The Inability To See That Your Desires Cannot Manifest

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When it comes to success, the 95/5 rule applies – only 5% of the population is successful. The rest 95% are servants/tech support/valets ensuring the existence of the world as you know it today. You may be reluctant to believe me, and I understand why – the megaphones called media only talk about the 5%.

Nothing but success stories serving the agenda receive exposure. This artificial filter leads people to the conclusion that prosperity is everywhere. Yet you rarely see successful people outside of the TV screen, Facebook and YouTube. Most humans are intoxicated drones playing the role of economic warriors producing and buying things.

Many of us conclude that we are wealthy because we can afford a smartphone and a trip to Paris thanks to a low-cost air carrier, but the average person is not rich by the essential standards of the economic game. Most people will never drive a new car nor fully own an apartment big enough to be a comfortable home.

We can’t stop working. We can’t afford to take a long vacation or say “fuck you” to the boss. We are not rich, but we convince ourselves that we are because we are a society whose mental health is based on pipe dreams and entertainment.

The architects and the media do not want us to focus on meaningful topics and give us sugary stories about kids starting huge companies in garages with leaking roofs.

Undoubtedly, the mainstream reports are pumped up fairy tales appealing only to the drugged. Out of those, there’s a special group of people carrying the label millennials – the first generations of homo sapiens that have never experienced a world without the Internet.

Two of the primary characteristics of the millennials are fried dopamine receptors and destroyed attention spans due to excessive online injections, texting, porn, games and smartphone abuse.

A millennial is raised in an environment where everything controversial is presented as toxic and harmful. People’s desire to be progressive and special created a generation of kids who have absolutely no idea how the world operates. They are 100% addicted to their devices and think that a new app can save the planet. It’s not going to happen, boy. I’m not sorry.

The media and weak parenting have given millennials the assumption that they’re experts in everything. But what happens when you turn the spell check off? It isn’t pretty.

The media is telling you that you’re living in the best era, but is this really true? Huge loans are suffocating the young; the entry level jobs don’t pay the rent; feminism and anti-male movements are making it harder for the average male to form a family without getting owned; hypergamy is at its highest; people are losing their ability to communicate; the average IQ is dropping as we speak; the banks are getting richer; people are getting poorer…etc.

The ability to Google stuff does not negate any of this. The access to an unlimited amount of movies, books, games and blogs does not change much either. Actually, the digital info ocean is an important part of the incubator producing delusional drones too happy to see the sadness.

Mimicking The Peripheral Parameters of Success

One of the preferred strategies to power the illusion of success would be mimicking of successful individuals. There is a lot of material in the form of books and motivational work teaching the young and hungry how to become a real life success. The authors focus mostly on completely irrelevant details that matter far less than the reader believes.

It’s very common to present the daily routine of a millionaire as a form of inspiration and a deciding factor. Little do the brainwashed millennials know that none of that makes a difference. A businessman is not successful because he wakes up at 5 am or because he reads a lot of books [if those stories are even true in the first place].

Similar characteristics and habits are part of the peripheral parameters and are not crucial to success. Expecting to transform into a millionaire by copying the daily routine of someone who is already rich is the equivalent of planning to become an IFBB pro by following a program published in a mainstream magazine. Neither is happening because the conditions required for your desire to manifest are not present. But since it’s not politically correct to talk about steroids as well as the actual qualities and actions needed to become one of the truly wealthy, the childish books give you nothing but politically correct fluff.

Isn’t it weird that the media is so concerned with your well-being? Why are they bothering you? The answer is cynical once again – to make money on the back of delusional people.

When an entrepreneur or a muscle celebrity releases another ghostwritten book, his goal is to monetize his name rather than to end your misery.

This is why celebrities “write” fitness and diet books repeating the same nonsense.

This is why the rich daddies release entrepreneurial courses and motivational pamphlets on a regular basis

They don’t care about your gains. They simply want money. Your success does not present an object of interest. In fact, many of the gurus consider their clients suckers who “should know better”.


The world has castrated the modern man. You are expected to believe in the existence of a utopia where no one is offended or oppressed. They want you to love everything and smile all the time. If you don’t, you are a hater – as if it’s bad to hate the world.

All negativity and anger are superficially tuned down and suppressed. We are all waiting for that dislike button because angry just doesn’t cut it. I guess we will have to wait a lot longer…maybe until we die.

Why do pet owners castrate their animals? To make them compliant and docile. I read an article saying that animals don’t have an understanding of gender like humans do. Even if that’s true (probably isn’t) it does not change the fact that the purpose of castration is to “cut the rough” edges and turn the animal into a living toy. Once you remove the “balls”, the animal becomes silent, keeps its head down and follows your orders. This may sound a little harsh if you are a pet owner but can you guess if I care?

To the system, we are no different than dogs. I say dogs rather than cats because cats appear more intelligent on a deeper basis and less obedient. A cat does not fetch.

The world castrates you by taking away your weapons and drugging you with happy thoughts and Instagram spam.

Isn’t it suspicious that the system has put so much emphasis on positive thinking over the last decade or so? When was the last time they published something that doesn’t suit the agenda?

You don’t need extreme intelligence to realize that this is done on purpose – to support the status quo. If the dumb drones believe that they can have anything they want via the law of attraction or some other nonsense, they won’t complain and will automatically mute the cells of the social organism talking against the program (automated self-castration).

This is the epitome of brainwashing and hypnosis. The mind is constantly attacked by unwritten laws saying that you have no reason to be angry. And if you are anyway, the problem surely lies within you.

You Can’t Have What You Want

You are severely limited in your options. Many of your desires and dreams will never take place because they are borderline impossible. If you don’t believe me, just look around. Do you see happy people? I see hypnotized individuals who follow the program and find consolation in various sources of entertainment – the system’s favorite tool for mass control.

People aren’t free. We have to play the game and no amount of unlimited Internet can gives us freedom. In fact, one could argue that it has never been easier to track someone. Everyone has a pretty extensive digital footprint by the age of 20 or so. You can’t know what kind of software the government and its friend have.

But the masses couldn’t care less about that. We carry our chips precisely because they are a source of exhilarating disillusionment and a sense of unlimited existence.

Few realize that most of the time we idealize collections of highlights rather than everyday activities. For better or worse, failure and rejection rather than success are the norm. We fail far more often than we succeed.

More importantly, the tiny bit of success that you are ever going to get will require significantly more pain than you imagine. You will have to sacrifice ten times more than what the media is telling you. As a bonus, the gains will be smaller too. This is life. Everything else is television and PhotoShop.

Honestly, I don’t expect a change. The media will continue to spam you with stories about 20-year-old “geniuses” who drive Lamborghinis while trading stocks on their smartphones.

They will keep writing cheesy articles about the morning routines of millionaires.

They will keep feeding you corny meme posts and tweets.

They will do their best to drug you and to force you into conning yourself.

What is a con man?

A man who creates an illusion, a fake environment which the mark perceives as true and engages accordingly. The actions of the victim will not produce the originally declared results. They will just trigger a mechanism extracting resources from the subject and give all of the profit to those who have created the bubble.

The modern world consists of similar scam chambers. The naive go from one into the other without seeing that the only thing they are doing is conning themselves over and over again.

You can’t blame just the mainstream media, however. The alternative version carries the same qualities. There are many examples – fake natties, fake businessmen renting mansions and cars to appear credible online, people getting rich by telling other people how to become rich…etc.

You’re Toxic, Just Go Away

Men who bring this topic are usually presented as toxic, especially by the female part of the population.

Girls do not want to hear any of that. This is hardly a surprise to me. I learned about “the secret” and the “law of attraction” from a woman I worked with. I watched some of the videos she sent me and the whole time kept asking myself – is this real life?

I remember that a guy in one of the clips had the following strategy for finding a free parking spot – before arriving at his destination, he would visualize that there’s a free space exactly where he wants it. Even back then when I was young and naive I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The presented notions were deprived of any logic. For a second, I thought that the whole thing was part of a comedy show.

Somewhat ironically, last month I talked to a 19-year-old woman who also believes that you can have anything you want by just thinking about it. I guess the cycle of brainwashing has continued successfully.

One of the reasons why many women are firmly supporting the system is that on the surface it’s good to them – endless social media dopamine, media support…etc.

However, that’s just the superficial layer. In reality, the system has created a seemingly nurturing environment for the modern Western woman in order to benefit from the club effect.

The club effect works like this: the owners of discos, bars, restaurants and other establishments for “acquaintances” know very well that men go there for the pussy allegedly waiting for them. If you bring in women, you will bring men eager to buy things too because the male penis has an extremely low IQ.

The same mechanism is integrated in many social manipulations – once the women are infected, the men tailor their behavior and mute their instincts to remain “likable”. If you don’t believe me, try talking about any of this on a date and see how well it goes for you. She will immediately think that you are “creepy” (a favorite word of most females) and a negative/toxic person who doesn’t deserve her precious company.

You are much better off focusing on the latest movies, ponies, cats, dogs, pop music, clothes, mainstream sports, CrossFit and tolerance talk than saying how you really feel about this world.

Dates are auditions. In the past, the women were tested just as much, but today, it seems that men enjoy most of the criticism because women have too many options thanks to the digital realm which devalues men. My interaction with modern women has confirmed that many of them behave like you owe them something whereas their contribution is never questioned.

The purpose of the initial screening is to determine whether you are one of the weirdos. If you show the slightest signs of negativity or a non-mainstream detached worldview, you will lose points unless you have the physical attractiveness to redeem yourself. Male models and actors like Brad Pitt can get away with talking about whatever they want. The average guy cannot.

Naturally, men adapt to the requirements and accept the role designed for them by the system because the pain of being a sexless recluse and socially rejected is substantial and can destroy one’s mind and motivation to continue forward.

In short, the system turns women into filters for rebels and outcasts.

The masters will tell you that they reward intelligence highly, but that’s true only if your brain is supporting the main agenda. High-quality ideas outside of the accepted path have absolutely no future and ground for development.

The Never-ending Cycle

Since all beliefs outside of the mainstream circuit are negated one way or another, many find themselves in an eternal loop of constant upgrading happening in an imaginary world. A classic example would be the people killing themselves at an ungrateful job.

I am not lazier than the average person, but working quickly lost its appeal for me because I am not particularly fascinated by the end game that the economy has in mind for me and the rest. Sure, I’ve had a few short periods of working extremely hard at my job, but it was a stupid exception rather than the norm. Most of the time, I would relax and do just enough not to get fired.

I’ve had the chance to meet many delusional drones who gave their best years to greedy and selfish sons of bitches. I’ve had colleagues who treat the company they work in like its theirs. I never understood it – how can you love something that doesn’t love you back? They would stay until midnight or beyond at the office for an imaginary trophy. I tried to reason with some of them, but I got shut down hard every time.

You would think that many of them were people trying to provide for their families, but they weren’t. Most were young adults without kids. Yet they couldn’t stop even for a second. The sickness had already gotten too deep within them.

The drones call working hard a responsibility, but I call it the exact opposite – irresponsibility. Neglecting yourself while thinking that something will change when the whole process is built on the lack of change is a crime against yourself.

Your boss does not want things to get better for you. He wants to use you as long as you are capable of providing a service. You aren’t different than a printer or a computer mouse. When you break, you are replaced by a younger equivalent. Nobody cares that you were the best and the most honest working bee. It’s sad, but it is the truth.

All of the companies I’ve worked for remained the same. They never evolved into something bigger. They just hire new people, abuse them and replace them. This is the business model to which the average working person is subjected, but the cycle continues because people think that change will come out of nowhere.

Motherfuckers, it won’t. So you better start slacking or enjoy feeling cheated.

The Real Sacrifice Required For Change

Don’t trust the online nonsense. On the Internet, everyone has 90k monthly passive income and is benching 3 plates in-between fucking “9s and 10s” thanks to the red pill principles, but the reality is incredibly different.

Good things come hard and are always more expensive than it seems from the outside.

If you want to have the body of a pro, you can’t remain natural.

To become like them, you will have to join them. And you can’t do that without paying the real prices too [side effects, problems with the law, high expenses…etc.]

The same applies to money. Nobody gets truly rich by buying cheaper coffee and slaving at a desk. It’s all about luck, connections, sacrifices, rivalry, strength, risk-taking, backstabbing, lies…etc. The idea that you can join a club frequented primarily by nasty motherfuckers while walking on the path of the nice guy shows lack of 3D understanding.

If the common blueprint was leading to uncommon results, common people wouldn’t be so frustrated and exhausted. Your idols are your idols precisely because they don’t obey the rules they’re telling you to follow.

Once you realize all of this, you will comprehend how futile most of our efforts are in terms of goal reaching. Few are willing to admit it due to short-term focus and an atrophied desire for autonomy, but the vast majority of people are simply spinning their wheels while imagining that the plane will take off soon.

I’ve given up on many people around me. I’ve tried talking them out of their destructive habits, but they don’t want to listen to me. They are stuck in their ways and prefer to repeat the same experiment every day while hoping that eventually, the output values will be different. They won’t.

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  1. Klitschko

    Great stuff as usual. I eagerly look forward to your posts.
    PS: “On the internet everyone is benching 3 plates”. This line of yours kills me everytime 😀

  2. GRANT

    man you could other articles rather than just fitness !

  3. GRANT

    man you could do other articles rather ,than just fitness

  4. OrNot

    There was literally a tony Robin’s ad on this page.

  5. Jack

    Your style is becoming more polished. I always thought you could take this beyond just muscles. I come to read a like mind. It’s a harsh reality and it’s worth hating.

    “Your eyes are full of hate, 41. That’s good. Hate keeps a man alive. It gives him strength.” —Quintus Arrius

    1. Brett

      Hi Jack.

      Although hate can have a unique way of driving ones self. It is toxic and if prolonged for a lengthly period of time will lead to bitterness and resentment.

      The world owes us nothing. The world being everyone in it. Who are you to strangers you pass on the street. Just as they mean nothing to you so do you to them. Its not wrong its not right. You don’t know them and they not you. Therefore you simply can’t have any real emotions for one another.

      So who are you hating Jack? You are hating people, who are essentially just like you. To fill your thoughts with hate will be your crutch in life. It will be there to help heal your broken leg, but it will also be there to hold you back when you want to run forward.

      “Hate keeps a man alive”. I don’t know, is a life of silent desperation with hate always bubbling under the skin a life? Is that living?

      Is it better to live as a monster but die as a man. To hate the world is to hate yourself, your friends and your family. No man is an island. We are social creatures, which is why solitary confinement is still the worst torture known to man.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Jack

    It’s all true. I began learning all this in 2008 when “the economy” shit itself. So many lies led to so many more andddd here I am lol. Anyway, this shit is why I really just want to busk on a sax on a corner and play music all day. Everything else fucking sucks. How do u see all of this ending? Purge style? I mean it is designed to continue but human nature……

    Idk if u allow links to other blogs but check this guy out. He’s not me and I get paid nothing for this but you and he remind me of each other somewhat and yall are my favorite blogs.

  7. John

    ‘The world has castrated the modern man’ So true. I have been reading this post with passion.

  8. Claudio

    you are a very wise man and as the time goes on you become a better and better writer, I really enjoy your posts

  9. paul sacco

    This is, to a significant extent, what I experienced throughout my lifetime: Great Article!

  10. Leo

    New to this site. Impressive insight thank you

  11. Dr. Arthur DiAntonio

    The “cloud” on the horizon is ominous. How resilient are we? Excellent work-Dr. Art

  12. Thorgal

    As someone else said, societies never get murdered, they always commit suicide. Ours is no exception. The so-called “elites” that are doing crazy shit to us masses (at least, it appears crazy to me) are just pawns to a greater force: ENTROPY. Be true to yourself and enjoy the end.

  13. Charles

    I’ve been keeping up with your blog for a few months now and find your content very interesting in the way that you remain unafraid to question what people accept as normal.

    You raise an interesting perspective on the vanity of working hard in a career, but I’m not sure if I fully understood your conclusion. From a philosophical standpoint are you concluding that career advancement is meaningless? Is there a resolution? What would you recommend pursuing instead?

    I’m a university student at the point where I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and I enjoy listening to other people’s perspectives.

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Thorgal

      Hey Charles,

      I’ll give you my opinion / advice : live your life fully and truthfully. You say you’re a university student. I suppose you are there for learning something, a skill, to prepare yourself for your first real job. Well, you may find out that most of it is phony, not all of it but maybe 80-90%. What you are learning without knowing it is to become yet another battery fueling the matrix. So my advice is to take this not too seriously, have a good sense of humour and spend your awakened time mostly in what you truly like, even at work 😉

      1. matt

        The way it was explained to me about College Education was that it was preparing you for a job in that an employer can see a piece of paper that pretty much says you know how to follow a process and are teachable. Right now College is your job, so put your best efforts into that as if it was your job and you will be more likely to repeat these efforts and grow in your path you take in the workforce. That and finding something you enjoy doing as work is also a bonus!

  14. James

    Amazing post bro, more and more your opening eyes. LOVE the articles brother keep it up!

  15. alphonse

    “Dates are auditions. In the past, the women were tested just as much, but today, it seems that men enjoy most of the criticism because women have too many options thanks to the digital realm which devalues men. My interaction with modern women has confirmed that many of them behave like you owe them something whereas their contribution is never questioned.” For all I have read in the Internet, it seems that american women have become cunts, and as ted kacksinky once said, if you want to know where are the other countires heading just look at america. I mentioned this because of something curious i have noticed, but that i believe is very important to understand human beings, as conditions in the enviroment get better, the expectatives of the humanoid go even bigger. Except for the long working hours some humanoids live basically in heaven but are unable to find contenment because of this mechanism, this is why the american woman has become a cunt who believes that the world owns her everything, she is to accostumed to that. I mentioned this because I have noticed that women who come from the working class are more acceptable of the negativity, they even embraced it, you can be 100% honest and you wont hear ilogical bulshit like the law of attraction or that all it takes is “effort” to get to the top. But mentione all this to a leftist paid-college girl and she will tell you you are lazyy and toxic. I remember once i talked about this to an ex girlfriend, how technology tends to create new bigger winners (i mentioned how Kodak went bankrupt because of the smartphhones) and all she had to say was that “Kodaks execuutives were not creative enough so they went out of bussiness” now she’s scared because she is starting to realize that if you studied feminist dance therapy a 9k salary doesnt await you (and she voted for a leftist, AMLO, as kadckinnsky said, the new loosers are the ones who get drawn to leftist more). Camilia Paglia expressed this very well “White middle-class girls at the elite colleges and universities seem to want the world handed to them on a platter. They have been sheltered, coddled and flattered. Having taught at a wide variety of institutions over my ill-starred career, I have observed that working-class or lower-middle-class girls, who are from financially struggling families and must take a patchwork of menial jobs to stay in school, are usually the least hospitable to feminist rhetoric. They see life as it is and have fewer illusions about sex. It is affluent, upper-middle class students who most spout the party line — as if the grisly hyperemotionalism of feminist jargon satisfies their hunger for meaningful experiences outside their eventless upbringing. In the absence of war, invent one.” College girls of any part of the world basically tend to become Americunts, the richer the country I believe the worst the situation I recommend you to go out of the US, I believe is the best option, but again I dont know your situation bro, I mean I have been told that I am good looking, I am basically a trust fund degenerate living in one of the countries with greatest inequality (Mexico) so one could say Ive got it easier than most, (Im also a man of simple tastes, being super mega rich doesnt draw my attention, I preffer contement) but in all my experience I preffer a woman of working class family than a college girl who believes she is soo competent when in reality she hasnt worked a single day of his life. Also the new yorker wrote an article called “Doomsday prepper for the super rich” it looks that even the ones pulling the strings fear that theres is going to be societal collapse, you are not alone, its just that it is politically incorrect to talk about it.

  16. Thorgal

    Part of this article reminded of the book “Yellow Kid Weil”, an autobiography by one of the best American con men. A very interesting read that teaches the reader one thing or two about human nature.

  17. Domingo Carreira

    Brilliant, genius, I will never forget it. I’ll send a link to some few peopke who I think will be awakened by this. This is truly genius.

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  19. KL

    I like the fact youre not only writing about gym related stuff anymore. Great writing as usual, a lot of people can relate

  20. anonymous

    You are right about some truths but there are other truths that come into play that outweigh other stuff that you said. Sure a job is slavery but someone has to do it. In my opinion everyone is built for something, and the the true tragedy in life comes from not doing what you were built to do. The reason people don’t change their ways is because they were born that way. Just like in bodybuilding it’s all about genetics. But whenever there’s a bad there is a good, that is reality. So there is always a loophole around corruption, just gotta find it. Maybe it will take years or a second, you have the rest of your life to figure it out so might as well.

  21. Drew237

    Dude you’re depressed you should fo something about it, seriously, it seems your bitterness gets worse with time.

  22. Konan

    U should write an article about how in your eyes humans suppose to develop themselves in a good way. What to do and what not. We all here mostly are having similar view.

  23. Inder

    I say ‘men go their own way’ to hell with these fickle minded scarlet women!
    Auditioning a natty warrior…?
    The sneering wench, how dare she!
    It would be she who is lucky if a natty warrior would deign to take her, of limited intellect, for a wife!

    Know your own value as a man, don’t give up your God-given freedom for a designer vagina, do your own thing. If a woman turns up on your chosen path that you want to audition fine, otherwise don’t take a detour searching for a wench…who most likely will be a waste of time.

    1. Fatman

      “I say ‘men go their own way’ to hell with these fickle minded scarlet women!”

      MGOTW is another BS movement, drawing energy from angry, pathetic losers. Know your own value as a man, but be realistic about it. If there isn’t much value to you as a man, don’t go blaming women (or anyone else), strive to improve yourself.

      1. Jackhammer

        Not throwing shade at ya brah, but unless you’ve had your dick in the wood chipper known as divorce after 40 years where she fucks you out of everything you accomplished in life, you really can’t appreciate what MGTOW truly means.

        The Hater is dancing around this theme without calling it as such. Perspective, my brother, perspective.

        1. Brett

          Hi Jackhammer.

          But isn’t that like saying, “well because I got food poisoning from eating seafood, no other man should ever eat fish again”

          I sympathise with you, as I have seen what can happen to a man when he lives with a women that is clearly wrong for him. My own father in fact. Miserable and bitter on most days. Unfortunately he blames his mess of a life on my mother. She blames him for her failures too funny enough.

          But the truth is nobody forced them to have two children together or be together. Nobody to blame but themselves. As we know, blame is easier than accepting responsibility for failure, which is why very few to choose to take that path of inner reflection. So for him to Blame women would be childish, and for her to do the same (blame men aka feminism) would be equally so.

          I hope that most men will wake up and see that MGTOW is just feminism on the other end of the spectrum, and quite possibly men’s reaction to feminism, and as we know, first reactions, like rebound girls, are never a good thing (too swayed by emotion).

          Hope this helps.

  24. Creag Bozz

    I definately think you should do more articles on life and society rather than just bodybuilding. This, and your other stuff like it, is fantastic.

    More articles exposing the truths of modern living please. Keep up the good work.

  25. Fatman

    Decent article, but you seem to be getting lost in contradictions. The “desires” you base your argument on are in themselves fake and unnecessary. If people’s expectations from life were more realistic, based on an objective assessment of their own abilities and strengths, they would experience less frustration and less of this toxic misery in which many modern young men (including yourself) seem to be wallowing. But rather than attack people’s unrealistic desires, you turn the thrust of your argument against the perceived “barriers” to achieving them (society, economy, women).

    1. alphonse

      True, but the thing here is that, or at least from what I read in the Internet, american women have unrealistic expectations, and others nationalities are following. What is a young man supposed to do when every average girl wants an steroid fueled, rich, and famous boyfriend? The economy is not the same economy that the one in which boomers grew (I am guessing you are older, maybe gen X), must young men are going to slave themselves without anychance of getting a woman who they perceived is at their level, and the big problem is that instead of acknolegding the common sense fact that our enviroment plays a big role in how we develop, most people blame men telling them to ” self improve” slaving themselves in every kind of activity, from a hateful work too the gym (which btw, we all here know everybody has unrealistic expectations). Man-up is the modern day equivalent of “chicken” only somebody who has an inferiority complex does something he does not want to do because he was called a chicken. The truth is that the unemployed guitar player gets the girls while the ingenering student dreams of “buying” one one day with his future status (seeing it lots of time, geez even Peter Thiel mocked Silicon Valley, basically calling them virgings, when the “grab them by the pussy” scandal broke up, and Donald Trump was just telling common sense), while would anyone want to “man up” if we have been reduced to nothing but economic units? And part of this is because people have unrealistic expectations about everything.

  26. Vuyani

    “The club effect works like this: the owners of discos, bars, restaurants and other establishments for “acquaintances” know very well that men go there for the pussy allegedly waiting for them. If you bring in women, you will bring men eager to buy things too because the male penis has an extremely low IQ.” 3-4 years back used to go to clubs for that particular reason… at the time I just got off a devastating break up…with a certain woman I met in a club( big mistske) was to ignorant to notice… I stopped about 2 years back and also stopped running after women … I now date and expect the worse… i don’t even plan on getting married thanks to the system that fucked us males and strokee women’s ego… thanks for articles you provide to us. greeting from South Africa

  27. Robert

    I’ve been reading your posts for a few years no & fuck me! This is one of the best you’ve ever written bro. Amazing stuff brother.

  28. Creag Bozz

    @ Fatman. The pont is that society brainwashes us to believe that we can achieve anything with minimal effort as long as we send money… “Get down to the club because the place is full of sexy ladies!” is the message we are given. The message isn’t “Get down to the club but keep your expectations low while you spend your money.”

    It’s a huge illusion we are fed. Maybe the hero in the movie goes down to the club and manages to somehow attract a ten just by propping himself up next to the bar, but the reality is that unless you’re some sort of celebrity wandering up to random women (probably drunkenly) with a silly grin on your face that basically says “I don’t know anythig about you, but I like what i see and that’s enough for me.” is hardly going to be the start of a decent relationship.

  29. Creag Bozz

    What type of stuff do you read Truthseeker? Fiction and non-fiction? What authors. I just finished writing a book and need to improve my writing by reading more, so was just wondering.

  30. swabbie

    Great stuff as usual
    Watch movies The Founder and Pirates Of Silicon Valley for a good insight on the profiles of people who get sickly rich in the end of business hustle

  31. Brett

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    You say computers and smartphones are bad, right. Well what if we all threw them away (us your readers). Bet you wouldn’t like that hey.

    You earn passive income off this site. You have advertisements all over your old articles. You did what the business men in black and white suites sugested, to start making money online.

    Okay got it bro, not everybody can be rich. Guess what, the world needs middles class people. Who’s going to be the teachers and nurses and policemen. We need them to furfill roles in society. Guess what, none of those careers turn anyone into millionaires. Guess you would prefer robots in those roles.

    Oh yeah “cool story bro” we know you cant have the body of a fitness model naturally. You can’t become a billionaire. You can’t fuck a new girl everyday thats a perfect 10. Are we to just sit here and loathe in our intrusive and negative thoughts about all the things we can’t do.

    There comes a time when one must realise what’s real and what’s a facade, when every man must choose for himself. Just as it is wrong to believe the mainstream lies, so is it wrong to believed that all hope is lost and life is futile. Life is about balance. Nature makes that clear. Without balance we are all lost

    I have been reading your articles for a long time. But this is the first one I’ve found to be long winded and just overly negative. You have repeated a lot here that you have written on in the past.

    I believed it is time to move past this. Not condolent of the lies but to enter a new phase of growth where one chooses to be different while both connected and disconnected. You cannot be disconnected from the world (only a fool believes that) but we must each learn to discern between right and wrong.

  32. Brett

    I wrote a previous comment but it didn’t post for some reason.

    Anyway here goes:
    I have read almost all of your articles and have been a supporter for a long time. However, this has been the first article that I found long winded and overly negative.

    I believe I agree with ‘fatman’ on this one (another one of your readers that’s been a supporter for a while)

    First of all. In our society we have what are called basic roles. We have teachers, nurses, policemen and the like. These examples are common so I used them to illustrate. Not one of the three I just mentioned will ever become a millionaire. However the world needs these middle class people in order to function properly. Would you like them to be replaced by robots? Artificial intelligence? It might surprise you but some people are content with being a doctor or a teacher. Do you want your child taught by a computer or a real person? When you phone the police station do you want to speak to a human being or a robotic voice?

    I know you are intelligent so think about this. Without the middle class how will an economy run. The rich need the middle class, and so do the poor. The rich need them to fulfill the basic functions of society as I mentioned earlier, so that the economy will grow and thus grow their investments (equties and property) and the poor need them to pay taxes. These taxes are used to pay out monthly grants and the like to the poor who in a sense ‘leech’ off the middle class. We know that communism doesn’t work, so this is the best system we have currently its called capitalism. Please deal with it.

    Secondly. All your readers use smart phones and computers. How do you think we are reading your articles. Would you prefer if we all just tossed them. Since you make passive income off this website I will assume not. All you old articles have ads I noticed.

    Thirdly. So we know we can’t become billionaires. We can’t have the bodies of fitness models. We can’t fuck a babe a day who’s a perfect 10 either. So are we all just supposed to sit here with our negative and intrusive thoughts and think of all the things we can’t do?

    Being negative and feeling defeated accomplishes nothing. Just as believing all the mainstream lies is toxic so is falling for negativity and perpetual pessimism. Life is about balance. I kow you know that I just think you have let depression and negitive thinking get the better of you.

    I write this not to undervalue what you have written, but to highlight that anyone can be mislead even those of us that mean well.

    Someone mentioned MGTOW in a previous comment so I thought I would shed some light on it. MGTOW is just “the new thing”, like crossfit was. Most of its participants are people that just want to belong to a community. They want to feel “a part of something”. Most of them whether they want to admit it or not, could not get a girl even when they were ‘trying’, so they join this movement and act like its a choice. Most of them are secretly hoping that by joining MGTOW they might finally attract women.

    The truth is this: men need companionship. Its in out DNA. We need a significant other. No this is not feministic bullshit. I hate feminists, believed me when I tell you. Men need that person who can be there to listen to us, obey our instructions, support us in our careers, fuck us good and suck our dicks when we want, and have our backs when our competitive male friends are trying to stab it.

    Unfortunately most women today can’t fill this role. They are inadequate. This does not mean however that this role is now not needed and men can GTOW. Just as women need men (feminism denies this) so do men need women (MGTOW denies this). See the similarity, both movements are trying to accomplish the same agenda: breakup the family unit and make poeple live long lonely lives.

    I hope this helps fellow readers, and truthseeker I hope you find your path again and get back to balance.

    1. Ichigo

      Thank you Sir. I was so lost when reading this article and frustrated and jealous with people around me. I never checked discussion under this post or any other post. Thanks to you am doing better than I was last year.
      Negativity surely empties the soul. Am now reading about stoicism.

  33. Jackhammer

    In light of some of the comments, allow me to clarify what MGTOW is and isn’t. It’s about men being men and taking control of their lives. That includes how they interact with women. It isn’t about celibacy or living without women.

    In today’s political (feminist) and legal legal climate, It’s dangerous for a man to surrender his autonomy to a woman in marriage. MGTOW never says you can’t, just don’t be stupid.

    It’s relevant to Hater’s theme because there is a meta-system that attempts to keep you in the Matrix. He refers to the (classic!) movie, “They Live” which is like an early version of the Matrix. The muscle game is only a slice. Money, sex, ego, power are all used to keep you a blind little slave to serve the system.

    MGTOW Is coming at the problem in a similar way. It says, open your eyes, don’t be a sucker and watch your ass. It’s not a “new movement“… It’s funny how old it really is.

    “It’s better to live on the corner of roof, then to live with a contentious woman“.

    – King Solomon from 3,000 years ago.

  34. Brett

    I haven’t extensively researched MGTOW. However I do believe from what I have heard and read that it is just that “men going their own way” and men choosing to ignore that female part of their lives completely.

    I guess however like with no-fap there are different degrees to what people believe it to be (some say no porn and no fap while others exclude sex as well) as it is not a rule book set in stone.

    I do however know red pill reasonably Well and I do believe that what you stated is basic red pill. A lot of people think that red pill is only becoming better with women, when really it is just becoming a better you and thus attracting women in the process (otherwise red pill would just be like the loathsome pick-up artist community that only focus on ‘mind games’ and stacked routines to momentarily ‘impress’ women)

    So in my humble opinion I do believe that you might be interlinking the two, when in fact they are different ideologies (at the core)

    I do realise that essentially MGTOW has been around for a long time (in fact its always been here, we as men just never gave it a name, but most men in the past went through a stage of their lives in which they WTOW)

    However the caption MGTOW is relatively new and not much older than a few years at best according to my knowledge.

    I do also believe that MGTOW (the true original core of it) is of an atheist origin, as in, men going their own way (away from God, religion, women etc). I take it you are a christian if you quoted a passage from the old testament.

    If something is dangerous, which is the word you used then wouldn’t that mean that it should be avoided, if a community of men use that word to describe a certain event such as marriage.

    Also the phrase ‘don’t be stupid’ implies that one must learn to identify which women are good for you (conservative women with family values) which types of women are bad for you (gold diggers, party girls, attention whores) in order to ‘smarten up’. However this process requires mingling with women and at least dating a few in order to get a grasp of which are which. This process I believe is again red pill and not MGTOW which is essentially just focusing on your career, lifestyle and dreams and not allowing women to distract you (which is what would happen if a man took the time to meet new women).

    I agree 100% that most men walking the earth earth today are slaves. However I believe that before we had faminism, globalisation, multiculturalism and the LGBTQ…we had religion. A few hundred years ago religion (Christianity in particular) was the tool used by the elite to keep the masses in line (just look at the power of the church through out history). These men weren’t of God of course (that is another discussion).

    Now with all the massive rebellion against the church these people (feminists, homosexuals, transgender, pro abortion supporters and libertarians) think they are freeing themselves when in reality it is just the new ‘control’ of the masses disguised as opposition to the oppression of the past.

    In reality the elite who were in control then are just as powerful now many generations later, while the masses remain dosile and invented phrases like racist, sexist and homophobe keep the few real conservatives that aren’t compliant in line.

  35. Bosko the aristocrat

    You see the game truthseeker. But you ain’t playing. Connections, balls, heritage – aristocrat or peasant is still important n the game. Slaves are born and castrated so they die like one too.
    Do u feel like a slave, then u die a slave. Perception and visualization about spirituality are your weak side. Champions believe in themselves that is why they win, Lossers whine and so they die loosers. Better luck in the next world. You sell looser foolosophy for exercising on losers on your site. You are already like the one you criticize.
    P.s. your texts are fun to read thats all.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      If I am not playing the game, how can I be a loser?

  36. marlon

    “So there is always a loophole around corruption, just gotta find it. Maybe it will take years or a second, you have the rest of your life to figure it out so might as well.”

    No. There is not always a loophole around corruption.
    In real life, people have certain traits that mark them as either members of their tribe…or not. If you are not in the tribe, then you must change yourself to fit if you want to go where that tribe is going. If you can’t…contort yourself to fit into that tribe, then you won’t go to certain places.

    This happens everywhere in life, in every country, in every field. However, when there are many paths to success, and lots of employment, and lots of opportunities, you will find a way. But there are fewer and fewer ways now…hence the promotion of positivity etc… got to keep the masses (us) churning.

    As for MGTOW, men do need/want companionship, sex and family. But more and more, women aren’t available for this. I am married and have kids but it is tough for young men coming up now, and will get even tougher. Women pick the top men, have their fill of them, have a kid or two, and then the regular guy has a chance with them.
    You are at best, the second pick, the backup plan, and that is deflating, and destructive for a man to devote himself, his labour to such a woman. It is degrading. Men marry single mothers and get cut down by these women when they discipline their children in away she doesn’t like. Or a man marries a woman who had the top guys and gets a woman who isn’t really into him, but he pretends, and fakes, and fakes…
    In the US, 85% of marriages fail within 10 years. That is tough, and the man will pay dearly for being in that 85%.

    There is no heaven in a woman’s arms or between her thighs. Enjoy your wife etc. but don’t fool yourself…you will give more than you get because you will observe that your love for her outweighs her love for you.

    My take…whatever you do, go into it with your eyes open as much as possible. Be as strong as you can for as long as you can. Keep the mind and body sharp.

  37. Bosko the aristocrat

    Ok truthseeker, you are quiter. I guess you live in a country where there is no leder climbing. Everyone I know in Europe are successfull and smart and hardworking. In America only the junkies don’t suceed. Otherwise everyone is fighting and playing the game and win. I as a boss always tell my workers : you should start your own business you will have more money. They took my adwise and succeeded. Since you are lazy and decided to work enough not to be fired ????? – well that speaks lot about yourself – you don’t try hard enough sweethart. Having business requires magic 😉 roids you know but in brain. That is why you always have half – results. But at least you are good in writing pulp fiction.
    About successfull people ofcourse they all have similar routine. They dont keep blogs because they dont have time. BUT hanging with them will surely open your horizonts. You should be orthodox monk you remind me of them.

    1. alphonse

      @bosko the aristocrat Sure dude, this comes from an Aristocrat too, why would Donald Trump want to close Amazon? Why is Wall Mart Oullawed in Germany? Simple because the guys who wrote the U.S and German constitution understood that there is no such thing as a free market, and the idea that if you work hard you will get to the top is bullshit, people are powerless when it comes to two things, goverments and trusts. People of the past understood this principle well enough which is why it was seeing as sinful in every fucking religion to adquire wealth beyond what was necessary (anyone who has taken a course in monetary economics knows this), it simple means that if Amazon makes a lot of money, other people in the US economy will not have their part of the economic cake, is very simple see? Althought, as truth seeker said, hard work works, but people have a stupid idea what does that mean, in other words, it is not always truth that where there is a will there is a way, but where there is no will there aint no way, it is always better to work hard. In fact there may be an underlying biological principal that makes us push hard, it keeps us alive and healthy, but dont come up with all that bullshit that hard work is all that is needed, there is other things like luck involved (like you, you were born in fucking europe, and because of your nickname Im guessing you must come from a rich family), fuck I lived in the country with the longest working schedules (Mexico really check it out) and still half of the population is poor, is it because all the speedy gonzalez cartoons where right? I really dont buy it dude.

  38. Creag Bozz

    Why do you care Bosko the Aristocrat? Being as you are so busy and successful and winning at life, why are you here arguing with someone you consider a loser?

    You seem offended and angry at this article. Why is that?

    1. Bosko the aristocrat

      Greetings. I am offended because he is misleading his followers. People should not think black like that. If hope dies everything dies. Life is a gift from universe or god, and some depressed tells you that you are slave, cash machine or bank sperm. I would say to him go and get a life mr. Galon of milk a day

    2. Bosko the aristocrat

      Have you read Platon ancient philosopher. He says people are in the cave in chains and they should try to turn their head and see the real world, not their shadows on the wall. I want to help the truthseeker because he has vast of followers. And he is selling them books too. Now pay attention. If someone of the followers kills himself from depression texts from the truthseeker whose fault would be that. You must pay attention whaat you write. I care for people that is my passion.

  39. MB

    Why is it that when you are criticizing a politician or an important person about something, people consider it as your opinion, but don’t realy see you as a hater. But when you criticize a muscular bodybuilder, the main audience instantly will see you as a hater, even if you have a good explanation why you are right.
    Where’s the difference?

  40. dmitry

    @Bosko the aristocrat

    You are under the influence of the MATRIX.

    1. Bosko the aristocrat

      Ok Neo are you gonna give me the red pill now. Matrix meaning was another you dummy. No bigger fan on wachowski brothers than me. Not society brings slavery , but your mind does.

  41. Nathan

    So what are we supposed to do?

    If I’m not a 6’2 20 year old jacked trust fund kid from an Anglo-Saxon background, should I just kill myself?

    I’m not a fan of this nihilistic talk. Yes, if you believe in The Secret and pay for Tai Lopez programs hoping to make your first million before the age of 30, you’re an idiot.

    To claim that working hard in your career is futile is also stupid. Most of us don’t care about becoming billionaires, we just want to make a comfortable living and lead content lives.

  42. Bosko the aristocrat

    In the end Neo made peace with machines. Now do you really wanna know how deep is the rabit’s hole ??

    1. Brett

      Isn’t it strange how us ‘critical thinkers’ use a term and philosophy that was solely inspired by a movie produced in hollywood (the epicentre for propaganda and hidden agenda)

      Its like the masters gave us mice a labrynth to play in and told us there is a secret way out called the red cheese 😉 and once you eat it you see the truth.

      So the red cheese makes us feel like we are different from the other mise, even though we still in the same labrynth we call a trap because we so-called ‘psychologically free’.

      So if you want your mice to feel free just play both sides the opressor and oppressed. Give them the truth (the hampster wheel never goes anywhere) to oppose the lies (you are moving forward) from the same source while simultaneously never providing a means for escape as the only form of exercise in the cage is the hampster wheel.

      Maybe red pill and blue pill aren’t so different.

  43. Nibba plz

    1. Make good money.
    2. Be smart with it.
    3. Rinse and repeat.

  44. MB

    Something strange I noticed on drug using bodybuilders:
    It already happened that I saw bodybuilders who are very likely using drugs who are talking about drugs. And they come up with the topic themself.
    I thought it was something they always wanted to avoid. Talking about steroids.
    A recent case was a man who was build like a tank with very big muscles and big biceps and he was talking to someone about his 5 percent bodyfat.
    He also said that during hot weather it was difficult to wear a t-shirt, because then people would think he uses AS. Also because he has gotten acne on his big shoulders.
    I think this is weird. Can this be natural since he openly talks about it while other AS users don’t want to talk about this topic. According this website it’s unlikely. He had really big muscles at very low bodyfat. But what is it then? Is it a way to give others the impression that they are natural. A way to mislead them?

    1. Vivel

      my opinion is that he used in the past and now because he’s natty he tries to push it to your face. Oh i’m not using, i’m natural. i’m on cycle right now and the only thing that i have is water retention. everyone says that i either gained fat or put on muscle or both.

      1. MB

        He didn’t looked natty.
        I think it’s sad that he tried to convince another person, without knowledge about AS, that he’s natty. I think it’s wrong to mislead people.

  45. rationalmale

    Hello TruthSeeker,

    Have you ever done the MBTI personaluty test. I am curious about the result, my guess would be you fit into the INT spectrum.

  46. Tom

    I bought your books. I read them. Your views are like a splash of cold water to the face. Its unsettling to adopt this view despite its truth.

    What do you do in your life to make this life the best it can be? I read the bit about including more “classics” in your life. Could you expand on that? Any articles or books talking about achieving the available slivers of positivity in life would be of much interest.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support.

      The classics are subjective. But if you think that you are wasting your time with an activity, it probably isn’t a classic for you.

  47. John Crowe

    I’d be interested to hear your background and education – you have a very similar outlook to myself which to most is completely absurd.

  48. John

    “When it comes to success, the 95/5 rule applies – only 5% of the population is successful”
    Do you define “success” anywhere in this almost teenage angst-ridden article? It’s a natural phenomenan that few end up with most of the money/power etc. but you seem to be under the impression that everyone around the world are all working towards the same goal.

    1. Biff

      Correct my friend. You get it. What exactly is success?
      Defined by humanity or the creator? A life of love and compassion has zero to do with monetary wealth but is eternally successful. How many live this life? 5%?

  49. sLaYeR

    Funny to see an aristocrat talking about spirituality and citing Platon, saying that this guy is not “playing the game”, i agree that Thruthseeker is in the negative path with all the hate inside his hearth, but you seem to be hypocritical about the things you said Bosko.
    To all of you, don´t deny the negative side of life, but don´t hold on it. Is toxic. Is a cancer. Hope is not lost and never will. Life, Nature, the Universe, God, The Must High will send his balance. From chaos comes order, from order comes love.

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