Jason Blaha Looks Like a Natural Bodybuilder

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Jason Blaha Looks Like A Natural Bodybuilder

Classic Jason Blaha

Jason Blaha is the owner of many fitness channels on YouTube. One of the things that separate him from the rest is that he openly talks about anabolic steroids. Back in the day, he admitted that he isn’t natural and takes performance-enhancing drugs (PED) on a regular basis.

Ironically, Jason Blaha would easily pass for a natural bodybuilder even though he is a dedicated gear user. Truth be told, most people are too brainwashed and won’t even question his natural status. The average lifter has been conditioned to believe that only the guys competing in the Olympia are on gear.

Compared to guys like Kali Muscle and Lazar Angelov, Jason Blaha looks like a regular chubby dude who needs to lose some weight. And yet he is using anabolic steroids to maintain and develop his strength and size for powerlifting.

At the end of the day, Jason Blaha deserves credit for spreading the truth. If it wasn’t for guys like him, most people would continue to live in Fakeland while paying huge monthly bills for protein supplements and following stupid routines written by ghost-writers hired to cover the stupidity of the average bodybuilding pro.

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  1. Scoop

    Faggot blaha is a fake merc. Everyone knows bodybuilders use steroids.
    Blaha is obese

  2. Papa Cresva

    He is bigger in person though.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      He probably is.

  3. ig

    Blaha def is not natty as of 2019

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