Why is the squat more popular than the deadlift?

| by Truth Seeker |

1.The squat allows you to train more frequently

The squat has an eccentric (negative) portion while the deadlift doesn’t. As a result, the deadlift is hard to recover from, and people hate it for that. You can’t do heavy deadlifts every day. It’s impossible. Meanwhile, you can squat relatively heavy very frequently.

2.The squat builds big legs

The deadlift is dependent on leg strength but neither builds nor requires as much leg mass as the squat. The barbell squat trains the legs over a larger range of motion, which is good when your goal is to build mass. Full range of motion exercises always stimulate more hypertrophy.

3.The squat has a good carry over to the deadlift

The squat has a good carryover to the deadlift, but the opposite isn’t true. If you are a good squatter, you will most certainly have a decent deadlift. And yet a solid deadlift does not equal a solid squat mainly because the squat comes with a larger range of motion.

4.The squat is the heart of popular routines

The squat is an integral part of many popular routines such as StrongLifts 5×5, Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe, Super Squats, Madcow 5×5, Bill Starr’s 5×5…etc. Many strength coaches who have a very solid reputation in the iron game recommend the squat to beginners.

5.People are afraid of the deadlift

Many lifters fear back injuries and don’t see the point in doing deadlifts. Those individuals rely on a variety of exercises to build their backs without deadlifts.

6.People Love To Cheat

A squat can be high and nobody will say anything. However, when you cheat on the deadlift, it’s more obvious. Therefore, people who like to brag about numbers often rely on the quarter squat.

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