Is Pascal Haag Natural Or On Steroids?

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Pascal Haag is big, shredded and carries jaw-dropping mass. Cool, but can you have a similar physique without taking drugs? Can naturals get there? Let’s look at the data.

How big is Pascal Haag?

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According to the online information, Pascal Haag he has the following stats:

Weight: 99kg/217.8lbs (offseason); 87 kg/191.4 lbs (contest);

We were unable to find accurate information regarding Pascal Haag’s height. Nonetheless, in the photo above you can see that Haag is not significantly taller than Matt Ogus who is 5’5.5”. That’s why it’s safe to say that Pascal Haag should not be over 5’9″.

Conclusion: Pascal Haag is 29lbs over the number in nattyornot’s guide for natural bodybuilders who are 5’9” tall.

As Big as Frank Zane?


When we compare Pascal Haag to bodybuilders like Frank Zane, it becomes obvious that something’s going on. Frank Zane won Mr. Olympia contests weighing 185lbs at 5’9”. Meanwhile, Pascal Haag is 191lbs at a similar height. How is that possible naturally?

Pascal Haag is a Member of The Aesthetic Crew 


The pictures of Pascal Haag uploaded online reveal that he is a proud member of the aesthetic crew. As you already know, many of those guys are not natural. A man is known by the company he keeps.

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