Many Before and After Photos Are Taken On The Same Day

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The fitness industry is built on illusions. Most of the before and after photos floating around are heavily altered and shamelessly taken on the same day.

Make Me Ugly, Please!

In most before photo shoots, the models look as if they have a month left to live. This happens by design. The photographers are searching for that gloom and doom facial expression on purpose. The more depressed and sad you look in the before photos, the better.



In the image above, the models appear frustrated and lost. The hairstyle of the girl is “meh” whereas the man shares similarities with a savage. In addition, the upper legs of the man and the breast of the woman are covered by clothing.

Now, let’s see what happens a few hours later.


a few hours later that day

– the lighting is better

– the man is shaved and sucking his stomach in

– the man is trying to make a funny face and appears more interested in life than before

– both models are covered in oil

– the hairstyle of the woman is more seductive

– the breast of the woman is revealed

– the upper legs of the man are exposed

– the woman is smiling

– the man’s chest and abs are shaved

– the woman is wearing only underwear

It shouldn’t take you long to realize that both images may be only hours apart. There is absolutely no improvement of the actual body compositions. The whole goal is, of course, to enhance the effect of the advertisement. The bigger the contrast, the more effective the ad.

Undoubtedly, similar tactics represent deceitful marketing, but to be fair, there are two guilty sides – the stupid public and the producers.

The clip below is part of the popular documentary “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” which exposes the use of steroids is sports. As you can see – it’s all a scam.

This was achieved in a day. Naturally with the use of razors and Photoshop - no steroids thought!

This was achieved in a day with natural razors and Photoshop. No steroids!

The Need For Instant Gratification Has To Be Satisfied

The before and after photos taken on the same day reveal the human need for instant gratification. People rarely want to work for anything of value anymore. Instead, the humanoids are killing themselves for all kinds of objects that don’t mean anything once you buy them.

Furthermore, when you obtain something without earning it, you’re missing a life lesson which is often more important than the final result.

Toys break. Principles never die.

Just think for a second.

The fact that someone advertises a product does not mean that he or she actually uses it. One has to be very naive to believe that Messi is a heavy Pepsi drinker for example. After all, he and his crew of doctors must know that sugary drinks are not exactly healthy.

Yet the commercials often present soda drinking as a joy of the highest magnitude.

The goal is to create an illusionary world in which the ordinary people like you and me can find a moment of fake peace.

Sooner or later, however, the illusion bubble bursts. The fact that you’re holding a popular product is not enough to save you from the emptiness of this kingdom called planet Earth.

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