Height + Frame > Big Muscles [time for some harsh realizations]

| by Truth Seeker |

NattyOrNot has always exposed uncomfortable truths. Some like that; some hate it. It is what it is.

—- Today, it’s time for another dose of harsh reality in the male universe. ——–

Height + Frame > Muscle Mass

Height and frame are much more powerful levers than large muscles when it comes to male physical presence and perception.

Height is self-explanatory. But frame is an element that people struggle to understand.

In short, frame = clavicular width + bone thickness + height

It’s important to note that height and frame are connected but have independent parameters, nonetheless. Many people think that all tall men have a large frame, but that isn’t always the case.

You can be tall and yet have slim bones together with narrow shoulders. You can also be on the shorter side and have wide shoulders and thick bones (large frame).

To be truly impressive, you need all three:

height + width + bone thickness.

If those are part of your genetic arsenal, lifting weights is inconsequential. I am 100% not joking. If you are tall, thick, and wide thanks to bones, you won the lottery as far as physical male presence is concerned.


Because you get to enjoy the following:

1. Bones don’t shrink.

Natural and unnatural muscle mass require non-stop maintenance in the form of injections, workouts, protein overdose…etc. Meanwhile, bones…are “supervision free”.

If you get sick for a few months, your muscle mass is all gone. But your bones are always there.

If you stop injecting, your non-natty muscle mass will slowly but surely evaporate into nothingness, but your bones will still be there.

If you get tired of eating tons of calories to “bulk up”, you will lose weight, but your bones will still be there.

A wide and thick skeleton has the best ROI.

So, if the checkbox is available when submitting your documents for your next life, include that feature.

source: https://gr8erdays.com/2018/05/23/clint-walker-salute-to-a-he-man/

Clint Walker [a natural with a massive frame].

2. No Need To Wear The T-shirts of Your Little Bro

Hypertrophy addicts often try to do real-life Photoshop tricks by creating a contrast between their clothing and muscles.

The oldest trick in the book is to steal the T-shirt of your little brother or cousin and wear it in the gym while getting a sick pump for an Insta photoshoot.

Moreover, many of the same muscle martyrs resort to flesh-revealing clothes even in cold weather to accentuate their muscle curves.

If you have a large frame, you don’t need those desperate tactics. You can wear whatever you want because you can hide muscles, but not bones.

If you watch interviews of Arnold and his friends in long sleeves and pants, you will notice that they all look smaller.

If your frame is massive, however, clothes will have a harder time hiding your size.

Triple X dwarfing 2 Mr. Olympia winners thanks to his frame alone.

3. You can eat more without getting fat. 

The taller the tower, the more bricks it requires.

A tall brah has a higher caloric maintenance and can therefore eat more without adding fat to his abdomen.

4. No need to waste time with estrogenic exercises like lateral raises

You see them all the time. Little brahs swinging their arms to the sides, trying to activate their lateral delts from some mythical angle that allegedly eliminates the involvement of the traps.

Some are imagining that the bells are lifted by Casper the ghost rather than them because some guru told them so.

Then, when you meet them 25 years later, their delts are still the same regardless.

Tall and thick brahs don’t have to waste time with that nonsense.

If you have a wide bideltoid, doing “side delts” is akin to selling newspapers on the street when you have 1 million in a trust fund. You can do it, for fun, but otherwise, it’s pointless.

5. No one will accuse you of having a small penis even if you have one. 

Even if you have a micro-dick, no one will think of pointing out that possibility during an exchange of verbal attacks. Why? People naturally assume that tall men with large frames are proportionally developed everywhere.

Meanwhile, if you are short, people will often insult you in the aforementioned fashion regardless of your muscle size.

Actually, the larger your muscles are, the more likely normies are to conclude that you are “overcompensating” for the lack of size somewhere else.

6. Nature > Nurture

Big muscles can be built. Even if you have the worst genetics for muscle construction, steroids still work and provide undeniable gains.

Meanwhile, there is no way to effectively influence the length and thickness of your skeleton. It’s all genetic.

A physical quality that can be acquired solely through the propagation of one’s supreme genetics is more valuable than natural or unnatural hypertrophy.

7. Illusion of Protection and Power

When a tall and wide man stands next to a woman, she feels protected regardless of the man’s danger-eliminating skills. This is one of the reasons why women gravitate towards men who are at least slightly taller than them.

Of course, it’s all an illusion. Someone could be 6’5″ and yet cry after receiving a punch from a 12-year-old kid. Meanwhile, a short guy can be an indestructible ninja with a low center of gravity.

And yet women would still choose the taller guy even if he has the bones of Samuel Jackson in the movie Unbreakable.

Why? Because the illusion is strong.

Very often in this world, the actual content is irrelevant. All that matters is how the envelope makes you feel.

8. The Negatives Of a Large Skeleton Are Neglieagable

Some men who exercise the art of delusion a little too much often say that having a smaller skeleton is better for the following reasons:

  • You don’t need to gain as much muscle to “fill out”.
  • You can lift more weight because you have better leverage and a shorter ROM.
  • You don’t have to eat as much because you need fewer calories. (The lower food consumption reduces the stress on the organs.)
  • You have an easier time fitting on planes, buses…etc.
  • No need for custom clothes, shoes…etc.
  • You have an easier time maintaining good posture.

While the above are valid points, they don’t hold a strong practical value. First, when you are 6’5″ and have a thick frame, you don’t worry about “filling out”. Your bones carry you.

Second, the attention and the “social benefits” that you get non-stop will compensate for the slight inconveniences that you may face when flying on a plane.

It is what it is. Don’t be too serious. 

The information above could be painful, but only if we take it too seriously. As they say “life is a tragedy to those who feel and a comedy to those who think.”

One of the painful realizations that I had to make is that regardless of how much one upgrades, we always return to a base level of unhappiness that never goes away.

That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive to become better when it’s possible, but we also have to be realistic and avoid trading today for tomorrow on every account by thinking that something new will make all the difference in the universe.

Ultimately, we all suffer one way or another and try to make the best of life with whatever means we have. Some have big frames; some don’t. Some have height; some don’t.

Regardless of which side you are on, the baseline unhappiness rarely leaves for more than a day.

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  1. Aoi

    Classic Natty or not!
    (Making sui fuel since 2014)

    As a 170cm, thin boned, bald head, kyphotic crooked back. I approve this post!
    Now, seriously. I came to the conclusion that all HUMAN BEINGS are evil, therefore judgemental! They will never love you becouse no one has love to give, and everyone is shallow and empty inside.

    1. Aoi

      Being good looking will not save us from our hell.

      1. Truth Seeker Post author

        Even the “Top Gs” have a base level of unhappiness that never goes away.

      2. Michael

        Who’s voice is doing the narrative format?

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          That would be me. I don’t have the perfect voice for recordings but didn’t want to use AI because it’s too impersonal.

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      We are. But it’s not something new. We have always been like that. Some say that “modern times are shallow”, but in the past, the same driving factors were present, just in a different format.

      1. Aoi

        Yeah, greek statues confirm that! Women lust over men who have bodies with proportions like the greek statue of Adonis.
        Unfortunately or not we know that “It’s all about the skeleton”

  2. peketudo

    Well, you can always wear baggy shirts/jacket and do little “height tricks”. By the time a woman realize you are not as big as you seemed, you are just showing your leanness, playing lounge music and locking the door of her/your bedroom. (windows too) . xd

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Good. If it works, though..

  3. TruthLover

    Hi @TruthSeeker, I was reading the BarbellMedicine forum and one of the founders said that it’s possible you remained small because your training and nutrition weren’t on point. See the comment here: https://forum.barbellmedicine.com/forums/training-q-a-with-dr-jordan-feigenbaum-and-dr-austin-baraki/39475-jordan-how-did-you-attain-that-physique?p=39956#post39956

    Personally, I think this guy’s a shadow pinner or just has really good genetics. I also noticed that only him and the co-founder have nice physiques while the other members of the organization are fat powerlifters. It could be that they’re shadow pinning because they need to look good to attract more customers, while the rest of the staff remain natty.

    But idk, do you think there’s some truth to his statement and that you could become a big behemoth who deadlifts 500lbs if you ate and trained “correctly” like he claims?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Not familiar with those Rippetoe pupils, but one day they will appear on here.

      Let me guess. They have found some revolutionary barbell strategy that makes you acquire non-natty looks. Good for them.

      And meanwhile losers like me never trained nor followed some divine nutritional protocol. How convenient

      1. TruthLover

        Instead of a revolutionary barbell strategy, they found something even better – barbell strategies targeting specific goals like hypertrophy, strength, endurance, and more.

        These are sold in the form of Excel spreadsheets for about $60 a pop, and guess what, if they’re not quite right for you, you can pay them for online coaching, which starts from $200 a month.

        To market these products and the coaching service, they dissect Scientific Research in a podcast for mere mortals like us. Much like Huberman does.

        This industry never ceases to entertain me.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          Lol. 60 bucks for a spreadsheet.

  4. ani

    Absolutley freaking brutal, man, and true. Height and frame are everything. I always was the tall kid of the class. But I don’t know what happened to me, that I stopped growing at the age of 15. I saw all my schoolmates who were shorter than me, ending up being taller than me. Weird thing, since men are supossed to grow tall until 21. Now, I’m 5’9, and I have a terrible complex and self steem issues because of my height. I’m still taller than both of my parents, but it seems not to be enough for today’s standards. I try practicing a good posture and all that but my confidence is fucked. I remember I read an article you wrote years ago about the correlation between testosterone and height. Do you think something happened to my testo levels during puberty? I always wonder what went wrong. Maybe I was too stressed, so the cortisol stunt my growth.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Nothing wrong with you. You are are 5’9″ which is the average height in the USA and more than average in many other countries. Only 15% of the male population is over 6′.

      The modern world is just TOO visual and obsessed with looking good in digital photos. That’s the actual problem.

    2. Jose

      Can’t tell for sure without knowing your family tree and other genetic factors, but the truth is that some ethnicities (especially South American, Mediterranean and most of Asian ones) are simply not as prone as others to big heights, and the cases of tall (6 ft or above) individuals in them are usually “crossbreeds” or were lucky enough to carry tall genes from.a previous generation.

      The training and diet can help but there is always a ceiling you will hit regardless of how hard yoy try. I remember eating a protein rich diet in my teenage year but still I was (and still am to some degree) extremely lean. I grew up to just around 5,10 ft, which is not bad but, unfortunately, in these times it is getting average and not enough fast to stand out if you don’t have other traits to make up for it.

      On the other hand, you can see people who eat and train like shit and still easily cross the 6 ft barrier, so genetics obviously matter a lot.

      1. Mañe

        Gracias, buscador de la verdad, mi señor Jesucristo te bendiga, por compartir la luz,(entendímiento) que Dios te ha dado en varias áreas para iluminar a otros, y te felicito por tu canal en Youtube (me toca activar subtítulos, por no entender bien inglés), saludos desde Colombia .
        thank you, seeker of truth, my lord Jesus Christ bless you
        for sharing the light (understanding) that God has given you in different areas to enlighten others(I have to activate the subtitle because I don’t understand English well)
        Greetings from Latin America Colombia

    3. SamS

      According to the graphs and calculations I was supposed to grow over 180 cm tall but I didn’t, I’m a little under. Then again my little brother did grow as predicted. I’ve often wonder was it because when I was in my teens, I was trying to be a professional athlete and I was always grossly overtraining which led to bad injuries. One of them included breaking a bone from a place where the bone is supposed to grow that age. On the contrary, at the same age my brother used to play WoW day in day out. Should’ve done the same. It’s also crazy how nowadays girls in their teens are taller than me.

      1. Jose

        Curiously, I was also supposed to grow beyond 180 cm like you but, for whatever reason, I reached my “ceiling” at 178/9 cm.

        I also did some sports (was average at best though). Besides a nasty nose hit I had when I was about 11 years old, I didn’t suffer any injuries that could’ve impaired my growth, so in my case it had to be something else most likely beyond my control.

        Interestingly, I’ve read some people correlating lack of sunlight exposure and constant physical activity to height growth. There might be some true behind it because it doesn’t seem a coincidence that the probably less physically active generations of human history are also the tallest. I don’t buy the common “kids just eat more and better nowadays” because the same could be said of previous 20th century generations. Also, a lot of food people eat nowadays in the Western world is total crap nutritionally.

        1. SamS

          That’s exactly what I’ve wondered many times. I don’t really have any science or research to rely on, only my uneducated guesses. It sure feels to me that people grow tall very quickly in their teens nowadays (and often they seem to outgrow the predictions), at least in my country. But at the same time, as soon as the height growth is over, people seem to get very fat very quickly too. It’s like the abundance of calories hits back when the growth is done.

          I saw an article saying that now about half of the adult population in my country are overweight. And statistically many of them must be folks who have just hit adulthood. Although I don’t have too big of an inner circle in my life, I’ve still witnessed this problem with many kids around me. Worryingly enough I also heard in a news podcast a healthcare professional say that we are now experiencing younger and younger kids that show hallmarks of type two diabetes.

          1. Jose

            You have an interesting point: people might indeed eat more nowadays, but not better, and they also burn much less calories. It’s maybe the excess of fats and unused calories what stimulates growth in teenagers (especially protein rich fast food) rather than the nutritional content. Unfortunately, like you mention those bad eating and physical exercise habits sooner or later take their toll on the body.

            Honestly, I’d rather be of medium height but lean and healthy than an over 6 ft giant who, despite the “social benefits”, struggles to stay in shape and suffers from other annoying health issues (such as back pain). Being 6 ft or over it is only worth it if your body somehow can take it.

  5. mattsk1

    As a natty you can get big or strong but you have to put on weight and have body fat over 20% to fill out a t-shirt. You can get lean but you will lose size and strength and look like a regular guy in a t-shirt. You can’t have size, strength and lean as a natty. Your frame can really help you or limit how big and strong you can get but not a legitimate reason to not working on getting as strong and big as you can if that is your goal. That has been my experience. I do not have much experience on being lean except when I was younger and ran and did push ups and pull ups alot.

  6. dr Deka

    Height + Frame + Lean
    Height + Frame + Owerveight (not obese)?

  7. SamS

    Damn, Clint Walker’s physique never ceases to amaze me. If I had a body like that, I would go shirtless both day and night…all year round.

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