what realistic goals you want to achieve, stick to them until they have been accomplished, then identify new realistic goals. If you give up at everything in life you deserve every bit of misery you get.
    – last but not least, the world has never been perfect. You have to play the hand you were dealt. Either that or you may as well continue self loathing and finding others like you to congregate with in order to make you feel better about your lack of success in life.

    There is no third route. There is only the path least trodden and the path taken by many.

    The truth shall set you free. It may hurt at first but in the long run you will look back and be proud of the man you have become from the boy you once were.

    1. Fatman

      “Blame “stupid bitches” for not seeing what a “great guy” you are.”

      “If you give up at everything in life you deserve every bit of misery you get.”

      This is my main issue with the articles on this site that stray from the natty-or-not discussion, i.e. who is on steroids and who is not. The author/host (unfortunately) writes like someone who has never met a woman IRL, but who has very strong opinions about what women are and are not. Same about things like work, non-romantic relationships, goals, etc. Then you have a bunch of sad, angry “red pill”-type losers who post to validate these comments.

      It’s almost like reading the manifesto of that incel who offed a bunch of people in California. Someone who never tried to engage meaningfully with life on any level becoming murderously angry that life has “cheated” him somehow. I don’t know what the ultimate life solution is, but I’m pretty sure that’s not it.

    2. matt

      On the spot. I know when I am angry at my wife for something I start to see everything wrong she does including the things I perceive are wrong were she is reaching out to me. Its almost impossible to put the mirror in front of my face and see the stupid things I am doing and thinking. Sure I have some reason to be mad at times, but I know I have to own up to my part, let her know what she is doing that is bothering me and not hold hold it in hiding in porn and video games and blabber about issues about my wife to co-workers letting the anger fester and grow into a monster. That is what I have done in the past and it really made both of us feel worse.

    3. Tristan Kent

      Brett, I agree. Relying on shallow things like masturbation saps energy, moving from one high to the next, withering the soul.

    4. Jack


      sounds a lot like:
      LOL. And we all have to “validate” ourselves to women for a relationship/sex etc. THEY choose and WE pursue (and men who are pursued are simply chosen en masse and hence validated for a number of reasons). Nothing wrong with that, but unfortunately most PEOPLE suck at making choices when offered many of them at once, i.e. the dating game wrt women.

      @Fatman and Matt

      You guys sound old…. your wives have probably cheated on you, sorry to break the news.

      “Someone who never tried to engage meaningfully with life…”
      If that’s the case…. why are you on his blog LOL??? Unless u just stumbled here JUST on this post then why WERE you reading his articles before???

      Also u missed the point of the article…. those who DO try to engage with life in ways that are not sanctioned and considered acceptable by our “peers” (who are stupid and brainwashed), those people ARE PUNISHED FOR THAT, HEAVILY (and this isn’t just with dating). Many comedians and writers talk about this soooo it’s not just me or the blogger. “Meaningfully” is subjective but at the VERY LEAST life here the US at least is NOT what we as humans adapted for. There is a LOT of good but holy shit there’s a lot of bad soooo… idk

      1. Brett

        Hi Jack,

        To be honest I have never heard of or visited those three websites mentioned. However if the authors of those sites speak in a similar fashion I’m certainly not ashamed.

        Since when has it become something to “Lol” at when a man tries to become more self reliant and help himself out of pornography addiction, loneliness, depression, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and other negative fixations.

        I understand what you are saying fundamentally. But allow me to deconstruct this train of thought.

        “women choose and we as men pursue”

        What this translates to is as follows:

        We as men don’t go after women that we find attractive or that we want to date. Instead we let women decide if we are good enough, then of those that have decided that we are “acceptable” only of those select few may we pursue.

        This doesn’t sound at all like the life I want to lead. Instead I practice this: I only pursue women that I AM interested in dating or sleeping with. So of these types of women that I pursue, at least half will probably reject me. Because dating is a numbers game. So if I approach 20 cute girls that look acceptable to my standards, let’s say 10 flat our reject me. I still have the options of the other 10 to pick and choose from in my “options” list.

        See the difference in these two train of thoughts. They are fundamentally similar. Which is why I said I understand your point of view. However the key difference is a mindset shift. In the first scenario I as a man would be acting in a passive non-agressive way (exactly how society wants me to behave), versus the other scenario where I have shifted my mindset and made me as the man the one who chooses.

        If you never approach and try seduce the women you find attractive, simply you will never have the type of women you really want to date and sleep with. Instead you will always be living a life of chasing. Why? Because women normally reject men that have no options, because these men act needy around women (flatter them, chase them, text them all day) and nobody likes needy people.

        Lastly I do believed that seeking validation from another person be it a man or a women is:
        A) Needy behaviour because you are demonstrating that you are only good enough (have value) if this other person deems you to be. This type of thinking will repel women and ensure you remain lonely.

        B) Needy, because demonstrating ‘value’ just to impress someone you hardly know shows that you are trying to impress them, which equals to low self esteem. Which is why most women you see posting pics of themselves are really just seeking validation from men on social media because of their low self worth.

        I understand that both parties need to see the value in the other in order for any type of relationship to enfold, however this should happen naturally and not come from one party trying to ‘brag and impress’ the other deliberately.

        1. Jack

          LOL that website isn’t real buddy I was trolling you….

          “… is a numbers game. So if I approach 20 cute girls that look acceptable to my standards, let’s say 10 flat our reject me. I still have the options of the other 10 to pick and choose from in my “options” list.”

          and then you said

          “both parties need to see the value in the other in order for any type of relationship to enfold, however this should happen naturally”

          Yeah that’s the problem…. “dating” (and pretty everything else about America) is UNNATURAL AS FUCK. You also quoted ‘brag and impress’ IDK WHY U QUOTED THAT I never said that and that is NOT what I meant by validation dude…. Validation is a part of life. It CAN be good it CAN be negative. But because of the ARRAY OF CHOICES WOMEN HAVE AT THEIR FINGERTIPS, and the amount of power they have in choosing who, what, when and where to get with a guy, everyone suffers.

          It’s not women’s fault it’s human nature, we did NOT evolve to be able to have a large array of choices, and modern dating is very problematic due to this. I don’t know what the answer is, but everything about “dating” for someone who values family, monogamy, and long term relationship success is SEVERELY skewed towards ABJECT FAILURE.
          You sound like a PUA….. PUA is stupid… I already knew you were lying when you said 10/20 girls you “approach” u get with. The dudes who get women like that aren’t on this website (or online period ) and are mostly retarded quite frankly, unless rich (which is another can of shit).

          Ultimately everything comes down to women and men NEEDING STRUCTURE. I don’t have the answers and I DO value personal freedom, but women in America are basically treated as GODS. Nothing inhibits them, and when it comes to sex, uninhibited women DEMAND ONLY TO BE DOMINATED BY A WINNER. “Winner” = different circumstantial things but it all comes down to evolution and survival… genetics, power, group dominance etc. CAVEMAN SHIT basically. We as men are just as animalistic so I am not shitting on women, but women have ABSOLUTE freedom in pretty much every regard, and it is getting worse. And as alluded to in the OP’s article, women (just like men) who DO try to do things “the right way” get fucking punished…. It’s a shit sandwich for everyone, and we are all fighting our own biology.

          1. Brett

            Its good that two men can disagree with each other. Quite frankly more men need to learn to disagree and state their opinions.

            However, I don’t believe you and I have opinions that differ to vastly. I actually agree with most of what you said.

            First of all. NO I am not a PUA. I despise them. I merely was illustrating a simple scenario with abstract numbers. The real numbers are more closer to 20 aproaches and 15 – 18 rejections. But that didn’t equal to a nice fraction so I used a half instead 🙂
            I agree PUA are sad and people who practice it are being sold a farce (or are selling one).

            I do believe that the reason women are on a pedastil is because men put them on one. That animal instinct you talked about, well its not only seclusive to men, women have it too. They want sex just as much as we want it. Its just feminism has falsely preached that men must be passive and women must be more aggressive. This has caused a lot of problems in society and made men afraid to approach women thus making most men treat every attractive girl they come across as “out of my league” making these women act just that. Remember women tend to mirror the men they with.

            Secondly, not all women are shunned for stepping out of line and demonstrating conservative family values. Research a youtuber called Nolla girl or something to that effect. She has close to 50 k subscribers. See what she thinks about ‘tinder girls’. People can and have been for some time now trying to bring back family values and they get reasonable support (meaning more people think this way than what the left wants you to believe)

            Thirdly, I do believe that not everybody who you meet online is a degenerate loser. Lots of successful people spend large portions of their day browsing the web. Even the most successful people aren’t productive all day long. YouTube Dan Lok for emphasis on that. Why do successful people do this? They want to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world, they want to research topics that interest them and of course read blogs where authors have similar opinions to that of themselves.

            Obviously spending your day on face book or Instagram is a complete waste of time, but I consider keeping myself in tune with the immigration crisis (economic migrants) in Europe, farm murders in South Africa (That the ANC won’t talk about), and for amusement purposes what new gender the world has come up with today, not a waste of time.

            I believe that its important to diversify you sources of influence and knowledge in order to have a opinion that isn’t biased and one track minded. The more you hear people talk and state their beliefs and opinions (and everyone thinks and believes slightly differently) the better you will be able to discern from what is bullshit and what is truth and formulate your own opinion.

  13. Attila

    I think this topic is very complicated and all of us should tred lighitly before making any assumptions and coonclusions .

    I agree with both of what truth seeker said and also agree with some of the commentators like brett Whom have different approch to this dilemma. ( and i think that a wise person can agree with 2 diffrent viewpoints at the same time and try to achieve balance)

    To understand this problem one must be familiar and relearn the true human nature that all of us had forgotten due to the techings of the system at this era of human history .

    We should ask ourselvs some important questions. Questions that we think are obvious and have been answered about 40 years ago after the sexual revolution and rise of liberalism in societies .

    Whats the animilistic nature of men and women , whats heprgamy , polygamy . Based on this nature does that mean men and women are actually not equal in the sense we were taught? . Do we need some ( laws , religion , social construct,….) to contain and manage this animalistic nature or let it be totally free without constraint? Are libral values compatible with human nature or contradictory and destructive to society on the long term?

    Have a look at the book ( sex and culture) by J.D . Unwin

  14. marlon

    There are levels of success.

    Past a certain level, you are screwing people over.

    The trouble is, the level of success that you can succeed at honestly is moving away further away, like a high jump bar that gets ever higher so more and more people are using more and more tricks to get there.

    If you are not the type to manipulate and con,
    If you are the type who relies primarily on the quality of his work,
    Then it will be harder to succeed in a world of the slick liars and false empty shells.

    My son says people are just cardboard cutouts and he told me this at 12 or 13. That isn’t good.

    As for the successful older men who commented, personally I do my best to do the right and honest thing, and to remain positive but if you don’t have the links, looks, or charisma then …to honestly attain certain levels of success is …. Well let’s just say it’s much harder now than 20 years ago and will be even tougher 20 years from now.

    I have had the experience of people telling me how they attained their success, when I know they did illegal stuff but they pretend to have done it all above aboard. It’s insulting – – just like the “naturals” who attain Captain America bodies by “hard work and protein shakes”.

  15. Jakob

    Reminds me of one of my favorite movies, ‘catch me if you can’. The protagonist cheats, lies and manipulates people all the time. And even though he gets caught in the end, they offer him a job at the FBI, because they realize that him being in prison would be a waste of potential.

  16. swabbie

    Great text mate
    A little bit harsh and pessimistic, but very truth in its core
    I don’t agree about relationship part – women who likes to be treated like shit are shit, or retarded at least (why the fuck ANYONE with sane mind would like to be treated like shit!?), sadly that only shows how are our own society standards are fucked up
    You CAN find woman or girl who value honesty, kindness and warmness – it’s only not very easy in a world like this, and personally I rather prefer to be alone instead with someone that is already fucked up in a aformentioned way
    And you can be successful with honesty and hard work in life, but only for yourself and if you are wise enough – for sure you can’t be a millioner or mega businessman, but you CAN get a decent life

  17. McF7y

    Shucks, maybe I think to re-think my life.

  18. Glen Gary-Ross

    Bitter, bitter man. I love the articles about who’s natty or not.
    The ones about how much the world sucks and how women can’t be trusted and how you have to cheat to get anywhere seem to be steeped in self loathing and intense bitterness.
    Re-evaluating my valuation of this site. Are the natty or not articles the car that never existed, the bait if you will, and the woman hating, “alpha” male extolling articles the real car?
    I mean, bitches lie and you can’t trust the man and everything is rigged? This reads like a teenage diary.

    1. ssssssssssshit

      I came to the same conclusion. Skimmed a few articles which seemed informative enough, came across this one and found it read more like the diatribe of a tortured soul.

  19. Leo

    Thanks for your posts… are Amazing, plase dont stop to wiret, your words and humor saved my life, greatings from brazil and congratulations my friends.

  20. Leonardo

    Amazing post greatings from Brasil and still your amazing work with your words, thanks vou saved my Life my friends.

  21. holysheit

    Came here for workout advice, ended up getting the worst relationship advice possible instead.

  22. Raven Starre

    This is complete BS. The world just is full of people that dont work hard enough and your post is trying to justify that people cheat when you dont even work hard to get ahead in life and out of your mothers basement

  23. Mr Bunion

    I agree that MOST people that are judged as being successful are also cheaters. Some of them are so bad they should be locked up, but our society seems to even unofficially accept ‘cheating’ as the way to succeed. This is because many cheaters end up at the top of the tree. I know from experience, that ‘twisting the rules’ and ‘using connections’ (i.e. cronyism) is easily the way most people in my own line of work succeed.

    It IS possible to succeed by not being a cheater though: first you have to realize that society (i.e. 99% of people) are just plain wrong about most things. You then have to turn your back on accepted ‘norms’ that arise from this idiocy. Then you can succeed according to your own rules and often achieve success that will make the 99% truly envious. You have to ‘walk the path others fear to tread’ in life.

    In our world it pays to be a psycho: the wolves who prey on the sheep. This is just what the cheaters are doing really, harnessing – to varying degrees – innate psychopathic behavior.

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