One of The Main Reasons for Modern Depression

| by Truth Seeker |


One of the main reasons for the existence of modern depression is EXTREME self-focus or obsession with oneself.

Today, we see ourselves as incredibly important and obsess over every aspect of our existence.

“Do I have the perfect diet?”

“Am I following the right routine?”

“What will happen if I don’t do deadlifts?”

“What am I going to study?”

“Should I get a haircut?”

“What sneakers should I buy?”

“What is the best phone for ME?” {proceeds to Google best phones for 5 hours}

“Let me post my problem on even though 20k people have already asked the same question.”

Everyone is super special and majorly invested in themselves.

Me. Me. Me. Me.

Individualism is the most spread religion today. Everyone sees themselves as a unique creation that deserves the best. The system consciously and purposefully stimulates this process.

This ideology has an EXTREMELY negative effect on both the individual and the group.

The main side effects are:

  • Segregation. People are the strongest when they work together. Split them, and you make them very weak.
  • Extreme loneliness. Modern people are lonely even though we are super-connected technologically and live in high-density areas. And yet most don’t know the names of their neighbors. Everyone is in free for all mode.
  • CPU overheating. The modern humanoid experiences non-stop brain overheating precisely because we are taught to think about ourselves 24/7. The focus is always on your being. Eventually, it gets tiresome, and the brain wants a break.
  • Love doesn’t work. Unique people are convinced that they deserve unique love. That’s why women reject perfectly good men all the time for the slightest inconvenience. Sometimes even women themselves don’t know why they’re rejecting a man. “It’s just not my thing.”
  • Extreme selfishness. When you are the center of the universe, everything else remains in the background.

Why is Self-focus So Destructive?

Because it fries your brain and prevents you from properly connecting with others. As a result, people become self-obsessed rats in tiny apartments gazing at vibrant screens 24/7.

Another problem is that you never feel free. You’re constantly tormented by questions such as:

“Am I doing the right thing?”

“Am I self-improving enough?”

But the biggest problem is that by focusing on ourselves, we miss the bigger picture, the divine.

You can never see the entire painting by focusing on the pixels the closest to you.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love yourself. Of course, you should have self-respect…etc. A problem arises when you start living in your own little matrix.

You Are Not Unique

We are often told how unique we are since our early childhood days.

Well, that’s technically true. No one is exactly like you, but all people are the same at their core.

Just like all pitbulls are pitbulls, all people are people.

Plenty of men just like me and you have died in the past and will be born in the future.

It’s a never-ending circle. The individuals who have impacted your life will always have a special place in your heart…but at the end of the day…you get it.

The Motivators Don’t Help, Do They?

Ironically, the people that everyone looks up to for healing never address this problem. Actually, they boost it by telling you to focus on yourself even more.

Are You a Communist?

People who criticize unhealthy individualism are immediately labeled as evil communists.

No, I am not a communist. I don’t think that communism can exist in practice given the reality of human nature. The same applies to “real democracy” but that’s another story.

You can’t be your own God. 

You can’t be your own God. That’s a fact. You are not qualified for that position nor is that your role. Consequently, by portraying yourself as your own God, you become destined to self-obsess and eventually fall into depression because the pieces of the puzzle just don’t fit.

The Universe Owns You 

The modern man is convinced that he creates his own “special” destiny. As if the world hasn’t existed for who knows how long before him.

That’s why we fall for nonsense ideas that directly or indirectly state that the universe is here to serve us.

That’s not true.

You serve the universe not the other way around. You are the universe’s little bitch. It does whatever it wants with you and there’s that. Nothing you can do about it. Consciously triggered hallucinations don’t change reality.

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  1. Ani

    Very interesting view truth seeker. I would agree with you. Back in the primal times, when men had to hunt for their food, there was no depression because they were all in survival mode. But as the times went by, depression is more and more common. “Where is my purpouse?” Is something that no one would ever say back in those times. The primal instincts were survival, and reproduction. Now, sure we have more tools, but everything is more complicated. The enviroment is artifical, a simulation, the relationships are fake, etc.

    But I have a question. Are we really universe’s bitches? It has to be something that we could do about it.? Is entropy, the real order of things?

    1. Sam Ledoux

      If you forget yourself, you become the universe. Hakuin Ekaku

    2. Rich edwards

      You’ve got this one wrong as usual. Humans must obsess over their self. It is a survival instinct. Healthy humans start off with very high self esteem and believe they are very special, that they are the most important person in the universe for a good reason, they are. Nobody will take care of you but you. Charity organizations giving away cheap free food and used clothes does not compare to the person that loves themselves and are willing to work 100 hours a week to ensure they have great food, splendid housing, and great transportation. Rich people have a very healthy sense of themselves and do not put other people ahead of them or their families as no one should. Women want strong men that can provide wonderful lives. Many women with low self esteem settle for the men they believe they can have not the men they want.

      Modern depression is the result of an unnatural diet and life style. Diets full of carbohydrates is a disaster for mental health. The human diet consists of high fat and moderate protein. 2:1/1:1/ fat to protein ratio. The human brain is majority fat needing plenty of fat daily to replenish dead cells or it will begin to malfunction. Plenty of psychiatrists and doctors(dr ken berry) are talking about how many people suffering from depression, bipolar, schizophrenia completely recover from these conditions once thy begin to eliminate carbohydrates and eat high fat diets. Carbohydrates are not essential. We do not and should never eat one carbohydrate. They are unhealthy. Once the usda began promoting the food pyramid America became obese while skyrocketing in “mental illness”. It’s believed that mental disorders are actually metabolic issues and this has been spoken about since the 1800s. We are purposely being made sick by a sick, twisted elite that want to rule over a globe full of slaves too sick to fight but alive enough to work.

      Humans had to work so much harder to survive a few hundred years ago. Our circadian rhythm was in tune with the sun to provide countless benefits, such as vitamin d for brain health, and most obviously sun light to see. Studies show that people that stay up late, overnight, are 33% more likely to develop depression. Studies in Korea have shown that people who work overnight and too many hours are far more likely to commit suicide. Humans walked everywhere they went, all day long. There was no half hour on a treadmill 3 days a week or strength training, which is a cause of depression due to the unnatural stress placed on the skeleton, joints, tendons, ligaments, and large quantities of cortisol released into the blood. We had to travel for water, to use the bathroom, hunt our own food, walk to every destination. We experienced the weather, was in sunlight daily. This causes brain chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins to release into the brain at a steady pace all day long. It was natures way of instantly rewarding the hard-work necessary to survive. Depression is natures way of motivating people to get off their behind and do what is necessary to survive. Nature doesn’t understand that many people survive now through sedentary work, such as office work, driving, computers. All nature understands is that we are not moving, working, hunting, etc… life was much harder but far more rewarding when humans moved their body all day long. Life is harder now due to convenience. Also, walking around barefoot in grass and dirt is known to heal inflammation and calm the body. Modern depression is the result of modern living. Selfishness is perfectly natural and necessary for survival.

      1. Sam

        @Rich. Do you really need that many words to write the biggest nonsense on this site?! 😂

  2. Sam

    “ Back in the primal times, when men had to hunt for their food, there was no depression because they were all in survival mode.”

    😅😂 You were there?

    1. Rich edwards

      I’m sorry for your brain loss. Life must be hard for you.

      1. Sam

        Richie, Richie, You’re lucky that your whole DNA story isn’t possible otherwise you wouldn’t even exist…😂 I would also like to inform you that my life is perfectly fine, based on your nonsensical reaction, much better than your apparently miserable life.

  3. Neckman

    Guy is making so many assumptions. Can’t tell if he’s a depressed atheist or an angry Christian.

    Like leave us alone bro and find yourself a wife lma

  4. Pablito

    ”You can’t be your own God. ”

    Yep, classical liberalism, on which Western societies are based, was better than Marxism-Leninism at killing God (we see it in practice). By the way, I was reviewing an episode of The Outer Limits, a science fiction series, which I had seen several years ago on TV, and two considerations came to my mind:

    1. Only now, that I’m almost old, I’m realizing how much my European country was Americanized after the Second World War.

    2. When you kill God, you have to replace him with something else (in our case, aliens, science fiction, and similar other things like self-deification).

    1. Tim

      God my replaced by ideology my friend.
      We saw the result of this in the 20th century
      I do believe we actually learned something from this though
      It looked very grave at one point

      1. Pablito

        Yes, liberalism (individualist ideology) and also Marxism-Leninism and European fascism (the latter two collectivist ideologies) had in common the mission of freeing man from God, promising him a paradise not in the other world, but on this earth. Obviously, liberalism, which promises individuals self-deification through enrichment and ”success”, won against Marxism (which promises an earthly paradise – communism – to the working class) and against Nazi-fascism, which promised to, for example Aryan race or Germanic nation a sort of heaven on earth.

        Ah, the so-called self-improvement industry (e.g. ”Know Your Worth”, ”How to Build Your Self-Esteem”, ”Be the best version of you”), so widespread in America, and unfortunately now also in my Americanized European country, is for those, who feel excluded from this liberal heaven on earth or who really are, because they are introverted or stuff like that

        1. Pablito

          Naturally, when I write “liberalism” I am referring to the classical liberalism spectrum which, depending on the political leanings of those who profess it, can tend now towards liberal conservatism now towards the more progressive one, but which is always liberalism.

          (I always forget that, for Americans, ”liberalism” is synonymous with ”progressivism”)

          1. Tim

            Generally agree. I’m not sure it was so much that we consciously felt we needed to be freed of God and invented the ideologies to replace him. I think it was more that the rational side of our minds had evolved to such a point (principally through science) that the masses could no longer be prevented from seriously questioning the existence of God. This caused a massive crisis and void that could only be replaced by something as substantial (in our minds). The ideologies that dominated the 20th century were our pitiful attempts to replace God until we finally came to acceptance of his death.

            And by “ideologies” I don’t just mean liberalism, communism etc I mean ALL of them – any belief system that promises to have the answers (just like religion did). We’ve seen 20th century Marxism evolve in gender and identity politics for example.

            But I’m just a layman in This area what do i know.

  5. xyz

    I will be honest – at last excellent post after the series of mediocre ones (with some exception, though)

  6. James C. Johnson

    What do you thing about “La verdad sobre el fitness”?
    That guy steals your posts…

  7. Dinosaur

    The reason for depression is lack of sex and unattainable carrots .
    Or should I say Christianity

  8. Pablito

    Yes, the glorification of the sciences of bodily natures, which, if I’m not mistaken, are called hard sciences in English-speaking countries, and which is a common trait of both Western liberal-democratic regimes and ”communist” regimes (Marx loved Darwinism and drew much inspiration from them), is also an ideology, known as scientism, which leads to materialism (which denies the existence of an otherworldly reality), to naturalism (according to which Nature is the cause of itself) and so on.

    The conversion of many Marxists (who were therefore collectivists) to liberal progressivism (which is an individualist ideology) is a process now concluded even in old Europe. And it was inevitable, that is: after the fall of the Berlin Wall it was only a matter of time before that happened. But even if the Marxists have become (progressive) liberals, their attitude towards the ”eschaton” (the ultimate reality of humanity) has not changed, because basically it was the same as the liberals (both conservatives and progressives), whom they fought when they were Marxists: professing that man’s destiny is the search for immanent happiness, through a self-redemption that dispenses with God.

    1. Tim

      Funnily enough I happen to be a scientist (chemistry PhD) and I appreciate your careful distinction between “science” (which is a powerful tool or method) and “scientism” (which would then be an ideological belief that science had all the answers). As you can probably predict from my previous answers I embrace science but reject scientism as I reject all ideologies

      Interestingly I do not consider Darwinism to be science. It is a powerful theory that has withstood incredible attempts to destroy it. But at the end of the day its logic is inductive, tautological and irrefutable and thus cannot be considered science. So I do find it interesting that these wicked ideologies have embraced Darwinism in an attempt to make their logic seem more “scientific” and therefore correct.

  9. AleXandeR

    What is the cure for depression?
    In my case, I become depressed because of my “father” who hated me. I have never felt love and support from my ”parents”, and got low self esteem. He could never stand that I graduated with a medical degree and a Ph.D. Today I work as a clerk. In late 30s, I am alone and I will die alone.

    1. Tim

      But – you graduated with a doctorate even though you have depression. Maybe the pressure of being a physician is not for you but can you not do more than work as a clerk? I get depression too and it’s hard. I understand that depression is different for everyone.

      1. AleXandeR

        Thanks for the advice, when I say clerk, I mean the fictional profession of “public health officer”. I work in a country where representatives of the ruling elite are appointed to all these positions. Usually through family-party connections. Most of my colleagues are women who hardly work a third of the time. Now in my country, a list of several thousand members of the ruling party who are employed in similar positions, whose only task is to write tweets or post on social networks for the ruling party and against the opposition, has been published. The very environment of working with such people is quite depressing.
        My father was a doctor and an only child. He must have nurtured that complex of higher values since childhood. That’s why he always considered me immature and worthless. And in fact, he never faced any serious life problem in his life. He literally belittled me my whole life. In which he had the support of my mother, who resented me the most for crying as a child. To make matters worse, she is a pediatrician. But I know he hates children. Unfortunately, my father is gone. He passed away a few weeks ago. I can’t say I feel sorry for him, but I miss him.

    2. Tim

      Also I don’t think there is a cure for the kind of chronic and moderate to severe depression you seem to have. It needs to be managed with lifestyle and probably medication and treated as a chronic disease that will always be there.

  10. Vittorio

    Its funny beacuse you could be labeled as either communist/nazi or religious fanatic going by this post. There’s a big difference between choosing your studies & diet and obsessing over reddit or new phones, not the same type of egoism clearly; the first is self-improvement, the second is just being an idiot. Even tho Self improvement has many limits, it holds many values too. Reality is only/highly subjective so might as well make some personal choices; the governments and the religious institutions already make too many for you.

    king regards

  11. Joe

    Friends are overrated, any accomplished man has no desire for friendships. With women there is at least something to gain (friends with benefits), but with men, there is none.

  12. Avicii

    Remind me when we can edit selfishness out of human DNA.

  13. Rich edwards

    Selfishness is a necessary emotion for survival

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