Is The Powerlifter Dan Green Natural?

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Many lifters aspire to acquire the so-called “power look” presented by powerlifters such as Dan Green. He has a very thick and powerful physique that just screams: “Strength!” However, many uninformed beginners tend to believe that they can achieve a similar muscular development naturally – without the use of anabolic steroids. Unfortunately, this is not correct for the following reasons:

1.Dan Green has the Photoshop Look

Dan Green is the epitome of thickness. He is built like a brick and has a very low body fat percentage for a lifter. He simply looks composed in Photoshop. Natural muscle athletes rarely have similar fullness at such a low body fat.

Note: Dan Green has obvious SEO (Site Enhancing Oil) in the shoulder area. The human shoulders don’t naturally look like that.

2.Dan Green has a muscular development that rivals known steroid users.

According to online information, Dan Green is 5’10”/177.8 cm and weighs 110 kg/ 240 lbs. This means that Dan Green has as much muscle mass as known steroid users such as Arnold Schwarzenegger who competed at 6’2”@240 lbs as a professional bodybuilder.



Conclusion: Dan Green is significantly shorter and yet as big as Schwarzenegger who has admitted steroid usage in the past. How would that be possible naturally?

Note: When Arnold competed steroids were sort of legal, and guys from the Golden Era took plenty of the stuff.

3. Dan Green has word class squat, bench and deadlift.

According to the current data, Dan Greene has the following lifts:

  • Squat – 749.6lbs
  • Bench – 513lbs
  • Deadlift – 821.2lbs

Total: 2083.8

Conclusion: The data suggest that Dan Green is not natural.

References: (visited on April 19, 2014)

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  1. Norwegian powerlifter

    I always thought he was natty, but with those records and the shoulders (which you pointed out) I might just be convinced. I weigh 200-210 lbs (90-95 kg) and I’m 6’1. While I don’t have the same physique, I cannot bench more than 300 lbs or deadlift more than 440. So his feats are pretty much superhuman. Then again, I’m 17 years old and I’ve only been seriously lifting for 7 months, and I don’t brag too much.

    1. cento

      dan greene,natty wtf are you smoking,lol
      i love the guy,but cmon man.

      1. Norwegian powerlifter

        I _used_ to think he was natty. But I’m also under the impression that most elite powerlifters are on PED. A lot of natural powerlifters look like they don’t even lift.

    2. Ryan

      Is this site a fucking joke? The dude is a freak of nature. The playing field is steroids, like it or not that is competitive lifting. Ever watch olympic lifters? Same thing, people are just dense if they believe height and weight is a basis to measure strength against world class athletes. And oil in the shoulders? Are you kidding? Idiots

  2. Jake

    Wow, as a natural Powerlifter this is all pretty plumb insulting. Your basis is based on his looks, false assumptions, and comparisons based on his stature compared to other known steroid users. Idk if it’s your job on this site to bash hard work and dedication or just make assumptions, but how about just find hard facts of if he’s ever failed a drug test. The fact you said he is using PED’s like “everybody” on his level is just saying no one can reach true greatness in the sport naturally. Idk who posts this stuff but haters are gonna hate and idk if you even lift but go criticize your own short comings, not the accomplishments of someone else who worked for what they’ve got.

    1. Mohamed Abdelhadi

      worked for it… definitely, deserves it… absolutely, natty… nah! man, relax, please!!

    2. james

      u sound like a hbiual steroid user

  3. John

    This article is one big assumption based on zero facts. Prove Dan Green is not natural and I will believe you. Good diet, hard work, good rest and good genetics go a LONG way!

  4. Thomas

    This is irresponsible writing. You are teaching people that because someone is elite they are dirty. People that write crap like this are beta males. Idk if Dan is natural or not, but I would definitely not compare him to Arnold to make a judgement. I myself have never used am 5’11 254 and 15% body fat, the difference between me and the writer is I am a freak with the intelligence to know how to turn food into muscle, however he is a weak minded boy with no endurance for pain.

  5. Steve

    I totally agree. These idiots who want a hero will believe he is all natural but he is far from it.

  6. Priyadarshan Gajbhiye

    Why is this even a question? Any athlete competing at that level is not natural. Don’t you think when Dan was climbing up the ranks and did not win a certain meet, at some point he would just naturally gravitate towards anabolics? Is he an imbecile to not be using? I respect Dan’s training methods and work ethic a lot, don’t insult his intelligence by debating whether he could be natty.

  7. Jon

    Why would a power lifter use site enhancing oil? Lol honestly so dumb. Steroids yes, site enhancing oil unlikely.

  8. jack

    you are incorrect about his weight. in this picture he is 5’10 220lb which is when he got the 2083lbs and had the extremely low body fat. when he was 242(which he also competed in) he was not that shredded(extra 10lb of body fat). Nonetheless he obviously uses steroids.

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