The Myth Of The Jacked Prisoners

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The movie industry created the myth of the jacked prisoners. In many productions, the roles of prisoners are played by big and strong men. As a result, many brains refusing to think critically have reached the conclusion that prisoners have a secret way of building mass. Of course, this is pure nonsense of the highest magnitude. Why? Read on.

The Myth About The Jacked Prisoners

Kali Muscle got so big not because he was in prison, but because he had access to steroids and all kinds other drugs.

1.Steroids are available in prison

If you have the right connections, almost anything can be found in prison. Steroids and other drugs are not an exception. If you think that the system is pure, you are wrong. With the right help, you can smuggle anything in prison.

2.Prisoners have time to kill

Prisoners follow a strict schedule and have a lot of time to train. This allows them to satisfy many bodybuilding demands.

3.Brutal Conditions

The life in prison is an extremely painful experience. Rapes, fights and murders happen very often. In poor countries, the prisons and jails are simply hell. Most prisoners are sick of various diseases and are willing to transmit them to any newcomer. Also, the myth about the soap on the floor is not a myth. It’s real, except that at some places there’s not even soap.

If you are put in a similar position, big muscles can potentially keep people away from you. And yet most prisoners are far from jacked. In fact, most are dirty, skinny and sick. In addition, the food is miserable unless you have money and connections. Most of the time, the meals consist of whatever the cooks have found on the floor that day.

It does not matter who you are – if you eat garbage food, you will look like garbage. Don’t trust the fairy tales spread by fake natural bodybuilders such as Kali Muscle who claims that one can turn into a professional bodybuilder in prison. It’s never going to happen unless you have access to the required ingredients to produce a similar physique. If someone looks like a bodybuilder, he is doing whatever’s necessary to look like that. It doesn’t matter if that person is a prisonner or a free man. If a specific condition is present, the elements necessary for its manifestation have to be present too one way or another.

In short, prison does not contain a secret to growth. In fact, prison makes the road to big muscles even harder because you freedom is limited. Most prisoners are not big.

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