Is Kris Gethin a Natural Bodybuilder?

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Kris Gethin is a writer, photographer and bodybuilder. He is particularly known for his work with and online training videos. According to his profile, Kris Gethin is a lifetime natural bodybuilder. He displays a really solid physique and has trained with many professional bodybuilders including six times Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates.

However, many wonder whether he is truly natural. Let’s see.

1.Kris Gethin is shorter and bigger than Frank Zane

Kris Gethin’s bodybuilding profile says that he has the following body stats:

Height: 5’8″ (172.7cm)
Weight: 200lbs (91kg) at 8% body fat; 185-190 lbs (84-86kg) in contest condition

In comparison, former Mr. Olympia Frank Zane had the following stats:

Height: 5’9″ (175cm)
Weight: 185lbs (84kg) – in contest condition

Conclusion: Kris Gethin is shorter and ever so slightly bigger than three times Mr.Olympia Frank Zane.

How is that even possible naturally?

2.Kris Gethin has 3D Delts

In general, natural bodybuilders have а really hard time building 3D deltoids and keeping them 3D while dieting. Kris Gethin does not seem to have that problem. In the photo below, he presents a shredded body and powerful 3D delts.

Is Kris Gethin A Natural Bodybuilder?

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3.Kris Gethin transformed from a fat muscular man into a shredded muscular man

The photo below reveals Kris Gethin’s transformation from a fat muscular guy into a shredded muscular man. It doesn’t look like Gethin has lost muscle mass even though this transformation happened in just three months.


Feb 8, 2010


May 8, 2010

Link to the original source of the presented material.

Similar transformations are rarely seen among true natural bodybuilders. While it’s possible to lose a lot of weight in 3 months, going from what seems to be 25%+ BF to about 7-8% BF without losing muscle mass is a very difficult task when you are natural.

4.Kris Gethin looks larger than life

A quick look at Kris Gethin reveals that he is much bigger than your average gym rat. He looks composed in Photoshop and is very intimidating. Most naturals look small when their body fat is that low.

Conclusion: I think you can make this one yourself.

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  1. Kyle

    Completely agree. Not natural. Even from his initial shredded state to the larger shredded state- too much muscle mass gain to be had without performance enhancing substances.

  2. Tim

    When you look at pictures of truly natural bodybuilders they do not have striations like what Kris has. I like Gethin, and it’s not like he will EVER admit it, but he’s using. I understand, when that’s your like you’ll use what it takes to reach your goals. I love his training videos. I just know that even if you worked twice as hard as him you would not get his results.

  3. Harshit Jain

    Even though he may be using steroids, it does not matter. Kris is a great teacher and motivator when it comes to bodybuilding, so I admire him and his training principles. The amount of dedication he has and hard work Kris puts in is tremendous. I have truly learnt a lot from him.

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