The Aesthetic YOLO Generation is Hiding Behind a Muscle Shield

| by Truth Seeker |


The fact that your life is ending one moment at a time is one of the most powerful engines in existence. It beats almost everything and can motivate people to get into a wide range of unusual adventures.

Everybody has to deal with the little voice that keeps on saying: “Hurry up! Hurry up!”

One of the most common ways to turn the volume of that voice down is to do something that would be considered unreal and larger than life. Similar moments make you feel like you have gained a little time to calm down and rest even though the arrow of the clock is still moving.

Time never dies.

Building a muscular body uncharacteristic of the average human is considered a good way to satisfy the YOLO demon inside of you. The muscle size and the deep cuts give you power beyond belief. You are strong and a part of the aesthetic generation – a beast among normal men.

As with anything beautiful, this desire has a price tag that only a few can afford. What does it take to become aesthetic and muscular? Do you have to sell your soul for muscle?

Different sides of the system provide different answers, but all of them are linked to similar agenda. Hard work is the most frequent response due to its superior political correctness. This is indeed true, but the type of hard work that we are talking about is not pumping iron.

The hardest part of the journey to becoming an aesthetic beast is pumping needles and dealing with the consequences.

The members of the aesthetic crew come in all shapes and forms, but all of them owe their beast status to one entity – steroids.

Steroids are incredibly effective and create a look that mortals can only dream of. The effect produced by the ownership of a powerful physique is considered very beneficial in the constant struggle to hack life. Roids offer glamour and armor that cannot be acquired naturally.

Ultimately, life feels better behind a muscle shield. The respect, the envy, the admiration, the following, the power and even the money that an aesthetic look can generate are accepted as a blessing by the confused modern generation living the principle what you see is what you get.

But behind the big muscles and the shredded abs, there is a different life. The smiles in the muscle magazines couldn’t be more artificial. The muscle heroes smile because they are told to. The actual life of an aesthetic model is not that shiny. There are downsides that the writers do not report.

Yet the YOLO kids consider the reward greater than the potential troubles. The fear of side effects fails to overcome the dread of being called a loser. Once you have tasted the life of a muscle beast, there is no turning back. It’s addictive. The more time you spend behind the muscle shield, the thicker the fusion becomes.

The true problem resides in the act of disrespecting yourself in an attempt to satisfy external expectations.

People sell their true identity for whatever holds the highest stock value at the moment, justifying the purchase with a simple  #YOLO.

But who are we to judge? Natty or not, we are all trying to do the same thing through different avenues. Some lift weights, some dance, some play games, some even pray. Regardless of the activity, everything that we do is oriented towards the pursuit of truth and inner peace.

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