Squats Made My Legs So Huge That I Can’t Find Jeans Anymore

| by Truth Seeker |

Dedicated to those who ”can’t find pants” that fit after squatting for 3 months.

You’ve read about it on the Internet.

You’ve read about it in the sacred muscle books.

You’ve heard others talk about it.

You were told there are alive witnesses.

You wanted to be one of them and signed the contract.

You followed the instructions to the letter. You put in the effort. You never missed a workout.

You were there when others were discount hunting in the mall.

You were there when Yeti approved snow was blocking the gym.

You were there when people were evaporating from the heat outside.

You were there when you were rich and when you were broke.

You were there when Becky said No to your proposal.

You were there when Becky’s friend said No as well.

You were there when your leg broke because you know that holding the squat rack is better than a doctor.

You were there when others were chasing skirts.

You were there slaving to your ambition while others were slaving to ungrateful bosses.

You kept on going there even though your family called you crazy.

You wanted to persevere until the end because this is what real men do.

You kept on lifting until your legs transformed into bio-forklifts.

You kept on pushing and pushing until every bone in your body had learned that heavy squatting is more important to you than walking in a straight line.

You kept on trying even though the bar was saying No.

You kept on grinding and grinding until there was blood on your face.

You didn’t give up even when gravity was whispering Die, Die, Die in your ear.

You kept on coming back because PRs were the only thing keeping you alive.

You were writing in your journal as though higher powers were guiding you.

You ignored everything else because there is no point in a squatless life.

You wanted to be a doer, not a spineless creature living in the movies and the books.

You didn’t listen to the haters trying to put you down.

You were on a mission that the modern nation of eBay hunters and plastic gatherers could never comprehend.

Your faith was increasing as you were getting closer to the end.

You were becoming a stronger version of yourself despite your fears.

Your pride upgraded when others couldn’t recognize you anymore.

”My new strength & mass scare them,” you thought.

The final was close. You were feeling anxious.

”Is this really the end? Am I going to succeed,” you asked yourself and tried to slow down time in your mind because you know that the chase is better than the catch.

You had become accustomed to the pain and didn’t want to let it go. You married it and formed a lifetime union.

”I would rather be dead than live without squat induced pain,” you wrote in your journal.

You wanted the dream to be infinite because all ends are sad, but a part of you was still curious.

You wanted to know how the movie ends.

On the last day of the program you woke up like it were your birthday, but it was better – you had gotten stronger, not older.

You went to the wooden wardrobe, took a pair of your favorite jeans and started dressing.

Something wasn’t right.

”Did somebody stole my jeans,” you wondered for a second before realizing that heavy squats were the reason.

”Your legs are massive know. There are no jeans that fit you. You did it,” said a voice in your head.

You went in front of the mirror because you wanted to see the final scene of the film.

The reflection hit you like a bat – a potato was looking at you.


You had gotten fat not big.

But you decided that fat is muscle and typed ”jeans for heavy squatters” in Google.

The rest you know too well.

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  1. Rippetoe


  2. Glen

    That’s the real deal man. Brings back old memories.

  3. Hammerstrike13

    Hahaha, I’ve been squatting for 9 months… putting up multiple sets of 5 of 300 lbs, and went from flat ass to bubble butt and tree trunk legs. Meanwhile, I’ve gone from wearing bootcut Dockers at 32×30 to athletic cut Dockers at 32×30 because the former were getting far too tight… and that was several months ago.

    This is some funny satire. At least, I hope it is satire. I can’t take the rest of this site seriously if you think doing such requires steroid use. xD

  4. Steve

    Bubble butt bubble bubble butt.

  5. I Art Laughing

    Haha. Low-T. I had to wear pleated pants in High School and they wouldn’t even let me in the gym. I did it cycling while leading my teams as a distance runner. Back then I weighed 180 lbs @ 5’11”. Then my shoulders filled out and I have seen 200 lbs since.

    Cutting at 240 lbs (still 5’11”) and measuring 18% body fat which would land me at 220 & 10%. Must be all the drugs I’m not taking.

    Long story short not everyone is a hard gainer.

      1. I Art Laughing

        Only problem with that is that you are going to revert to your feedback loop and insist that my results are not natural. It was a bitch being a mesomorph distance athlete, I always envied the ectomorphs. Genes matter.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          Of course…

          1. I Art Laughing

            I’ve been at “optimum” BMI before once when I was very sick. I looked like I belonged in a concentration camp liberation photo.

            I was noticing a pattern with your posts. If a guy is ripped in a photo they are on gear, if the photo was taken pre-gear then it doesn’t count (for some reason).

            Your results may vary.

  6. BoomShankar

    “You were there when Becky’s friend said No as well.”
    Ahah you cheeky kunt!

  7. BoomShankar

    “jeans for heavy squatters”
    All those fitness sites for women trying to grow a bigger ass in the results… Makes you think.

  8. Mark Brown

    Not everyone who squats develops tree trunks legs to a point where their jeans dont fit. I currently squat 285lbs at a body weight of 180lbs (13% body fat) i have strong legs but my jeans size has not changed. Plus you can only really see the muscles if i flex them. Also squatting deep (ass to grass) tends to stimulate more thigh growth for me personally than just squatting normally. I squat normally i.e break parallel. This was really funny but it seems you genuinely have a problem with squatting. lol.

    1. Squatmaxx Jackson

      >Squatting 285
      >Useful anecdote

      No, some of us power athletes first step foot in a gym with 24in thighs and squat 1.8x bodyweight.
      Not saying the jeans question is an excuse for us, just that 90% of high-street pants either won’t fit or will look like dogshit on the waist. Not good for poorfags wanting to leave humanity behind

  9. Emre

    Jesus, you’re so right, same thing happened, me, my friend were calling me Trex, DYEL, where is your upper body weak fuk, i didnt answer cuz i knew they were gym bros who cant squat 315, i was so proud, and one day came and realized wtf am j doing with my life, i started lifting to get big chest, shoulders back, arms, not quads, ass.
    I said to my self are you really want this ?, I stopped training my lower body, i only did hyperextensions with a plate and ab work , i started to do fuktons of curlsz pulldowns, i did high volume program for my upper body, finally i started to get big, and i can fit in jeans, also im happy because i only go to gym 3 days and train my upper body, i feel happy,

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